Questions Asked on
February 10, 2019

  1. History

    Which was the most important effect of the Bessemer process? A. It allowed the production of more steel. B. It produced better steel. C. It made steel cheaper. D. It allowed factory production of steel.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Social Studies

    Which factors influenced the growth of Christianity in East Africa? Select all that apply. A. Mansa Munsa’s pilgrimage to Mecca B. trade with Greeks and Romans C. influence of a captured Syrian servant D. invasion of Mali’s Christian military E.

    asked by Peachy The Unikitty Fangirl
  3. Life orientation

    "Sometimes conflict can be healthy" critically discuss this statement

    asked by Evah
  4. Social Studies

    Which of the following developments has caused recent controversy between richer and poorer members of the European Union? A. the use of the euro+ B. the cost of caring for refugees C. the decline in the fertility rate D. the use of nuclear energy Why is

    asked by dori
  5. Social Studies

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentence. 1. In the government of the European Union, the European Parliament is elected by people in the EU and passes laws, while the European Commission is appointed by governments of member countries and proposes

    asked by dori
  6. Social Studies

    Which was an effect of the establishment of the European Union? Select all that apply. A. Member countries trade freely without trade barriers. B. Citizens can move among nation states to work and study. + C. National borders have been erased. + D. Member

    asked by dori
  7. Algebra

    The price for pears is y = 2.75x. Which line would have the steepest slope if organic apples and pears were added to the graph? A - organic $2.50/pound; regular $3.00/pound B - organic $0.40/pound; regular $0.50/pound C - organic $2.50/pound; regular

    asked by Researcher
  8. History

    10.)Which committee is NOT paired correctly with its responsibility? A. interim committee - work between legislative sessions***** B. conference committee - work to reconcile two different bills C. standing committee- permanent committees that work on

    asked by History
  9. lo

    similarities and differences between Funza Lushaka and NSFAS

    asked by Mlungih T kyle
  10. Social Studies

    In Western Europe, why do most people live within 100 miles of the coast? A. for good soil for farming B. for reasons that involve climate changeZ++ C. for iron ore and coal D. for trade and transportation.

    asked by dori
  11. life orientation

    Why is it problematic if someone is issued with fraudulent license

    asked by blxckyungzoch
  12. Life orientation

    "Sometimes conflict can be healthy". Critically discuss thi

    asked by Noxolo
  13. statistics

    An English teacher needs to pick 10 books to put on her reading list for the next school year and she needs to plan the order in which they should be read. She has narrowed down her choices to 4 novels 8 plays, 5 poetry books, and 5 nonfiction books. If

    asked by greg
  14. Math

    Plz help me understand this. I need to know how to do it. It took Khalid 90 minutes to complete 40 tasks. Which answer choice is an equivalent rate? A). 10 task in 0.9 minutes B). 10 task in 2.25 minutes C). 10 task in 9 minutes D). 10 task in 22.5 minutes

    asked by whatever
  15. setswana

    Fa nka nna moporesidente was naga ya afrorika borwa

    asked by Aobakwe
  16. Math 7B

    Find The Area Of The Parrelogram. 60ft x 67ft x 52ft

    asked by Agent Superheavy
  17. Math(question)

    When you reduce a ratio, do you find the LCF or GCF?

    asked by whatever
  18. Trig - Ambiguous Case of the Sine Law

    This is the question: In triangle LMN, angle LMN = 42 degrees, LN = 32mm, and LM = 42 mm. Calculate all possible measures of angle MLN to the nearest degree. Use the sine ratio and show your work.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Life orientation

    Sometimes conflit can be healthy so discuss this statement

    asked by Zwivhuya
  20. Science

    I just need my answers checked before I turn them in! thank you!!

    asked by Alexander
  21. Physics

    A 1.5kg block starts to slide up a 25 degrees incline with an initial speed of 3m/s.It stopes after sliding 0.4m and slides back down.Assuming the friction force impeding its motion to be constant. 1).How large is the friction force? 2)What is the blocks

    asked by Pierre
  22. social studies

    Identify the following as Sparta or Athens: Valued luxure and wealth -Sparta Value athletics above all-Athens. ___________Metics were foreigners that could not own land, but could own and run business- Athens: Could someone tell if I got these right have

    asked by Johnnie
  23. biology 9th grade

    Plzzzz help which of the following are correct about DNA fingerprinting choose all correct answers A. DNA fingerprint and actual fingerprints are the same*** B. They can determine paternity (who's the baby daddy?) C. They can be used to identify organisms

    asked by kendall
  24. Math

    h(x) = 3^x How would you go about solving this question: Solve the equation h-1(x) = 2 Thanks in advance!

    asked by Yeet
  25. Life orientation

    How can intrapersonal conflict effect communication in relationships

    asked by Yenziwe Mndaweni
  26. history

    why did the southern states opposed the election of abraham lincoln A. Abraham lincoln was not from the South B. Abraham lincoln was a republican candidate. C. Abraham lincoln wanted the north south to be divided D. Abraham lincoln opposed slavery

    asked by taylor
  27. History

    The average citizen has the most impact on the government by A. impeaching the governor B. paying taxes C. running for office D. voting in elections

    asked by Lafayette
  28. Social studies 6th grade

    Identify the following as Sparta or Athens: Valued luxure and wealth Athens Value athletics above all-Sparta ___________Metics were foreigners that could not own land, but could own and run business- Sparta: Could someone tell if I got these right have

    asked by Johnnie
  29. History

    Identify central issues. explain why the pilgrims government came about and why its existence was important. I need it from a textbook or website.

    asked by Jiskha Homework help
  30. math

    The number of seats in a row has been increased at a rectangular-shape movie theater after renovation so that it is now five more than the total number of rows. How many rows are in in the theater, if its total seating capacity is 126 people now?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Social studies

    How did the challenges faced by Mexican Americans differ from those of African Americans?

    asked by Chris
  32. Setswana

    Tlhamo( go buisa go a sedimosa e bile go atlhalefisa)

    asked by Ora
  33. Calc 3

    Given the matrix A= a 6 5 a -8 8 7 9 a find all values of a that make |A|=0. Give your answer as a comma-separated list.

    asked by ally
  34. MATHS

    9xy minus 15yz

    asked by Cataleya
  35. math

    the value of a car decreases every year according to the function V(t)=26000x^t Where V is the value of the car in euros, t is the number of years after it was first bought and x is a constant Write down the value of the car when it was first bought?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. science

    Two ice skaters stand face to face and "push off" and travel directly away from each other. The boy has a velocity of 5 m/s and he weighs 750 N. The girl weighs 480 N. What is the girl's velocity?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Maths

    a cylinder of maximum volume is cut off from a solid cuboid with square box of side 14 cm and height 20 cm find the volume of metal

    asked by Abiyazzzzz
  38. History

    Which statement BEST describes a principle that is shared in the preambles of the constitutions of the United States and Georgia? A. Government originates from the people B. Government offers peace and prosperity C. Government helps all of its people D.

    asked by Lafayette
  39. algebra

    The figures in the pair are similar. Find the missing length. The image is of two proportionate isosceles triangles with vertical bases. One triangle has its base marked as 6 cm and two sides as 4 cm and 4 cm respectively. The other triangle has its base

    asked by jessica
  40. MATH

    Explain how x = 5 is different than x > 5.

    asked by SAVANNAH
  41. Math

    The quantity is partly constant and partly varies inversely as the square of x. When w=1,x=11 and when w=2,x=5 find the formula connecting w and x find w when x=4

    asked by Gift
  42. chemistry

    There was the lab in which we placed Alka Seltzer tablets in different millimeters of water and vinegar and we were asked to calculate the mass of carbon dioxide generated for each of the trials. The teacher gave us a hint to add the mass of the beaker

    asked by spartan
  43. Math

    A 24hr digital hour digital clock is gaining three minutes every hour. If you set it to the correct time at 6p.m. on a Saturday, when will it show the correct time again?

    asked by Ntosh
  44. Physics

    A child bounces a 48 g superball on the sidewalk. The velocity change of the superball is from 22 m/s downward to 19 m/s upward. If the contact time with the sidewalk is 1 800 s, what is the magnitude of the average force exerted on the superball by the

    asked by famin
  45. Further maths

    If x is an acute angle, tanx =3/4,evaluate coax _sinx÷cosx+sinx

    asked by Emmanuel
  46. Mathematics

    A SELLER bought 120 eggs for #250. Out of these, 20 eggs got cracked and were sold at 50 each. The remaining eggs she later sold for #2.75 each. Find the percentage gain.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    The average of 5 scores has the same value as the median of 5 scores. The sum of 5 scores is 420. What is the sum of 4 scores that are NOT the median?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics.

    1) Blood is pumped from the heart at a rate of 5.0 L/min into the aorta (of radius 1.0 cm). Determine the speed of blood through the aorta. 2)a bullet of mass 0.05kg is fired with a velocity of 200m/s into a lead block of 0.9kg. Given that the lead block

    asked by Ba'ala
  49. Math

    The quantity is partly constant and partly varies inversely as the square of x. When w=1,x=11 and when w=2,x=5. Find the formula connecting w and x find w when x=4.

    asked by Gift
  50. math

    solve the ff indical equation: 2^(2x+8)-32^(2x+1)=0 2.4^x=0.59

    asked by benhur
  51. Physics

    A body of mass is 5kg moving with a velocity of 20m due south hits a stationary body of mass is 3kg if they move together after collision with a velocity due south what is d value of l

    asked by Amara
  52. math

    A rocket follows a parabolic trajectory. After t seconds, the vertical height of the rocket above the ground, in meters, is given H(t)= 37t-t^2

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Physics

    A 68-kg fisherman in a 136-kg boat throws a package of mass m = 15 kg horizontally toward the right with a speed of vi = 4.0 m/s as in the figure below. Neglecting water resistance, and assuming the boat is at rest before the package is thrown, find the

    asked by Div
  54. Calc 3

    Perform the following operation: [ a 1-a [ 5 4 -1 1+a -a ] 3 -3 0 ] Note: The entries in the resulting matrix are functions of a.

    asked by ally
  55. physics

    Starting from rest, a car accelerates at 2.1 m/s2 up a hill that is inclined 5.1 ∘ above the horizontal. How far horizontally has the car traveled in 14 s ? How far vertically has the car traveled in 14 s ? Express your answer using two significant

    asked by Nehemiah
  56. math

    An unfolded box is shown. Determine the correct placement of the numbers when the box is folded up.

    asked by Fotune
  57. Trigo

    Find all angles between 0 and 2 phi inclusive which satisfy cot 2z = 1 + cot z

    asked by Tan
  58. English

    Help me do a essay about going to someone Birthday party and planning what to buy him a present 1)computer 2)hiking bag 3) chocolate 4) sport shoes By using a dialog for 4 person Ps point are ready only need to do essay

    asked by Marilyn
  59. English

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? Technology has truly helped simplify lives, from online banking, accessing information, to scheduling ones’ time.

    asked by Johnny111
  60. science

    a child on a swing goes backwards and forwards 100 times in 5 minutes. calculate period of the oscillation and freuency in hertz.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. English

    Is this a good thesis for a positional argumentative essay? Advances in technology will help in transforming the way students are learning and teachers teaching.

    asked by Johnny111
  62. physics

    If a man weighs 600 N on the Earth, what would he weigh on Jupiter, where the free-fall acceleration is 25.9 m/s2?

    asked by charles
  63. chemistry,physics

    130cmd of a gas at 20oc exact a pressure if it volume is increased to 150cm3 at 35oc

    asked by hafsat