Questions Asked on
January 26, 2019

  1. Calculus

    Find the distance, in meters, a particle travels in its first 10 seconds of travel, if it moves according to the velocity equation v(t)= 49 − 9.8t (in meters/sec) a) -49 b)0 c) 245 d) 441

    asked by Alice
  2. History

    Review the sentence. The period during the Neolithic era when nomadic hunters began farming is called the __________. Which accurately completes the sentence? First Agricultural Revolution Invention of Farming Paleolithic Revolution First Irrigation

    asked by Ryder C
  3. History

    Which best describes how the Scientific Revolution impacted people’s views about politics and government? (Select all that apply.) Government became understood as a natural process that could be changed and improved upon. Citizens believed that they

    asked by Alice
  4. Calculus

    Find the velocity, v(t), for an object moving along the x-axis if the acceleration, a(t), is a(t) = cos(t) − sin(t) and v(0) = 3. a) v(t) = sin(t) + cos(t) +3 b) v(t) = sin(t) + cos(t) +2 c) v(t) = sin(t) - cos(t) +3 d) v(t) = sin(t) - cos(t) +4

    asked by Alice
  5. Physics

    What happens when an electron travels through an electric field? Will its speed remain constant or will it accelerate? The initial velocity is in the same direction as the electric field.

    asked by Ichi
  6. Physics

    Two points, P and R, are equidistant from the positively charged object, A. They are on opposite sides of the charged object. Is the electric field at point R equal in magnitude and direction when compared to point P? Or is it equal in magnitude but

    asked by Sara
  7. Bio organic chemistry

    Explain how to use the valence shell electron pair repulsion model to predict the bond angles and geometry about atoms of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen

    asked by Christelle
  8. Precalculus

    How do i solve this problem? Find the polar form of the complex number where the argument satisfies 0≤θ≤2π. 0+3i

    asked by Shadow
  9. Math

    Please solve these word problem. During a triathlon, Sharon swam 1/4 of the total route and cycled 3/5 of the remaining route. She jogged the rest of the route.If she jogged 3600 m, find the total distance of the route.

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  10. Social Studies

    1) How has Mexico's culture been shaped by conflict among different people? Be sure to name the groups involved in the conflict , describe the conflict , and explain how the conflict shaped Mexico's culture? 2) How has Mexico's culture been shaped by

    asked by Hi😱
  11. Chemistry

    Potassium tetraoxalate has the formula H2C2O4.KHC2O4.xH2O. 1.923 g of the above compound was neutralized by 22.7 mL of 1.000 M NaOH using phenolphthalein as the indicator. Calculate the value of x in the formula.

    asked by Sarah
  12. History

    Can someone recommend me some topics of american women and work between 1600-1935. Thank you

    asked by Megan
  13. science

    A series RL circuit contains two resistors and two inductors. The resistors are 33 W and 47 W. The inductors have inductive reactances of 60 W and 30 W. Angle theta is _____.

    asked by brett
  14. Electrical theory

    A series RL circuit contains two resistors and two inductors. The resistors are 27 W and 47 W. The inductors have inductive reactances of 50 W and 40 W. The applied voltage is 120 V. What is the voltage drop on the inductor that has 40 W of reactance?

    asked by sam
  15. Algebra

    Tina is 3 years younger than Tom. The ages are in the ratio 2:3. Find their ages.

    asked by bobby
  16. Chemistry

    How many No.of ions of cadmium present in 3n moles of cadmium nitrate

    asked by Farhana
  17. Math

    A school has 720 pupils.One day,36 pupils were absent.What fraction of the pupils was present on that day?

    asked by Rediet
  18. physics

    A container is filled to the brim with 1.4 L of mercury at 20°C. The coefficient of volume expansion of mercury is 1.8☓10-4 (°C)-1. As the temperature of the container and mercury is increased to 51°C, a total of 7.6 mL of mercury spill over the brim

    asked by Lis
  19. Science

    Tornadoes form in unusually violent thunderstorms when there is sufficient (1) instability and (2) wind shear present in the lower atmosphere. Elaborate on what does instability mean when discussing the formation of a tornado? A) dry air in the middle

    asked by Correct ✅
  20. Math

    Please these word problem. A box contained fruits such as apples, oranges and pears. 3/5 of the fruits were apples. 1/4 of the remaining fruits were oranges and the rest were pears. If there were 60 pears in the box, how many oranges were there?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  21. Ap World History

    Hello, I've always struggled with making a strong thesis in the start of my paragraph. I had two claims : 1. Both Christianity and Buddhism became widespread using missionary and conquests. 2. Christianity and Buddhism both became widespread because

    asked by Prizzy
  22. Math

    Please solve the word problem. Siti opened a 2-kg packet of flour. She used 4/9 of the flour to make a pizza. Then she used 2/7 of the remaining flour to make cakes. Find the mass of the packet of flour that she had left. Express your answer correct to 2

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  23. Science

    So in science we are doing cold packs, So we have to use water and the following.... Please help me choose one(have to get from 0 degrees to 5 degrees no higher no less or you will fail) 1. Urea 2. Potassium Chloride 3. Ammonium Chloride 4. Sodium Chloride

    asked by Fireheart
  24. Math

    Please solve problems. Joanne earns $720 a week. She spends 1/3 of her money on rent and 3/4 of the remaining money on groceries. How much money does she spend on both rent and groceries?

    asked by Tabassum sultana
  25. Algebra

    a car rental agency advertised renting a car for $27.95 per day and $0.28 per mile. if greg rents this car for 2 days how many whole miles can he drive on a $100 budget?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. statistics

    how to calculate the approximate temperature of P92 in statistic

    asked by Marie
  27. math

    write my point for me boys should help in the kitchen

    asked by Mary
  28. Sociology

    What are some of the theories of August Comete? What are some of the theories of Harriet Martineau?

    asked by Michelle Andres