Questions Asked on
January 17, 2019

  1. social studies

    How did the spoils system affect President James Garfield and his successor Chester A. Arthur?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Civic education

    How can good leaders protect its followers interest

    asked by Daramola
  3. History

    I need help within the hour thanks. Kaitlyn. Why did Arabic numerals replace Roman numerals? A.They were more accurate. B.They were based on the Quran. C.They made it easier to perform calculations.** D.They were easier to read. Which of the following were

    asked by Kaitlyn
  4. Social Studies

    I need Ms. Sue or write teacher or anybody with helpful info to help me with my homework!! Read the quotation. “The [collection] of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands . . . may justly be [called] the very definition of

    asked by Hi =)
  5. Social Studies

    Which of the following were among the most valuable trade goods produced in the Arab world? A.cotton textiles** B.silks C.furs D.spices

    asked by Palindrome Bob
  6. Engineering

    6. classical mechanics depends heavily on A. quantum leaps B. ancient theories C. general observations * D. mathematical solutions 7. a virus is a parasite because A. it hunts its prey * B. it only impacts plants C. it lives of other organisms D. it is the

    asked by a
  7. Algebra

    The height of a ball thrown upward on the moon with a velocity of 8 meters per second can be modeled by h=-0.8t^2+8t, where h is the height of the ball in meters and t is the time in seconds. At what times will the height of the ball reach 19.2 meters

    asked by Potatoes
  8. Math

    You may use a calculator to complete this assessment. Find the area for the following figure. Image of a trapezoid. Top horizontal measures 5 point 9 meters. Base horizontal measures 16 point 3 meters. A dashed vertical line measuring 4 point 6 meters

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    Cot 7.5 degree=?

    asked by Aurinam chandra
  10. Social Studies

    How did Joseph Stalin try to improve the Soviet Union’s economy under his five-year plans? Select all that apply. A. He placed the entire Soviet economy under government control.* B. He encouraged the Soviet people to embrace fascism.* C. He forced

    asked by Sophie P.
  11. Social Studies

    rag and drop the description to the appropriate person. fought the Huguenots was a Huguenot who converted to Catholicism ruled France as chief adviser to the king reduced the power of local nobles raised taxes goal was a “chicken in every pot” gave

    asked by Hi =)
  12. math

    Three students have made multiple measurements of the solubility of sodium chloride (in g of NaCl per 100 g of water). Their results are summarized in the table below. The correct value for the solubility of sodium chloride is 35.9 g. Nicole - first trial

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    A catapult launches a test rocket vertically upward from a well, giving the rocket an initial speed of 80.2 m/s at ground level. The engines then fire, and the rocket accelerates upward at 3.80 m/s2 until it reaches an altitude of 1180 m. At that point its

    asked by anthony
  14. Physics

    A cube of 10cm and mass 0.5kg floats in a liquid with only one-fifth of it's height about the liquid surface.what is the Relative density?

    asked by Akachukwu
  15. science

    at what temperature will 50g of nh4br produce a saturated solution when dissolved in 100 g of water

    asked by k
  16. Social studies

    Describe with suitable illustration science and technology in traditional society

    asked by Adebayo
  17. English

    Marco is overwhelmed by the rude customers, but he never loses his A. aplomb

    asked by Matt
  18. social studies

    Why did the United States wish to intervene in Latin America during the late 1800s and early 1900s?

    asked by waka
  19. Ed Tech

    When you see pop-ups while working on the computer, what should you do?( 1 point) A. Always click No. B. Read the text, and then choose the appropriate response.( my answer) C. Click outside the pop-up window to make the window disappear. D. Close the

    asked by Hi😱
  20. English

    Book: Nickel and Dimed Ehrenreich is somewhat surprised that low-wage workers in Minnesota aren’t treated better than low-wage workers in other states because A. Minnesota has a low unemployment rate B. it is a relatively liberal state and tries more

    asked by Matt
  21. social studies

    What leader fought apartheid in South Africa? A. Nelson Mandela B. Augusto Pinochet C. Jawaharlal Nehru D. Ayatollah Khomeini

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    solve the equation -9p - 17 = 10 plz help

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    PLEASE HELP! Specific hints would help alot A train blows its whistle to warn traffic of its approach. The sound waves are moving at a speed of 331 m/s. The frequency of the waves is 15 Hz. What is the wavelength?

    asked by Latoya
  24. Precalculus

    Becca bought a car in 2015 for $12,000. The value of the car depreciates by 16% each year. Write a function that expresses the example Thank you so much for the help :)

    asked by Ainsley
  25. Math

    Fiona is purchasing a condominium and is financing $305,000 with a 30-year 5/1 ARM at 4.65% with a 1/12 cap structure. What will her payments be at the beginning of year 6?

    asked by |-/
  26. Techonolgy

    Please help me I don't know this. 1. How do you view the edited document without the Track Changes markup? A. Select Accept All Changes in Document in the Accept drop-down menu. B. Click on Restrict Editing in the Protect group. C. Click on the Reviewing

    asked by Correct ✅
  27. math

    A right cylinder has a radius of 6 m and a surface area of 84 m². Find the surface area of a similar cylinder with a radius of 2 m

    asked by wilma
  28. Calculus

    A Calculus student bought 20 m of flexible garden edging (shown in green). He plans to put two gardens in the back corners of his parents' property: one square and one in the shape of a quarter circle. He will use the edging on the interior edges (shown in

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    A pie chart labeled Favorite Sports to Watch is divided into three portions. Football represents 42 percent, baseball represents 33 percent, and soccer represents 25 percent. If 210 people said football was their favorite sport to watch, how many people

    asked by Agent no one
  30. Analytical Chemistry

    Just curious: The melting point of pure benzoic acid and pure naphthol are 122.5 *C and 123 *C respectively. You are given a pure sample that is known to be either pure benzoic acid or 2- naphthol. Describe a procedure you will use to determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Social studies

    The Great Depression caused economic problems which helped FRANZ FERDINAND take control of Italy and ADOLF HITLER become the ruler of Germany. These totalitarian dictators promised that a MONARCH political system could fix their nations’ economies and

    asked by Yahaira D.
  32. Physics

    PLEASE HELP! Specific hints would help alot A train blows its whistle to warn traffic of its approach. The sound waves are moving at a speed of 331 m/s. The frequency of the waves is 15 Hz. What is the wavelength?

    asked by Anxious
  33. Math

    Candy is on sale for $0.75 each. You have a coupon for $0.25 off your total purchase. Write a function rule for the cost of n pieces of candy. A) C(n)= 0.25n - 0.75 B) C(n)= 0.75n - 0.25**** C) C(n)= 1.0n D) C(n)= 0.75n Am i Correct?

    asked by ZER0
  34. Math

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-4, 6); m=3/4 A. y-6=3/4x+4 B. y-6=3/4 (x+4) C. y-6=3/4 (x-4) D. y-6=3/4 (x+4)

    asked by BTS
  35. math

    at a city hospital, 40 boys and 50 girls were born yesterday. what is the experimental probabillity that the next baby born will be a girl

    asked by g
  36. math

    Find the unit rate. Enter your answer as a mixed number. A fertilizer covers 3 8 square foot in 1 6 hour.

    asked by chris
  37. physics

    how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of 0.05kg of water from 20-60 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    A pyramid has a height of 5 in. and a surface area of 90 in.². Find the surface area of a similar pyramid with a height of 10 in. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary

    asked by wilma
  39. English

    List and explain 10 functions of english language

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Calculus

    the relationship between the graphs f(x) and -f(x) is: a)a reflection about the line y=x b)a reflection in y-axis c)a reflection in x-axis d) a reflection of origin e) a reflection about the line y=-x

    asked by FS
  41. algebra

    Judith drove h hours at a rate of 55 mi/h. She did not reach her goal of driving 385 miles for the day. How long did she drive? (I can solve if I have the inequality but I can't figure out what that is.)

    asked by killian
  42. science

    In Guinea pigs, black fur (B) is dominant over white fur ( b). Cross a heterozygous (hybrid) black guinea pig with a homozygous (purebred) white guinea pig. Complete a Punnett square, identify genotype, phenotypes, and probability and fraction that the

    asked by Msantos
  43. Maths

    (1) If 10 men can make 12 tables in 6 days, how long would 6 men take to make 36 tables? (2) A family of 6 ate 240kg bag of rice in 10 days, in how many days will a family of 3 eat a 120kg bag of rice? (3) If 12 boys row a boat across a river 8km long in 5

    asked by Ande2
  44. Chemistry

    Please help me. 1. A chemist adds 25.0 mL of a 43.4 g/dL iron (ii) bromide (FeBr2) solution to a flask. Calculate the mas in gram of iron (ii) bromise the chemist has added to the flask. 2. A certain substance X has a normal boiling point of 100.3 C and

    asked by Katie
  45. English

    Which word in the following sentence is an ad today if Jack drugged home through deep snow drugged

    asked by Anna
  46. Social studies

    1: This is the largest landform in Canada. A: Interior Plaines B: Canadian Shield C: Canadian Cordillera D: Arctic Archipelago

    asked by help Asapppp
  47. chemistry

    In the sorensen phosphate buffer system, what is the monohydrogen phosphate to dihydrogen phosphate ratio that will give a pH of 8.2? How do I know which is [A-] and which is [HA]?

    asked by Veronica
  48. Algebra

    Renee took 3 minutes to walk from school to the store. She walked another 675 m at a speed of 75 m/min from the store to the library. Renee walked a total distance of 834 m a: Find the total time taken for the journey b: Find renee's average speed for the

    asked by Elaine Chrystefor
  49. Further mathematics

    Find the first bank term of a linear sequence is 3 and the 8th term is 3.1.find the common difference

    asked by Eric
  50. history

    Several US leaders wanted no part in imperialistic practices. Why did these officials think imperialistic policies were such a bad idea?

    asked by a
  51. geography

    what is the economic relationship between Europe and its nonrenewable resources.

    asked by virginia
  52. US History

    Why did Thomas Paine’s Common Sense inspire colonists? A. Paine listed ways to defeat British troops. B. Paine suggested creating a colonial House of Lords in Congress. C. Paine supported a gradual move toward independence from Britain. D. Paine talked

    asked by Latanya
  53. Math

    A store is having a 20%-off sale. It gives an additional 10% off if the item is still above $100 after the first discount. A jacket costs $149.99. Will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars will you save in total? The answers are: Yes;

    asked by ManGuyDude
  54. Math

    Find the area of a sector of a circle if the central angle measures 45° and the radius measures 12 inches. Leave your answer in terms of PI.

    asked by Willowmaker
  55. Art

    What are 3 facts to why N.C. Wyeth painted? (Each sentence must be at least 10 words long)

    asked by Barry Vacker
  56. History

    What was one of the first Soviet controlled countries to reestablish their freedom and independence after Détente? A.) Russia B.) Romania C.) Hungary D.) France I think it’s C but I could be wrong pls help

    asked by Kayla
  57. algebra

    Nine more than half the number n is no more than -8. Write an inequality and find n.

    asked by killian
  58. English

    When asked whether she had a criminal record, the job applicant felt she had to lie. A. expurgate

    asked by Matt
  59. kinematics

    A car starts from rest and reaches a speed of 8.4 m/s in 5.9 seconds. What is the acceleration?

    asked by destiny
  60. pre calculus and trigonometry

    already posted these questions but i could not find the post find all solutions from 0 degrees to 360 degrees 1. 4 sin^2x – 1 = 0 2. 2 sin^2x + sin x = 1 3. 2 sin^2x + 7 sin x = 4 4. cos x sin x + sin x = 0 5. 2 sin^2x - 1 = 0

    asked by nemo
  61. history

    Compare/Contrast the United States’ actions in the early 1900s with the United States’ actions in the early 2000s. How did our interactions with other countries change? How did they stay the same?

    asked by lily
  62. English

    Can you check this please Our job, it emerges from fragments throughout the day, is to keep ladies’ wear “shoppable.” Sure, we help customers (who are increasingly called “guests” here as well), if they want any help. At first I go around

    asked by Matt
  63. Chemistry

    What is the [H3O+] concentration of a pH 8.2 solution produced by a buffer made from acetic acid (pKa= 4.8) and sodium acetate?

    asked by Veronica
  64. Math

    Which is better to buy? 5 oranges for 1.60$ or 7 oranges for 2.45$ I think they are both good prices

    asked by U DONT KNOW ME
  65. Algebra

    cn= 12n - 11 A: 49,37,25,13,1 B: -1,-13,-25,-37,-49 C: 1,13,25,37,49 D: -49,-37,-25,-13,-1 I literally have no idea what my answer is because im no good at this so please help me!

    asked by 1234
  66. Math

    Solve for u. 18=4u-14 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  67. Math

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-6, 8) (2, 3) A. -3/8 B. -1/8 C. -7/8 D. -5/8

    asked by BTS
  68. history

    What were a few big problems they saw with conquering foreign lands?

    asked by jess
  69. history

    What strategies did we use to create relationships with other nations? What strategies did we use to claim lands as United States territory? help me pls

    asked by lily
  70. math

    What is the result of 8.000/532 with proper precision?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    Considering the number 891.03504 a) Round the number to the nearest hundred? b) Round to the nearest hundredth?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    In a class of thirty students, 1 person comes to school with the flu. On the third day, 5 students have the flu. Write an equation expressing the problem

    asked by Nolan
  73. Calculus

    Find f(39)(x). f(x)=ex It gives no options and I'm so bad at high derivatives

    asked by Twixx
  74. Geography

    Why is amazon basin ecologicaly so important

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Chemistry

    Phenobarbital Sodium has a pKa of 7.2 at pH=9.3. It has a solubility 1g/L. What is its solubility at pH 7.4?

    asked by Natasha
  76. Math

    in the triangle below, sides PQ and AB are parallel. if |CP|=3, |CA|= 5 and |CB|=2 find |CQ| a) 3/2 b)6/5 c) 3/5 d)5/3 e)5/2 I think the answer is A but I'm not entirely sure.

    asked by FS
  77. Science

    Please help with this one! You don't have to give the answer, just tell me where I'm supposed to start. Thank you! Calculate the potential energy of a ball with a mass of 5 kg that is sitting on a roof 20 meters high. Hint: Use g = 10 m/s.

    asked by Anxious
  78. science

    1.List the types of radiation emitted by the Sun.

    asked by Sam
  79. pre-algebra

    50 < 8 - 6x

    asked by sydnee
  80. math

    What is the result of 94.00+15+182.113 with proper precision?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    Consider the number 5304.023890. a) How many sig. dig does this number have? b) Round the number to 1 sig. dig? c) Round the number to 2 sig. dig? d) Round the number to 4 sig. dig? e)Round the number to 7 sig. dig?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. math

    The following velocities are found for a toy car. trial 1: Calculated v (m/s)= 4.3, Accepted velocity (m/s)= 5.27 trial 2: Calculated v (m/s)= 5.2, Accepted velocity (m/s)= 5.27 trial 3: Calculated v (m/s)= 5.2, Accepted velocity (m/s)= 5.27 a) What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Math

    The polynomial expression: (1/16x^2 + 1/3x + 4/9) can be written in the form (Ax+b)^2. The value of the product, AB, to the nearest one hundreth, is____?

    asked by Sara
  84. Math

    80n+79 Ms.Sue or someone please help me

    asked by Chloe
  85. Calculus

    find how many real roots of, counting multiplicities x(x^2+16)(x^2-x-6)^2=0 please show how to get the answer. thank you

    asked by FS
  86. Texas State History

    Hunters hired by the army killed most of the ____________-the Comanche’s major food source. I'm guessing Buffalo because that was the Comanche's major food source. Am I correct?

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  87. History

    What are some advantages and disadvantage for interdependence

    asked by Meowwww
  88. math

    What is the result of the division of 0.00305 by 250.75 with proper accuracy?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    I don't understand what this question is asking: Which digits are in the ones place of a number multiplied by 5? a.0 or 1 b.0 or 5 c.2 or 4 d.2 or 5 Can someone explain what this question is asking, the answer, and why?

    asked by Jenn
  90. Science

    I need an acrostic word. WAVE please ASAP 🙏 thank you in advance. 😇

    asked by Banig