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January 22, 2019

  1. world history

    Which option accurately describes key events of Peter the Great’s reign? His reign involved the Northern War, gaining access to the Baltic, and founding a new capital in St. Petersburg. His reign involved a disastrous invasion of England in 1812, and he

    asked by Chris
  2. math

    Which system of inequalities is represented by the graph? A system of inequalities is graphed on a coordinate plane. One line passes through left parenthesis negative 5 comma 3 right parenthesis and left parenthesis 0 comma 8 right parenthesis. The second

    asked by venusthedalek
  3. history

    Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that came first to the event that occurred last. England develops a strong monarchy. The Normans invade England. Germanic tribes settle in the east of Britain. England develops a standardized system

    asked by i need help quick

    1. Use the image below to answer the following question. At which position does the diver have the most gravitational potential energy? (1 point) 1 2 3 4 2. How does the gravitational potential energy of Coaster A compare with that of Coaster B?(1 point)

  5. social studies

    Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate? A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People

    asked by Marcus Taylor
  6. Social studies

    What was the Silk Road? A- trade route that connected China to the Mediterranean Sea B- a road constructed by Russia to unite territories C- a route used primarily by missionaries to spread Christianity D- a road nomads used to hunt bison There’s 15

    asked by Crisome
  7. ed tech

    1. What should you do at the end of each study session? (1 point) a. Leave your work area as it is. b. Put all items back where they belong and organize your notes and books. c. Put everything in drawers so your area looks clean. d. Put all papers and

  8. Ed Tech

    1) Which of the following options will allow you to insert a quick table? (1 point) A. Insert ribbon > Shapes drop-down menu B. Page Layout ribbon> Columns drop-down menu C. Insert ribbon > Table drop-down menu D. Page Layout ribbon > Breaks drop-down menu

    asked by Hi😱
  9. social studies PLS HELP!!!!!

    Which of the following BEST describes why civil war broke out between different ethnic and religious groups in Iraq? A. They disagreed about who should control certain cities and regions. B. They disagreed about whether Islam should be the country's

    asked by jij
  10. Music

    Music Lesson 13: Building Blocks Unit Test CE 2015 Exploring Music I Unit 2: Building Blocks PerformanceCEMusic-Performance I really need help. 1.Which word do the following notes spell? E.G.G A.EGG B.AGE C.FAD D.BED 2.A sharp raises a note by A.a whole

    asked by jonanc_05
  11. algebra readiness

    Diedra saw a pole that was supported by a wire as shown. She calculated that the wire was 1625 feet long. Between which two numbers is the value of 1625 located? •16 and 17 •40 and 41 •400 and 410 •812 and 813 I need help from other connexus

    asked by student
  12. physics

    Consider a cloudless day on which the sun shines down across the United States. If 2312 kJ of energy reaches a square meter (m2) of the United States in one hour, how much total solar energy reaches the entire United States per hour? The entire area of the

    asked by anthony
  13. history/english

    Read the paragraph from President Jimmy Carter’s speech “Energy and the National Goals—A Crisis of Confidence.” I ask Congress to give me authority for mandatory conservation and for standby gasoline rationing. To further conserve energy, I’m

    asked by michael
  14. math

    You interview your family members at a picnic and record their ages and shoe sizes. The data is shown in the table. Which number describes how widely spread out their ages are? A) 10 B) 12 C) 17.9 D) 37 x (age) y (size) 8 7 9 8 10 9 8 9 14 9 15 11 10 10 33

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math/Geometry

    classify the pair of angles there are two triangles that are both 30 degrees. A.adjacent B.complementary C.supplementary D. None of these

    asked by Lei
  16. World History

    How did Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee help produce a Red Scare? A. They effectively campaigned to ease media censorship and allow for broader inclusion of different political views. B. They arrested and prosecuted thousands

    asked by Miso
  17. world history

    Which option accurately describes how religious practices of the Aztecs affected their culture? Aztec priests ensured good agricultural fortune by using captured slaves to build hundreds of terracotta sculptures. Aztec priests ensured good agricultural

    asked by eihtur
  18. History

    Following the Glaveston hurricane of 190 residents adapted to their environment by A- raising much of the city to prevent future flooding B- moving all the buildings a half mile from the coast C-leaving the island and moving to cities such as Houston D-

    asked by Hello
  19. English

    __________ playing the chords improved our performance. He His Him He's

    asked by Majestic
  20. tech and ela GACA

    for questions 1-3 use context clues to determine the meaning of the bold underlined word (;;;) Vehicles ;;;depreciate;;; in value quickly unless they are classic antiques or unique cars which may increase their value decrease in value*** classic quickly

    asked by techno
  21. Math

    Lesson 7 unit 7 math answers

    asked by Taylor_girly
  22. physics

    A pupil pushes a wheelbarrow carrying 30kg sand it accelerates from rest to 2m/s in the distance of 1m. If the friction is on the wheelbarrow is 0.5n find accelaration

    asked by francis
  23. Math

    Aisha wants to build a fence for the goat exhibit. She has 14 meters of fencing. Draw two ways that Aisha could build the fence.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    Which graph represents this system of inequalities? y ≤ 2x + 3 3x + y ≤ –2

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Science

    I need help on Part B Unit 1 Lesson 5 for connexus. ALL THE QUESTIONS PLEASE

    asked by Hello
  26. Geometry

    1. Find the circumference of the circle. Round to the nearest tenth. Graphic 6,361.7 in. 83.7 in. 282.7 in.2 282.7 in. 2. In the diagram, ΔTUV ≅ ΔWXV. Find WV. Graphic 45° 3 m 4.2 m 2.4 m 3. You want to construct a segment XY-segment congruent to

    asked by Ivan That Russian Guy
  27. astronomy

    Earth is spinning at 1670 km/h at the equator. Use this number to find Earth’s equatorial diameter.

    asked by Holly
  28. geometry

    19 or 20. Describe the sequence of transformations from quadrilateral ABCD to A’B’C’D’. The graph is 10 by 10 (the x and y coordinates go to 10 and negative 10 at maximum). A is at -8,8 B is at -2,8, C is at -8,4 and D is at -2,4. A' is at 2,-10 B'

    asked by Anon
  29. Science

    Use the diagram to answer question 1. a wavelength graph with arrows pointing away from x to the lines representing the height or highest points on the graph in each direction What wave property is labeled x? A. frequency B. amplitude C. wavelength D. wave

    asked by your #1 daddy
  30. Algebra

    What expression gives the solutions of -5+2x^2=-6x?

    asked by Nick
  31. history/english

    Read the excerpt from President Jimmy Carter’s speech “Energy and the National Goals—A Crisis of Confidence.” But after listening to the American people, I have been reminded again that all the legislation in the world can’t fix what’s wrong

    asked by michael

    The pressure, p, of a gas varies inversely with its volume, v. Pressure is measured in units of pa. Suppose that a particular amount of a gas is initially at a pressure of 126 pa at a volume of 52L. If the volume is expanded to 168L, what will the new

    asked by Rianda l
  33. world history

    In the 1910 Mexico presidential election, a writer and reformer named Francisco Madero challenged Porfirio Diaz for the office (1). When Diaz saw that Madero might win the election, he had the reformer arrested on false charges and declared himself the

    asked by kristina
  34. Math

    Express each fraction as the sum of two or three equal fractional parts. Rewrite each as a multiplication equation. Show part (a) on a number line. 6/11

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Mathematics

    Use Elimination Method To Solve This Simultaneous Equation 5V=11+3U 2U+7V=3

    asked by Francisca

    How did the French and Indian War contribute to new taxation policies in the American colonies? The American colonists sided with the British and agreed to pay higher taxes in order to help defeat the French army. The French government imposed higher taxes

    asked by petra m.
  37. history/english

    Read the excerpt from President Jimmy Carter’s speech “Energy and the National Goals—A Crisis of Confidence.” During the past three years I’ve spoken to you on many occasions about national concerns, the energy crisis, reorganizing the

    asked by michael
  38. world history

    How did the decline of the Roman Empire impact the rise of the Arab Empire in Spain? Huns ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell, and they were easily defeated by the Umayyads for control of Spain. The Abbasids ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell, and

    asked by eihtur
  39. Data Management

    In how many ways could 12 people be seated at a rectangular table if the two hosts must not sit together?

    asked by Hexafish
  40. math

    Joe owns a sandwich shop. He charges $10.00 for two sandwiches and one drink and $6.50 for one sandwich and one drink. How much does Joe charge per sandwich? How much per drink? What is the solution of the system? Use elimination. 3 − 2 = 5 −2 + = −3

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  41. math

    You flip a coin 20 times and get tails 15 times. You flip the coin 80 more times. What do you expect to happen to the experimental probability of getting tails as you increase the number of trials?

    asked by May
  42. history/english

    Which excerpts from “Energy and the National Goals—A Crisis of Confidence” most effectively support President Jimmy Carter’s perspective that if the American nation is to prosper, everyone needs to work together toward a common goal? (Select all

    asked by michael
  43. maths

    The 8th term of a Gp is ~7/32 find its common ratio if Its first term is 28

    asked by Dora
  44. world history 9

    Why did Japan adopt elements of Chinese society? A. They believed some Chinese practices were superior to theirs. B. The Chinese invaded Japan and forced their ways on the** Japanese. C. Korean success adopting Chinese customs convinced Japan to do

    asked by 1300..
  45. Government

    Which situation would not happen in a parliamentary form of government? A. The executive consults with the legislature about whether to declare war on a neighboring nation. B. The government dissolves when the ruling party cannot effect change on a major

    asked by Dom
  46. math

    Chris has a collection of 20 baseball cards and Kyle has collection of 40 baseball cards. Chris is adding 3 baseball cards per month to his collection while Kyle is adding one baseball card per month to his collection. After how many months will Chris and

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody

    In a chemistry lab, you have two vinegars. One is 20% acetic acid and one is 50% acetic acid. You want to make 200 mL of a vinegar with 30% acetic acid. How many milliliters (mL) of each vinegar do you need to mix together?

    asked by Mike
  48. Math

    Chris is driving his motorhome. It uses 4 gallons of gas for every 36 miles he travels. Complete the table below showing the number of gallons used and the distance traveled. Number of gallons | ? | 4 | 7 | ? | 10 | Distance (miles) | 9 | 36| ? | 81| ? |

    asked by Barr
  49. Math

    The sum of the first 10 terms of an arithmetic series is 145 and the sum of its fourth and ninth term is five times the third term. Determine the first term and constant difference

    asked by Linda

    the time, t, required to drive a certain distance varies inversely with the speed, r .if it takes 8 hours to drive the distance at 45 miles per hour , how long will it take to drive the same distance at 65 miles per hour?

    asked by Roe connexus
  51. Science

    Which of the following could not have happened as a pot of water boiled on the stove? A-Particle vibration increased. B-Particle vibration decreased. C-Particles moves farther apart. D-Particles moves randomly. If you have 8-15 as well that would be

    asked by 🦋
  52. Math

    Find the area (in square units) of each triangle described. 1. a = 8, c = 16, B = 60° 2. b = 6, c = 4 square root of 3, A = 30° 3. a = 1, b = 1, c = 1 4. a = 49, b = 33, c = 18

    asked by Nemo
  53. science

    What happens to the number of chromosomes per cell after meiosis? A.The number of chromosomes is reduced by half. B.The number of chromosomes doubles. C.The number of chromosomes stays the same.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    If term 3=15/16, term6= 5/18 and the last term is 40/729, find the number of terms in the sequence if the sequence is geometric

    asked by Linda
  55. Math

    Anoop buys a sofa set a cupboard and a dinnig table for rs30540.. Rs 1520 and rs14740 respectively if he sells the item for rs 24110,rs2700 and 13432 what was his percebtage gain or loss

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    Find the sum of the first 1001 terms excluding all multiples of 7

    asked by Linda
  57. Social studies

    What statement best support last American interest in isolationism

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Science

    I need a explanation of why u choose to put each career with the specific skill, make sure to support your answer with proper reasoning and examples. Provide two more additional skills needed for each career. I need the answer to have all the scientific

    asked by Ellie
  59. Math

    The image of point A(-2, 5) is point A’(1, -2) after a reflection over line k. The equation for line k is in the form y = mx + b. What is the value of m?

    asked by PT
  60. Science

    Hi, this may seem like a stupid question, but I'm making an animal cell model for a science portfolio and I need to know if there are specific colors I should use, or if there's certain colors needed for it. Thank you!

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  61. Biology

    So its only four questions - 1. This picture shows what concept involving the blending of traits? A. codominance | B. Incomplete dominance | C. Independent Assortment | D. segregations Picture - Top Left - Red flower | Top Right - White flower | Bottom

    asked by Help, PLEASE!
  62. IB Physics

    a wind turbine has a power output p when the wind speed is v. The efficiency of the turbine does not change. What is the wind speed at which the power output is p/2 I know the answer is v/cube root of 2 but I don't know how to get that answer. Can you show

    asked by Josh
  63. Geometry

    I need some help with this proof. This is the image link: h t t p s : / / p a s t e b o a r d . c o / H X I F 4 FJ . p n g The given is : C is the intersection point of segment AD and Segment EB. Segment AC and EC are congruent and

    asked by Matt
  64. Math

    If a, b ( b is greaterthan a) be the diameters of two concentric circles and 'c' be the length of a chord of a circle which is tangent to the other circle, then find the value of b in terms of a and c.

    asked by Yogita
  65. math

    If ∫ 0 on bottom 2 on top, f(x)dx=-3 and ∫ 0 on bottom 5 on top, f(x)dx=7 then ∫ 2 on bottom 5 on top, [4f(x)-1]dx= A.13 B.15 C.37 D. 39 Please help im confused

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    Carey has 25 to spend. He decided to buy a DVD for 10.25 and spend the rest on bags of popcorn. If each bag of popcorn costs 1.99, how many bags of popcorn can Carey buy? what is the answer to the question

    asked by INEEDHELP
  67. Physics.math,geography,

    Describ an experiment to determine an unknown resistance studing the precautions you would obtain an accurate result

    asked by Daniel
  68. Math help please

    2. If m ∠1=37 what is m ∠4? 50 40 35 25 I think its 50 If m ∠1=50 what is m ∠5? 50 40 35 25 I think its 50 again. I just need to check some answers please help me.

    asked by Michael
  69. Science

    The Scientific skills are: observation prediction, communication, classification, Evaluation, making inferences, making models. The real world careers are- Architect- Licensed to.Design and build things complexes, towns and more. Veterinarian- Treats and

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    What is 20% of 30 dollars? A-6 B-7 C-14 D-54

    asked by leapordclaw
  71. Math

    For her birthday, Ruthie got 4 math books and some other books, all different. From these, she chooses 2 math books and one other book to take on vacation. There are 30 different sets of books Ruthie could choose. How many books in all did she get for her

    asked by PT
  72. Math

    I NEED URGENT HELP WITH THIS QUESTION!!!! Question: The terms of a geometric sequence are 4x+1, x+4, and 10-x. Determine the value of x.

    asked by Lara
  73. Science

    I need a explanation of why u choose to put each career with the specific skill, make sure to support your answer with proper reasoning and examples. Provide two more additional skills needed for each career. I need the answer to have all the scientific

    asked by Jacelyn
  74. science

    If anyone knows the answer to lesson 4:gravitanal potential energy 10 answers test plz tell me im desperate

    asked by help
  75. geometry

    the perimeter of a angle is 40 inches the ratio of lengths is 3:4:6: find the shortest side lengths

    asked by jose
  76. Science

    A plane's average speed between two cities is 600 km/hr, if the trip takes 25hrs,how far does the plane fly?

    asked by Joan
  77. Maths

    A path is 60m long and 1.2m wide this path is required to lay by rectangular stones which are 12cm long and 7.5 cm broad find the number of stones required to lay the path

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    Given is the series 1+2+3+4+5+...+n Show that n(n+1)\2

    asked by Linda
  79. Math

    The number x is an integer such that x^2 > x^3. What can you conclude about the value of x??

    asked by Anonymous
  80. help wanted ads

    Is it legal for an employer to advertise an hourly rate of pay that is lower than that state's minimum wage?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    I am thinking of a counting number that is a multiple of 5, but not of 2 or of 3. It has either 2 digits or 3 digits, and no digit is greater than 5. How many numbers could I be thinking of?

    asked by PT
  82. enviromental science

    what process brings nitrogen into the biotic part of the nitrogen cycle

    asked by Kamlesh Patel
  83. Math

    Originally a merchant priced a bicycle to yield a markup was $36. Later in the season, the merchant reduced the selling price by 20%. Determine the final selling price.

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Social Studies

    what does it mean to have good commnication in a marriage?

    asked by A