Questions Asked on
February 5, 2019

  1. Math

    Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. Five less than the product of 11 and Julie's savings Use the variable j to represent Julie's savings.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  2. math

    A bag contains 8 blue and 2 red balls. Three balls are chosen at the same time at random from the bag. What is the probability that exactly two of the balls are the same colour?

    asked by Valeriya
  3. Maths


    asked by Fatima
  4. Finite Math

    If everyone had the same body proportions, your weight in pounds would vary directly with the cube of your height in feet. Assume the average height and weight of a female in your math class is 5'5" and 135 pounds. Use this information to write a variation

    asked by MacKayla
  5. check my work

    what does a natural sign do to a note? A. raises the note by one half step*** B. lowers the note by one half step C. cancels the previous or stated accidental D.lowers the not by one whole step

    asked by mr.curious
  6. Social Studies I need help:(

    What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to the United States that reflected changes that were happening in the country during Jackson’s administration? 1: a strict divide between rich and poor 2 : growing spirit of democracy and equality

    asked by Its kat
  7. Maths

    If the difference of two consecutive numbers is 15 and the greater of them is x, then the smaller number is ?

    asked by Ashi
  8. History

    What is one informal (not written into the Constitution) responsibility of the Governor of Georgia?

    asked by please help me
  9. Music

    1. How many beats does a sixteenths note have? one half one quarter*** 1 3 2. A quarter note can be divided into how many sixteenths? 4 8 6 2*** Please help me!

    asked by Please Help!!
  10. Chemistry

    At STP,a certain mass of gas occupied a volume of 790cm³,find the temperature at which the gas occupied 1000cm³ and has a pressure of 728mmhg

    asked by Bulus
  11. math

    tom need to buy ink cartridges and printer. each ink cartridges costs 30.00 dollars each ream of papers costs 5.00 dollars. he has 100 dollars to spend which combinations of ink cartridges and printers paper that he may purchase?

    asked by lolita
  12. Social Studies

    1:How did the Soviet Union come to dominate Eastern Europe after World War II? A. by supporting communist parties in democratic elections B. by keeping troops in the region and setting up communist governments*** C. by agreeing with the United States to

    asked by Avolonist
  13. Math

    Given that sin(x + 60) degree = cos(2x) degree, find tan(x + 60) degree.

    asked by Kd
  14. English (persuasive speech)

    A speaker argues that spinach is the most nutritious vegetable for a person to eat. A commenter objects that there are many ways to measure nutrition, with some vegetables doing better or worse according to different measurements. What is an effective

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Science

    Would this be physical or chemical? A swimmer gets out of the ocean water and dries, but a film of salt is still on her skin Explain why.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  16. Social Studies

    1. In which of the following industries are the majority of jobs in the United States and Canada found? A. Service B. Education** C. Healthcare D. Tourism 2. Which role does the government play in the economies of the United States and Canada? A. The

    asked by BTS
  17. Science

    Science Please Help with the last few questions on my Science Test. 11. Molecules naturally spread from areas of ______________ concentration to areas of ______________ concentration through a process called _____________. 1. high;low;diffusion

    asked by Banana
  18. Health science

    Branches of health education

    asked by Harry
  19. english

    In “The King’s Magic Drum,” what is the tortoise’s motivation for accusing the king’s wife of a crime? He believes he can force the king to give him the drum. He believes he can convince the king to support his family. He feels pressured by his

    asked by anon
  20. Math

    Please help quick 1) an iscosceles triangle includes two 72 degree angles. Which equation could be used to find the measure of the third angle? A x + 72 = 180 B x = 180 - 72 C 72 ÷ x = 180 D 180 - 2(72) = x Please answer quickly

    asked by Kitty
  21. Math

    If it cost $.20 to make a glass of lemonade and I sell it for $.50 what is the percentage of markup? Do I divide 20 by 50. Then my answer is 40%. Is that right?

    asked by Katie
  22. histroy

    What was Ferdinand Magellan's major accomplishment? A. sailing east to India from Spain B. sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean islands C. sailing west around the world D. sailing east from Spain to Australia my answer is B

    asked by Ughhhh why doesnt any one have my qestions
  23. social studies

    Which was an effect of the establishment of the European Union? Select all that apply. A. Member countries trade freely without trade barriers. B. Citizens can move among nation states to work and study. C. National borders have been erased. D. Member

    asked by ananamoose
  24. Social Studies

    1:Which countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus have the largest proven reserves of oil? A. Turkmenistan and Georgia B. Armenia and Tajikistan C. Georgia and Uzbekistan*** D. Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan 2:What has been a result of protests in Central Asia

    asked by Avolonist
  25. math

    is a trapezoid a polygon

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    alt="Two rectangles are shown . One rectangle has sides of 3 cm, 7 cm, 3 cm and 7 cm. The adjacent rectangle has sides of 3 cm, 7 cm, 3 cm and 7 cm. Label at bottom "Sample"."/> Is the figure on the right congruent to the sample figure? Explain

    asked by thealmighty_.k
  27. Math help!

    What is the value of y in the solution set of the system of linear equations shown below? y=-x+12 4x-2y=36 A. 10 B. 8 C. 6 D. 2*** I think its D but Im not sure, help?

    asked by Answers
  28. Intermediate Alegebra

    Solve the system of equations by the addition / elimination method. y = 5x + 5 5y = 25x

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Maths help!

    Please help! ln(3e½)

    asked by Khadijah
  30. Poems

    What type of poem is "Did I Miss Anything?" by Tom Wayman? I can't find anything that says whether it's a lyric, concrete, etc.

    asked by ILTHSM_
  31. math please help

    the two triangle shaped gardens are congruent. Find all the missing side lengths and angle measures.

    asked by hi
  32. History

    Which of the following best describes attitudes in Germany after World War I

    asked by Candy
  33. History

    Conflict between which groups of people have led to war in Lebanon? Select all that apply. A. Buddhists B. Christians C. Sunni Muslims D. Jewish E. Shiite Muslims F. Druze G. Agnostics My answers: B, C, E, and F.

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  34. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Natalie picked 135 berries in 15 minutes. If she continues picking at that rate, how many total minutes will it take her to pick 486 berries?

    asked by Hi i really need help please explain how to do th
  35. Science

    The distance between the midpoints of two metal balls,PandQ,respectively of masses 55 and 70kg ,is 80cm. What is the gravitational force exerted by Q on P? Thank you in advance

    asked by Mmatshiu
  36. History

    A bill that was signed by the Governor is challenged in court by citizens who claim that it harms the community. The Supreme Court listens to the arguments on both sides and makes a decision that the law is unconstitutional. In this case, are the justices

    asked by Lafayette
  37. chemistry

    Design an Endothermic or Exothermic Device

    asked by Bleaktuber
  38. Math *fractions*

    Barbara, Donna, Cindy, and Nicole ran in a relay race. Barbara: 3 3/10 Donna: 2 4/5 Cindy: 3 2/5 Nicole: 2 1/10 1. The four girls ran in a relay race as a team. If each girl ran one part of the race, what was the team's total time? 2. Find the difference

    asked by Emily Richards
  39. Apologizes

    Sorry that my friend was saying random things. I was grabbing a snack while he messed with my stuff on my phone. 🙄 He made me lose $8 on my account. 😡 E'mod said, "Sorry." Though he didn't really sound sorry. Next time I'm bringing my phone with me

    asked by Barry Vacker
  40. math

    the mas of a boulder is 48,567 kilograms . what is the mass of the boulder in metric tons?

    asked by
  41. Music

    Hey guys! I have a question for you that I need help on. A whole note gets how many beats? I think its 4 but, I'm not so sure...

    asked by MusicRULES
  42. History

    What can be inferred by the passage of the black codes? A. Many southerners were willing to allow African Americans equality. B. Many white Southerners wanted African American to remain as servants. C. Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Social studies

    Which of the following statements explains why the Aztec continually waged war

    asked by Jayson
  44. math

    This is on Lesson 9 Unit 7 Equations and Inequalties Unit Test 6: -6 - 7(c + 10) answer: 4 - 13c 7: 3x + 4(x - 6) - 3(x - 7) no answer 9: d/13 ≤ -3 no answer 14: Mark weighs 74 pounds. Together, he and his sister weigh six pounds more than three times

    asked by .-.
  45. Science

    During the Cambrian period, 600 mya, Georgia was part of the ocean floor. In fact, most of North America except Canada was under water. Evidence of this includes the presence of _____________________ rock as far as North Georgia, containing the fossils of

    asked by Correct ✅
  46. Georgia's Government

    Please put an answer or something that can lead me to it for these questions. Also if possible can you put all of the answers to the assignment, thank you. The judicial system of Georgia has two primary functions: to interpret the laws of the state, and to

    asked by Bookoo the mookoo
  47. Georgia's Government

    Which statement BEST describes why constitutions are needed?

    asked by Soccer Mom
  48. Math

    A car travels 135 miles on 5 gallons of gasoline. Find the distance the car can travel if the car’s gas tank contains 11 gallons of gas

    asked by Meli
  49. Math

    Kimberly wants to make a mix of nuts and raisins for a party. Nuts cost $.20/oz and raisins cost $0.12/0z. How many ounces of each should she buy if she wants 48 oz of mix that cost $0.15/oz

    asked by Taylor
  50. english

    I have to conduct a team task anaylsis, cognitive task analysis and task analysis of my job as being a student? Im not sure how to do this. I have already thought of all related behaviours and duties for each but again can anone give me an example? or

    asked by Sara
  51. Physics

    Is the speed of sound in the air the same for all sounds or do some move more quickly or slowly than others? I am thinking it not the same for all sounds

    asked by Terry
  52. History

    Select the date range of events that would have inspired the most Puritan-based literature for America. 1500-1600 1704-1771 1620-1692 1773-1789 D?

    asked by Quinn
  53. History

    Select the date range of events that would have changed the lives of Native Americans by exposing them to European culture for the first time. 1500-1600 1765-1783 1620-1692 1773-1779 A?

    asked by Quinn
  54. Math

    Least to greatest 2/4...2/3..2/8..2/6

    asked by Gylia
  55. Physics: electricity

    A \(m=20\,\mathrm{g}\) mass with charge \(q=+8\,\mathrm{\mu C}\) hangs from a spring of stiffness \(k=50\,\mathrm{N/m}\). If an infinite plane with charge density \(\sigma=+3\,\mathrm{\mu C/m^2}\) is placed \(d=5\,\mathrm{cm}\) below the masses original

    asked by Jerry
  56. Physics: electricity

    A 20g mass with charge q=+8C hangs from a spring of stiffness k=50N/m. If an infinite plane with charge density sigma=+3C/m^2 is placed d=5cm below the masses original position, through what distance does the mass on the spring deflect in meters? Ignore

    asked by Jerry
  57. Algebra

    Hey, hot question real quick. I am doing Functions in Algebra and I kinda need help. So the function I have is **g(x)=x^2-9** and I have to evaluate **g^-1(x)**, but my question is how does the exponent go in front of the numbers? What does that mean? I

    asked by .
  58. Math

    The circumference of a circular table on Beverly‘s porch is 72 pi inches what is the radius of the table

    asked by Jade
  59. science

    1. If all members of a species disappear, the species is said to be A. extinct ****** B. endangered C. threatened D. keystone 2. Which of the following is an important outcome of biodiversity that humans use? A. Computers B. Medicine ****** C. Fashion D.

    asked by help with connexus plsss
  60. chemistry

    Calculate the H3O+ concentration at the halfway point when 34.5 mL of 0.19 M HBr is titrated with 0.1 M KOH. Assume additive volumes. Answer in units of M.

    asked by Hanna
  61. math

    at 1:00 p.m you have 24 megabytes of a movie. At 1:15 pm you have 96 megabytes. What is the download rate in megabytes per minute?

    asked by robin
  62. Math

    1/2(4x-10)+5x-11 Can someone work out the steps for me? Please. The help would really help me! THANKS!!!

    asked by IT'S RAINING TACOS!
  63. Algebra

    Carmen wants to add to her menu by selling BLT sandwiches. How much should she charge for the BLT if she would like to make 35%-40% profit on each BLT? Show how you know your pricing is correct. Costs for ingredients for 4 BLTs: Bread $6.20 Bacon $4.25

    asked by Caden
  64. language arts

    Which question should you ask during your third read of the multi draft reading process

    asked by jessica
  65. Physics

    Identify the simple machines/other descripted in the following: 1:What is A structure or machine that has blades or sails which converts the wind’s Kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy 2: What is a weight that is suspended which can swing

    asked by ConfusedStudent
  66. biology NEED HELP

    pls answer question (fill in the blank) _______ fibers are produced by centrioles that attaches to the centriomere.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    What is the value of 8 in this number 189,453.236 A: 8 x 10^5 B: 8 x 10^4 C: 8 x 10^8 D: 8 x 10^6

    asked by HELP ME QUICK PLSSS
  68. Math

    what is 5/8 of 24/35?

    asked by need help asap
  69. Math

    Evaluate the expression when c=-2 and y=7. -y+7c

    asked by Barry Vacker
  70. Geography

    Locate and describe the human and physical features that influence the size and distribution of settlements in eastern europe.

    asked by Esteban
  71. math

    what is the reciprocal of 2 2/5 A: 4/5 B: 12/5 C: 5/12 D: 5/4

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math (need help quick)

    How many 3 3/20 are there in 4 4/20?

    asked by _MathQuestioner_
  73. Pure math, physical sciences, CAT, Business studie

    What careers will I have if I do those subjects

    asked by Dee
  74. Math

    How do you find the complement of the angle 52° and the supplement of the angle 52°

    asked by Lisa
  75. math

    what can restrict domain and range in a radical functions graphing them

    asked by sarah
  76. geography

    The Fujiwara rose to power by ____? A. making a fortune through trade B. waging war on other clans. C. having their daughters marry emperors D. defeating the Mongol invaders** Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    asked by Alexis
  77. Chemistry

    2 g table salt is added to 0.5 m^3 water whose salt concentration is 10 mg/L. Compute the salt concentration of the mixture in ppm. Please verify my solution: Table Salt: 2g -> 2000 mg Water Volume: 0.5 m^3 -> 500 L C = 2000 mg / 500 L = 4 mg/L = 4 ppm

    asked by Cary
  78. Math

    Use the points in the diagram to name the figure If you can help please send all answerz!!

    asked by Djshxbsj
  79. Language arts

    I dont get these questions In this discussion, you will post issues related to connecting generations. To support your ideas, refer to the texts in this section, other texts you have read, and your personal experience and knowledge. Begin your discussion

    asked by hi
  80. Math

    Use the points in the diagram to name the figure If you have all the answers plz send them!!

    asked by Djshxbsj
  81. Math

    How do I find the value of x if The quadrilateral is 60° 80° 128 help do I add sides for 268?

    asked by Candy
  82. Linear Algebra

    Demonstrate that the proyection of a vector U over a vector V is parallel to the vector the vector U. I used the formula of proyection and I argued that as the final result is a number multiplied by the vector U then it is parallel. I need help to verify

    asked by Erik
  83. Health

    What is main organs of our body And what is the total life Spain of red blood cell

    asked by Aabhash
  84. Social studies

    Make a list of goods that Nepal export?

    asked by Aabhash


    asked by TUKURA
  86. health

    It is important to learn, practice, and master the skills of good health. Four of the key skills include

    asked by esksjnjsd
  87. social studies

    How did the Mexican-American War ignite a conflict over slavery between the North and the South? can someone help me

    asked by mystery????
  88. Algebra

    Hi, I am not the best at math could someone plz help me thank you... 4. Use a graph to determine if the exponential function g( x) = -6 * 5^x is positive or negative and increasing or decreasing. (A) positive, increasing (B) positive, decreasing (C)

    asked by Help Me Plz
  89. 7th grade math

    Choose the equation that you can use to solve the problem. 1. 86 is 45% of what number? 86 = 0.45n N = 0.45 x 86 0.45 = n x 86 86 = 45n Choose the equation that you can use to solve the problem 2. What percent of 26 is 4? 0.26 = n x 4 n = 0.26 x 4 4 = n x

    asked by -.-hello
  90. Art

    Choose the pairing that is an example of archival materials : a. acid-free paper , super glue. b. Salt,construction paper. c. Glass case , super glue d. Acid-free paper ,glass case

    asked by Bro
  91. Math ( PLEASE HELP)

    Okay I have math Unit Test I need help! 1. There are 5 crayon. 6 yellow crayon, and 11 blue crayon in a shoebox. What is the ratio of the tatol number of crayon to the number of yellow crayon? A. 6:22 B 6:16 C 22:6 D 16:6 2 Which ratios equivalent to 5:8?

    asked by wolfie
  92. Math

    A hydrologist is studying the effects of living environments on the life span of fish in different bodies of water. The hydrologist considers two factors: pH level and prevalence of a certain acidic compound. The hydrologist exposes fish to one of the

    asked by faith
  93. Math

    A university conducts a study of tobacco use among 1000 of its students. Researchers survey male volunteers and female volunteers to find the frequency of tobacco use. The study finds that, of the people surveyed, 250 men and 50 women regularly use

    asked by faith
  94. health

    Create an Employee Telephone Policy for a small dental office. An example is found under Appendix B in your book. Make sure you have a header with page numbers. It will be at least 2 pages in length. You cannot adequately cover these items in one page or

    asked by samantha stricklin
  95. Math

    A researcher is conducting a worldwide study of the red blood cell count in children with a certain disease. The set of all children in the world with the disease is the [blank] for this study. Which word correctly fills in the blank in the previous

    asked by faith
  96. math

    1. A scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a main span that is 284 centimeters long. If the scale of the model is 1 cm : 15 ft, how long is the main span of the bridge? 3,150 ft 2,130 ft 19 ft 4,260 ft please help I think the answer is

    asked by SS_CPA
  97. social studys

    Nigeria’s economy is almost entirely dependent upon what energy production agriculture service industry's manufacturing

    asked by example man


    asked by Anonymous