Questions Asked on
February 12, 2019

  1. java/programming Please Help Me!!

    How do I put the does not equal and .equalignorecase together in java?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. science

    1.what causes a plant to grow into that specific plant is it genetics or environment?

    asked by sally
  3. Maths

    Differentiate with respect to x (Sec x + Cos x)/ Sin x

    asked by Ande2
  4. Math- Inequalities

    Can I please ask how to do this math homework? Thank you so much! Max went to the amusement park with $50 to spend. His ticket cost $26.50. How much did he spend on souvenirs and snacks? (A: Write the inequality, B: Solve the inequality) A:

    asked by Kate
  5. education

    The mineral ____ is part of the hormone thyroxin which regulates the amount of energy spent to maintain the body’s involuntary activities (BMR). phosphorus zinc iodine sodium

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Basic biology

    What is a glycerol with three fatty acids attached referred to? A.prostaglandin B.nucleicbacid C.enzyme D. fat

    asked by Trish
  7. Math (quick help pls)

    Selena took 20 seconds to swim from point A to point B at a speed of 4.5 m/s. She took 18 seconds to swim back from point A to point B. Find Selena's average speed when she swam from Point B to Point A (Help me get to the answer please ty)

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    the table below gives the distribution of village under different height from sea level in certain reign compute the mean height of the region by short-cut method. height(in meters): 200 600 1000 1400 1800 2200 number village: 142 265 560 271 89 16

    asked by mojeed
  9. algebra

    The Smiths are draining their 25,000 gallon swimming pool. It drains at a rate of 3,000 gallons an hour. Write a function that models the amount of water in the pool after t hours. A) W = 25,000 - 3000t Eliminate B) W = 25,000 + 3000t C) W = 3000 - 25,000t

    asked by xanx

    1. what means did Portuguese explorers use to establish trading posts in India, Persia, and Southeast Asia? A. They signed agreements between local rulers and the Portuguese king B. They worked with the native people to establish diverse colonies* C. They

    asked by I am the ONE The oNE
  11. Earth Science

    London has suffered from terrible air pollution for at least seven centuries. Why is the city so prone to its famous “London fog?” What did London do to get rid of its air pollution? Please help. Will greatly thank you.

    asked by Jallai
  12. Math

    what is 128x60

    asked by uhhh
  13. History

    1. Which of the following actions occurred first? A. Japan attacked Pearl Habor B. the Axis powers invaded neighboring territories. C. the Lend-Lease Act was proposed D. the United States drafted men into the armed forces 2. What contribution did army hero

    asked by heller
  14. science

    Which type of simple machine reduces the amount of input force needed?

    asked by James
  15. Maths

    Write an equation in​ point-slope form of the line that passes through the given point and with the given slope m. (-5, 1); m=3 The equation of the line is ___?

    asked by tris pappel
  16. science

    Which type of simple machine reduces the amount of input force needed? ramp chopsticks hockey stick weight machine

    asked by James
  17. Sentence Check 2

    Judy and Martin Reed exemplify the old saying ¨Opposites attract¨. A(n) ___, Judy chooses work that brings her into constant contact with others. ____, Marty Prefers Jobs In which he mainly works alone. (Word Choices) Charisma Contemporary Contend

    asked by Paco H.
  18. Math

    Charles is renting a large copy machine for his company and has been given a budget of ​$1127. The machine he wants to rent will require a ​$223 installation fee and a ​$113​-per-month rental contract. How many months will Charles be able to rent

    asked by Danielle
  19. maths

    Follow me on Instagram @trispappel

    asked by tris pappel
  20. Washington State History

    Which of the following describes a continental climate A.ample rainfall and temperature swings between seasons B.less rainfall and temperature swings between seasons C.mild temperatures and ample rainfall D.extremely hot tempetkres and little rainfall.

    asked by Help
  21. Math help!

    Simplify the expression (n^4)^8 A. n^(48) B. n^(32) C. n^(12) D. n^4

    asked by Katy
  22. social studys

    Help its due :/ What did Catherine the Great do to expand Russia? A. She sent explorers to establish settlements across Siberia. B. She founded a new capital, St. Petersburg. C. She was the first ruler to attempt to westernize Russia. D. She conquered the

    asked by kaelyn
  23. geography

    Which of these countries border Brazil? Argentina Chile Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Venezuela

    asked by Anonymous
  24. history

    How did the German part of Charlemagne's kingdom change under the rule of Otto the Great? A. It was divided by several German dukes. B. It fell under the rule of the Byzantine empire. C. It was invaded by Anglo-Saxons. D. It was united as one empire.

    asked by jake
  25. geography

    Which islands are part of the Greater Antilles? Aruba Cuba Hispaniola Jamaica Martinique Montserrat Puerto Rico

    asked by someone
  26. World geography

    PLEASE HELP!! Choose three large cities. Explain what direction you would travel in a straight line to be cities from where you live. Use the four cardinal directions and a intermediate directions to explain the relative location of the cities. Give your

    asked by Julia
  27. history

    1: How did the German part of Charlemagne's kingdom change under the rule of Otto the Great? A. It was divided by several German dukes. B. It fell under the rule of the Byzantine empire. C. It was invaded by Anglo-Saxons. D. It was united as one empire. 2:

    asked by jake
  28. Science check my answers please.

    1. How does Earth’s rotation cause day and night? (1 point) As Earth rotates toward the east, the sun appears to rise in the west and set in the east. < this one As Earth rotates toward the east, the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west.

    asked by Real ANSWERS
  29. math

    use properties of rational numbers to multiply the following. 7/12 x 253/5 Im so confused

    asked by Sam
  30. University Physics I

    A toy rocket engine is securely fastened to a large puck that can glide with negligible friction over a horizontal surface, taken as the xy plane. The 5.60-kg puck has a velocity of 1.40î m/s at one instant. Eight seconds later, its velocity is (6.00î +

    asked by Ayla
  31. world history

    Which phenomenon contributed to the renewal of interest in classical philosophy and arts? A. conquest of North Africa B. decline of the Holy Roman Empire C. exploration of the Silk Road D. trade with Muslim lands

    asked by @realBlueface
  32. University Physics I

    An elevator car has two equal masses attached to the ceiling as shown. (Assume m = 4.10 kg.) (a) The elevator ascends with an acceleration of magnitude 1.00 m/s2. What are the tensions in the two strings? (Enter your answers in N.) T1 = ___N T2 =___N (b)

    asked by Ayla
  33. geography

    what are the most valuable resources of the Caribbean islands? zinc waters manganese coconuts climate beaches

    asked by Auriana
  34. math

    Find the equation of the line with​ y-intercept -1 and slope - 7/9 Enter the equation of the line in​ slope-intercept form. y= ___?

    asked by tris pappel
  35. 7th Grade Math

    Nicholas and Millah are comparing results from a 2-day lab experiment. On monday Nicholas' results showed that 0.917 of the particles were charged while Millas results showed that 85% of the particles were charged. On Tuesday Nicholas's results showed that

    asked by miki-niki
  36. world history 9

    To [man] it is granted to have whatever he chooses, to be whatever he wills. –Pico della Mirandola, 1486 Use the quotation to answer the question. What characteristic of the Renaissance does the quotation reflect? A. perspective B. patronage** C. spirit

    asked by @realBlueface

    which of the following are financial careers? select all that apply a. auditor b. instructional coordinator c. loan officer*** d. curator e. arbitrator**?

    asked by moof

    A moving object with a mass of 20 kg increases its' acceleration. According to Newton's Second Law, how can an object with the same mass increase its' acceleration? By increasing the amount of friction on the object. By decreasing the net force exerted on

    asked by lilkakes on YOUTUBE
  39. history

    1: How did the German part of Charlemagne's kingdom change under the rule of Otto the Great? A. It was divided by several German dukes. B. It fell under the rule of the Byzantine empire. C. It was invaded by Anglo-Saxons. D. It was united as one empire. 2:

  40. English

    Near the end of his confinement, the lawyer writes that he plans to... A) break of the bet by leaving 5 hours early****** B) Stay in the lodge for another 15 years C)win the bet and then burn the two million dollars D) use the 2 million to travel and if

    asked by connections student
  41. chemistry

    how many crystal systems are there?

    asked by Auriana
  42. Ss

    The United States capital Washington D.C is located in which state? A.Maryland .b. Virginia.c Delaware. d. It is not located in a U.S state

    asked by Bro

    to get from point a to point b it take 644 miles you travel this distance in 2 hours what is your velocity

    asked by 01001010 01110101 01110011 01110100 01101001 01100011 01100101
  44. History

    Can you check my answers? 1:What did the Escalante Expedition accomplish A: a pass through the mountains and a new trade route to california B: a mission in the salt lake valley C: the first maps and detailed descriptions of the land and people D: a treaty

    asked by Jon BTG
  45. Help! - Social Studies

    What nationally known company was a direct result of the first Texas oil boom? A) British Petroleum B) Chem-Central C) Chevron D) Texaco

    asked by Alexis
  46. math

    lim as x approaches positive 3 ln(x-3)

    asked by david lopez
  47. economics.bissiness studies.Accounting.mathematics

    list two issues in sports that can impede nation building

    asked by tiny
  48. social studies

    Which of these Australian Aboriginal populations would have suffered the LARGEST number of deaths in the 1780s and 1790s?

    asked by t
  49. math help me fast pleasseee

    order from least to greatest: 0.29, 2/7, 25%. and 0.2 A) 25%, 0.2, 2/7, 0.29 B) 0.2, 25%, 2/7, 0.29 C) 0.29, 2/7, 25%, 0.2*** D)0.29, 2/7, 0.2, 25%

    asked by -_-
  50. History

    Check answer? Drag and drop the words to the correct box. Words may be used more than once. Words: Sunni muslims, Shia muslims, Sunni and Shia muslims - follow the Five Pillars of Islam - mostly tolerant of modern culture - live mainly in Iran, Iraq, and

    asked by Anonymous
  51. english

    what is the most effective transition word or phrase to add to the beginning of sentence 8

    asked by hia
  52. language arts

    what is a metaphor

    asked by sherman peach
  53. MATH

    1/2 - 1/64 =

    asked by RON
  54. Social studies

    How did the federalist papers generate support for ratifying the constitution? A) by explaining how the national government would a week in the states B) By explain how the government could not function without the constitution

    asked by Gretchen
  55. Social studies

    What strategy did the allies agree upon in order to win World War II

    asked by Ben
  56. English

    In "The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean," what human behavior does the snowflake display? A. It cannot make up its mind. B. It is mean and nasty. C. It is full of complaints. D. It has trouble getting along with others.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    What is the graph of the function? Y=2*2^x

    asked by BTS
  58. Math

    If there are 600 people in a concert audience, 3/10 are male and 5/6 are older than 10 years of age,how many people in the audience are female

    asked by Joshua
  59. Science

    1. How does Earth's rotation cause day and night? A) As Earth rotates towards the east, the sun appears to rise in the west and set in the east. B) As Earth rotates towards the east, the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west. ***** C) Earth

    asked by Anonymous
  60. @Miranda -- Repost math

    This is reposted because the original was posted on another student's thread. 1. there are 18 boys and 12 girl in math class. what is the ratio of girls to total students. A. 18:30 B. 12:30 C. 30:12 D. 30:18 2. which of the following ratios are equivalent

    asked by Ms. Sue
  61. math

    can you plz explain what diameter and chord is plz

    asked by i hate math and who cares what me first name is
  62. math

    A store is having a 10%-off sale. It gives an additional 10% off if the price is still over $100 after the first discount. A jacket costs $199.99. Will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars will you save in total? yes $12.49 (i choose

    asked by miki-niki
  63. History

    Which identifies how the National Party in South Africa justified apartheid? A. The National Party was founded on the belief that native South African success was rooted in the need to suppress Afrikaners. B. The National Party claimed that anti-apartheid

    asked by Sergio
  64. History

    Which of the following actions occurred first? Japan attacked Pearl Harbor The Axis powers invaded neighboring territories The Lend-Lease Act was proposed The United States drafted men into the armed forces I honestly have no idea what the answer could

    asked by Help please
  65. History

    Which most accurately identifies an impact of increased economic and cultural exchange between Pacific Rim countries? A. a decline in the consumption of American products in Asia B. the growth in popularity of K-pop in Asia and Western nations C. the

    asked by Sergio
  66. History

    Why did China’s economy succeed when the Soviet economy failed in the 1980s? A. China adopted strict Communist policies to implement a command economy. B. China invested heavily in agriculture and shifted workers to the rural countryside. C. China became

    asked by Sergio
  67. math (uuuugggggghhhh)

    What does it mean to get a 150% salary raise? I honestly have no idea. hellllpppp

    asked by calculator queen (except obviously not bc i'm here
  68. math

    Find the area of a sector of a circle if the central angle measures 90 and the radius measures 4 inches. Leave your answer in terms of .

    asked by rich
  69. history

    What are war reparations? Money that a country or group who loses a war pays because of the damage, injury, and/or deaths that occurred. Funds that the victor pays to the loser to form an alliance and bolster the global economy. Restitution that a country

    asked by me
  70. Math

    Two stores carry a similar stereo for the same original price of $573. One store offers a 16% discount and the second store sells the stereo for $458.40. Which store gives the bigger percent discount? Justify your answer. I clue how to do this. I

    asked by Anonymous
  71. history

    Examine the illustration.(stab in the back drawing) A German soldier lies ready for battle while a caricature of a Jewish person creeps behind him while holding a knife to his back. Stab-in-the-Back Legend. 26 March 1919. Illustration. Wikimedia Commons.

    asked by me
  72. Math

    Michael wants to donate $20 to charity this month. if he has already donated 2/5 of his goal how much has he donated so far. A) $4 B) $8 C) $12 D) $50 Please help meh! Thx

    asked by The dude
  73. history

    Which identifies the defensive military agreement made by Germany, Italy, and Japan in 1940? Axis Agreement Triple Alliance Allied Pact Tripartite Pact a

    asked by me
  74. math

    A band that will be the opening act for a concert charges a $500.00 flat fee as well as 10% of all profits from ticket sales. If the band earns $1,200, how much was made in total ticket sales for the show?

    asked by hi
  75. Chemistry

    Consider an alloy that is 13.4% copper by mass in tin. Copper makes up what percentage of the atoms in this sample?

    asked by Emmaa
  76. history

    Which were causes of the rise of Fascism in Italy? (Select all that apply.) widespread acceptance of socialist literature disappointment over the results of the Treaty of Versailles decline in Italian nationalism due to the defeat in World War I high

    asked by me
  77. Science

    Which of the following body systems work together to get cells the nutrients they need to carry out cellular respiration? A. the digestive and respiratory systems B. the respiratory and circulatory systems*** C. the digestive and circulatory systems D. the

    asked by Ms. P
  78. Life orientation

    evaluate the extent to which peer pressure can impact negatively on intrapersonal conflict

    asked by ipho
  79. math

    Simplify the expression: 5(c+8)+c+3

    asked by kenzie
  80. Math

    Jake earns $11.50 each time he mows the lawn for his parents. He has earned $69. Use the equation below to find the number of times he has mowed the lawn (m) for his parents. 69 = 11.5m

    asked by Barry Vacker
  81. English

    I need a essay one page essay on: A trip to san Diego The description has to be a trip to san Diego and meeting cousins for the first time, and going to sea world and going to the beach with 3 other families. Winter break vacation trip with 3 other

    asked by help
  82. Math

    A class is attended by 20 girls and 24 boys. Write the ratio of boys to girls in the class in lowest terms. 6:5 is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  83. Math

    Find the missing dimension of the cylinder. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. Volume = 10,000π in. The radius is 16

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Language arts

    Use the excerpt to answer the question 1. Which is the best paraphrase of the lines from the poem A. We are happy when the sun is shining we feel Mary when the bells ring and we sing along the sun goes down and we have to stop playing sports. B. The sun

    asked by Marcus
  85. Math

    A package weights 96 ounces what is the Weight of the package in pounds

    asked by Yesenia
  86. Math

    A penguin is swimming 18 feet below sea level. Write an integer to represent the penguin's position relative to sea level. My answer is -18 is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  87. Math

    Write an equivalent expression by taking out the greatest common factor. 32c + 16d =16 (2,1) I have problem check this for me

    asked by frances
  88. Science

    Based on the experiment results what factors placed limits on the brine shrimp populations

    asked by Jamie
  89. English

    Does anyone know how to write a good topic sentence? I need it from the story Everyday Use by Alice Walker.

    asked by Jackson
  90. Math

    Peggy had a bag of nuts. She ate 1/5 of the nuts and gave the remaining nuts to 3 friends equally. What fraction of the nuts did each friend get?

    asked by Lisa
  91. English

    What sort of day does Emily Dickinson describe in "The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean"? A. an unpleasantly hot summer day B. a cold and nasty winter day C. a beautiful but sad autumn day D. a day of fresh spring rain

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    Could someone simplify 34/8

    asked by tay_gotdat_drxp insta
  93. Hard understand question

    How can we the possible social benefits or consequences to society created by the militarization of the police using sociological imagination?

    asked by Michelle Andres
  94. Business and Personal Law

    So I have a project and I need help on finding a court case for Retirement/Wills. The court case has to be Interesting,Unusual,Funny, Outrageous/Frivolous, Or, all of the above. Do you know where to find any interesting cases or know any cases that is

    asked by Olivia
  95. English

    What makes the snail well satisfied

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Math - Trigonometry

    This is the question: Two aircraft, A and B, leave an airport at the same time. A flies on a course of 81 degrees at 652 km/h, and B flies on a course of 272 degrees at 546 km/h. Calculate their distance apart after 25 minutes to the nearest kilometer.

    asked by Susan
  97. Spanish

    Where would you set the table for dinner A)la escalera B)el despacho C)el bano D)El comedor PLZ HELPPPPP, i need help with the assigment, if you know the rest of the answers please provide. thank you fellow connections students

    asked by connections student
  98. Art

    1. A marble sculpture has been repaired and is ready for display. Which two special tests might work together to write a written information tags for the display? A. Conservator and archaeologists A marble sculpture has been repaired and is ready for

    asked by Grace
  99. math

    what symbols do you have to put to make this statement true;[3 5] 4 [14 2] = 12

    asked by bob
  100. Social studies

    For which main reason did the Normans invade England? A. to capture the king's castle B. to benefit from England's wealth C. to establish religious freedom D. to eliminate Catholic influence

  101. History

    1. Why did William T. Sherman want to attack Columbia? (1 point) a. because he had lost a previous skirmish there *b. because he wanted to attack the capital of the state where the war began c. because it was located directly in his line of march from

    asked by Daniel
  102. History

    What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the West? A. Tent cities near the mines fostered criminals as long-term residents. B. Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing. C. Mining camps were sources of many contagious

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math Methods

    Time–lapse photography is used to track the height of an object in metres. The following heights were recorded at times 0.2s, 1.2s and 2.1s respectively: 9.203m, 14.344m and 10.591m. a) Determine an equation to model the height of the object over time,

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math Methods

    Thehypotenuseofarightangled-triangleis(3x+3)cmandtheothertwo sides are 3x cm and (x − 3) cm. Determine the value of x and calculate the perimeter of the triangle.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math - Trig

    This is the question: Two spruce trees are 100m apart. From the point on the ground halfway between the trees the angles of elevation are 21 degrees and 39 degrees. Determine the distance, to the nearest metre, between the tops of the two trees. Show your

    asked by lily
  106. English

    Which of the following elements should be included in your critical review? A. a narrative with plot line B. a main claim about two or more works C. graphics such as charts and tables D. third-person point of view E. an analysis of literary elements such

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Math

    An american car travels 32 miles on one gallon. A European car travels 12.7 kilometers on one liter of gas. Wich car gets better gas mileage? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Emmanuel
  108. Trigonometry- Application of Sine and Cosine Law

    Q: A 4m flag pole is not standing up straight. There is a wire attached to the top of the pole and anchored in the ground. The wire is 4.17m long. The wire makes a 68 degree angle with the ground. What angle does the flag pole make with the wire? Show all

    asked by Jane
  109. Math

    Please answer ASAP! Seth is training for a Marathon, he’s already running 2.5 miles five times a week. It takes him 30 minutes to run 2.5 miles. He calculates how long will it take to run the full 26 miles. A. 5/30 = 26/x; x = 156 B. 2.5/30 = x/26; x =

    asked by Death Bringer
  110. History

    what contribution did army hero james earl rudder make to the war

    asked by OliviaB.
  111. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    Sketch a right triangle corresponding to the trigonometric function of the acute angle θ. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the third side and then find the other five trigonometric functions of θ. cot(θ) = 9

    asked by Anonymous
  112. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    The Johnstown Inclined Plane in Pennsylvania is one of the longest and steepest hoists in the world. The railway cars travel a distance of 896.5 feet at an angle of approximately 35.4°, rising to a height of 1693.5 feet above sea level. (Round your

    asked by Anonymous
  113. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    In traveling across flat land, you notice a mountain directly in front of you. Its angle of elevation (to the peak) is 3.5°. After you drive x = 9 miles closer to the mountain, the angle of elevation is 9°. Approximate the height of the mountain. (Round

    asked by Anonymous
  114. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    A surveyor wants to find the distance across a pond. The bearing from A to B is N 38° W. The surveyor walks x = 50 meters from A to C. At C, the bearing to B is N 64° W. (See figure in the website.) (a)

    asked by Anonymous
  115. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    A steel plate has the form of one-fourth of a circle with a radius of 42 centimeters. Two two-centimeter holes are to be drilled in the plate positioned as shown in the figure in the website below. Find the coordinates of the center of each hole.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. math/algerbra

    Which of the following points would fall on the line produced by the point-slope form equation y + 4 = 2(x - 3) when graphed?

    asked by ariel
  117. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    The front of an A-frame cottage has the shape of an isosceles triangle. It stands 30 feet high and is 20 feet wide at its base. What is the angle of elevation of its roof? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Anonymous
  118. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    Write the distance y across the flat sides of a hexagonal nut as a function of r (see figure in the website below). y=

    asked by Anonymous
  119. MATH - HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    Determine the quadrant in which each angle lies. (The angle measure is given in radians.) 1. (5π/6) a) first quadrant b) second quadrant c) third quadrant d) fourth quadrant i think it is a) 2. -(5π/3) a) first quadrant b) second quadrant c) third

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Math

    You get one spin . What is the probability of spinning a number smaller than 5 ?

    asked by Hayden
  121. boolean algebra - PLEASE HELP!!

    simplify the following expression with the help of XOR and XNOR: X = ABCD+A(~B)(~C)D+(~A)(~B)

    asked by Hi😱
  122. boolean algebra - PLEASE HELP!!

    simplify the following equation using boolean laws and rules: x=~(A(+)B) + ~(AB)+~((A(+)B)AC)+(~A)C (+) means plus in the circle ~ means not

    asked by Hi😱