Questions Asked on
January 31, 2019

  1. Business

    Your coworker struggles with a task. You take it upon yourself to train your coworker how to effectively complete the task. Which ability does the following example represent? A:assertive B:persuasive C:systematic** I think it is systematic because it is

    asked by hunter
  2. Math

    Name one solid according to its description: the figure has one base that is a hexagon A. pentagonal pyramid B. Hexagonal pyramid C. Hexagonal prism D. Pentagonal pyramid

    asked by Thank me foo
  3. math

    4 is the quotient of 16 and a number n

    asked by Kaylee
  4. math

    Plz Help 1. what is the end behavior of the exponetial function f(x)=3/2*(4/5)^x? 2. use a graph to determine if the exponential function g(x)=-6*5^x is positive or negative and increasing or decreasing

    asked by Michael
  5. principle of management

    ____ means that managers don't have enough information about the surroundings needed to understand or predict the future. A. Environmental uncertainty B. Competitive intelligence C. Minimization D. Disinformation IS the C right answer please help.

    asked by Alin
  6. math

    You take out two loans. After 2 years, the total interest for the loans is $138. On the first loan, you pay 7.5% simple annual interest on a principal of $800. On the second loan, you pay 3% simple annual interest. What is the principal for the second

    asked by Bengie
  7. Algebra

    What is the value of 13x^-3y^-1 when x=-1 and y=4 A)-13/14 B)-52 C)-4/13 D)-156 (If you go to connections academy PLEASE GIVE THE ANSWERS I WANNA MAKE SURE IM RIGHT I REALLY NEED THIS) lesson 9 unit test

    asked by JustAnoutherConnectionsAcadamyStudent
  8. Math corrections

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n-1)-4 A)-2,2,6,10 B)-3,0,3,6 C)-4,-2,2,8 D)-5,-4,-2,6

    asked by Kathleen
  9. Math

    Evaluate. Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form. (4/3)³

    asked by Barry Vacker
  10. Language Arts

    Which of the following are examples of FAULTY reasoning? Select all that apply. supporting details overgeneralization * conclusions inferences personal bias *

    asked by ER98
  11. social studies

    ___ are renewable resources because they can be replaced in a short times A fossil fuels B metal ores C minerals D plants 2 ____ are non renewable resources they cannot be replaced or can only be replaced over millions of years A. animals B. fossil fuels

    asked by help
  12. Math/algebra

    14. Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year, or approximately 5.88x10 miles. Suppose a star is 2 23x 10 light- years from Earth. In scientific notation, approximately how many

    asked by JustAnoutherConnectionsAcadamyStudent
  13. Math

    Solve The Proportion 16 over 50 = x over 156.25, I got 50 I multiplied 50 by 3 & got 150, 3.1 to 155, 3.12 to 156, & 3.125 to 156.25. I multiplied 16 by 3.125 & got 50. Is this right or did I do something wrong?

    asked by ER98
  14. Math

    By January 2014 the US population had grown to 317.3 million and the US Federal Debt was a reported $17.3 trillion. Calculate the January 2014 Federal Debt per capita.

    asked by Tiffany
  15. math

    You invested a total of $15,000 at 4 1/2% and 5% simple interest. During one year, the two accounts earned $715. How much did you invest in each account

    asked by allison
  16. Science

    In order for hurricane or tropical storm to develop the temperature of the ocean must be A) 20 degrees F B) 40 degrees F C) 60 degrees F D) 80 degrees F

    asked by Kristen
  17. Science 💚

    Hi, just a warning this is about sexual reproduction (which is natural, but I don't need kids like EWWW in the text boxes) Seahorses change color and swim together in predetermined ways before mating. These behaviors are called: A. Asexual reproduction B.

    asked by Weirdos
  18. Which of the following best explains why the Sovie

    Which of the following best explains why the Soviet Union collapsed? A. The free market economy was thriving. B. Stalin took control of the Soviet government. C. There was widespread opposition from the Soviet people. D. The green revolution increased food

    asked by VestWearer
  19. math

    In the scaled down drawing of a sport utility vehicle shown below,1/4 of an inch represents 1/2 of a foot. What is the unit rate in inches per foot? A. 1/2 of an inch per foot B. 1/8 of an inch per foot C. 1/4 of an inch per foot D. 2 inches per foot

    asked by lisa gudin
  20. geometry

    Parallelogram ABCD has vertices A(8, 2), B(6, –4), and C(–5, –4). Find the coordinates of D.

    asked by evelyn
  21. Repost:organizational math

    Repost for im stupid - organizational math What is the most important reason to create a backup of your files somewhere other than our computer? A. To access them on another device B. because your computer may be damaged and you risk not being able to

    asked by Ms. Sue
  22. 1. The Code Talkers were members of which Native A

    1. The Code Talkers were members of which Native American tribe? A. Apache B. Hopi C. Navajo*** D. Pueblo 2. Why was the Code Talkers' code so hard to break? A. It was based on a language that lacked an alphabet and was hard to learn.*** B. The people who

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  23. History

    The Renaissance perspective that places humanity at the center of all inquiry is . ???

    asked by Coy
  24. Math

    Tell the rule. 3 flower with 4 petals in a square 3 flowers with 5 petals in a square

    asked by Emma
  25. Science

    So I’m supposed to do an experiment investigating the different forces have on an objects motion. What are some ideas?? I’ve had some trouble with this unit and I just need some help!! Thx

    asked by Becki!
  26. math

    a lorry and a sports car are traveling a distance of of 21kmh. the difference in there time was 70minutes if the speed of the sports car was 6 times that of a lorry,calculate the speed of each

    asked by paul stylo
  27. Science

    Is there any such thing as Negative Energy in the World??? If 'yes' then please explain it to me briefly. Thank you

    asked by Timson Wakrit
  28. Science

    The potential energy of a golf ball in a hole is negative with respect to the ground. Under what circumtansces (if any) is the ball's kinetic energy? Its rest energy? The KE cannot be negative, nor can the rest energy be negative.

    asked by Timson Wakrit
  29. MATH


    asked by NIKI
  30. Chemistry

    The concentration of the stock solution will be approximately 7.50 x 10-5 M. How many milliliters of this stock solution is needed to prepare 50.0 mL of a 1.20 x 10-5 M solution? (Express your answer in the correct number of significant figures.

    asked by Jen
  31. Physics

    list the affecting resistance of a material

    asked by Aam set
  32. java/programming Please Help Me!!

    In this exercise, you will be writing a simple java program to explore the decision making mechanism using if/else and switch statements. The program is consists of one class (RentalCalculator). It will hold only one method, of course, in that case the

    asked by Anonymous
  33. algebra

    there is a cylinder perfume bottle the height is 12.4 cm the radius is 6.2 cm the formula is v= h * 3.14 * r squared

    asked by aj
  34. science

    Which of the following can be classified as a bacterial infectious agent? a)an agent that is transmitted by a non-living thing that uses cells to carry out its functions b)an agent that is transmitted by a single-celled organism that can be treated with

    asked by spunky
  35. Geometry

    If m

    asked by Cindy
  36. java/programming repost

    In this exercise, you will be writing a simple java program to explore the decision making mechanism using if/else and switch statements. The program is consists of one class (RentalCalculator). It will hold only one method, of course, in that case the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    I don't get this question can anyone help? a. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy bars for $7.25 b. Which option is the better buy.

    asked by I am the ONE The oNE
  38. Special Angles

    >Find m∠BAC and m∠DAB in the figure shown below.Line upper D upper C is shown intersecting with line upper E upper B at point upper A. The angle upper E upper A upper D is labeled 80 degrees." width="169" height="70" align="middle" style="border: 0px

    asked by gabriella
  39. civics help plz

    Which is a true statement about the power of Congress? a)Congress may overrule the Bill of Rights. b)Congress may pass any law necessary and proper to carry out its enumerated powers. c)Congress may overrule decisions of federal judges. d)Congress may

    asked by spunky
  40. MATH

    Which expression is equivalent to 100 in exponential form? A) 102 B) 210 C) 10 × 10 D) 4 × 25

    asked by Khaliyl
  41. math

    sam wants to enlarge a triangle with side 3, 6 and 6 inches, if the shortest side of the new triangke is 13 inchwes how long will the long will the other two sides be

    asked by Anonymous
  42. social studies

    Explain how agriculture and textile factories impacted the economic development of south carolina

    asked by connection academy help
  43. ss

    What was the largest contiguous empire in history? Mongol Empire,---- i think mongol empire

    asked by Oliver Queen
  44. math

    When you flip a biased coin the probability of getting a tail is 0.6. How many times would you expect to get tails if you flip the coin 320 times?

    asked by Martyna
  45. social studies

    rapid population growth can result in large increases in the infant mortality rate if there is A. A shortage of clean food and water B. A higher consumption of goods and services C. deforestation D. increased migration

    asked by help
  46. Modern World Studies

    although developed in the south jazz music has its roots in___ rhythms A) Caribbean B)African***** C)Asian D)European Thanks In advance

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Social Studies

    Could stronger economic ties between Israel and its Arab neighbors help reduce conflict? Why or why not?

    asked by CatGirl
  48. math

    Write the fraction as a percent. if necessary tenth of a percent. 5 2/5 A.540% B.5.4% C.5.38% D.534% Please help! Thanks!

    asked by puppergummiebears
  49. English

    At the end of “Raymond’s Run,” Squeaky has a different attitude about running and about her rival, Gretchen. Describe the actions that demonstrate these changed feelings. What role does conflict play in Squeaky’s changed attitude? Use events and

    asked by Asia
  50. math

    You deposit $500 in an account that earns 4% simple annual interest. The interest earned each year is added to the principal to create a new principal. Find the total amount in your account after each year for 3 years.

    asked by Bengie
  51. Social Studies

    Could stronger economic ties between Israel and its Arab neighbors help reduce conflict? Why or why not? My assignment is due today please help now

    asked by Help NOW
  52. math

    The diagram below shows the relationship between the number of blue paint cans and red paint cans needed for an art project.

    asked by amy felton
  53. science

    where does the exchange of oxygen occur in the lungs? Ans: in the alveoli

    asked by Dave
  54. math

    which ratio is equivelant to 3/7 I NEED HELP ON THIS im failing all my classes here are the answers (a) 6 to 10 (b) 9:21 (c) 12/35 (d) 7 to 3 please help

    asked by blackcat3016450
  55. history

    1 how did the aftermath of the 1900 storm result in a change in the government of galveston 2 following the galveston hurricane of 1900 residents adapted to their environment by... 3 what led to the belief that galvestons new government system, created

    asked by bleh
  56. English

    What tone does Henry Gilbert create in lines 11-24 of the excerpt of King Arthur’s Knights? Then he beat at the door and called, but none responded, and for wrath he could have dashed the door down, but it was too stout, and he had no weapon; for his

    asked by Chey
  57. Social studies

    Which factor contributed to Songhai's downfall as a powerful empire? A. a decades-long drought B. its refusal to participate in trade*** C. internal struggles between rulers D. its geographic isolation from other regions

    asked by help me, i need answers
  58. Social studies

    what was the main reason the native americans were forced to fight over 1,000 battles throughout the west between 1861 and 1891? A) Because they were at war with neighboring tribes B) Because of broken treaties with the federal government C) Because of

    asked by Jordyn!
  59. Biology AP DNA Bases/Genetics

    FIRST: Only answer if experienced in this field, no counter-questions, "I used to take this but I forgot," or random link-posting. A triplet of bases in a template strand of DNA is 5' CAG 3'. What would be the corresponding codon for mRNA? A) 3' GTC 5' B)

    asked by anon
  60. Math

    Please help just get started Sarah went trick-or-treating for Halloween. Because of her braces, she could not eat of the candy she received since it was either sticky or chewy. Of the candy she could not eat, she gave 2/3 of it to her older brother Bradley

    asked by Sam
  61. English

    Which of the words can replace the *____* words in the sentence below? The *forward moving object that was thrown* landed on the top of a police car. A. promotion B. projectile* C. progress D. proceed Justify: _______________________________________.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  62. MAth

    Mrs.Williams is going to purchase a plastic cover for her outdoor fish food pond.The area of the fish pond is 25m2.However ,she must purchase a cover that is 12% more than the pond area in order to cover the entire edges of the pond.The plastic cover costs

    asked by Caroline
  63. Math

    Find the area of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. theres a picture of a circle and the radius is 3.5 A. 22.0 cm squared B.38.5 cm squared C. 11.0 cm squared D. 42.8 cm squared

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  64. science

    6. The table above shows the number of protons in an atom of four different elements. According to the periodic table, which of these elements is a metal? * A.T B.Q C.X D.Z Element Number Of Protons T 7 Q 15 X 12 Z 17

    asked by Lil Star
  65. Science Elements

    The table above shows the number of protons in an atom of four different elements. According to the periodic table, which of these elements is a metal? * A.T B.Q C.X D.Z Element/ Number Of Protons T/ 7 Q/ 15 X/ 12 Z/ 17 (I couldn't get the table in so that

    asked by Help mehhh
  66. Social Studies

    Which of the following is evidence of the influence of Pan-Africanism? A. A genocide took place in Rwanda. **** B. Belgium established a colony in the Congo. C. The white minority adopted apartheid in South Africa. D. Kenyans organized to fight for

    asked by REEEE
  67. History

    The____ theory states that the planets orbit around the sun. I don't have a clue...

    asked by Coy
  68. English

    Hi, I have assignment about writing critiques and/or appraisals on an article however, I have never written one before, I was wondering if someone could give me some guidelines to follow? Also, would having 1 appraisal and 2 critique points in one

    asked by Doi
  69. History

    The Catholic tribunal convened to detect and suppress heresy is known as the . Inquisition?

    asked by Coy
  70. Math

    Simplify: 9^5 x^-3 y^15 z^-8 —————————— 3^7 x^-4 y^11 z^5

    asked by Nikko
  71. english

    who are the primary and secondary stalkholders influenced by secondary smoke health issues?

    asked by Maya
  72. math

    3hr 10 min elapsed time

    asked by owen
  73. Social studies

    Of the following choices, which ones are characteristics of West African society? Select all that apply A. Arabic was the main language used when trading with other societies. B. Christianity was the only religion practiced in villages. C. Slaves had no

    asked by HELPP!!!!
  74. Washington state history

    Hello! Could someone please correct my answers? 1. Which of the following is true about the Puget Sound Lowlands? A. This region is scarcely populated and is mostly covered with protected lands and wildlife. B. It is the driest region in Washington with

    asked by YEET
  75. Math

    A rectangular prism has a base that measures 4 cm by 5cm and a height of 3cm. Cameron fills the prism with 1/2cm cubes. Which statement is true?

    asked by Bxfuze

    he monthly incomes of a trainee at a local mill are normally distributed, with a mean of1,100 and a standard deviation of $150. WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE TRAINEES EARN LESS THAN $800 A MONTH?

    asked by polly
  77. Ms. Sue? Art

    Hello darlings! Could anyone explain to me what exactly this means? I can't understand exactly what my school is asking of me oof I've read the lesson over and over and I'm still confused. Create your own nontraditional artwork. You might choose

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  78. Pre-Algebra

    A(2,5), B(3,1)

    asked by Teresa
  79. snow day near me

    Is it a normal practice for a school to cancel classes during the day due to weather, yet still hold night time extracurricular activities as originally scheduled? This would be for tomorrow Friday.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Science

    A boy moves on a skateboard at aconstant velocity of m.s .The combined mass of the and the skateboard is 40g.

    asked by Zuzu
  81. English

    Hi, sorry to bother you again Ms.Sue, I was wondering if appraising an article means the same as talk about the benefits of it or does that still fall into the critique? Thanks! :)

    asked by Doi