Questions Asked on
January 28, 2019

  1. chemistry

    The enthalpy of fusion of ice is 6.020 kJ/mol. The heat capacity of liquid water is 75.4 J/mol degrees Celsius. What is the smallest number of ice cubes at 0 degrees Celsius, each containing one mole of water, necessary to cool 500. g of liquid water

    asked by maath
  2. History

    What resulted from European explorers discovering new lands during the Age of Discovery? (select all that apply.) New foods and resources were brought back to European markets. The indigenous peoples of America transmitted smallpox to European explorers.

    asked by faith
  3. History

    How did a chronometer help European explorers during the Age of Discovery? It was a navigational tool used to calculate a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, helping to gauge a ship’s speed. It was navigational instrument used to measure

    asked by faith
  4. Algebra

    Four bands are going to play in a concert. In how many different orders can the bands play?

    asked by Thelma Jackson
  5. History

    How did the Protestant Reformation and the Renaissance lead to the Age of Exploration?

    asked by faith
  6. history

    Which three regions were part of the Indian Ocean trade route? A. East Africa, Middle East, and China........ B. China, East Africa, and West Africa C. Mediterranean, West Africa, and East Africa D. East Africa, Mediterranean, and India i tthink it is c

    asked by bird<:
  7. Maths

    A circular hut has a diameter of 10m Find The cost of a mat covering the floor of the hut at R18/m^2

    asked by Nompumelelo
  8. Maths

    Find the sum of all two digit natural numbers which when divided by 7 yield 1as remainder .

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Geometry

    What is the measure of a complement and supplement of an angle measuring 6.3 degrees

    asked by Cindy
  10. Social Studies

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. Following the death and resurrection of Jesus, the__ wrote down and spread his teachings. One man,__ , traveled throughout much of the Roman empire, and attracted many new followers to Jesus's message. As

    asked by halp
  11. Just another history question!

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. 1. American Indians in the ( blank) built longhouses. answer choices for question : NorthWest**** GreatPlains Southeast South Eastern Woodlands 2. American Indians in the ( blank) celebrated with a

    asked by Mel❤nie
  12. Biology

    1)Which of the following is NOT a true property of water? A-Water is a good solvent dissolving a wide variety of substances. B-Water has a high ice density allowing ice to sink when present with liquid water. C-Water has strong cohesion allowing it to bead

    asked by HELP ME

    n 1519, Spanish conquistador ______ sailed to the Americas. He landed in _______ where he made alliances with Aztec enemies. His alliances helped him defeat the powerful Aztec empire and take control of Mexico. Blank #1 A.Francisco Pizarro******* B.Hernan

    asked by Ms. Please help!
  14. Math

    22 gallons of gas cost $65.56 what is the unit rate for 1 gallon of gas a $298 per gallon be $3.28 per gallon city $3.08 per gallon diesel $2.98 per gallon

    asked by Anna
  15. Math

    22 gallons of gas cost $65.56 what is the unit rate for a 1 gallon of gas a $298 per gallon be $3.28 per gallon C $3.08 per gallon D $2.98 per gallon

    asked by Anna
  16. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following are true about railroad expansion in the late 19th century? Choose all that apply. **It led to new managerial forms and techniques** **It accelerated the growth of new territories** **It was financed by the government** It grew to

    asked by :(
  17. Algebra

    Kaitlin is choosing a 2 - letter password from the letters A,b,c and d. The password cannot have the same letters repeated in it. How many such passwords are possible

    asked by Thelma Jackson
  18. Algebra

    A club has 5 members. From these members, the positions of president. Vice - president, and treasurer have to be filled. In how many different ways can these 3 positions be filled.

    asked by Thelma Jackson
  19. English

    On Melinda’s first trip to see her father , he gives her ?

    asked by Michael
  20. Government

    Do you generally agree or disagree with Colin Woodard's theory regarding political culture in America? Why or why not?

    asked by Ally
  21. SS

    What force of nature has helped extend arkansas growing season for agricultural crops?

    asked by Ferotrr
  22. Social studies

    Read the quote from Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. “It is certain that when the penny jingles into the money-box, gain and avarice [greed] can be increased, but the result of the intercession [prayer on behalf of another person] of the Church is in the

    asked by Help pleaseee

    which of the following illustrates the impact trade had on eastern and southern Africa between the 800 and 1400? A. people living along the coast of east africa spoke Swahili *** B. southern africans practiced the religion of their ancestors C. nations

    asked by KYRA
  24. math

    Is each biconditional statement true or false? Select True or False for each statement. True False A polygon is a square if and only if the polygon has exactly four sides. A polygon has exactly five sides if and only if the polygon is a pentagon. A polygon

    asked by Tariq Abdo
  25. Geometry

    Which drawing shows the construction of a perpendicular bisector that is congruent to the solid line segment

    asked by Cindy
  26. history

    Drag and drop the events in the order in which Christianity spread across East Africa King Ezana became a Christian. Zagwa rulers carved large churches out of rock. Greco-Romans settled and spread Christianity. Christian churches were built along the coast

    asked by bird<:
  27. Math

    Six neighbors share four pies equally how much of a pie does each neighbor get

    asked by Jennifer
  28. Maths

    Find the area enclosed between the curves y=(x-1)^2 and y=5-x^2. Answer is 9. Thanks for any help provided

    asked by Fred
  29. trig

    The sun of galaxy X has a diameter of about 25,000 mi with a maximum distance from Planet​ X's surface of about 47,700,000 mi. Planet​ X's moon has a diameter of 6,603 mi. For a total solar eclipse to​ occur, the moon must pass between the sun and

    asked by plz plz plz help
  30. Organic Chemistry

    For molecular vibrations, the frequency of a stretching vibration is given by the following equation: Frequency (wavenumber) = 4.12 × √(K/) where K is the force constant of the bond and  (reduced mass) = (m1m2)/(m1+m2), where m is the mass of the

    asked by Nathaly
  31. maths

    show me the answer

    asked by dushimyimana regis
  32. biology

    what is over population

    asked by dushimyimana regis
  33. Physics

    An artificial satellite is orbiting the earth at altitude 500km . A bomb is released from the satellite . this bomb will

    asked by Shikhar singj
  34. history

    Fill In The Blank: The( blank) developed the most complex writing system in the Americas. Answer Choices Below: 1. Maya 2. Aztez*** 3. Olmec 4. Zapotec am i correct

    asked by Mel❤nie
  35. Physics

    A man starts with a velocity of 15m/s and moves with an acceleration of 2m/s^2.what distance does he cover in the fifth second? What distance does he cover in 10s

    asked by Evans
  36. social studies

    what was one environmental issues facing both the United states and Canada

    asked by dede
  37. SS

    Why did South Carolinians support the concept of popular sovereignty? advanced the plantation system in Kansas allowed slaves to be taken into any territory** showed that compromise was a peaceful way to solve problems was a plan

    asked by jack

    Fill In The Blank: The( blank) developed the most complex writing system in the Americas. Answer Choices Below: 1. Maya 2. Aztez*** 3. Olmec 4. Zapotec am i correct

    asked by Mel❤nie
  39. chemistry

    How much quantity is needed to prepare 250ml of 0.1M Hydrochloric Acid Solution from commercially available 35%Hydrochloric Acid.(density=1.16)?

    asked by Mosharrof
  40. Spanish

    Which of the following is used as a term of affection in Mexico? A) mijito B) Buena Onda C) cajeta

    asked by Kathleen
  41. Math

    There are three red paperclips five yellow paper clips six silver paper clips in a jar what is the ratio of the total number of paperclips to the number of red paperclips a 14 to 3 1111 to 3 see 3 to 11 day 3 to 11

    asked by Anna
  42. Math

    Which of the following ratios is equivalent to 1215 4510 to 1260 to 86 60/45

    asked by Anna
  43. Math

    An airplane travels 226 miles in two hours at that rate how far with the airplane travel in eight hours and 56.5 miles be 904 miles C 1356 miles D 1808 miles

    asked by Anna
  44. Math

    I have a math question that I am somewhat confused on that I need a bit of help with please. What is the shortest possible perimeter for an arrangement with an area of 15 square feet? How do I go about figuring this out?

    asked by Jake
  45. Math

    Solve the proportion y/22 equals 3/11

    asked by Anna
  46. Math

    The length of a dog on a scale drawing is 9 cm if the scale is 1 cm the 6 cm what is the actual length of the dog a 15 cm be 30 cm see 54 cm D108 cm

    asked by Anna
  47. Math

    The distance between Mountain View and crown top is 6.5 inches on a map if the scale on the map is 1 inch equals 25 miles what is the actual distance between the two towns 831.5 miles be 16.5 miles see 162.5 miles D 1 165 miles

    asked by Anna
  48. Math

    The distance between Mountain View and crown top is 6.5 inches on a map if the scale on the map is 1 inch equals 25 miles what is the actual distance between the two towns a 31.5 miles be 16.25 miles C1 162.5 miles D1 165 miles

    asked by Anna
  49. Math

    If 14 out of 20 people like chocolate milk what percent of people do not like chocolate milk

    asked by Anna
  50. Math

    A photocopy was made of Julie’s watercolor painting the photocopy resize the paining so that it measured 4 inches wide by 7 inches long if the actual paining is 16 inches wide what is it swing oh my God shut up all in one hit the window order it must be

    asked by Anna
  51. All of the Above

    I know this is not a question, but make sure that you guys go over your answers. I have gotten a few wrong, just because I didn't go through my answers.

    asked by Some Advice
  52. Us History

    how sectionalism affects economics and politics in the United States today. I'm not sure how to answer this, please help me if you can

    asked by Latanya
  53. math

    (2u3 - 7u + 4u2 - 9) - (-7u + 2u3 - 9 + 4u2)

    asked by logan
  54. Math

    I have 210 people say football was your favorite sport to watch how many people were surveyed if 42% were surveyed

    asked by Bella
  55. Math

    Natalie pit 135 berries in 15 minutes if she continues picking at that rate how many total minutes will it take her to pick 486 Barry’s I got 32.4 minutes is that right

    asked by Bella
  56. Math

    Solve the proportion 16/50 equals X over 156.25 do you cross multiply or divide

    asked by Bella
  57. MWS

    What was one event that helped make the united states a world power?

    asked by Jordyn!
  58. Algebra

    There are 6 runners in a race.There will be a first - place and a second - place awarded. In how many different ways can the 2 prizes be awarded.

    asked by Thelma Jackson
  59. Language Arts

    5. Which sentence contains a predicate noun? A. The walk through the tunnel was eerie* B. I bought Mom a cookbook for her birthday C. My dog is the master of the household D. The ground is very uneven 6. Which sentence contains a predicate adjective? A.

    asked by Anon
  60. Geography

    why do earthquakes occur along the San Andreas Fault ?

    asked by Michael
  61. Geography

    Which of the following causes Earth’s plates to move continuously?

    asked by Michael
  62. Ancient Civilization

    How did Nubia's physical features affect civilisation in the region

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Literature

    The first time Melinda and her mother visit Melinda's father , they do not go to disneyland because

    asked by Michael
  64. Math

    Find the next three terms in the sequence

    asked by Michael
  65. Texas State History

    Which of the following statements best describes the Galveston hurricane? A- Advance warning of the storm led many people to evacuate the island. B- Although it was very costly, loss of life was minimal C- It was considered the deadliest natural disaster

    asked by Anon
  66. Chemistry

    If you try to move a piano and are unable to move it, did you perform any work in the scientific sense of the word? yes or no? I think Yes

    asked by Squirrelheart
  67. Math

    Functions unit 1

    asked by Michael
  68. MATH

    asked by thealmighty_.k
  69. math

    Eight more than the product of 24 and Greg's score

    asked by james
  70. Math

    Can someone check if I'm correct please. 13 + w/7 = -18 (7)13+(7)w/7= (7)-18 91 + w = -126 91-91 + w = (91)-126 w = 217 Thanks!

    asked by JJ
  71. Social studies

    please help me! What factors made the Tang capital of Chang'an a center of culture and trade? Select all that apply. A.It welcomed foreigners and their beliefs. B.It based its trade on the merit system. C.It was the center of silk production. D.It was

    asked by Bamboo
  72. History

    Howdy! Could yall check my answer real quick? 1. What economic effect did the Great Western Trail have on the development of Texas? A) The trail helped cowboys find new jobs. B) The trail allowed for cattle to be sold in faraway markets.*** C) The trail

    asked by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  73. Government

    With Schumpeter's theory of "creative destruction" in mind, what might be the next technological wave that will change or significantly influence the Texas economy? Why?

    asked by Ally
  74. science help plzzz

    Which of the following best describes an atom? A protons and electrons grouped together in a random pattern B protons and electrons grouped together in an alternating pattern C a core of protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons D a core of electrons

    asked by wow
  75. Math

    Find the area of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. A circle with radius measuring 3 point 5 centimeters A. 22.0 cm² B. 38.5 cm² C. 11.0 cm² D. 42.8 cm²

    asked by Anonymous
  76. math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Solve the proportion. 16 50 = x 156 . 25 pls i need help

    asked by bird<:
  77. algebra

    Write the equation of vertical the line through LaTeX: (-4,-12) ( − 4 , − 12 ) in standard form. Show all of your work.

    asked by Woody
  78. Physis

    A car travelling at 30mls overcome a frictional resistance of 100n while moving. What is the power of the engine

    asked by Deborah
  79. Math

    A student weighs her hamsters two at a time. Sandy and white ears weigh 209 g together. White ears and sport weigh 223 g together. Sandy and sport weigh 216 together. How much does each hamster weigh?

    asked by Jasmin

    The most heavily populated areas of africa are found ______ A. in the rainforests *** B. in the deserts C. in areas with poor soil D. near sources of water

    asked by KYRA
  81. history

    Which statement describes a characteristic of East Africa? A. Its mountainous region made East Africa difficult to protect itself from invaders........ B. After Christianity came to the region, Islam was no longer practiced after the 1000s. C. Through

    asked by bird<:
  82. ela

    it was raining red and green hats

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Art

    A curator decides to display an eighteenth-century painting in a windowless room with controlled temperature and humidity. Pick the answer that best describes the reasons for her choice: A. The curator wants to make sure that the temperature and humidity

    asked by John
  84. English

    Success is counted sweetest by Emily Dickinson 1 Success is counted sweetest 2 By those who ne’er succeed. 3 To comprehend a nectar 4 Requires sorest need. 5 Not one of all the purple Host 6 Who took the Flag today 7 Can tell the definition 8 So clear of

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    Ms. Sue i know we had our differences in the past and im sorry but i need help here is the question if 30 sixth graders own birds how many sixth graders were surveyed theirs a pie graph with 5% reptiles 5% birds 10% fish 35% cats and 45% dogs.

    asked by just call me gabe
  86. Math

    If I weigh 56 pounds and my backpack weighs 12.2 pounds, what percentage is that?

    asked by Candee
  87. Texas history

    Which of the following statements best describes the Galveston hurricane, A. Advance warning if the storm led many people to evacuate the island B. Although it was very costly loss of life was minimal C. It was considered the deadliest natural disaster

    asked by Pugs
  88. History!

    I think we can all agree on the fact that Andrew Jackson was one of the most amazingly awesome individuals who ever graced the pages of an American history textbook, for good or ill. Imagine that you’ve been able to invent a time-machine (I know, I know,

    asked by
  89. History

    How did the Edsa Revolution End in The Philippines? I cannot find how it ended

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Can you help me

    Not a riddle plz help ~I am 12 years old in the year 2019 ~My birthday is September 16th,2006 ~I am In 7th grade Now that you know this My Tea

    asked by Cheyenne King
  91. History

    Describe how political and social events in England motivated groups of people to explore new lands.

    asked by faith
  92. Math

    The annual inflation rate is 3.1% per year. If a movie ticket costs $10.50 today, find a formula for f the price of a movie ticket t years from today, assuming that movie tickets keep up with inflation.

    asked by Joe
  93. precalculus

    solve for the domain, interval notation f(x)=(x+8)/(x^2 -49)

    asked by barney
  94. Setswana

    Tlhamo ka Fa nka falola marematlou ka dinaledi

    asked by Ogalaletseng
  95. calculus

    determine whether the improper integral diverges or converges. evaluate if it converges. integral of e^-xcosxdx from 0 to infinity i got the limit as b--> infinity for (-e^-xcosx + e^-xsinx) /2 Would I plug in my value for infinity and subtract it from the

    asked by lmao
  96. statistics

    if you charge an urban householder $209.50 per year for insurance, what is the largest profit you could earn on that one policy for the year? what is the largest possible loss for year?

    asked by karlyn
  97. precalculus

    find the average rate of change: f(x)=7x-6 (a,f(a)) and (b,f(b))

    asked by barney
  98. precalculus

    can cot ever equal -0.5 ? my teacher never covered it, and i don't think it can?

    asked by allison
  99. Statistics

    If we wish to have a 98% confidence interval, what would be the value of α/2? Show how you arrived at this Answer.

    asked by Octavia
  100. Statistics

    If a population has a standard deviation σ of 25 units, what is the standard error of the mean if samples of size 100 are selected?

    asked by Octavia
  101. math

    liza arranged 66 roses in seven vases. some vases had 6 red roses and the others had 12 pink roses. how many vases had red roses?

    asked by marlon
  102. math

    The population of a southern city follows the exponential law. If the population doubled in size over 28 months and the current population is 70 comma 000​, what will the population be 4 years from​ now?

    asked by john