Questions Asked on
February 13, 2019

  1. History

    Which most accurately describes which faction employed social media during the Syrian conflict? A. Both sides used social media to advance their own agendas and influence public opinion. B. Both sides used social media, but service disruptions were

    asked by Sergio
  2. World History

    What legacy was established after the Holocaust for nations to deal with genocide? 1.The Nuremberg Trials provided a plan for countries to conduct international courts in a postwar world. 2. The Potsdam Conference established war reparations as a method

    asked by Jean
  3. History

    Which best explains why the Bosnian-Serb genocide occurred in Yugoslavia after the end of the Cold War? A. Communism had provided a means of social control, but capitalism brought the availability of weapons and improved communication. B. Despot Marshal

    asked by Sergio
  4. History

    What is the most likely factor that contributed to Sudan’s division into Sudan and South Sudan? A. The Sudanese government’s referendum to establish South Sudan won 98 percent of the vote. B. Decades-long civil wars between the North and the South

    asked by Sergio
  5. World History B

    Which analyze effects of World War I on the internal politics of Russia? (Select all that apply.) A)Communists were able to gain power through a second revolution in the political chaos of the war. B) Russia’s alliance with emerging democracies of France

    asked by Jean
  6. World History B

    What was the main purpose of the League of Nations? 1. to create friendly feelings among countries 2. to restore the economy of Western nations 3. to help President Wilson get elected 4. to maintain territorial and political independence Is the answer 4?

    asked by Jean
  7. Calc 3

    The oracle function f(x,y) is presented below. For each point (x,y) you enter the oracle will tell you the value f(x,y). Estimate the partial derivative of the function at (1.6,−0.0999999999999999) using the Newton quotient definition.

    asked by ally
  8. History

    What was the impact of the differences between Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda in the 1990s? A. The Hutu population began to increase migration to other African countries until the Tutsis closed the borders in Rwanda. B. The Tutsi sought to establish their

    asked by Sergio

    A steel plate has the form of one-fourth of a circle with a radius of 42 centimeters. Two two-centimeter holes are to be drilled in the plate positioned as shown in the figure in the website. Find the coordinates of the center of each hole.

    asked by Help me please!
  10. statistics

    Calcium is essential to tree growth because it promotes the formation of wood and maintains cell walls. In​ 1990, the concentration of calcium in precipitation in a certain area was 0.15 milligrams per liter​ (mg/L). A random sample of 10 precipitation

    asked by Lynn Williams
  11. Language Arts ~ Figurative Language/Poetry

    7. The moon was shining sulkily, 8. Because she thought the sun 9. Has no business to be there What type of figurative language is used in line 7 through 10 of the poem? A. Metaphor* B. Simile C. Symbol D. Personification

    asked by Mr. Skill's101.4
  12. Social studies

    Why is filial piety the “source of all virtues” in Confucianism? A. because Confucius believed it is the model for the other four relationships B. because Confucius believed soldiers should be honored for their duty above the family C. because

    asked by Snake
  13. Social Studies Help Connexus

    Which phenomenon most directly led to Christianity separating from Judaism? A. Roman persecution B. Jewish rejection of the Trinity C. writing of the Gospels D. conversion of many non-Jews

    asked by Niyah
  14. Math

    Which of the following statements is true? A. All squares are rectangles.*** B. All rectangles are squares. C. All rhombuses are squares.

    asked by FortniteGurlAlah
  15. History

    What led to conflict in Bosnia between the Bosniaks and Serbians? A. Free elections in Bosnia promoted a Serbian Revolution that sought to rid the region of Bosniaks through mass deportation. B. Military buildup of the Bosnian Liberation Front saw a coup

    asked by Amelia
  16. World History

    The Pax Romana began around 30 BCE with the rise of Julius Ceaser/Octavian/Trajan/Hadrian as leader of Rome and ended around 180 CE with the death of Emperor Hadrian/Trajan/Diocletian/Marcus Aurelius .

    asked by David S.

    The Johnstown Inclined Plane in Pennsylvania is one of the longest and steepest hoists in the world. The railway cars travel a distance of 896.5 feet at an angle of approximately 35.4°, rising to a height of 1693.5 feet above sea level. (see figure in the

    asked by Help me!
  18. Social Studies

    Which factors led to the downfall of Ghana? Select all that apply. a.) Ghana was engaged in conflict with people to the north. < b.) Ghana lacked nearby water resources. < c.) Ghana was unwilling to participate in trade. < d.) Ghana's large population

    asked by Nari
  19. Social Studies

    2:Which of the following would a scientist studying fossils be most likely to examine? A. a skull fragment B. a piece of pottery C. a cave painting D. a tool made of bone*** 1: Which of the following do scientists believe about Homo sapiens? A. They were

    asked by FlyHawk
  20. Pre-Algebra A

    A company reports $23,765 in income and $18,945 in expenses for February. What was the amount of profit or loss for the month? A. $4,820 profit B. $4,820 loss C. $5,220 profit

    asked by Emma
  21. History

    How have changing rainfall patterns altered behaviors and increased tensions in Sudan? A. Desert-dwelling nomads have spread diseases throughout Sudan, causing stricter enforcement of immigrant laws. B. Monsoon floods have displaced herders, causing

    asked by Sergio
  22. Social Studies Help Connexus

    What steps did the Roman empire take to expand and support trade? Select all that apply. A. built a vast network of paved roads B. raised taxes on ordinary citizens C. sent its navy to clear the seas of pirates D. seized conquered peoples as enslaved

    asked by Niyah
  23. World History

    How did geography help make Rome a site of encounter? A. Its proximity to other major empires encouraged alliances and exchanges. B. The Mediterranean Sea helped it connect with civilizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. C. Its location in Central Europe

    asked by David S.
  24. Calculus

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f(x)=2-x^2 on the interval [0,√2). If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed by the theorem a) No, the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals does not apply b) Yes, x=4/3

    asked by Alice
  25. math

    (−9,5) after a translation right 3 units and down 2 units?

    asked by lawrence
  26. social studies

    1, In theory, feudalism was based on cooperation and support. Which phrase best describes feudalism in practice? A. strictly enforced code of chivalry B. unlimited rule by a few powerful monarchs C. frequent warfare among landowners****** D. economic ties

    asked by bobby
  27. Math

    Five dogs (Fido, Ruff, Lassie, Odie, and Snoopy) were playing in the park. Altogether, they had 5 identical Frisbees. In how many ways could the 5 Frisbees be distributed among the dogs when they leave the park to go home?

    asked by PT
  28. World History

    Select the boxes to classify the beliefs and practices. Roman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church Both Christian church services emperor as head of the church Holy Bible Jesus as savior patriarchs as equals within the church pope as head of the church

    asked by David S.
  29. math

    Given the function rule f(x)=x^2-3x+2, what is the output of f(-2)?

    asked by math help :)
  30. History

    Drag each government power to the correct branch of Roman government. enforced the law controlled foreign policy--- Assemblies passed the laws elected magistrates-- Assemblies BOXES ------------------------------------ Assemblies ------------------------

    asked by CharizardDaChump
  31. study island

    Part of the pride of being an American comes from the fact that most people that want jobs have jobs. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, as happened in 2008, the economy slows down, and jobs become harder to find or keep. Businesses make less

    asked by yeehaw
  32. history

    Which accurately reflects the development of agriculture in early African civilizations?

    asked by zachary
  33. Social Studies

    What happened to American Indians as a result of the Spanish conquest of the Americas? A. Those who converted to Christianity were given freedom. B. Many died from disease and mistreatment. C. Many migrated north to escape Spanish rule. D. They learned new

    asked by Kate
  34. World History

    What beliefs and practices do Judaism and Christianity share? Select all that apply. A. ethics and right behavior B. Holy Communion C. Jesus as the savior D. only one god E. Old Testament F. New Testament G. the Ten Commandments

    asked by David S.
  35. History

    What best describes the effects of the Red Scare in Texas during the 1920? A- Many communists from large Texas cities were exposed B- Texans decided to force unions out of the state C- Texans were not greatly affected because the state had few unionists

    asked by First name here -.-
  36. History

    Please check my answers! 1. Why did some people oppose internment camps during World War II? A. The camps were overcrowded. B. The camps tortured people as prisoners of war. C. There were too many children held in the camps. D. The camps held people who

    asked by Charlie
  37. Kansas State History

    Territorial Kansas refers to which time period in the state's history? A. The years between 1820 and 1850 when tensions over slavery were growing. B. The years before the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. C. The years between 1854 and 1861 when

    asked by Sky, The Coder
  38. World History

    What effect did the launching of Sputnik have on American society? 1.It created a sense of national pride in American technology. 2. It ultimately led to a growth in the size and scope of government. 3. It led the government to take a less involved role in

    asked by Jean
  39. spanish

    How do you say “These are the rooms” in Spanish? A. Estas son las cuartos. B. Este es el cuarto. C. Estos son los cuartos.** Which city in southern Mexico do tourists often visit on vacation? A. Mexico City B. Acapulco C. Monterrey Which statement

    asked by CPA Student
  40. Ap Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=x^2-1 and y=cos(x). Give your answer correct to 2 decimal places

    asked by Karen
  41. chemistry

    A 0.850 m aqueous solution of KBr has a total mass of 66.0 g. What masses of solute and solvent are present?

    asked by beth
  42. social studies

    1. Drag and drop the correct sentences to identify changes in education during the High Middle Ages. More universities developed.******* Studies focused only on Christianity.******* Students learned in languages other than Latin. An educated social class

    asked by mikayla
  43. Business

    Describe how Canada's trade has changed throughout the last few years trade (in terms of the surplus and deficits). How has the non-US trade changed?

    asked by Em
  44. world history

    What event revolutionized the way people accessed and consumed ideas and information during the Renaissance? A. Raphael's engraving technology led to mass-produced art.** B. Gutenberg invented a printing press with movable type. C. Erasmus called for the

    asked by @realBlueface
  45. Math PLEASE HELP

    A standard number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number greater than 4.

    asked by messiah
  46. Chemistry

    Why these answers are so? 1- For this reaction 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O a- dela H=delta Hf b-delta Hc= delta Hf c- delta H= delta Hc d- delta S= delta H and the answer is b , but how and why? 2- For this reaction 2S + 3O2 = 2SO3 + 792 kJ which of the following

    asked by Omed
  47. MATH

    Sshow all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. A candle is 17 in. tall after burning for 3 hours. After 5 hours, it is 15 in. tall. Write a linear equation to model the relationship between height h of the candle and time t.

    asked by Ben Folds
  48. History

    What can be inferred about long-standing rogue states, such as Libya, Iraq, and North Korea? A. They endured despite frequent political unrest, coup attempts, regime changes, and assassinations. B. They were rich because their oceanfront access to shipping

    asked by Sergio
  49. Life Orientation

    FOUR organizations/agencies that work to address human right violations

    asked by Minenhle
  50. History

    Alexander the great mostly made what kind accomplishments? a. intellectual b. political c. cultural d. military ** (I'm not sure if this is right so please check

    asked by cinnamoxicillin
  51. Math

    I have six eggs. I broke two. I boiled two. I ate one. How many do I have left?

    asked by Yvonne
  52. Math

    What was the main motivation for the early populists? A. Competition from railroads for land B. Low crop prices and lack of government aid C. The need to expand the market for their crops ** D. The new farmers labor union What was the progressive solution

    asked by Wink wonk
  53. Science

    Why does the sun appear to move westward across the sky during the day? A) because earth rotates to the east B) because earth rotates to the west C) because the sun moves in a westerly direction************ D) because of the way you are looking into the

    asked by Correct ✅
  54. @Ayana - repost science

    I reposted this because Ayana posted it on another student's thread. When the air under the envelope is heated, the balloon lifts. Which of the following statements is true? A. Hot air balloons use radiation to rise. B. Hot air balloons use conduction to

    asked by Ms. Sue
  55. Math

    Simplify the expression (n^4)^8 A. n^48 B. n^32

    asked by Seo-yeon
  56. physics

    acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s/s. what is the weight in newtons of a 98.17 kg mass?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Science

    Two electrical circuits have the same 15-volt batteries. Circuit A has 2 ohms of resistance, and circuit B has 6 ohms of resistance. Which of the following statements is correct? • Circuit B has the same amount of current as circuit A. • Circuit B has

    asked by Zoe13
  58. do you need help?

    If you need i'll help you I can do 6 and down

    asked by neatkidd
  59. Social Studies

    1. What caused the settlement of African Americans in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain region than in the Ozark Mountains region. Slavery and Plantation . Mining and logging . The use of modern technology. Low priced land and modern technology. 2. Why did

    asked by Shadow
  60. boolean algebra - PLEASE HELP!!

    simplify the following equation using boolean laws and rules: x=~(A(+)B) + ~(AB)+~((A(+)B)AC)+(~A)C (+) means plus in the circle ~ means not

    asked by Anonymous
  61. boolean algebra - PLEASE HELP!!

    simplify the following expression with the help of XOR and XNOR: X = ABCD+A(~B)(~C)D+(~A)(~B) ~ means not e.g. ~B is not b

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Science

    How does microorganisms affect the quality of soil

    asked by Hehe😂
  63. quick question

    i got quick question, how do you delete a post???

    asked by Help me please!
  64. Math Repost for Bush

    Your name was inappropriate so I reposted your question. math which set of values correctly completes the function x: 0, 1, 2, 3 y=-9x:???? a. 0,9,18,27 b. 0,-9,-18,-27······my answer c. -9,-10,-11,-12 0 0 4 asked by bush today at 6:24pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  65. science

    How does an island arc form? two oceanic plates collide a mid-ocean ridge enlarges a hot spot develops in the middle of an oceanic plate an oceanic plate and a continental plate converge

    asked by CPA Student
  66. georgia history

    1 which statement best describes why constitutions are needed? A Constitutions are needed so that governments don't get carried away with taxes B Constitutions are needed because all of the laws have to be written down somewhere. C Constitutions are needed

    asked by jonh reynold
  67. History

    How did the United States become involved in the French colony of Vietnam following World War II? Could somebody please answer this in a couple sentences?

    asked by Kiara
  68. Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of y = −x2 + 3x + 4 and y = 4. a) 2.7 b) 4.5 c) 28.5 d) 16.5

    asked by Alice
  69. Ariana


    asked by USJD
  70. Calculus

    The base of a solid in the xy-plane is the circle x^2 + y^2 = 16. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the y-axis are equilateral triangles. What is the volume, in cubic units, of the solid? answer 1: (4√3)/3 answer 2: (64√3)/3 answer 3:

    asked by Alice
  71. English 10

    How would I find a thesis in a essay. Explicit and implicit thesises

    asked by help
  72. Math

    A semicircle is inscribed in a rectangle with area 144 square centimeters. In square cm, what is the area of the semicircle?

    asked by PT
  73. Connexus History.

    I need help with the write-out questions 19 and 20 on "Regions: the northeast unit test. I don't know what to type!!!! Plz 4th grade classmates in Connexus. I'm a bit behind because of this and don't know what do to!!!

    asked by Itz LucotIC
  74. Algebra

    The athletic department bought a total of 29 basketballs and footballs at a cost of $1000. If basketballs cost $30 each and footballs cost $40 each, how many footballs were bought?

    asked by Jason
  75. math :(

    Which number is irrational? 1. 3/17 2. √25 3. 0.6*** 4. √33 What is √16? 1. 2 2. 4*** 3. 8 4. 256 What two integers is √70 between? 1. 7&8 2. 8&9 3. 9&10*** 4. 35&36 which numbers are rational? select all that apply 1. pi*** 2. √50 3. 2.3 4.

    asked by owo
  76. Algebra

    How can I rewrite an equation and graph it if it’s negative? For example; 12x- 4y=24

    asked by 😍
  77. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution with a hydronium ion concentration of 3.5 x 10-4 M? The pOH?

    asked by no need
  78. Algebra

    Describe the end behavior of f(x) = 1 3 x - 5. [Note: This is an exponential function where 1 3 is the base and x is the exponent.] A) As x → -∞, f(x) → -5. As x → ∞, f(x) → ∞. B) As x → -∞, f(x) → 0. As x → ∞, f(x) → ∞. C) As x

    asked by laylia
  79. Science

    How do micro organisms affect the quality of soil

    asked by Cat
  80. Math

    3.49, 31/10, 3.497, 3 2/11 in order from least to greatest

    asked by Bob
  81. Geometry

    Hey, I just wanted you toall check my answer and see if it is correct. Here it is: 6. The measure of angle B is 65.8 degrees. Find the measure of the complement and supplement of angle B. - 24.2 degrees; 155.8 degrees - 155.8 degrees; 24.2 degrees -144.2

    asked by Katie Kat
  82. java/programming Please Help Me!!

    my teacher said as an assignment, make random java codes, and i got none in my mind right now. any ideas, guys???

    asked by Help me please!
  83. math

    An art class is making a mural for their school which has a triangle drawn in the middle. The length of the bottom of the triangle is ( y + 4)Another side is 3 less than 2 times the length of the bottom of the triangle. The last side is 2 more than the

    asked by Hermione
  84. history

    who was phan boi chau?

    asked by jasmine
  85. math

    which of the following observations would be consistent with an exponential model of population growth? A) The population grew very quickly but then declined. B) The population is observed to increase steadily over time. C) The population is observed to

    asked by idk
  86. math,science and geography

    explain in detail five socio-economic factors that can influence your study choices and your future career

    asked by njabulo
  87. Math

    Drag and drop the choices to the appropriate colony type. Choices may be used more than once. Maryland returned to choices list. belonged to the crown belonged to an individual governing power belonged to royal officials governing power belonged to the

    asked by miles
  88. Lo

    Meaning of designated subjects

    asked by Austin
  89. maths

    what is the smallest number that can be written using three different digits which has millions period as its last period(only the answer i need)

    asked by enara
  90. English

    Composition about Nigeria

    asked by Taiwo
  91. math

    A car traveling at 25 mi/h accelerates to 48 mi/h over the first 5 seconds. It maintains that speed for the next 5 seconds, and then slows to a stop during the next 5 seconds. does anyone know because i have no clue here?

    asked by lol
  92. math

    An angle measures 47 degrees. what are the measures of the angles complement? pls hurry A 43 degrees B 133 degrees C 53 degrees D 143 degrees

    asked by Michael
  93. Science

    How does earths rotation cause day and night?

    asked by Jk
  94. Language Arts:

    Does my answer sound strange to you? This is the question I was answering: In both, "Miracles," and, "in Just-," the poets use images that appeal to the senses. In a paragraph, compare the use of imagery in the two poems. First, present images in each poem

    asked by TreatPPLHowUWant2BTreated
  95. social studies

    Which of the following was a result of communism in the Soviet Union? A. The free market controlled the economy. B. Citizens enjoyed freedom of speech. C. Elections were free and fair. D. Farms were collectivized by the government.______-this i picked

    asked by ananamoose
  96. sci

    Which of the following describes the pathway that the nerve impulses travel while throwing a baseball

    asked by Kathleen
  97. math *functions*

    Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. n(n-1)-5 Pls just write down a step by step process of what to do, dont just give me the answer

    asked by halp meh
  98. History

    13. Germany absorbs Austria and then Czechoslovakia into the German Reich, often referred to as the_________

    asked by Seth
  99. Math

    I need help on -9p-17=10 1.-3 2.16 3.18 4.-16

    asked by Whatshisname
  100. Physics

    A velocity selector is built with a magnetic field of magnitude 5.2 T and an electric field of strength 4.6 × 10 ^4 N/C. The directions of the two fields are perpendicular to each other. At what speed will electrons pass through the selector without

    asked by john
  101. History

    35. The Neutrality Acts of 1939 included this component, ________ and ________, which helped Americans support the Allies with supplies.

    asked by Seth
  102. Life Orientation

    Name and explain in detail FOUR organization/agencies that address human right violation

    asked by Minenhle
  103. life orientation

    Explain in detail five socii-economic factors that cab influence youe study choices abd your future career?

    asked by nommbulelo
  104. MATH

    (Please) Show all the steps that you use to solve this problem. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the left 8 units and up 2 units. What is the function rule for g(x) given f(x)=x^2?

    asked by Ben Folds
  105. science

    which of these is a solution? A several different kinds of nuts in a jar B a box full of pens and pencils C chocolate syrup in a glass of milk D a denim jacket with a leather collar

    asked by optimus prime
  106. science

    The following chemical equation shows the incomplete formula for burning methanol. The question mark represents the unknown number of oxygen (O2) molecules. How many molecules of O2 are needed to balance this chemical equation? 2CH₃OH + ?O₂ > 2CO₂ +

    asked by help pls
  107. science

    The following chemical equation shows the incomplete formula for burning methanol. The question mark represents the unknown number of oxygen (O2) molecules. How many molecules of O2 are needed to balance this chemical equation? 2CH₃OH + ?O₂ > 2CO₂ +

    asked by help
  108. science

    Which chemical equation is balanced to show that mass is conserved during the reaction? A. Na + Cl₂ --> NaCl B. 2H₂ O₂ --> 2H O + O₂ C. CH₄ + O₂ --> CO₂ + 2H₂ O D. AgNO₃ + MgCl₂ --> AgCl +MgNO₃ **** is it D?

    asked by help once more...
  109. Social Studies

    In Spanish colonial society, the group in the highest position were the.. A. Creoles B.Mestizos C.Peninsulares D.Mulattoes

    asked by Kate
  110. physics

    An electric force moves a charge of +1.80×10-4 C from point A to point B and performs +5.80×10-3 J of work on the charge. (a) What is the change in the electrical potential energy of the charge as it moves from A to B? (b) Determine the potential

    asked by kim
  111. Math

    Janet can mix a batch of cookie dough in 30 minutes. Miya can mix a batch of cookie dough in 45 minutes. Bella can’t cook, and slows down everybody he works with to half-speed. How many minutes will it take the three of them working together to mix a

    asked by PT
  112. Social Studies

    Which impact did Enlightenment ideas have on the Spanish colonies? A. Many colonists called for independence from Spain. **** B. Some mestizos argued that the Spanish crown should have more power. C. Father Miguel Hidalgo called for harsher slave codes. D.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. SS (Social Studies)

    What is the name for a government ruled by a small group of people? A. Democracy B. Monarchy ***? C. Oligarchy D. Tyranny

    asked by XxKakashi_HatakexX
  114. Chemistry

    e? (3 points) A. Gases are compressible B. Gases fill their containers completely C. The pressure of a gas is independent of the temperature D. Gases have mass E. Gases exert pressure F. The pressure of a gas is dependent on the volume G. Gas pressure

    asked by Melly
  115. chemistry

    1. Which statement about electricity is not true? The attraction or repulsion between electric charges is called electric force. A positive electric charge must be paired with a negative electric charge. Like charges repel each other and unlike charges

    asked by Bleaktuber