Questions Asked on
February 9, 2019

  1. history

    What was the name of the German defensive line that ran nearly 400 miles across Germany’s western border, extending from the Netherlands southward to Switzerland? Gothic Line Siegfried Line Maginot Line Alpine Line b

    asked by me
  2. history

    What was the goal of Operation Avalanche? to invade the beaches of Normandy to invade the nation of Germany to invade the island of Sicily to invade the mainland of Italy d

    asked by me
  3. history

    What was the Nazis’ final offensive push during World War II? Battle of Berlin Narva Offensive Battle of the Bulge Operation Barbarossa a

    asked by me
  4. history

    What was the name used for the beach landings at Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944? Operation Avalanche Operation Overlord Operation Barbarossa Operation Market Garden a

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  5. history

    Which German general earned the nickname “the Desert Fox” for his brilliant use of tanks in capturing territory in North Africa? Adolf Eichmann Erwin Rommel Hermann Goering Joseph Goebbels b

    asked by me
  6. chemistry

    Give the maximum number of electrons in an atom that can have these quantum numbers. 1. n = 3, ℓ = 2, mℓ = -1, ms = 1/2 2. n = 2, ℓ = 1, mℓ = -1, ms = -1/2

    asked by maath
  7. history

    In 1941, Germany launched Operation __________, an invasion of the Soviet Union that used the largest military force in history. Which accurately completes the statement? Vittles Torch Overlord Barbarossa c

    asked by me
  8. Social Studies

    1. Place the following events in order. ~The Declaration of Independence is signed. ~The Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia. ~The French and Indian War ends. ~The Battle of Yorktown begins. ~ The continental congress meets ~The declaration of

    asked by Me
  9. Geometry

    Given: LN ⊥ KM LN = 16 ft m∠K = 25°, m∠M = 55° Find: Radius R I drew out triangle LKM in a circle with center O and point N on KM. I tried to use law of sines to get LM and got 27.89514873 but I'm not sure what to do with that or what to do next.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Psychology

    You want to conduct a psychological research and must identify a way of collecting data. Your hypothesis is: Mental illnesses occur more frequently in people with top management jobs as opposed to lower level/non-management jobs. Which of the following

    asked by Mark
  11. MATH

    Sarah and Henry share some sweets in the ratio 7:6 . Sarah eats 24 of her sweets and the ratio of sweets left becomes 1:2 . How many sweets did Henry have?

    asked by JS
  12. Science

    Choose a catalyst that exists in the human body. Explain its importance and how it works.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math, algerbra,precalculus, logaritums

    Is a logarithm always equal to a power? yes or no?

    asked by charlie
  14. Chemistry

    According to the rules of golf, a golf ball cannot weigh more than 45.97 grams, and it must be at least 4.267 cm in diameter. The volume of a sphere is (4/3)πr3, where r is the radius. What is the density of a 45.67 g golf ball with a diameter of 4.267

    asked by Erin
  15. English-grammar

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? It sounds kind of awkward. Not until an English country doctor, Edward Jenner, created and administrated the world’s first vaccine for smallpox, did the disease become extinct.

    asked by Sara123
  16. chemistry

    What is the chemical formula for ammonium tetra oxo (vi)

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A man holds a child on his shoulders while watching a football match.How much work has he done if the game lasts for 2 hours?

    asked by Louis
  18. Geography

    Can someone explain to me why south america is a place of ethnic diversity? No links please. Thanks.

    asked by Lei
  19. Chemistry

    What are the iupac names of all the cations

    asked by Raymond Akaayar
  20. Alegbra

    y=2x +3 If x=6,what is y? If y=5,what is x?

    asked by Scarlett
  21. French

    Is there a possibility that someone knows/teaches french cause I could use some minor help in understanding something

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Life Orientation

    How can I advise my friend who respond to conflict by confrontation

    asked by Tumi
  23. English

    is this a strong thesis statement? A safe and effective method, vaccines protect children and those around them from harmful diseases and illnesses.

    asked by Sara123
  24. Life orientation

    Clarify how interpersonal conflict can lead to emotional relationship?

    asked by Thabisa
  25. english

    use preposition the office is closed ___ second and forth saturdays

    asked by kuki
  26. History

    1 which statement best describes why constitutions are needed? A Constitutions are needed so that governments don't get carried away with taxes B Constitutions are needed because all of the laws have to be written down somewhere C Constitutions are needed

    asked by Lafayette
  27. respect

    dear customers of this site, i don't think it's fair for everyone to come here for answers and harass the people who are actually trying to help you learn. they actually give you an answer to all your questions, but you all just don't seem to see what

    asked by bondy
  28. math

    Sterling has an account balance less than -$40.Is his debit greater than or less than -$40?

    asked by mya
  29. Algebra

    What does unit value mean or how do I find the unit value

    asked by 😔😔😔
  30. tx history

    1. By about how much did the price of oil decline from 1931-1932? A- 10 percent B- 19 percent C- 50 percent D- 90 percent **** 2. What is the most basic feature of a boom-and-bust cycle? A- government regulation B- rapid price changes **** C- steady

    asked by check plz
  31. environmental science

    What types of volcanic eruptions causes a cooling effect? What types of volcanic eruptions causes a warming effect? List gases involved for each.

    asked by Mandy
  32. Social Studies

    Identify the following as Sparta or Athens: Can you tell me if I got these right I am little confuse. ___Athens________ Military Supremacy --Sparta--------- valued athletics above all --Athens----------Girls did not receive a formal education. Girls were

    asked by Johnnie
  33. math

    Just wondering, but can you do everything that you do on with a TI-84 calculator?

    asked by jessica