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January 23, 2019

  1. science

    Which choice correctly describes the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum? The waves within the electromagnetic spectrum are all longitudinal waves which move at the same speed in a vacuum. The waves within the electromagnetic spectrum are longitudinal

    asked by dianni
  2. science

    Which of the following arrangements will create an image larger than the object? a diverging lens with the object placed between the focal point and the lens a converging lens with the object placed between the focal point and the lens a converging lens

    asked by dianni
  3. math

    What two positive consecutive integers have a product of 72?

    asked by logan
  4. Chemistry

    The units of parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb) are commonly used by environmental chemists. In general, 1 ppm means 1 part of solute for every 106 parts of solution. (Both solute and solution are measured using the same units.)

    asked by qwerty
  5. Algebra

    Which are the correct answers? In a certain candy factory, the amount of candy bars produced annually is double the amount from the year before. This relationship can be described by: Select one: a. a linear function b. an exponential function Question 5

    asked by anonymous
  6. history

    What led to the passage of the Pendleton Act? The government wanted to curb immigration. Voters wanted an end to Reconstruction. Government corruption was leading to overspending. Voters wanted an end to the spoils system. B?

    asked by michael
  7. career planning

    which of the following occupations relate to a skill category of words and literacy? select all that apply. a. educator** b. lawyer** c. marketing manager d. psychologist e. architect I think it's a and b

    asked by help me pls
  8. Business English

    Write a paragraph describing your attitudes toward writing. Use the following steps. Prewrite: Jot down a few of the words that come to mind when you think of writing. Think of any significant experiences you have had that have shaped your attitude toward

    asked by Christina
  9. Calculus

    Use two rectangles of equal width to estimate the area between the graph of f(x)=x+sin( πx) and the x-axis on the interval [4,8]. Evaluate the function at the mid-point of each rectangle to find each height. a) 20 b) 24 c) 26 d) 28 Thanks in advance

    asked by Alice
  10. middle schhool art

    1.the rule of thirds applies to performing arts as well as photography? A.true B.false

    asked by ayyyyy

    `1. What was the purpose of the Council of Trent? A. ****** to challenge church doctrine B. to punish members of the Inquisition C. to stop the spread of Protestantism D. to officially declare the Bible as the only source of God's truth 2.Which of the

    asked by 6th grade INCA student
  12. science

    The term used to describe how light is reflected from a mineral’s surface is A. glow. B. streak. C. density. D. luster. Which of the following is a quantitative property of minerals? A. cleavage B. hardness C. luster D. streak Which of the following is

    asked by SS_CPA
  13. Math help

    A bag of peanuts weighs 1/4 pound. How much do 1 1/2 bags weigh

    asked by Beesly
  14. math

    Harvey the wonder hamster can run 3 1 6 km 3 6 1 ​ km in 1 4 4 1 ​ hour. Harvey runs at a constant rate. Find his average speed in kilometers per hour.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. history

    How did Jacob Riis’s photos in How the Other Half Lives influence American citizens? Americans were disheartened by working conditions of children. Americans were concerned by corruption in politics. Americans were upset by the plight of the mentally

    asked by michael
  16. science

    a boat moves with a velocity of 15m/s N in a river which flows with a velocity of 8.0m/s W. Calculate the boat's resultant velocity with respect to due north.

    asked by Klari
  17. Social Studies

    Which of the following groups has caused ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan? A. the Sinhalese majority B. Naxalites C. Kashmiri Sikhs D. the Taliban

    asked by eyo
  18. english 11

    improving vocabulary skills textbook chapter 11 sentence final check answers blatant

    asked by rasheed
  19. Math

    Solve the inequality for u. 25>u+3 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Barr
  20. Calculus HELP ASAP

    Listed below are four types of functions. Which does not possess a derivative of the same type? a) exponential function b) logarithmic function c) sinusoidal function d) linear function e) NO RESPONSE

    asked by Anonymous
  21. science

    A radio wave travels through space with a frequency of 2 x 104 Hz. If the speed of the radio wave is 3 x 108 m/s, what is the wavelength of this wave? 6 x 1012 m 1.5 x 104 m 1 x 104 m 6.7 x 10-4 m Can someone show me how to solve this?

    asked by dianni
  22. History

    During the 1920s why did suburbs begin to emerge and there was a lack of housing in the city be more jobs are located in the suburbs see there were a better education opportunities for families with children D affordable cars made the suburban is more

    asked by Anna
  23. Animation

    1. Music is shown to almost never evoke powerful emotions True False (My answer **) 2. Who pioneered the use of sound techniques that were developed from those used in radio dramas and meant to simulate real sounds? A)Thomas Edison (*** My Answer***)

    asked by Ilovemusic
  24. Math

    1/10x3/4= A. 15/2 B.2/15 C. 3/40*** D.40/3 4/5 of 40 1/3 of 3 A. 1/18 B. 1/3 C. 1*** D. 1/9 Betty had 1/7 yard of ribbon. She used 1/6 of it. How many yards of ribbon did she use? A. 42*** B. 7/6 C. 1/42 D. 6/7 You have 4 pounds of clay. You are going to

    asked by Beesly
  25. math

    melanie has a set of cubes. each cube has a measure of 2 inches on each edge. if 27 of the cubes completely fill a box, what is the volume of the box? A 108 cu in. B 216 cu in.*** C 54 cu in. D 27 cu in.

    asked by HELP ME
  26. math

    Lucy's hockey team sells candy bars at 2$ each. It costs the team 50 cents to purchase each bar, with a fixed shipping cost of $35. How many bars must be sold for the team to earn 100$? what is the formula i use?

    asked by David
  27. Math

    Natasha had 2356 beads, Lydia had 1176 beads and moon had 1708 beads at first. After they each used an equal number of beads, Natasha had 3 times as many beads left as Lydia. how many beads did each of them use

    asked by Anonymous
  28. art

    aesthetics refers to what an individual finds beautiful. what about this image would most likely be considered beautiful? A. the serene landscape B. the graphic battle scene C. the city scene in the background D. the reference to a historic moment the

    asked by boiiiiiii
  29. math

    The average of 1/5 and other two numbers out of which one is the half of the other is 1/4. What is the smallest fraction out of unknowns.

    asked by Anna
  30. Integrated Science

    How did Mendeleev organize the elements in the periodic table? A) By decreasing atomic mass from left to right and top to bottom B) By decreasing atomic # from left to right and top to bottom C) By increasing atomic # from left to right and top to bottom

    asked by Kaylee
  31. Physics

    To lift an object weighing 21000 N how much force is needed on a piston,with an area of .60 m2, if the platform being lifted has an area of 3.0m2?

    asked by Anonymous dude
  32. Math (One Step Inequalities)

    It costs $100 to join a fitness center plus a monthly fee. You spent $700 last year at the fitness center. How much was the monthly fee? Write and solve an equation to determine the monthly fee.

    asked by arinoodle
  33. Math

    The circle graph below shows the number of hours per week of college students spend studying each subject of a college court curriculum art 10 hours PE six hours math nine our English five hours history 13 hours approximately what percent of these hours is

    asked by Anna
  34. SS help

    Who served under nelson commanding the glatton 1801? i have no idea

    asked by leapordclaw
  35. Calculus

    A function y with the property that y = -y′' is?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Social studies

    Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India? A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing Which was the eventual outcome of the conflict between East Pakistan and West Pakistan in 1971? A. India

    asked by Beesly
  37. math

    Sara works 40 hours per week and earns $660. Which graph shows the unit rate for this situation?

    asked by jeanine
  38. history

    which statemnt proves that the 1970s oil crisis had a positive effect on texas

    asked by dog
  39. social studies

    i had to send the questions over. 9.Look at the cause-and-effect diagram. It illustrates an important process in early European history. A cause and effect diagram is shown. In the Cause bubble there is a question mark. In the Effects bubble the following

    asked by thealmighty_.k
  40. social studies

    Drag the phrase to the country it describes. Some answers may be used more than once. Kenya India Algeria Malaya home to nationalist movement led by Mohandas Gandhi ruled by the French ruled by the British Religious riots broke out here during independence

    asked by abby
  41. History

    what was the main reason the Comanche began raiding the Texas frontier? Americans where hostile towards the Comanche , so they intended to fight back The Comanche wanted to show other Indian tribes in the region they were strong The Comanche you were

    asked by Wowza
  42. history

    In the Homestead Strike, __________. the union wanted to prevent Carnegie Steel from discouraging workers from joining a union the Industrial Workers of the World demanded change in conditions for copper miners the American Federation of Labor demanded an

    asked by michael
  43. History

    Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India? A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing Which was the eventual outcome of the conflict between East Pakistan and West Pakistan in 1971? A. India

    asked by Beesly

    PB(N03)2+2NACL~ PBCL2+2NAN0

    asked by BEM
  45. Anatomy

    Can you safely assume you are not allergic to a poison sumac plant if you have come in contact with it and 12 hours later you still have not developed a rash? Why or why not. I do not think you should assume that you are resistant to poison sumac just

    asked by Dave
  46. Math Geometry

    Compare the phrases "complement of an event" and "complement of an angle." Describe how you think these phrases are similar and different. Why do you think they are both called a "complement?"

    asked by Miso
  47. Math

    asked by thealmighty_.k
  48. ELA

    What conclusion can you draw from the details in these lines from "Life"? Life is but a toy that swings on a bright gold chain / Ticking but for a little while A.The speaker thinks that life is a toy. B. The speaker thinks that life is short. C. The

    asked by HobiHoe
  49. math graphing please help

    which graph response the solution to the given system? y=-x+5 y=1/4x+10

    asked by roeeeee

    asked by theeeeylovekikii
  51. physics

    You weigh 730 N. What would you weigh if the Earth were two times as massive as it is and its radius were six times its present value? Answer in units of N.

    asked by ally
  52. history

    Read this statement. By the year 1870, every state had locally controlled __________. Which of the following statements best finishes the sentence? tax-supported schools for elementary-aged school children normal schools that trained their own teachers

    asked by michael
  53. physics

    On the way to the moon, the Apollo astronauts reach a point where the Moon’s gravitational pull is stronger than that of Earth’s. Find the distance of this point from the center of the Earth. The masses of the Earth and the Moon are 5.98 × 1024 kg and

    asked by ally
  54. Math

    1. -2v - 7 = -23 A. 15 B. 8 C. -8 D. -15 Can someone pls explain this to me?

    asked by Conexus Student
  55. LA

    What are the differences between saltwater and freshwater fish? I have to write a compare and contrast essay

    asked by Beesly
  56. Calculus

    Express the um using sigma notation: 1 +3/4 +5/9+ 7/16+ 9/25

    asked by Alice
  57. social studies

    how do layers b and d compare in age? if rock layers between b and d have eroded away,what is the boundary between b and d called

    asked by jij
  58. geography

    What type of government did Russia have under the Soviet Union? A.democratic B.communist C.republic D.monarchy

    asked by xxx
  59. Science

    Which is most likely to be part of an ionic bond? A. an atom with no valence electrons B. an atom with one valence electron C. an atom with two valence electrons D. an atom with three valence electrons

    asked by Anonymous
  60. history

    Why was the Olmec head carvings important?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Calculus

    Find the value of "f" on the top "9" and in the botton "1" x^2dx using four rectangles of equal width, with each left end-point used to find the height of each rectangle. a) 2(1+9+25+49) b) 2(9+25+49+81) c) 0.5(1+9+25+49) d) 0.5(9+25+49+81)

    asked by Alice
  62. english

    four types of conflict in the genre fiction I need help i got 2 out of the 4 which are Internal and external

    asked by gaaaa
  63. health

    What is the importance of wearing sunglasses all year long? A. They block the amount of light that gets inside your pupils. B. They block the harmful UV rays that come from the sun. - i choose this C. They prevent your iris from getting bigger from the

    asked by cow
  64. History

    How is the Philippines involved in the Spanish American War

    asked by Anonymous
  65. statistics

    Please help with conditional probability problem? Over 50% of all engineers end up in management. An engineering firm needs project managers that understand the technical aspects of the product. A large firm is looking toward future needs. A look at

    asked by Alex
  66. math

    if you were to sketch a circle graph for the data shown in the table below, about what fraction of the circle would represent dogs? Cat: 43 Dogs: 35 Fish: 62

    asked by i like memes
  67. spanish

    how do you say gucci flip flops in spanish

    asked by pp gang
  68. Math

    1. -2v-7=-23

    asked by Lu
  69. algebra

    There are four test in the semester and each test has equal value. The first three tests had scores of 70, 85, and 75. What score do I need on the final test to get and A for the course?

    asked by Joe
  70. Physic

    What is the power of an engine that pulls a automobile at asteady speed of 10m/s along a level road

    asked by Mahesh kumar
  71. Math

    Mary bought 2 vangaurd sheets each measuring 70 cm by 90 cm. She cut out square cards of identical size from the vangaurd sheets such that there was no wastage. a) What is the largest possible length she cut out? b)What is the total number of square cards

    asked by Jeff Dubinksky
  72. math

    Five square flower beds each of sides 1m are dug on a piece of land 5m long 4m wide . What is the area of remaining part of land?

    asked by Rahul
  73. history

    When did Mexico gainn its independence from spain? This is a short answer, so, there are no answers I can give

    asked by user 1
  74. Geography

    Which of the following is a similarity between Christianity and Islam? Belief in one God - monotheism Belief in Karma Belief in many Gods - polytheism

    asked by Røse
  75. math

    Write the ratio in simplest form. 20 in : 46 in

    asked by Anonymous
  76. world history 9

    How was the Song dynasty able to continue its prosperity despite threats from the north? A. More productive farming created a surplus of food, which could be sold. B. The government’s issuance of paper money created more wealth. C. Technological

    asked by Blueface
  77. Civics

    which would be an exception to the comity clause? A. buying and selling property in different states B. charging more money for out of state college tuition C. freely travelling between states D. recognizing all marriages from all states PLS HELP

    asked by BigManJoe
  78. history

    what would happen to the world if the Nazi won both the world wars or at least one of the two world war

    asked by Anonymous
  79. social studies help me plz

    Which of the following would the Five Pillars of Islam require? A. going to a daily service at a mosque B. making an annual hajj C. donating money to a charity each year D. abstaining from eating on Wednesdays each week i think its either b or c i need

    asked by spearitt
  80. world history

    How was the Song dynasty able to continue its prosperity despite threats from the north? A. More productive farming created a surplus of food, which could be sold. B. The government’s issuance of paper money created more wealth. C. Technological

    asked by @realBlueface
  81. history

    if the Nazi won both the world war or one of the world war, how would the people's lifestyle would be like, around the world especially the neighboring countries of Germany.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Social studies

    Which of the following would the five pillars of islam require Unit 2 Lesson 6 A. Going to a daily service at mosque B. Making an annual hajj ***** C. Donating money to charity each year D. Abstaining from eating on Wensday each week PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    asked by Pumpkin
  83. chemistry help

    6A. For Scientist Albert, determine if the reaction and product is proportional. (1 pt) * Proportional Not proportional 6B. Please explain how you determined if the reaction and product is proportional, in Scientist Albert's table. (1 pt)

    asked by lun
  84. english

    What is the setting of the play? A. Italy B. England C. Spain

    asked by @realBlueface
  85. English

    Any tips on usage of who/whom?

    asked by LearningAgain
  86. Geography

    Which of the following was neither part of the Confederacy nor the Union? A. Minnesota B. Texas C. Michigan D. Calarado

    asked by Bro
  87. Math

    Write the percent as a decimal and as a fraction 215%. HELP ITS DUE NOW😳

    asked by Kaelyn
  88. math

    Lenora correctly factored the expression 2x2−11x+15 as (x−3)(2x−5). She then stated that the solutions to the equation 0=2x2−11x+15 are x=3 and x=5. Did Lenora find the correct solutions to the equation?

    asked by logan
  89. physical science grade11

    Define resultant vector

    asked by Bongisiphiwo
  90. math

    What are the solutions to the quadratic equation 3(x+5)(x−7)=0?

    asked by logan
  91. Math

    A car troubles 172 miles he’s in 7 gallons of gas at that rate how far can the car trouble using 42 gallons of gas 1032 miles 1548 miles 1204 miles 1376 miles

    asked by Anna
  92. Math

    Yesterday a parking lot had 60 cars parked in at one of the cars parked in the parking lot 40% more silver 14 more red and the rest were blue how many of the cars were blue 24 cars 38 cars 22 cars six cars

    asked by Anna
  93. Math

    Joe owns a sandwich shop. He charges $10.00 for two sandwiches and one drink and $6.50 for one sandwich and one drink. How much does Joe charge per sandwich? How much per drink?

    asked by Help
  94. Math

    Producing a musical costs $8,000 plus $300 per performance. One sold-out performance earns $700 income. If every performance sells out, how many performances are needed to break even?

    asked by Help
  95. Math

    Emily has 85 books on her bookshelf of those books 20% or mysteries 18 or adventure stories and the rest of fantasies what is the simple blood ratio of fantasies to total books on her bookshelf

    asked by Anna
  96. math

    Is 2y=2y all the way simplified? This isn't a question on a test by the way. I just need to figure this out to solve an equation I created.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Social studies

    Which reason best explains why areas of South Asia with arid climates aren't densely populated? A. The arid climates contribute to low air quality from pollution. B. Cities located in arid climates are negatively affected by floods from nearby rivers. C.

    asked by Beesly
  98. Math

    Producing a musical costs $8,000 plus $300 per performance. One sold-out performance earns $700 income. If every performance sells out, how many performances are needed to break even?

    asked by Help
  99. math

    Which equation shows a correct factored form of the quadratic equation 3x+28=x2?

    asked by logan
  100. Algebra

    12. Suppose U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10} is the universal set and M = {7, 8, 9,10}. What is M'? A.{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} B. {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10} C.cannot be determined D.{7, 8, 9, 10}

    asked by Algebra student
  101. Math

    A rectangle is 12in longer than it is wide. The perimeter is 68m. Write an equation and show steps to find its length and width. I need help figuring out what the equation would be. I found out that the length is 23 in and the width is 11 in, but I can't

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Educational Technology and online learning

    what is the main purpose of a graphic organizer???

    asked by Jordyn!
  103. Social studies

    Why did mass culture in the form of entertainment emerged in the 1920s?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    The quantity y is partly constant varies as the square x.write down the relationship between X and y.when X=1,y=11 and when X=2,y=5.find the value of y when X=4

    asked by Tola
  105. math

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? 4x = -12y + 16 and x + 3y = 4

    asked by Help
  106. Algebra

    Part 1: A rectangular garden has a walk around it of a width x. The garden is 20 ft by 15 ft. Write a function representing the combined area, A(x), of the garden walk. Write as a polynomial in standard form. Part 2: Use the function you came up with in

    asked by Jen
  107. Algebra

    Part 1: A missile is shot upward from a submarine 1440 feet below sea level at an initial velocity of 528 ft/sec. A function that approximates the height of the missile (relative to sea level) is given by: h(t) = -16t^3 + 528t - 1440 where h(t) is the

    asked by Bil
  108. social studies

    9.Look at the cause-and-effect diagram. It illustrates an important process in early European history. 10.How had the role of monasteries changed by the 1200s?

    asked by thealmighty_.k