Questions Asked on
January 15, 2019

  1. social studies

    How did Catherine the Great change Russia? A. She modernized and westernized it. B. She reformed Russia's economy. * C. She founded the Kievan Rus. D. She expanded Russia's territory

    asked by Tessa brooks
  2. English

    A letter to my uncle telling Him about my school fees

    asked by God's will
  3. English

    1.List some important ideas that Johnny Tremain includes. Why did you choose those ideas. 2.Tell how using a reading role helped you understand the book. The reading roles are described in the link on unit 4 lesson 1 slide 4. Support your response with at

    asked by 🤔
  4. math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Use the circle graph shown below to answer the question. A pie chart labeled Favorite Sports to Watch is divided into three portions. Football

    asked by Agent no one
  5. Ed Tech

    When you see pop-ups while working on the computer, what should you do?( 1 point) A. Always click No. B. Read the text, and then choose the appropriate response.( my answer) C. Click outside the pop-up window to make the window disappear. D. Close the

    asked by Hi😱
  6. Statistics

    1. A local community college determines the probability that a student will reenroll for a second year is 0.91. A representative surveys 100 random first year students and asks them if they will be enrolling for the next year. What is the probability that

    asked by lala
  7. History

    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, people in the Caucasus and Central Asia have experienced a new way of life. Which statement reflects one of these changes? A. In Uzbekistan, protests resulted in a president removed from power and a new president

    asked by help me, i need answers
  8. Pre-Algebra

    Directions: The traditional method for calculating a dog's age in dog years is to multiply its age in human years by 7. The chart below describes a different method some veterinarians use to estimate a dog's age based on its size. Size: Small Medium Large

    asked by killjoy
  9. Mathematics

    In an examination conducted for 60 candidates,the number of candidate who passed in Maths is 15 more than those who passed science and 7 failed both subject 12 candidates passed both subject 1.Draw a Venn diagram to illustrate this information 2.How many

    asked by Bobby Osei Kusi
  10. Math

    Find the total tax deductions for each of the following weekly paychecks.weekly pay $98.00,$240.00,$150.00 FICA (7.65%)

    asked by Stephanie
  11. English

    unit 2 lesson 9 i have all the qutions right except #7 which of these revitions combines sentences 5 and 6 using a subordinating conjunction? #8 which of the following sentences would intenify the suspense in this passage? #10 which of the following can

    asked by Max≈Ω
  12. Language arts

    Can someone tell me if this make sense 1.list.some important ideas that Johnny Tremain includes. Why did you choose those ideas My answer : I think one of the most ideal he discussed was that children are, forced to leave their childhood and become men.

    asked by -_- life
  13. algebra

    Suppose that y varies directly with x, and y=10 when x=5. What direct variation equation relates x and y? What is the value of y when x=2? A. y=2x; 4 B. y= 1/2x; 1 C. y=-2x; -4 D. y= 1/10x; 1/5

    asked by e
  14. History

    "Multiple choice question" What are the Conditions leading to the Renaissance A. Italian cities shrank as more people moved to the countryside. B. Manorialism weakened.******* C. Trade with other regions such as Africa and India increased. D. Upper-class

    asked by U DONT KNOW ME
  15. math

    Find the vector projection of u onto v. Then write u as the sum of two orthogonal​ vectors, one of which is proj (Subscript v)u.

    asked by Ivan
  16. history

    Why were Chinese American immigrants frequently detained when trying to immigrate through Angel Island? Immigration agents were notorious for asking immigrants confusing questions as a means of denying them entry. The rules for immigration were stricter at

    asked by michael
  17. math

    A pie chart labeled Favorite Sports to Watch is divided into three portions. Football represents 42 percent, baseball represents 33 percent, and soccer represents 25 percent. If 210 people said football was their favorite sport to watch, how many people

    asked by Agent no one
  18. Math, Algebra

    Suppose you have 3 pieces of string measuring 4 inches, 5 inches, and 10 inches. How many unique triangles can you form with these pieces of string? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. Infinitely Many

    asked by Julia
  19. English

    From the echoing green by William Blake the sun does arise and make it happy the skies the Mary bells ring to work on the spring the Skylark and thrush The birds of the bush Sing louder around to the bells cheerful sound while our sports shall be seen on

    asked by Nobody cares
  20. Math

    Find ten and three-sevenths plus eighteen and two-sevenths.write in simplest form

    asked by ????
  21. Mathematics

    You have 2 2/3 cups of dried fruit to divide evenly among three children. How many cups of fruit will each child receive? A. 7/9 CUPS B. 9/7 CUPS C. 8/9 CUPS D. 9/8 CUPS

    asked by brandy
  22. Math

    The length of a puppy on a scale drawing is 6 cm. If the scale is 1:9 cm, what is the actual length of the puppy? 1. 14 cm 2. 54 cm 3. 48 cm 4. 15 cm Please help me!!

    asked by Hello Peoples
  23. Math

    Suppose U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} is the universal set and M={7,8,9,10}. What is M? A. {1,2,3,4,5,6} B. {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} C. Cannot Be Determined D. {7,8,9,10}*

    asked by BTS
  24. science

    what will be observed when hydrogen sulphide gas is bubbled into a solution of lead (||) acetate

    asked by Ruon
  25. History

    the outcomes of the Hewett treaty thate proved to be disastorous for ethiopia were

    asked by binyam
  26. math

    what is the total investment of 18,000 at 9% compounded semiannually for 6 years

    asked by steve
  27. Math

    Identify the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift when appropriate. 1. y=sin(x+pi/2) 2. y=sin (x -pi) – 2 3. y=1/2cos(2x) 4. y=2sin(2x+pi)-3

    asked by nemo
  28. Life Skills

    1. What step of the decision-making process provides you with resources? a. Define the problem**** b. Gather information c. Weigh and compare solutions d. Make a plan of action 2. Orlando has great time management. How do you think makes him feels a.

    asked by Sid.V
  29. Chemistry

    How much heat must be added to change 10g of ice at -10°C to steam at 110°C?

    asked by Mason
  30. math

    k/3 = 3/9 a.1 b. 3 c. 9 d. 27

    asked by ineedzehelpMATE
  31. trigonometry

    In a right angle triangle, the side adjacent to the 250 angle is 15 cm long. What is the length of the side opposite the 250 angle to the nearest centimeter

    asked by Sarah
  32. Math

    Find the quotient of 9/18 divided by 3/6

    asked by Daisy Carrillo
  33. Math

    Which angles are adjacent angles? Three lines intersect at point B. One line goes through point C in the upper left and point M in the lower right. A second line goes through point Y in the lower left and point X in the upper right. The third line is

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    Martin has 12 times as many baseball cards as Josie. Josie has 29 more cards than Kal. How many baseball cards does Martin have? what is the answer?

    asked by Jessica
  35. Science

    5. Describe the two types of traits and how they are acquired.

    asked by utyrd
  36. Science

    1. The ________ is a great imaginary circle, or reference line, around Earth that is equally distant from the two poles and divides Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres. A. equinox B. equator C. tilt***** 2. A(n) _______ is one of the four

    asked by U DONT KNOW ME
  37. Math

    Phillip has 6 yards of string to make necklaces. One necklace uses 2/3 yard of string. How many necklaces can he make?

    asked by Barry Vacker
  38. history

    Ok, so I didn't do well on this test and I was wondering if I could know the correct answers to study more about them. I will tell you the answer I chose(which is the incorrect one) The ones with *** are incorrect. When in the Course of human events, it

    asked by lilkakes
  39. math

    1. 4 sin^2x – 1 = 0 2. 2 sin^2x + sin x = 1 3. 2 sin^2x + 7 sin x = 4 4. cos x sin x + sin x = 0 5. 2 sin^2x - 1 = 0

    asked by jackson
  40. Algebra

    A project can be completed by n workers in t days. If 56 workers need 7 days to finish the project, find the value of k - I found k. K=392 Final step - Hence, express n in terms of t. WHAT DO I DO HERE?

    asked by Alexis
  41. History

    1. List the key issues which led to the Civil War. 2. Describe the South's view pertaining to states' rights. 3. What problems could happen with a state or states choosing not to follow federal law (Nullification)? 4. What are some of the different

    asked by Hi😱
  42. American History

    Which most accurately explains the role played by debates over popular sovereignty in causing the Civil War? They convinced the federal government to establish more colonies that allowed slavery in order to maintain a balance between free and slave states.

    asked by Quinn
  43. algebra

    how many systems does this system have -3x + 6y = 10 -3x + 6y = -4 a. none b. one c. infinite d. two

    asked by elizabeth
  44. Social studies

    what type of government does armenia have? what type of government does Azerbijan have? what type of government does Georgia have? what type of government does Kyrgyzstan have? Please help me.

    asked by spagetti monster
  45. Social studies

    How does the location of where Carolina lives in Mexico shape her life.

    asked by ???????
  46. Other

    Can someone explain what is educational talent search program is? I looked it up, and I still don't understand what it is

    asked by Hi😱
  47. geography

    How did the Athenian democracy keep one person from gaining to much power? I say it's because all of the citizens rule the civilization not allowing any person to overthrow one making it difficult for them to overthrow many.

    asked by INEEDHELP
  48. math

    Which expression is equivalent to 0.0000000034?

    asked by why
  49. Math

    Sean got $40 for his birthday. He spent 5/8 of the money on a new cell phone cover. How much money does he have left?

    asked by Barry Vacker
  50. Math

    X2+10x+23 Perfect square

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Technology

    If you have a document that is relevant to more than one folder on your computer, what should you do? A. Save the document to the most appropriate folder. B. Save the document in each folder.*********** C. Save the document in My Documents rather than in

    asked by Correct ✅
  52. Business

    Why was the business Tykables in Mount Prospect, Illinois so controversial when it first started and are local people still complaining about it being in their town?

    asked by Scavenger
  53. pre algebra

    9 out 20= what percent

    asked by hi can you help me
  54. history

    George Washington’s Farewell Address to the nation after the completion of his second term in office warned his citizens about the dangers of __________________, among other things. forming a permanent alliance with foreign powers like Great Britain or

    asked by lilkakes
  55. Physics

    A spring 30cm long is stretched to 35cm by a load of 5 0.0005 what will be its length when stretched by the same force assuming that the elastic limit is not exided

    asked by Oke
  56. math

    Steve drove 70 miles in an hour. write an expression you could use to determine the total umber of miles Steve drove.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Science

    4.9 gram H2SO4 is mixed with water to Form 5 litres of aqueous solution. Find It's Concentration . ( Molecular weight Of H2SO4 is 98 gram / mole .)

    asked by Mehulsinh
  58. Algebra

    7+8x=-33 How can I solve this? with steps please.

    asked by Katy
  59. Health

    What determines how marijuana effects a person? (Sorry this is so vague. I'll try to find out more information about marijuana.)

    asked by Barry Vacker
  60. social

    What you would do to ensure a strong relationship in your own life?

    asked by A
  61. math

    how do you make a percent a fraction

    asked by Sarah
  62. math

    what is 12% as a fraction

    asked by Sarah
  63. Algebra/equation

    6n-4+5n=73 This is my last one thank u. :)

    asked by Katy
  64. math

    how do I get the answer

    asked by paris
  65. English

    where did polo originate?

    asked by sahil