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February 11, 2019

  1. Art help

    The cinematographer works with what other professional to plan how each scene will be filmed and lit?

    asked by No clue
  2. Math

    What is the correct way to classify the figures shown below? A. Similar B. Congruent **** C. Neither Which figure is congruent to the figure shown?1416290567.gif A. B. C. Which of the following statements are true? A. All similar figures are also Congruent

    asked by Weather
  3. Social Studies

    Drag the word to the description it matches. Answers: gold, salt, ivory, copper, horses Question: goods that originated from Mali Question: goods that Mali obtained through trade Poetry, folk tales, and wise sayings are examples of what? Answers:

    asked by oof HELP
  4. Lesson 1: The Maya 40062Y0 Social Studies Grade 6

    2.Why did the Aztecs settle in the Valley of Mexico? A. They wanted to take over abandoned Mayan cities. B. The area was located near a major river system. C. The valley had a warmer climate than the Mayan lowlands. D. Surrounding volcanoes created fertile

    asked by Girl From Connexus
  5. Math

    The results of a survey are shown. In the survey, 92 students said their favorite dessert is candy. Pie: 15% Candy: 23% Cake: 27% Ice Cream: 35% 1) How many students were surveyed? students 2) How many students said their favorite dessert is cake? students

    asked by Niki
  6. World History

    Why did the use of African slaves increase in the Americas during the 1500s? A. Native Americans did not know how to harvest sugar cane. B. Portuguese colonists needed slaves to labor in their clothing factories. C. It was more efficient to import slaves

    asked by Fransicio
  7. Social Studies

    Which of the following are characteristics of hunter-gatherers? Select all that apply. A. They used iron weapons. B. They used stone tools. C. They were nomadic. D. They left written accounts of their life. E. They irrigated the land for farming.

    asked by meko
  8. history

    Which of the following was the main goal of the code of chivalry? A. to train sons of nobles how to fight B. to regulate life on the manor C. to teach knights how to behave honorably D. to increase the power of monarchs

    asked by nevoboy
  9. History

    What effect did the space race have on American public education during the middle of the 20th century? A. It placed increased importance on graduating as many students as possible. B.It put increased importance on foreign languages, specifically Russian.

    asked by Sergio
  10. social studies

    What was the primary puporse of the Silk Road?

    asked by kaelyn

    Recommend four ways in which a person should approach conflict resolution in order to sunstain healthy relationships

    asked by sbonga
  12. math

    two boxes have the same volume. One box has a base that is 2 inches by 2 inces. The other box has a base that is 4 inches by 4 inches. How many tines as tall is the box with the smaller base

    asked by Alex
  13. Life Orientation

    "Sometimes conflict can be healthy". Critically discuss this statement

    asked by Paballo
  14. statistics- one quick question please :)

    the graph shows a non standard normal distribution curve with a mean of 59.0 and a standard deviation of 6.7. Find the area of the shaded region. *there's a picture of the curve, the shaded region is labeled with the value 64.2 Choices: a. 0.2177 b. 0.7823

    asked by sid
  15. English

    In what way do the people actually "disappear" in "The City Is So Big"? A. They cannot be seen once they go inside the buildings. B. They disappear behind closed elevator doors. C. They are murdered. D. They move to the suburbs

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    Which fraction can be replaced with 1/2 when estimating with fractions A. 10/12 B. 7/16 C. 2/9 D. 1/8

    asked by taylor
  17. history

    Nazi ideology advocated the elimination of Jews from Europe. Why weren’t all Jews killed immediately upon being imprisoned by the Nazis? The Nazis wanted to exploit labor from Jews first, while developing a detailed plan for their eventual extermination.

    asked by me
  18. Math

    What is the value of x in the quadrilateral shown below? It shows a quadrilateral with the numbers "125, 95, 105" and then an x. Answer choices: A.35. B.45. C.55. I believe the answer is A.35

    asked by Heh look 2014,2015,16,18,19!
  19. SocialStudies

    What was the Constitution of Seventeen Articles? A. an agreement with China B. a set of guiding principles C. a new law code**** D. an agreement unifying the clans of Japan

    asked by FortniteGurlAlah
  20. world history

    What was a major cause for the Third Italian War of Independence? the border disputes with France and later with Prussia the simultaneous attack of Austria by Prussia and Italy in 1866 the desire to create a vast Italian empire in central Europe C?

    asked by grace
  21. Geography

    How were ideas as well as goods spread along the Silk Road? A-books were sold along with other goods B-Libraries were established along the Silk Road C-New ideas were needed to make travel possible D-Traders shared ideas as they traveled

    asked by Unknown
  22. social studies

    Which does the European Council do in the government of the European Union? A. passes laws and adopts budgets B. resolves disputes among members C. ensures legislation is applied fairly D. represents the EU globally

    asked by derrin clinton
  23. Social studies

    1. By how much did the price of oil decline from 1931-1932? 10% 19%** 50% 90% 2. what is the most basic feature of a boom and bust cycle? government regulation rapid price changes** steady production the development of a new product 3. What is one reason

    asked by Deku
  24. history

    In feudal society, who was responsible for ensuring justice was served and people's homes and lands were protected? A. peasants B. clergy C. lords D. serfs

    asked by nevoboy
  25. Geometry

    △ABC is mapped to △A′B′C′ using each of the given rules. Which rules would result in △ABC being congruent to or not congruent to △A′B′C′ ? Drag and drop each rule into the boxes to classify it as Congruent or Not Congruent. (x,y) →

    asked by Aria V.
  26. Social Studies

    What was the purpose of the war productions board?

    asked by Hehe😂
  27. History

    Which analyzes why some historians believe that the federal civil defense administration used propaganda to reduce the general public concerned about nuclear warfare? 1. Historians believe that the FCDA generated reports that underestimated the missile gap

    asked by Sergio
  28. educational technology

    which verb tense is used in the following sentence? as captain i represent the team at debates A. present tense B. future tense C. past tense D. early tense I think B can someone please help?

    asked by help please
  29. History

    What was the result of the Soviet Union placing nuclear weapons in Cuba? A. Bay of Pigs Invasion B. Cuban Revolution C. Guantanamo Bay Invasion D. Cuban Missile Crisis Is it D?

    asked by Sergio
  30. LA (Lang arts)

    In a paragraph, compare and contrast any two of the following forms of poetry:Concrete,Haiku, or Limerick Your essay should include a specific description of each of the two forms you choose. Explain how the two forms are alike and how they are different.

    asked by XxKakashi_HatakexX

    12. ______ are the basic units of structure and function in living things (1 point) 13. A(n) ______ is a group of similar cells that perform a specific function in an organism. (1 point) 14. ______ are nerve cells that carry response information to muscles

    asked by moof
  32. Hisory

    Which suggest reasons that President Kennedy decided to use US military intervention in Cuba? (Select all that apply.) A. JFK had been tracing the global spread of Communism. B. Cuba lies 90 miles from the coast of the United States. C. US spy planes

    asked by Sergio
  33. math

    What is a reasonable distance between two cities

    asked by fyguy
  34. English

    The neighbor of the speaker in the poem “Mending Wall” believes a. “good fences make good neighbors.”

    asked by Seo-yeon
  35. Conditional Probability (Math)

    A foreman for an injection-molding firm admits that on 46% of his shifts, he forgets to shut off the injection machine on his line. This causes the machine to overheat, increasing the probability that a defective molding will be produced during the early

    asked by EKM
  36. science

    Volcanic belts form along _____. the middle of Earth’s plates North American mountain ranges islands in the Pacific Ocean the boundaries of Earth’s plates

    asked by Pls halp
  37. Scienceeeeee

    A Satellite in space experiences direct sunlight and heats up. During periods when it receives no direct sunlight, A. The satellite cools off by radiation. B. The satellite cools off by conduction. I choose this. C. The satellite maintains a constant

    asked by XxgraceeeXx
  38. Math

    Jason has already used 3 1/1 cans of paint painting furniture. He is painting chairs that use 8 1/1 cans of paint. Let the total cans of paint used be represented by p. Let the number of chairs painted be represented by c. An equation that represents this

    asked by Please help
  39. Civics

    which is a true statement about the power of Congress a. congress may overrule the bill of rights b. congress may pass any law necessary and proper to carry out its enumerated powers c. congress may overrule decisions of federal judges d. congress may

    asked by please help!!!!
  40. math

    16 increased by twice a number Use the variable n to represent the unknown number.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Bio/math?

    The DNA in a human cell weighs approximately 2.0 x 10-12 grams. Calculate how many cells you would need to use to isolate 1 mg (milligram or 1x10-3 grams) of DNA, assuming you can get all the DNA out of a cell. I honestly don't know how to start and solve

    asked by Luna
  42. World History

    Read the statement. Finally, you have broader considerations that might follow what you would call the “falling domino” principle. You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty

    asked by Sergio
  43. History

    Which explains the most accurate unforeseen effect of the antiwar protest movement? A. Many of the organizers and participants of the peace marches later became well-known writers and contemporary philosophers. B. Peaceful protest marches snarled rush-hour

    asked by Sergio
  44. math

    2. Which question is an example of a statistical question? A . Ask all your friends, " What is your favorite color"? B. Ask your teacher, What college did you attend? C. Ask one of your neighbors, How many times did you eat pizza this month?*** D. Ask

    asked by HiHelpMe
  45. social studies

    Which of the following is a responsibility of U.S. citizens?

    asked by neatkidd
  46. weathering

    granite last a long time when it is used for building in areas where

    asked by jamie
  47. hardware components

    which type of software coordinates the hardware and software of a computer to work efficiently and productively

    asked by jamie
  48. Science

    Why is earths temperature just right for life

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Science

    write one advantage and one disadvantage of internal and external fertilization.

    asked by @OfficialOliviaB.
  50. social studies, slaves, industrial revolution

    Give an example of how being able to communicate over long distances would help Americans(using morse code)

    asked by Charles
  51. Math

    The quotient of 12 divided by the difference of 3 times d minus 3

    asked by |-/
  52. Life Orientation

    Explain clearly in four ways similarities and differences between Funga Lushaka and NFSAS.

    asked by Nosipho
  53. help me, i dont know what im doing

    Part of the pride of being an American comes from the fact that most people that want jobs have jobs. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, as happened in 2008, the economy slows down, and jobs become harder to find or keep. Businesses make less

    asked by yeehaw
  54. Social Study's

    Which U.S. region has the smallest states? A. West B.Midwest C.Northeast D.South**** (**** means my answer)

    asked by Ashleyyyyyy :)
  55. Science

    Calculate the extension of a spring that would be produced by a 20N load by a 15N load extends the spring by 3cm?

    asked by Naurin.
  56. science

    the land area that supplies water to a river system is called

    asked by jamie
  57. Math

    4. Which of the following is an unbiased way to ask a question about possible vacation destinations? A Would you like to go to rainy London? B Would you like to go Windy Chicago? C Would you like to go to sunny Miami?* D Would you like to go to Los Angeles

    asked by HiHelpMe
  58. science weather

    The hurricane center is MOST likely to be near location ___________ on Monday afternoon. A) I B) II C) III D) IV

    asked by w
  59. Social Studies

    1. A photograph shows a multiple-story stone building with several tall openings. It shows that the openings have rounded top edges, and that they are framed by pillars. Which elements of this building reflect architectural developments during the

    asked by JoJo
  60. math

    Ms. Sue please help me, The distance between morristown and bellington is 4 inches on a map. If the scale on the map is 1 inch = 25 miles, what is the actual distance between the two towns?

    asked by Miranda
  61. history 2.14

    By about how much did the price of oil decline from 19:31-1932? A~10 percent B~ 19 percent C~50 percent D~90 percent

    asked by recah
  62. Physics

    What are the forces you exert on a briefcase as you hold it while standing at a bus stop?

    asked by Jake
  63. Conditional Probability (Math)

    Given that P(A)=0.81 and P(B|A)=0.23, find the joint probability P(A and B):

    asked by EKM
  64. History

    I need some help! this is the 3 one. The Basin and Range region of Utah includes landforms such as the? A: Colorado Plateau, hoodoos, and natural stone arches. B: Wasatch Range and Basin. C: Great salt Lake Desert, Bonneville Salt flats, and Ancient

    asked by Jon BTG
  65. math

    Find the values of b such that the function has the given maximum value. f(x) = −x2 + bx − 11; Maximum value: 53

    asked by samantha
  66. science

    Describe the change in phase and temperature as water moves from the oceans to the atmosphere and then returns to Earth again as rain. A) evaporation: temperature increases; condensation: temperature decreases; precipitation (rain): temperature decreases.

    asked by w
  67. Math

    A 21% oil gas mixture is to be formed by mixing 80% and 20% oil_gas mixtures. If 35L are required l, how much of each should be used?

    asked by Abdul
  68. life orientation

    Distinguish between interpersonal and intrapersonal

    asked by marytime
  69. Math

    Mary ran 4 miles in 37 minutes. If she continued at the same pace, how long would it take her to run 11 miles?

    asked by George Jefferson
  70. English

    I am studying English. I am a little mixed up on the adjectives and adverbs. Can someone explain them to me?

    asked by Seo-yeon
  71. MATH

    The rule C equals 6.3 R gives the approximate circumference C of a circle as a function of its radius R. Identify the independent and dependent variables in this relationship. Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Nova
  72. Math help!

    What is the simplified form of; 3a^4b^-2c^3 4, -2, and 3 are powers A: 81a^4c^3 ________ b^2 B: 81a^4 ________ b^2c^3 C: 3a^4 ________ b^2c^3 D: 3a^4c^3 ________ b^2 I looked through my lesson but couldn't find out how to do this... I think its D?

    asked by No clue
  73. Math

    Which graph satisfies the compound inequality? x3? Help, please

    asked by Real ANSWERS
  74. Social Studies

    what struggles did jane addams go through?

    asked by X
  75. Physics

    A 5.8 kg mass, M1 is on a horizontal frictionless table. A horizontal string is attached to M1 and it passes over a pulley at the edge of the table to a 5.6kg mass M2 that is hanging down freely. Initially the two masses are held stationary and then

    asked by Sarah
  76. Math

    After playing the first 25% of his tennis matches this seasons, Colin won 20% of his matches. What percent of his remaining matches must he win to win 50% of his matches ?

    asked by PT
  77. Algebra II

    Let g(x) = 14x^1/2-8x^2/3 and h(x) = 3x1/2 +5x2/3. Find g(x)-h(x) and state the domain

    asked by Logan
  78. English

    Select the sentence that does NOT have an agreement error. Patient has had no loss of consciousness, has no headache, and there is no pain in neck. Patient has had no loss of consciousness, has no headache, and has no pain in neck. Patient has had no loss

    asked by Elizabeth
  79. science

    saltwater freezes at what temperature

    asked by jamie
  80. Math

    Colin had an average of 96% on his statistics tests going into the last test. He didn’t take the last test and his grade fell to 80%. Assuming each test is worth the same number of points, how many tests were there, including the test Colin didn’t

    asked by PT
  81. Math (HELP ASAP)

    Ramlah cycled from her house to the beach. She took 4 minutes to cycle 1/3 of the distance and took another 12 minutes to cycle the remaining 1584 m. A: Find the distance between Ramlah's house and the beach B: Find her average speed for the whole journey

    asked by Anonymous
  82. MATH


    asked by TUFFY
  83. Science

    Explain the relationship between the length of the ulna and the height of an individual

    asked by s
  84. Math

    85 percent of the students in the Torresdale High school math club have graphing calculators there are 300 members in the club hoe many of the members have graphing calculators

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Algebra II

    x^2-x-20 divided by x-5

    asked by Austin
  86. math

    The trapezoid has a height of 24. E is a point where the trapezoid touches the inner circle, so that BE:EA = 9:16. Find the medsegment of the trapezoid.

    asked by Valeriya
  87. Science

    Faraday of electrolysis

    asked by Naomi
  88. math

    write two mixed numbers that have a sum of 3

    asked by bri
  89. Math

    A man took 4 hours to drive his van from Town x to Town Y at a speed of 50km/h. On his return journey from Town YA to Town X, he increased the speed of 80 km/h. How long did the man take to reach Town X? Can someone direct me to the answer on this?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Science

    How does turning off the electrich current in an industrial electromagnetic affect it's magnetic field

    asked by ADRIANa
  91. logarithm, precalculus, algebra 2

    how do you solve logarithms with log in the exponent?

    asked by Charles
  92. English grammar

    Change the speech Harish congragulatef Vishnu on his success in the examination.

    asked by Nethra Jayaram
  93. Physics

    Is there any difference in the effect of linear dilation in between a bar and a hollow bar? Which ones dilates the most? My guess is that the hollow bar as there is less material, so it can be heated up faster. I don't know if I am correct.

    asked by Fred
  94. Boolean Algebra

    Obtain a minimal SOP expression for f(A,B,C,D)=(sigma)m(2,4,5,6,7,9,11,12,13,14).

    asked by Tim
  95. English

    Change to direct speech Ritam congragulated Vishnu on his success in the examination.

    asked by Nethra Jayaram
  96. Math

    How do I solve logarithms, I am completely lost and need help, if there's any way someone could reach out to me to tutor me shortly I would appreciate it, that or write a simple yet in depth review of how to do it. I don't get the "math terms"

    asked by Briar
  97. Math

    Round off 8.5678 to nearest thousandth

    asked by Favour
  98. Science

    A potassium permanganate solution containing 1.58g of KMnO4 per liter is added into 5 mL of an acidified iron (||) sulfate solution . Decolorizing of KMnO4 solution has been added . Calculate the mass of FeSO4 . 7H2O which has been dissolved in one liter

    asked by Hasan
  99. music

    what is the difference between compostition and improvisation

    asked by Madison