Questions Asked on
February 4, 2019

  1. math

    Write an expression in factored form for the area of the shaded portion of the figure. (In the figure, a = 3 and b = 5.)

    asked by Anonymous
  2. math

    Allen Young has always been proud of his personal investment strategies and has done very well over the past several years. He invests primarily in the stock market. Over the past several months, however, Allen has become very concerned about the stock

    asked by pan
  3. Math

    And angle measures 53° what are the measures of the angles complement and supplement a complement 37° supplement 137° be complement 127° supplement 47° C complement 37° supplement 127° D complement 127° supplement 37° my answer is B is that right

    asked by Luke
  4. Physics

    A man is rowing a boat at 9km/h in the river 1.5km wide in which current is 5km/ which direction should he head in order to get across the river in the shortest possible time? how much time will it take?

    asked by Bright
  5. Spanish

    Which of the following is a popular Colombian dance? Tango Cueca Cumbia****

    asked by Secret
  6. math

    Find two quadratic equations having the given solutions. (There are many correct answers. Use x for the variable. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list of equations.) 4+5√(5), 4-5√(5)

    asked by Anonymous

    Use a graphing calculator to solve the equation -3 cos t = 1 in the interval from 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π Round to the nearest hundredth. so i put it in a graphing calculator online and now i understand what i am supposed to write or do can someone please help

    asked by hello :)
  8. maths

    karim deposited a sum $ 9000 in a bank after 2 years he withdrew $ 4000 and the end of 5 years he received $ 8300. find the rate of interest on the sum he recieved

    asked by abi
  9. PlS HELP Science

    Which of the following is not a characteristic of minerals? A. occur in gaseous and liquid stats B. formed by inorganic processes C. naturally occurring D. definite chemical composition My answer is B B. formed by inorganic processes

    asked by Conexus Student
  10. Social Studies

    1:What type of government did Russia have under the Soviet Union? A. democratic B. communist C. republic **** D. monarchy 2:What area of Russia has the greatest population density? A. the Asian part of Russia B. the areas with the most permafrost C. the

    asked by VestWearer
  11. math

    A sphere with a diameter of 13x8 centimeters is shown below. 104x118 Which of the following expressions best represents the volume of this sphere in cubic centimeters in terms of 7x5 ? A 45x24 B 45x24 C 44x14 D 44x14 2 These two boxes have the same volume.

    asked by yee
  12. math

    An open box is to be made from a square piece of material by cutting four-centimeter squares from each corner and turning up the sides (see figure). The volume of the finished box is to be 256 cubic centimeters. Find the size of the original piece of

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    Two planes leave simultaneously from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, one flying due north and the other due east. The northbound plane is flying 50 miles per hour faster than the eastbound plane. After 3 hours the planes are 2840 miles apart. Find the speed of

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Algebra

    For which value of x must the expression 59x be further simplified? a.10 b.13 c.15 d.18

    asked by Ariana
  15. English

    what is the theme of the poem sidewalk racer

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Social Studies

    Which Renaissance artist was known for his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? A. Leonardo da Vinci B. Bernardo Luini C. Michelangelo D. Dante Alighieri Please help!! Thx!

    asked by Hello Peoples
  17. math

    Write the quadratic equation in general form. Do not solve the equation. x(x + 3) = 4x^2 + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  18. PSY

    Describe three important functions of the self. Give examples of each.

    asked by Debra
  19. Social Studies

    Since the 1800s, which human activity has changed land use and led to the growth of large cities in many countries? a industrialization b colonization c pollution d rural population growth

    asked by Boy
  20. math

    1/2x+1/3y=5 sub 1/4x+y=0

    asked by john
  21. calculus

    Consider the graph of the cosine function shown below. y=4 cos (2 x) a. Find the period and amplitude of the cosine function. b. At what values of θ for 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π do the maximum value(s), minimum value(s), and zeros occur? so i don't know how to

    asked by sandy
  22. Algebra

    Find the quotient of the quantity negative 15 times x to the 2nd power times y to the 6th power plus 50 times x to the 4th power times y to the 3rd power minus 20 times x to the 2nd power times y all over 5 times x to the 2nd Find the quotient of the

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Social Studies

    1:Which of the following natural resources are found in the countries near the Caspian Sea? A. fish and timber*** B. copper and gold C. oil and natural gas D. iron ore and timber*** 2:Which of the following is an ongoing, serious problem in the Caucasus

    asked by VestWearer
  24. Science

    Which of the following happens during a lunar eclipse A. The Moon lies between earth and sun B. Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon surface C. The moon blocks out the sun D. The moon goes into a new moon phase

    asked by Help_pls🇺🇸
  25. principle of management

    Current sustainability managers believe that the most important determinant of their success is their subject-matter expertise. Select one: True False help please

    asked by Alin
  26. Math

    The angles opposite the congruent sides of an isosceles triangle are congruent. PLZ HELP

    asked by Hehe😂
  27. History.

    True of false The declaration of independence was signed at Independence Hall, Philadelphia. True? False? Its has to be true right?

    asked by Sliverstream
  28. math

    Solve the quadratic equation by completing the square. Verify your answer graphically. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 16x^2 − 24x − 23 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Social studies

    1) list basic facts about the voyage- include who, what, when, where, and why. 2) describe the Taino lifestyle before Columbus’s voyage 3) list some differences between European and Taino ways of life 4( describe The European view of Columbia’s voyage

    asked by aNinE
  30. math

    The scale on a map of the United States is 1 cm = 40 mi. If the distance between Albany, NY, and Chicago, IL, on the map is 21 cm, what is the actual distance between the cities? A. 840 miles B. 804 miles C. 800 miles D. 840 cm

    asked by Pls halp
  31. physics

    Two radioactive sources X and Y have half-lives of 3.0 hours and 2.0 hours, respectively. The product of the decay is a stable isotope of the element Z. Six hours ago a mixture contained the same number of atoms of both X and Y, and no other atoms. What

    asked by Valeriya
  32. Maths pure,physics,geography,life science,

    What are the 5 socio economic factors that influence your study chooses and your future career?

    asked by Anelisa
  33. science

    In which biome would you find the main types of plant life to be grasses and non-woody plants? A: Savanna B: Desert C: Tundra D: Mountains**

    asked by poof
  34. Texas History HELP!!!!!!!!

    to control the effects of the dust bowl, the state of Texas paid farmers to do which of the following?? (apply 3 answers) A.bulid ponds and reservoirs B.plant different crops C.use powerful tractors D.plant rows of trees to serve as windbreaks I think its

    asked by king
  35. Science

    Darrel conducted an experiment with the following procedure: Fill two cups with ice water. Place an uninflated balloon snuggly onto your left index finger. Blow a little air into an identical ballon, and place it onto your right index finger. Place both

    asked by Susan
  36. ELA

    1. Which of the following does al store in his applebox? Nails (I choose this) Tools Photographs Seeds The story is called (The Parsley Garden) Link Will Be in Comments If I can

    asked by Please Help If You Can
  37. Math

    Find flash cards having odd numbers from 11 are shuffled well and one card is drawn from if . Write the sample space.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    Car X passes car Y on a motorway. Car X is travelling at 1.5 times the speed of car Y. The mass of car X is 5/4 of the mass car Y. How do the kinetic energies of the two cars compare? (the answer is KE (X) = 1.80 * KE (Y))

    asked by Valeriya
  39. History.

    Which of the following were characteristics of ancient Greek literature? Select all that apply. Correct answer ((I think)) A. Epic poems reflected the belief that the Gods controlled humans' lives. Correct answer (I think)) B. Lyric poetry was sung about

    asked by Sliverstream
  40. Science

    How far down have geologists drilled holes? a)100 m b)3.8 km c)1,200 km D)12 km

    asked by KHAMYRA
  41. Math

    Order these numbers from least to greatest 1\4, 15%, 0.08, 9.3% Do I make them all into decimals first? Thanks to anyone that can help me

    asked by Katie
  42. Social studies

    I need 5 poems of European and 5 poems of Taino. I need websites or the real answers.

    asked by Anonymous 2
  43. Math

    x/7 and 5/1 A. 25 B. 30 C. 35 I think it is a

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Wiki

    Is it safe to use Wikipedia for school work? I am not sure that is why I am asking your option! Thanks, Sliverstream.

    asked by Sliverstream
  45. Psychology

    In 1942, a researcher named Liddell trained a sheep to lift its leg off a shock pad to avoid getting shocked when it heard a tone. He was curious to see whether the sheep made a stimulus-response association or a stimulus-stimulus association. To test

    asked by NeuroBio
  46. German

    Respond to each German phrase with a logical response 1. Ich fahre zu bank 2. Wir möchten obst 3. In der stadt 4. Ja, wir essen gerne Eis 5. Es gibt viel Verkehr 6. Wir gehen ins Kino 7. Sie liest Bücher gern 8. Ich laufe gern 9. Auf dem Land 10. Ich

    asked by yeeeeeeeet
  47. Social Studies

    Which of the following was NOT a New England colony? A. Massachusetts B. Rhode Island C. New Hampshire D. New York

    asked by Barry Vacker
  48. Discrete Probability (Math)

    A box contains 19 yellow, 29 green and 37 red jelly beans. If 14 jelly beans are selected at random, what is the probability that 5 are yellow?

    asked by EKM
  49. Math

    The measure of angle a is 124° what is the correct classification for angle a is it Acute right obtuse straight

    asked by Luke
  50. Social studies

    I need 5 poems of European and 5 poems of Taino. Any websites or all the poems.

    asked by LIFEEEEEE🍦

    Vernier gets his nickname from a religious magazine. **** a very dangerous chemical a very exact type of scale a simple heat experiment Thank you so much for your help

    asked by Please Help
  52. science

    A family is traveling south to florida for a 5 day disney vacation. They are traveling 105 km per hour during the trip. Is this an example of speed or velocity and how do you know?

    asked by annonomys
  53. math

    You and your friend collect 180 cans for a food drive. The ratio of cans you collected to cans your friend collected is 4 to 5. Use the tape diagram to find how many cans you collected.

    asked by shane
  54. Language arts

    Choose the best paraphrase of Basho's haiku. An old silent pond.../ A Frog jumps into the pond,/ splash! Silence again. A) The pond was silent until the frog jumped in. Splashing now alternates with quiet. B) A pond will never be silent after one frog

    asked by Sliverstream 🐈
  55. math

    A florist has 78 white roses and 65 red roses. The florist arranges the roses into groups that have the same ratio of white roses to red roses as the whole collection of roses. How many white roses are in a group that has 10 red roses? Complete the ratio

    asked by shane
  56. Language Arts Essay

    For this assignment, I have to compare and contrast two songs I enjoy and use at least 3 poetic devices. The songs I have chosen are "Rewrite the Stars" from the movie The Greatest Showman and "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. So

    asked by ILTHSM_
  57. L.A

    What happens to a store in dire financial condition?

    asked by James Doyle
  58. Chemistry

    Caculate the percentage by mass .each of the following components . element in the respective compounds a, sulphur in tetraoxosulphata (iv) acid H2so4

    asked by Ruthiena
  59. social studies

    can someone check my answers please?? what military engagement signaled the beginning of the Civil war? Antietam Gettysburg ** First Manassas Fort sumter

    asked by spongebob
  60. Social Studies

    1:Which of the following natural resources are found in the countries near the Caspian Sea? A. fish and timber*** B. copper and gold C. oil and natural gas D. iron ore and timber*** 2:Which of the following is an ongoing, serious problem in the Caucasus

    asked by RollyPolley
  61. L.A

    What does this mean: What do you think is behind the door the young man opens: the lady or the tiger? Consider these factors, and support your answer with textual evidence: What is the character of the princess? What is the motivation for the princess to

    asked by James Doyle
  62. social studies

    In the government of the European Union, the is elected by people in the EU and passes laws, while the is appointed by governments of member countries and proposes legislation.

    asked by ananamoose
  63. social studies

    Outline Two reasons why Caribbean musicians may wish to promote their particular styles of music.

    asked by samantha
  64. Math

    Divide 59m£ into two parts so that on part is 7m£ less than five times the other part.

    asked by Inyene
  65. Math

    Find the complement of an angle with Measure 72°

    asked by Lisa
  66. All students who use Jiskha I have a announcement.

    Hello, Thank you for clicking on this post. I have a announcement to make, let me just start off this way. Thank you, tutors, for helping us everyday, and volunteering to help us, students. I am very grateful for this site. I am sure that my grades will be

    asked by Sliverstream
  67. Math

    The angles opposite the congruent sides of an isosceles triangle are congruent find the value of X in the triangle 70

    asked by Lisa
  68. Science

    a donkey pulls a cart c,with a mass of 240kg attached to a log of wood w with a mass of 80kg on a horizontal toad.W is tied to the back of C by means of a inelastic ropf which is inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal. the donkey applies a force of 170 N

    asked by Shevonne
  69. math

    A line and a plane are perpendicular if they intersect and if every line lying in the plane and passing through the point of intersection is perpendicular to the given line. Could someone rewrite this differently? Thx

    asked by S
  70. Math

    3. 3y+5=-19-5 So far I have: 3y+5-5=-19-5 3y÷3=14÷3 I'm pretty sure I messed up at the 14÷3 part. I don't know hat to do next.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  71. math

    find the slope of the line passing through the points (-5,3) and (7,9)

    asked by lexie
  72. History

    What led to the Boxer Rebellion? The Chinese rulers resisted European attempts to introduce industrialization in mainland Asia, which led the Boxers to react?

    asked by Coy
  73. Math

    42=18-4v I do not understand this AT ALL. If y'all could explain how to do this to me, that would be EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you!

    asked by Barry Vacker
  74. History

    What was the Columbian Exchange? a peaceful negotiation between Columbus and the natives of Hispaniola that led to a cultural exchange of ideas a sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that utilized the Gulf Stream for ocean voyages an ancient

    asked by Coy
  75. Econ

    What is equilibrium? A. A good for which, other things equal, an increase in income leads to an increase in demand B. A situation in which the price has reached the level where quantity demanded equals quantity supplied*** C. A curved graph that

    asked by Barry Vacker
  76. Math

    I am an odd number I am less then 100 the sum of my digit is 12 I am a multiple of 15 what number am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. chemistry

    order from smallest to biggest 10g , 100mg , 0.1kg 1km ,100m , 1000cm

    asked by julie
  78. Science

    Can you help me identify two methods of active transport??? Help, porfavor!??!?!!?!?.

    asked by Ravenclaw15
  79. health/science

    what does the muscular system allow our bones to do

    asked by s
  80. Life

    So there’s this kid in my science group who is best friends with the other girl in the group, but he won’t let me or the other kid help with the project. He said we have no right to call it our project, if we don’t do anything, but he won’t let us

    asked by Ravenclaw15

    Texas, filled with American settlers invited to settle by the Mexican government, had won independence from Mexico in 1836 at the ___________ under the leadership of Sam Houston. Battle of Goliad ** Battle of San Jacinto Battle of the Alamo ** Battle of

    asked by lilkakes
  82. History

    The ____________, negotiated between Great Britain and the United States, settled peacefully the question of where British Canada ended and the US-controlled Oregon Territory began. Nebraska Treaty Adams-Oniz Treaty Northwest Ordinance Oregon Treaty

    asked by makayla
  83. electricity

    Compute the electrical force between the following charges and state whether it is attractive or repulsive. Q1 = 3 microcoulombs and Q2 = -2 microcoulombs, separated by 12cm. use the following formula. k = 9x10^9 N*m^2/c^2. The formula is F = k*(Q1*Q2)/R^2

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Algebra

    What type of lines would make up a system with no solution? A) perpendicular lines B) intersecting lines C) the same line D) parallel lines

    asked by idk
  85. electricity

    if 500 microcoulombs of charge pass within 5 ms through the circuit shown, what is the current?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Pre algebra

    Given a long algebraic equation, what are some strategies that you can use to make simplifying and evaluating the equation more efficient and accurate? How do inverse operations help solve algebraic equations? Give a real-world scenario where this might be

    asked by Amelia
  87. History

    Which event helped give Christianity a permanent place in Ethiopia?

    asked by Alaia
  88. science pls be fastt

    which of the following is not a characteristic of mierals?

    asked by nobody
  89. Math

    Find the length of a inclined plane that will reach a 10ft. High platforms at an angle of 25°

    asked by Anonymous
  90. random question

    1) what are side effects (bad side) of marijuana? 2) what would happen if everyone in Canada smoke marijuana? For my opinion and the answer for 2)would be Canadians would go crazy!

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math

    The cost of manufacturing a semi-circular window is the cost of the glass pane together with the cost of the framing material. When ordering this window, a customer specifies the length of the base of the window, shown as l l . If the cost of the framing

    asked by joyce
  92. Geography

    Two languages spoken widley in Canada are A. Spanish and English B.French and Spanish C.French and English D. Dutch and English

    asked by Bro
  93. java/programming Please Help Me!!

    I did this java program. In this exercise, you will be writing a simple java program to explore the decision making mechanism using if/else and switch statements. The program is consists of one class (RentalCalculator). It will hold only one method, of

    asked by Anonymous