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January 29, 2019

  1. chemistry

    Zn + 2HCl ---> ZnCl2 + H2(g) What mass of zinc is needed to produce 115 mL of hydrogen? t's given 115 mL of hydrogen, so can convert to 115/1000/22,4 = 0.0051 moles H2 - the ratio between HCl and H2 is 2 : 1, so the moles of HCl needed for this reaction is

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  2. Physics

    During launches, rockets often discard unneeded parts. A certain rocket starts from rest on the launch pad and accelerates upward at a steady 3.45 m/s2 . When it is 250 m above the launch pad, it discards a used fuel canister by simply disconnecting it.

    asked by Emiko
  3. Math ! Pythagorean Theorem

    A rectangle is 24 cm long and 7 cm wide. How long is the diagonal of the rectangle?

    asked by Lani
  4. Physics

    A motorist traveling at 72km/h had his eyes shut for 0.4s during a hard sneeze. Calculate the distances covered by him during this time.

    asked by Adebola
  5. P:E

    Decide which of the following physical activities incorporates stretching on a regular basis A soccer B yoga C aerobics D tennis

    asked by P:E
  6. history

    Poetry, folk tales, and wise sayings are examples of what? A. proverbs B. oral traditions C. ******* riots D. rituals

    asked by panda
  7. Maths

    If m times the 'm'th term of an A.P. be equal to n times the 'n'th term, show that is (m+n)th term is zero.

    asked by Satish
  8. History

    Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion in the religion? A. Requirin strict adherence to Sharia B. Women perusing careers outside the home C. Wearing the hijab in public *** D. Observing traditional religious practices My answer is C

    asked by Banana
  9. help

    Assume that a set of test scores is normally distributed with a mean of 8080 and a standard deviation of 55. Use the​ 68-95-99.7 rule to find the following quantities.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Maths

    The arithmetic mean of 10 terms is 24, while arithmetic mean of last 8 term is 20. Find arithmetic mean of first two terms.

    asked by Satish
  11. math

    Pepsi products were five 12-packs for $14.75. How much will Marc's have to lower the price of Pepsi Products per 12-pack box to equal Coke's sale price per box?

    asked by Unknown User...
  12. algebra 2

    . Is there any bias in the survey question? Explain. What do think would help students pay more attention in class? i don't understand what i am supposed to answer to this

    asked by jessie
  13. math

    Solve the quadratic equation x2=25/36.

    asked by logan
  14. physical health education

    what are the branches of health education

    asked by james
  15. Math, help asap!

    The circle graph shows the distribution by age group of licensed drivers in the US in 2003. If there were approximately 196 million licensed drivers in 2003, which is the closest to the number of drivers in millions who were less than 30 years old? Circle

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  16. Science

    Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air? A. Oxygen B. Hydrogen sulphide C. Carbon dioxide D. Nitrogen

    asked by Squirrelheart
  17. Math

    And angle measures 47° what are the measures of the angles complement and supplement a complement 43 supplement 133 complement 133 supplement 43 complement 53 supplement 143 complement 143 supplement 53 I chose a

    asked by Bessie
  18. math

    The carnival ride tickets cost $5 each. Let C(n)=5n be the amount of money you spend on n tickets. What is the domain of this function.

    asked by Maria
  19. Analytical Chemistry

    The solubility-product constant for Ce(Io3)3 is 3.2 x 10^-10. What is the Ce^3+ concentration in a solution prepared by mixing 50.0 ml of 0.0500 M Ce^3+ with 50.00 ml of a. water b. 0.050 M Io3- c. 0.150 M Io3- d. 0.300 M Io3-

    asked by Hyein Mun
  20. Physics

    A spring of force constant 1500N/M is acted upon by a constant force of 75N.Calculate the potential energy stored in the spring.

    asked by Rilwan
  21. Social Studies

    Which of the following was the Catholic Church's response to the development of protestantism? A. It lauched the Reformation. B. It removed the pope as head of the church. C. Its leaders began the Counter-Reformation. D. It eliminated the inquisition. I

    asked by UnKnown
  22. Science

    1. Which of the following is not a function of the circulatory system? Breaks down large molecules delivers oxygen to blood cells takes carbon dioxide away from body cells **Fights infection**

    asked by 444
  23. Math

    ST=38ft;RT= A. 38ft B. 19ft C.76ft ** D. 96ft

    asked by kyra
  24. Social Studies

    How has Mexico's culture been shaped by cooperation among different people? Be sure to name the groups involved in the cooperation, describe the cooperation, and explain how the cooperation shaped Mexico's culture.

    asked by Hi😱
  25. capella

    A well known non-parametric analysis procedure for working with nominal levels of measurement where only frequencies (counts) and reflected in the formula

    asked by shawn
  26. English

    Okay, this is going to be a bit hard. Do any of y'all know AwesomestAsh? It's her username on Wattpad. My English teacher is making everyone write a paper about someone we know online. I have nothing so far. I know her pretty well, but my English teacher

    asked by Barry Vacker
  27. ELA

    Which of the following usually gets a source note on the same page it appears?

    asked by Terrell
  28. History

    How did Asian societies influence trade and exploration during the Age of Discovery? (5-7 sentences)

    asked by faith
  29. Language arts

    What are some good interdependent reading books? I am thinking Warriors Cats.

    asked by Squirrelheart
  30. Math ! Pythagorean Theorem

    A 26-meter guy wire is attached to an upright pole 24 meters from the ground. How far from the pole must the wire be anchored in the ground? Looking for the hypotenuse.

    asked by Lani
  31. Science

    How are seamounts like the Rockies a bath or forms of mountain be both are made from the same kind of rock see both are connected to the oceans continental shelf day both are easily wrote it by water answerisvA

    asked by Jack
  32. math

    If there are 60 sixth graders, how many sixth graders owned cats?

    asked by Annie Jordan
  33. History HELP ASAP

    After the Civil War, how did the railroad unite Texas? A. Houston was connected to the rail system. B. By 1890, every large city in Texas was connected by at least two rail lines. C. Texans pulled together to create a statewide effort to build an efficient

    asked by @OfficialOliviaB.
  34. Math

    There are 3 red paper clips, 5 yellow paper clips, and 6 silver paper clips in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of paper clips to the number of red paper? I NEED ANSWERS TO THIS MATH UNIT 1 TEST GIMME 20 ANSWERS 😭😭😭😭🤣

    asked by Jordyn!
  35. math

    there are 6 bars of chocolate to be share equally among 4 children. how much does each children get?

    asked by akeem
  36. math

    a cake weighs 3kg, it is cut into 6 equal pieces. What is the weight of each piece?

    asked by caleb
  37. Ela

    How do the author’s feelings change in “ the season’s Curmudgeon sees the light?

    asked by Maru
  38. geography

    People in the Netherlands build dikes and reclaim lands from the sea that they call_____ a. peat bogs. b. estuaries. c. polders. d. reserves.

    asked by cool cat
  39. math

    Match the account balance with the debt that it represents. account balance = −$22 account balance > −$22 account balance < −$22

    asked by Isabel
  40. algebra

    1/4 times 1/2 = 4d

    asked by lucas
  41. math

    When one rents an apartment, one is often required to give the landlord a security deposit that is returned if the apartment is undamaged when you leave. In some localities, the landlord is required to pay the tenant interest once a year compounded yearly.

    asked by Melissa
  42. Math

    What is the missing Sequence of 30,____,19, 13 1/2

    asked by Brian Salas
  43. Calc 3

    Find a parameterization for the curve (1,2) and (4,5). r(t)= where _

    asked by ally
  44. Calc 3

    Show that the projection into the xy-plane of the curve of intersection of the parabolic cylinder z=1−2y^2 and the paraboloid z=x^2+y^2 is an ellipse. Find a vector-parametric equation r→1(t)=⟨x(t),y(t),z(t)⟩ for the ellipse in the xy-plane.

    asked by ally
  45. Chemistry

    What hydroxide concentration is required to (a) Initiate precipitation of Ag2CrO4 from a solution that is 2.12 x 10^-3 M in Ag+? (b) lower the Al^3+ concentration in the foregoing solution to 1.00 x 10^-9

    asked by Sheila
  46. Math

    A chocolate company produces different sizes of chocolate bars that are packaged in equilateral triangular prisms. Here is the 100-g chocolate bar. Height- 3.1cm Lenght-3.5cm Wide- 21cm a. Calculate the volume of the box. b.The company produces a 400-g

    asked by Anonymous
  47. maths

    why is peppa pig pink

    asked by peppa pig
  48. Math

    a rectangular box with dimensions of 2 1/2 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm

    asked by fancydenali
  49. Math

    What shows relation between two or more quantities? A: Fraction B: Whole Number C: Decimal D: Ratio

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Science

    How do the traits of offspring of asexually reproducing organisms compare to their parents

    asked by Sam
  51. Geography

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is the best supported by this image?

    asked by Michael
  52. Literature Study

    The narrator and his four friends share living quarters with: -many others -nosy people -their parents -the sixth*** This is the short story fellowship please help

    asked by ChikenNugget
  53. maths

    1.0dm3 of distilled water was used to wash 2.0g of a precipitate of Agcl. If the solubility product of Agcl is 2.0x10^-10mol^2dm^-6 what quantity of silver was lost in process?

    asked by $$ swagzy$$
  54. ALGEBRA 1

    I really don't understand please help with answers and explanations. Follow the instructions for the following inequalities. 1. 4-2 Add 5 to both sides, then add 3, then add (-4) 3. -4

    asked by kj
  55. Science help asap!

    Which do the following is an example of constructive force? A: buildings collapse in an earthquake** B: river erosion within the Grand Canyon’s rock walls C: weathering of a mountin due to rain. D: a volcanic eruption.

    asked by Didy
  56. sc history

    PLEASE HELP AND FAST (use two examples) some historians say that the attacks by the abolitionist actually strengthened sectionalism in the south instead of weakening it. how might the abolitionist have been contributing to the tension arising over slavery?

    asked by my name is jeff ...
  57. STAAR

    So this isn't about anything really, but, what is STAAR like for online school? Thanks in advance. (STAAR = State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness)

    asked by ER98
  58. Geography

    Most of Canada's tourists are? A.French B.Russian C.American D.from warm climates

    asked by Bro
  59. Math

    Help which line is parallel to be in the diagram APBALCLEDAP I have my answer LELE is that right

    asked by Jasper

    10. What are the Holland Codes? (1 point) A. Assertive, persuasive, systematic B. Physical, security, social, ego, self actualization C. Realistic, investigation, artistic, social, enterprising, conventional D. Verbal, visual, tactile,

    asked by memes
  61. Math

    What is the volume of a rectangular prism with the dimensions: base 3 1/4 cm, 2 1/2 cm, 4 1/2 cm? Please Help Me!

    asked by First Woman Football Player
  62. social studies

    These two world powers struggled against each other in what is known as what? A. World War II B. The Great Depression C. the civil rights movement**** D. The Cold War

    asked by need helppppp
  63. social studies

    Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that occured first to the event that occured last. This happened first: Colonial leaders sign the Declaration of Independence. This happened next: British soldiers and American colonists clash in

    asked by need helppppp
  64. Science

    Which of the following is not a method by which minerals form a crystallization BD crystallization see water evaporation from a solution see cooling of magma or lava I pic c?

    asked by Me
  65. Maths

    Find the value of x and y if (x+2y)+i(2x-3y) is conjute of 5+4i.

    asked by Gash
  66. Maths

    Find the real number x if (x-2i)(1+i)is purely imaginary.

    asked by Gash
  67. Science

    How does cycling of matter occur in earths mantle

    asked by Me
  68. Science

    Mount twin peaks located in northern Vancouver Island irrupt did 3 million years ago and it has not erupted since then mount Twin Peaks is most likely a doormat be active see extinct the stationary my answer is C

    asked by Me
  69. Science

    The diagram below shows the present day location of South America and Africa remains of the extinct reptile math acquire us have been found in both locations which statement is the most logical conclusion to draw from this evidence a mile service garage

    asked by Me
  70. science

    Explain the 3 differences in the chart below: Flowers Cones Spores 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. 3. 3. 3. I am not sure what the differences between them are, if someone could explain that would be helpful

    asked by Beebop
  71. Science

    Please help me! I am trying my best! But Science has never been my strong spot....i already have my answers down, i just want to check them! I will take any help that I can get! #1) How does the earths rotation cause day and night? A) As earth rotates

    asked by Dummy
  72. Science

    Which of the following concepts earths plates to move continuously a glacial deposit earths magnetic field convection in the earths mantle radiation in the earths core

    asked by Me
  73. History

    What is a person who holds a belief that is not accepted by other members of his or her faith? a) heretic b) patriarch c) apostle d) martyr I think its d.

    asked by nikki
  74. Science

    To locate the epicenter of an earthquake a seismologist must determine all of the following except add the difference between arrival time is the PNS waves seismographic dad up from the side seismograph location distance from the epicenter to at least

    asked by Me

    Please help me! I am trying my best! But Science has never been my strong spot....i already have my answers down, i just want to check them! I will take any help that I can get! #1) How does the earths rotation cause day and night? A) As earth rotates

    asked by dummy
  76. History

    Which of the following was unintended consequence of censorship during the renaissance? A. People wanted to read more religious texts B. Only clergy has access to books C. People began to criticize the church D. People no longer wanted to learn to read I

    asked by Berry Afraid
  77. science

    If a black guinea pig with the genotype Bb mates with a white guinea pig with the genotype bb, is there any change their offspring will be both black and white? My answer was that there was no chance.

    asked by poof
  78. History

    Drag the word into the right box into the sentences. Words may be used once or not at all. Options: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist Most people living in Southwest Asia are________ The majority of people living in Cyprus however are________ And the

    asked by Banana
  79. Math

    The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression (G.P) are 1 and ⅛ respectively. Find the: A, common ratio; B, first term; C, eighth term.

    asked by Best
  80. History

    Can someone please check my answer thanks. use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. brought Islam into India in the late 1100s. A.Arab armies*** B.Muslim Turks C.Mongols D.Sikhs

    asked by Alaia
  81. geometry and mensuration

    a bicycle wheel hasa daimeter of 63cm.find the circumference,distance the wheel travel in 1000 revolution

    asked by olayinka
  82. social studies

    Which demographic challenge is Europe currently experiencing? A. an aging and decreasing population B. a baby boom C. an unequal distribution between males and females D. a large group of teenagers moving through the school system what's the

    asked by hahaha
  83. ELA

    Which details in “Mother to Son” point to the conclusion that the mother has had a hard life? A. She declares that she has been “a-climbin' on.” B. She says that life has had “tacks in it, / And splinters.” C. She warns, “Don't you set down

    asked by HobiHoe
  84. Linear Algebra

    Let f(t) = 5+t, g(t)=5-t and h(t) = t^2. Find real numbers x1, x2, x3 so that x1*f(t) + x2*g(t) + x2*h(t) has roots t1 = 2 and t2 = 3

    asked by Porsche
  85. math

    A rectangular prism has length of 10.4 millimeters, width of 5 millimeters, and height of 8 millimeters. What is the volume of the rectangular prism? i know its short but i realy need help

    asked by Anonymous
  86. math

    There are 70 marbles in the bag. The bag has 37 green​ marbles, 24 red​ marbles, and 9 yellow marbles. Silas selects a marble from the bag 20​ times, and of those he picks a green marble 13 times. What is the experimental probability of selecting a

    asked by A'mya
  87. Physics

    Which of the following is contained in a shovel? inclined plane and a wedge wedge and lever wedge and pulley pulley and inclined plane

    asked by Willowmaker
  88. Physics

    How is work affected when an object is lifted straight up instead of using a ramp? Work will increase. Work will decrease. Work will stay the same. Work will depend on the mass of the object.

    asked by Willowmaker
  89. Government

    Has the Supreme Court acted legitimately in creating and interpreting the right of privacy? Use Case law to justify.

    asked by Matt
  90. further math

    The fifth term of an exponential sequence (g.p)is greater than the first term by 13 and the half and the first term is greater than the third term by 9.find the common ratio and the first term

    asked by uche
  91. Give the definitions

    Black blizzards * Black Tuesday * Boom * Bust * commodity * conglomerate * draft * Dust Bowl * Economic Recession * Fiscal Conservatism * Great Depression * Labor Unions * Neutrality * New Deal * Petrochemical * Prohibition * Sharecropper * Suffrage *

    asked by OliviaB.
  92. World History

    What geographic feature most likely helped rome become a site of encounter? A. Arabian Peninsula B. Atlantic Ocean C. Mediterannean Sea D. Sahara Desert My choice is C.

    asked by David S.
  93. Math

    A2) y-19=21 A3) y-68=229 B3) x+6=17 I'm confused on the first two the most. My math teacher did y-12=25 for the example, but I still don't get it. For the last one, I have x+6-6=17-6 so far.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  94. math

    need help math proportions lesson 3 question 5

    asked by ben
  95. Math

    I don't get this at ALL. I don't really need to solve it because it's a bonus question. But I would still like to solve it, because my math teacher is going to give candy out to the people who get this right. 2x^2 + 9x + 5

    asked by Barry Vacker
  96. Math

    Leslie will use more than 1/2 cup but less than one whole cup of flour for recipe what fraction of a cup might Leslie use

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    This is about Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, so if you don't know who she is, then it's alright. What is a character trait that would define his/her life?

    asked by Barry Vacker
  98. History

    Which of the following were actions that motivated Radical Republicans to seek the impeachment of President Johnson? Choose all that apply. A. President Johnson encouraged former Confederate states to reject the Fourteenth Amendment. B. President Johnson

    asked by Anonymous