Questions Asked on
February 15, 2019

  1. LA

    1. What is the most likely explanation for the poet's ending "Miracles" with this line? What stranger miracles are there? (1 point) He wishes to tell the reader that miracles are strange occurrences. He wishes to tell the reader that he has described all

    asked by Sidney
  2. Geometry

    Find the coordinates of point B on Line AC such that AB is 2/3 of AC (B is located in between A and C). A is (1,-5) and C is (-5,4).

    asked by Elle
  3. History

    How is the water conservation program working in Malaysia? A. The program has been unable to reverse the ongoing drought, which has dried up rivers and stalled travel. B. The country is almost out of water because the Malaysian government waited too long

    asked by Sergio
  4. English

    This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by Anine
  5. History

    What ongoing change is further complicating China’s ability to feed its people? A. Members of China’s middle class are refusing to become farmers. B. The Chinese dietary preference is switching from rice to meats. C. Agricultural workers are moving

    asked by Sergio
  6. History

    Why are disputes over clean water sources taking place at greater frequency? A. Frequent disagreements arise between different cultures that share a water supply over perceived misuses of the precious resource. B. Regions with good, reliable sources of

    asked by Sergio
  7. math

    David drew triangle PQR as shown. .A triangle is shown with point Q at the lower left, point P at the top and point R to the upper right. Angle P measures 135 degrees. If ∠QPR measures 135°, which statement is true for ∠PQR and ∠PRQ? A. ∠PQR and

    asked by esksjnjsd
  8. History

    Read the passage. At the present moment in world history nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life. The choice is too often not a free one. One way of life is based upon the will of the majority, and is distinguished by free

    asked by Kiara
  9. Social studies

    For which main reason did the Normans invade England? A. to capture the king's castle B. to benefit from England's wealth C. to establish religious freedom D. to eliminate Catholic influence

    asked by Anonymous
  10. History Help

    The Swahili culture was a blending of a. Southwest Aisia and North Africa b. North Africa and Southern Africa c. East Africa and South Africa d. Southwest Aisia and East Africa

    asked by Kaila
  11. Ancient Greece, please help! 💝

    Why do we still use fables from ancient Greece today? A. to teach moral lessons B. to illustrate tragedy C. to teach about the gods D. to teach about heroes Its A Right? __________________________ Which of the following describes life in Sparta for

    asked by Sliverstream
  12. Calculus

    The base of a solid is bounded by the curve y=√ x + 1, the x-axis and the line x = 1. The cross sections, taken perpendicular to the x-axis, are squares. Find the volume of the solid.

    asked by Alice
  13. life orientation

    "sometimes conflict can be healthy".critically discuss this statement

    asked by Thato
  14. math

    5. AB is bisected at point G by XY. Which of the following is true about point G? A. G is the midpoint of XY B. G is both the midpoint of XY and the midpoint of AB*** C. G is the midpoint of AB D. none of these

    asked by symone
  15. science

    Drag the characteristics to the box. gave women the right to vote made himself dictator for life helped the poor gave members of the senate more power Characteristics of Julius Caesar's Rule

    asked by Shhh
  16. US government

    Which of the following organized interests was NOT part of the original process of bargaining during the 1920s through the 1950s? I think it's E. Is this right please? A. business B. labor C. professional groups D. environmentalists E. farming

    asked by Lynn
  17. Math

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of ∠B? So is the answer b = 41 or is it b = -5? Ive done it 2 ways but idk which one it is. Im pretty sure its neither because the answer cant be -5. And i dont think it can be 41 because if you

    asked by Mini Kid
  18. English

    This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by Anine
  19. History

    Which correctly detail the arguments on both sides of the global warming debate? (Select all that apply.) 1. Supporters demand immediate action to decrease CO2 emissions. Critics claim that it would hamper economic growth. 2. Supporters say humans need to

    asked by Sergio
  20. Social Studies

    A revolution in 1959 led to Cuba becoming A. Independent Nation B.A communist dictatorship*** C. Territory of the United States. D.A Constitutional Democracy

    asked by Chrisツ
  21. Ancient Greece 💝

    What goods did Athens trade to other city-states and regions? A. glass B. timber C. grain D. olive oil It could be D and C

    asked by Sliverstream
  22. Science

    For a reaction to occur, the energy of the system must meet the activation energy threshold. Which best explains why increasing the temperature increases the rate of a reaction? A) Because more particles spread out away from each other B) Because more

    asked by Kaylee
  23. Civics

    which of the following are powers of Congress that are named or listed in the constitution? a.enumerated b.implied c.inherent d.reserved this is for connections academy, civics lesson 3 unit 2: powers of Congress

    asked by mockingbird
  24. Math

    The pool is partially filled with water. The volume of the water in the pool is 45ft^2. How deep is the water? A) 0.5 ft B) 1.5 ft C) 2.5 ft D) 3.5 ft I don't have an answer yet. Can someone help me please?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  25. social studies

    Which feature makes the Mexican Plateau significant? A. It is home to most of Mexico's major cities. B. It is the most sparsely populated area of Mexico. C. It has the longest coastline in Mexico. D. It is the most arid region of Mexico.----- What’s the

    asked by Anonymous
  26. US government

    Which of the following is NOT considered illegal discrimination? I think this is D. Can you please confirm? A. Setting different ages at which men and women legally become adults. B. Barring women from jobs by arbitrary height and weight requirements.b. C.

    asked by Lynn
  27. Geography

    Would appreciate the help and input. Thanks 1. What is the effect of Washington’s location on the Pacific Rim? (1 point) a.International relations are difficult to develop and maintain.* b.The culture in Washington is more influenced by the Far East

    asked by Jason
  28. social studies

    Which of the following best describes the difference between direct democracy and representative democracy? A. In a direct democracy, the people make laws. In a representative democracy, they do not. B. In a representative democracy, the people make the

    asked by helpplease:)
  29. Social Studies

    Which article of clothing signified Roman citizenship?

    asked by love spernatural
  30. physics

    A rock group is playing in a bar. Sound emerging from the door spreads uniformly in all directions. The intensity level of the music is 86.9 dB at a distance of 3.15 m from the door. At what distance is the music just barely audible to a person with a

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math

    Jackson made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. Opposite sides of the poster are congruent and parallel. Which of the following names the shape of Jackson’s poster? A.square B.rhombus** C.rectangle D.trapzoid

    asked by symone
  32. life orientation

    advice a friend who response to conflict by using confrontation

    asked by Thato
  33. Ancient Greece, please help! 💝

    Which was the most important effect of the Peloponnesian War? A. Other nations were intimidated by the Greeks. B. Other nations saw Greece's lack of unification as weak. C. Athens and Sparta were able to prosper as separate city-states. D. Athens continued

    asked by Sliverstream
  34. Government

    Why is the power shown in marbury v madison an important part of the us system of government? A. It established the right of the legislature to make laws B. It established the right of the executive to veto laws C. It established the right of the judiciary

    asked by Charlie
  35. Social Studies

    The Chinese civilization began along the Yellow River basin around 1700 BCE and soon spread along other rivers in China. Yellow River floods enriched the surrounding soils, allowing farmers to produce surplus crops and domesticate animals. Yellow River

    asked by Connections Academy Girl
  36. History

    Which describes the relationship between oil-producing Middle Eastern nations and the consumer states that consume their petroleum? A. The oil-producing nations wield absolute power over their overseas oil consumers, who have no alternative source of oil.

    asked by Sergio
  37. US government

    Elections based on a plurality system discourage new parties from forming because I think it's C. Is this correct please? a. a plurality system discourages patronage and reduces voter interest in joining a party b. a plurality system requires parties to

    asked by Lynn
  38. Life orientation

    Identify six symptoms of intrapersonal Conflict in a person

    asked by ipho
  39. US government

    97. Public opinion supports _______ the role of the federal government. I think it's E. Can you please confirm? a. localizing b. centralizing c. expanding d. outsourcing e. decreasing

    asked by Lynn
  40. Science

    The volume of a sample of oxygen is 200.0 mL when the pressure is 3.000 atm and the temperature is 37.0 oC. What is the new temperature if the volume increases to 400.0 mL and the pressure decreases to 2.000 atm?

    asked by Edgar
  41. History

    Why did some people oppose internment camps during World War II? The camps were overcrowded The camps tortured people as prisoners of war There were too many children held in camps The camps held people who had done nothing wrong

    asked by Billy Bob
  42. math

    Which is the best estimate of the sum of 5 1/5 and 8 /6

    asked by hi
  43. Science

    which best describes the weather in washington dc during the summer A. cold and damp B. hot and dry C. hot and rainy**** D. cold and dry

    asked by hi
  44. History

    Read the statement. Finally, you have broader considerations that might follow what you would call the “falling domino” principle. You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty

    asked by Kiara
  45. history

    How did the Silla turn Korea into an economic and cultural center? A. by giving greater independence to the aristocracy B. by establishing trade networks between Japan, China, and India C. by freeing Korea from the influence of the Tang dynasty D. by

    asked by douge
  46. H I S T O R Y

    Indian Removal Act Marbury v. Madison Trail of Tears Worcester v. Georgia Which of the elements in the graphic above shares no commonality with the others? Indian Removal Act Marbury v. Madison Worcester v. Georgia Trail of Tears “Mexico has passed the

    asked by lilkakes
  47. history

    Which of the following can best be seen as representative of President Andrew Jackson’s support of the “common man” over aristocratic elites? His fight against the Second Bank of the United States His actions during the War of 1812 His opposition to

    asked by lilkakes
  48. Calculus

    If f(x) = |(x^2 − 4)(x^2 + 2)|, how many numbers in the interval [0, 1] satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem?

    asked by Alice
  49. math

    Determine the intersection X ∩ Y. Express the in interval notation. X = {x } and Y = {x

    asked by Barb


  51. US government

    The power of the House Appropriations Committee over agency budgets has recently diminished, in part because of ______. I think it's B. Can you please confirm? A. an increase in marking-up practices by other House committees B. the large amount of

    asked by Lynn
  52. Computer Science

    How can I tell a negative binary number from a positive one? More specifically, what exactly is the difference? For example, the binary number 1110 converted to a decimal number results in either 14 (positive) or -2 (negative). So which one would I write

    asked by Kid
  53. US government

    Lyndon Johnson was able to get his Great Society programs through Congress because: I think it's B. Can you please confirm? Thanks a. most of the public favored the programs. b. Democrats controlled both houses of Congress by large margins. c. most

    asked by Lynn
  54. history

    “The Constitution of the United States was formed by the sanction of the States, given by each in its sovereign capacity….The States, then… in their sovereign capacity, it follows of necessity that there can be no tribunal above their authority…”

    asked by lilkakes
  55. Math

    GEOMETRY 7TH GRADE You asked • 7m I need to understand this given statement in more depth. Please help. Two rectangles with a length to width ratio of 1 to 4.

    asked by Sara
  56. health

    Choices you make in life affect your overall health and your position on the health continuum. Which choice may have an impact on your life to move you toward a higher state of wellness? A. sleeping for only 2 hours every night B. drinking several glasses

    asked by esksjnjsd
  57. Science

    Which of the type of biome classification that will be made for a particular region

    asked by Anonymous
  58. history

    Increased voter turnout due to lower property restrictions on voting. A focus on the supremacy of the "common man" An increase in presidential power The elements in the graphic above best describe_____________ The War of 1812 The Age of Jackson The

    asked by lilkakes
  59. Calculus

    find F'(X) for F(X)=integral 1 to x √(t^3+1) dt

    asked by Alice
  60. Math

    Please solve these word problem.Mrs wong bought some flour.she used 3/8 of it to bake some cakes and kept the rest.what percentage of the flour did she keep?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  61. english

    what would be some indirect and direct impacts to my family (live in Canada) due to the ethical issue of pharmaceutical companies and the conflict over making HIV/AIDS drugs available in poor countries ? I dont know if there would be many direct impacts

    asked by Sara
  62. Chemistry

    For a certain respiration, the free energy is -83 kJ/mol. The proton gradient consists of PH change = 1 and -0.12 Volts. I'm supposed to figure out how many protons could be pumped per two electrons transferred. How would I go about figuring this out?

    asked by Jamie
  63. Web Design & Development

    Suppose you are tasked to design a graphical user interface for a desktop based Java application which should provide modern user interface controls and must be platform independent. You have following components for designing above mentioned GUI. 1. AWT

    asked by Learner
  64. econmics

    Graphical and mathematical expression of utility ,until ,isocost ,indifference curve ,budget line , monopolistic

    asked by Berhanu
  65. Math

    Please solve these word problem .chris has three types of watches.20% of his watches are men's watches,40% are ladies' watches and the rest are children's watches.he has 250 watches altogether .how many children's watches does he have?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  66. Math

    x varies partly as y and partly y^2 when y =4,x=52.8 ,and when y=5,x=81 find x when y=6

    asked by Biola
  67. Physics

    What wil be the new area of 400cm square of a solid,if its temperature is raised by 10k.(L.E=19times 10raised to power 2

    asked by Brenda
  68. Philosophy

    Did the chicken come first, or the egg?? Plz help! I need answers!

    asked by Rlly Smrt Dude
  69. Math

    Please solve these word problem .jeremy finished 3/5 of his homework .what percentage of his homework did he finish ?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  70. Math

    Mrs muthu went shopping with $ 120.she spent 12% of the money on meat,25% on vegetables and saved the much money did she save?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  71. math

    The Smiths are draining their 25,000 gallon swimming pool. It drains at a rate of 3,000 gallons an hour. Write a function that models the amount of water in the pool after t hours.

    asked by jj
  72. Math

    On National Day,12000 participants took part in the national day parade.55% of the participants wore red shirts and the rest wore white many participants wore white shirts?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  73. Calculus

    How do you integrate sin√x ?

    asked by Ramesh
  74. Biology and physics

    Biology - chart of a mammalian tooth with labell.

    asked by Victor eze alom
  75. Math

    Please slove these word problem .There are 875 members in an astronomy club.350 of the members are females.what percentage of the members are males?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  76. Math

    Please solve these word problems.Mrs sim had 2075 cartons of chicken eggs for sale.she sold 64% of the eggs.(a) how many cartons of chicken eggs were sold?(b)how many cartons of chicken eggs were not sold?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  77. LA

    What is an analogy and how are they used? (I just need a better explanation of it to understand.)

    asked by Le egg
  78. Math

    Please solve these word problem .tracy participated in a marathon,but managed to complete only 11/20 of the race.(a)what percentage of the marathon did she complete ?(b)what percentage of the marathon did she not complete?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  79. Math

    Mrs lee has 240 presents.40% of the presents are given to an many presents are given to the orphanage ?

    asked by Tabassum sultana