Questions Asked on
February 1, 2019

  1. Math

    1. identify the net of the trapezoidal? 2. what is the surface area of the rectangular prism? 3. find the surface area of the triangular prism. 4. how much greater is the surface area of the rectangular prism the surface area of the cube? 5. what happens

    asked by Prettyluuhryah
  2. social studies

    Which does the European Council do in the government of the European Union? A.passes laws and adopts budgets B.resolves disputes among members C.ensures legislation is applied fairly D.represents the EU globally A recent challenge to the European Union

    asked by Arthur casella
  3. math

    a triangular prism has bases that are equilateral triangles which statements are true about the surface area of the triangular prism? choose all that apply all three rectangular faces have the same surface area the surface area of each rectangular face is

    asked by Prettyluuhryah
  4. SS

    How could having access to the internet help a traditional fisherman? 1.) the internet could allow the fisher men access weather reports and currents 2.)the internet could allow fishermen to research which fish were being purchased for the most money

    asked by Starkiller
  5. Art

    Match the image with the appropriate descriptive statement about cultural function. A. This simple yet elegant artifact was used in ritual Japanese tea ceremonies. B. Inscribed with letters that read “Thou art mighty forever, oh Lord,” this small

    asked by Sliverstream
  6. La

    Edgar Allan Poe uses a pair of rhyming words to describe trying to hold sand in “A Dream Within a Dream.” In a short paragraph, tell what the words are and how they express the speaker’s feelings. Use details from the poem to support your answer

    asked by Bro
  7. math

    a triangular prism has bases that are equilateral triangles which statements are true about the surface area of the triangular prism? choose all that apply

    asked by Prettyluuhryah
  8. math ms sue plzzz help

    andy walked around the peremeter of the park four times.the park is 500 feet by 750 feet what is the total distance he walked?

    asked by xxxtentacion
  9. History

    Links to help answer this question?? Thank you ! Compare and contrast the treatment of different religions by rulers of the Arab empire.

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  10. Geography

    Although devoped in the south jazz music has its roots in _______ rhythmsms A. Caribbean B.African C. Asian D.European

    asked by Bro
  11. Science

    Please cheakyour my answers for me 1. Enzymes are important because they A. Contain Water B. Speed up chemical reactions ***** C. Contain genetic material D. Help the cell maintain its shape 2. Which term refers to the diffusion of water through the

    asked by Banana
  12. Math

    for each pair of shapes decide wheather they are congruent similar or neither.

    asked by Joe
  13. Science

    A color-blind woman marries a man who is not color-blind. All of their sons are color-blind, but none of their daughters are color-blind. Color-blindness is likely A. the result of having too few chromosomes. B. the result of having an extra chromosome. C.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    What are the next terms in the sequence? -6, 5, 16, 27, ...

    asked by anon
  15. Math

    Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. it is 3x3 and 5x5 grid there is 6 shaded out of A. 6 over 25 , 30% B. 3 over 50 , 6% C.6 over 25 , 24% D. 3 over 10 , 30%

    asked by Infinite galaxy warrior YT
  16. math

    Jay rides his 2.0-kg skateboard. He is moving at speed 5.8 m/s when he pushes off the board and continues to move forward in the air at 5.4 m/s. The board now goes forward at 13 m/s. A. Determine Jay’s mass. B. Determine the change in the internal energy

    asked by Maddie
  17. Health

    Which activiy is an excellent stragety to help maintan strong teeth and healthy gums? A) treating gum disease B) treating tooth decay 2. The proper way to take care of your skin would be - A) Burst pimples before they get too big B) use quality products to

    asked by Sliverstream
  18. math

    find the surface area of the triangular prism

    asked by Prettyluuhryah
  19. algebra/calculus

    Compare the graphs of the inverse variations. Please provide at least 3 comparisons. y = -0.2/x and y= -0.3/x. i found -0.1/x , -0.15/x? and -0.04/x, -0.06/x and -0.0222/x , -0.0333/x i'm not sure if i need to put " /x" every time at the end but i just

    asked by jessie
  20. ela

    According to the speaker, "a life without meaning" is *

    asked by Aurora Edmund
  21. History.

    I am doing a discussion right now, but I am stuck on this question:Why do the Egyptians preserve organs? Um some sites would help!

    asked by Sliverstream
  22. Chemistry

    How many molecules of Cl2 would be formed from the reaction mixture that produces the greatest amount of products? Consider the following reaction: 4HCl(g)+ O2(g)to 2H2O +2Cl2(g)

    asked by Chris
  23. history

    to control the effects of the dust bowl, the state of texas paid farmers to do which of the following? Select all that apply. (3 points) build ponds to reservoirs plant different crops use more powerful tractors plant rows of trees to serve as windbreaks

    asked by jake
  24. History.

    Which groups were considered citizens in ancient Greece? Select all that apply. A. aristocrats B. tenant farmers C. small farmers D. slaves E. foreigners F. women I believe C and B makes more sense. Thanks!😜

    asked by Sliverstream
  25. science PLZZZ HELP

    The pedigree above shows the family history of the recessive blood disorder sickle-cell anemia. What are the chances of the child I having the disease or carrying the gene for the disease? A. Child I has no chance of having the disease and no chance of

    asked by Anonymous
  26. geometry

    If m angle. 3 = 42°, what is m angle. 2? A. 42° B. 48° C. 90° D. 138°

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Art

    Choose the pairing that is an example of archival materials a acid free paper such as superglue basalt construction paper salt glass case superglue Acid free paper glass case I say b

    asked by Luke
  28. Lesson 9: Changing Times Unit Test South Carolina

    How did the Mexican-American War ignite a conflict over slavery between the North and the South? I think it because the North felt that the South would have the new states become slave states. Congress was unhappy about this because they didn't want slave

    asked by Seraphim death
  29. Math please check and thank you very much

    Elements are arranged in the periodic table based on various patterns. For example, elements found in the rows near the top A. have higher atomic numbers than the elements in the rows near the bottom. B. all have the same atomic number. C. have lower

    asked by Oliver Queen
  30. Algebra

    Write (8a^-3)^-2/3 in simplest form

    asked by Joe


  32. Art

    Choose the pairing that is an example of archival materials a acid-free paper superglue be salt construction paper for the glass case superglue the acid free paper glass case I think it is D

    asked by Luke
  33. math

    the mass of 1 atom of hydrogen is 1.67 * 10^(-24) gram. how much do 25 atoms of hydrogen weigh? A. 4.175 * 10^(-23) gram B. 4.175 * 10^(-25) gram C. 6.68 * 10^(-22) gram D. 6.68 * 10^(-26) gram

    asked by hawseefoo
  34. science

    Write a program that will accept two numbers. The program must calculate the LCM and HCF of the numbers and display it.

    asked by Henceforth
  35. math

    The deductions from Jennifer Miller’s monthly pay are federal income tax (FIT) of $87, state income tax (SIT) of 2.5% of gross, city income tax (CIT) of 1.2% of gross, Social Security, and Medicare.Her monthly next pay is $3,981.22. Find Jennifer’s

    asked by Anonymous
  36. social studies

    how did the aztecs become so powerful A.they allied with the spanish B.they conquered and enslaved many neighboring peoples C.they traded with europeans for advanced weapons D.they isolated themselves from the other indigenous peoples

    asked by bob
  37. algebra

    annual student fees at the university of California rose From $4,000 in 2000 to %12,000 in 20101. find the percent change

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Calculus

    Given f '(x) = (x − 4)(4 − 2x), find the x-coordinate for the relative maximum on the graph of f(x). a) 12 m/sec; 22 m/sec^2 b) 22 m/sec; 18 m/sec^2 c) 22 m/sec; 6 m/sec^2 d) 14 m/sec; 3 m/sec^2

    asked by Alice
  39. math

    The volume of a rectangular prism can be computed using the formula V = lwh. What is the width of a prism that has a volume of 1664 cubic centimeters, a length of 16 centimeters, and a height of 8 centimeters? 11 cm 26 cm 768 cm 13 cm

    asked by nour
  40. Calculus

    Given the position function, s(t)= (-t^3/3)+(13t^2 /2)-30t, between t=0 and t = 9, where s is given in feet and t is measured in seconds, find the interval in seconds where the particle is moving to the right. a) 3 < t < 9 b) 5 < t < 9 c) the particle

    asked by Alice
  41. Volume and surface area of solids

    A hemispherical tank, full of water, is emptied by a pipe at the rate of 22/7 litres per second. How much time it will take to empty half the tank if the diameter of the base of the tank is 3m?

    asked by Satish
  42. Calculus

    The base of a triangle is decreasing at the rate of 1 ft/sec, while the height is increasing at the rate of 2 ft/sec. At what rate is the area of the triangle changing when the base is 10 ft and the height is 70 ft? a) -25 ft^2/sec b) -45 ft^2/sec c) -50

    asked by Alice
  43. Math

    4 ^ -3 / 4 ^ n = 1/256 What is N? (i have no idea)

    asked by hawseefoo
  44. Math

    Mrs. Walters drove 360 miles on 25 gallons of gas. Mr. Walters drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas. a. Find the mileage per gallon for Mrs. Walters's car. b. Find the mileage per gallon for Mr. Walters's car. c. Which car is getting the better mileage per

    asked by milley and quin
  45. math

    write the fraction 9/100th as a percentage

    asked by Gary
  46. Ap Calculus

    Given f'(x)= (x-4)(4-2x) , find the x-coordinate for the relative maximum on the graph of f(x) A) 4 B) 3 C) 2 D) none of these

    asked by HELP ME PLS
  47. Algebra

    19. The velocity of an object fired directly upward is given by V = 35 – 9.8t, where t is time in seconds. Which inequality describes the velocity when t is between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds? (HINT: Remember that when you multiply an inequality by a negative

    asked by Sam k
  48. Physics

    1. There is a 10 kg textbook resting on a table (1m) above the ground, you want to raise the book 0.8m above that. a. What is the change in potential energy to do so? (I did w= 1.8*98?) b. If you hold the book there (0.8 above the table) for 10m what is

    asked by Alex
  49. Calc 3

    Calculate the velocity and acceleration vectors, and speed for r(t)=⟨cos(6t),sin(t),sin(6t)⟩ when t=5π/6 .

    asked by ally
  50. Math

    Is the range a measure of center or a measure of variation? A) Measure of center. B) Measure of variation.

    asked by Galileo
  51. Math

    Rachel owns 2 parakeets. One fourth of all her birds a re parakeets. How many birds does Rachel own?

    asked by Khamaya
  52. calculus

    Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. y^2 = 2x, x = 2y; about the y-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  53. chemistry

    Hello all (Damon if he is there) I need to make some Cupro CHLORIDE but it says I must use hcl, copper and hydrogen peroxide. I can't get hydrogen peroxide here in Malawi so does any one have a suggestion.many thanks David

    asked by David O Reilly
  54. physics

    a bullet of mass 10.0g sprites a wall with a velocity of 500m/s ,determine the work done by the wall on the bullet which penetrate 0.10m .

    asked by Nwuguru philip n
  55. tourism

    what is the g7

    asked by khensani mkhabela
  56. Physics

    1. An 80kg football player is running at the speed of 6.0m/s. A 100kg player is running towards the other player with a speed of 3.0m/s. At what speed are they travelling when they collide? Give the direction. 2. A reckless driver is driving __m/s and hits

    asked by Alex
  57. Physics

    1. 2 rocks sliding on a frictionless surface. Given the speed of both initially (which I can’t remember, this is also a 3D question and I can’t remember what else was given). If the 2 rocks stick together what is the end velocity? A block is pushed

    asked by Alex
  58. math

    A metalworker has a metal alloy that is 25​% copper and another alloy that is 55​% copper. How many kilograms of each alloy should the metalworker combine to create 90 kg of a 49​% copper​ alloy?

    asked by bob
  59. science

    i want to now all the chemical equation in chemistry

    asked by SULEIMAN
  60. Mathematics

    If x is equal to log 10 base 5 then X + 1 by X + 2 is equal to

    asked by Anonymous