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January 14, 2019

  1. Calculus

    A farmer wants to fence a rectangular area of 800,000 m² and divide it in half with a fence that is parallel to one of the sides of the rectangle, and twice as expensive as the fence on the outer sides. How can this be done in order to minimize the cost

    asked by Anonymous
  2. math

    1.A flywheel is rotating at 7 rad/sec. It has a 15-cm diameter. What is the speed of a point on its rim, in cm/min? 2.A wheel is rotating at 3 radians/sec. The wheel has a 30 cm radius. What is the speed of a point on its rim, in m/min? 3.What is the

    asked by rebecca
  3. Math

    There are 4 jacks in a standard deck of 52 playing cards. If Patricia selects a card at random, what is the probability that it will be a jack?

    asked by Kayla
  4. Physics

    A copper ball has a mass of 1 kg. Calculate the radius of the ball, given that the density of copper is 8900kg m-3

    asked by Aurick
  5. Math

    On a baseball diamond, the distance from first base to third base is approximately 127 feet. How many inches is the distance form first base to thrid base? A 381 inches B 1, 524 In. C 42 1/3 inches d 13, 716 inches Can you help me?

    asked by Squirrelheart
  6. math

    The vertices of a parallelogram are A(x1, y1), B(x2, y2), C(x3, y3), and D(x4, y4). Which of the following must be true if parallelogram ABCD is proven to be a rectangle?

    asked by kelli
  7. english

    Which of the following is NOT an element of plot? A. resolution B. exhibition*** C. exposition

    asked by ..
  8. chemistry

    A 152g sample of ice at -37 degrees Celsius is heated until it turns into liquid water at 0 degrees Celsius. Find the change in heat content of the system. I'm really confused on how to solve this question knowing the fact that the state of the system is

    asked by maath
  9. maths

    Prove that if the point z, –iz, 1 are collinear , then z lies on a circle.

    asked by rajkaur
  10. Social Studies

    Why is Urbanization associated with the industrial revolution?

    asked by Tia
  11. math

    The length of a rectangle is 4 centimeters less than twice its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 34 cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    It costs a bus company 225$ to run a bus on a ski trip, plus 30$ per passenger. The bus has a seating capacity of 22 passengers. The company charges 60$ per fare if the bus is full. For each empty seat, the company has to increase the ticket price by 60$.

    asked by David
  13. Spanish

    Which of the following is NOT commonly used to express inequality in Spanish? tan que más menos I think that it is menos

    asked by lilkakes
  14. civic education

    list ten limitation of human right and explain

    asked by diamond
  15. algebra

    A rectangle has a length that is 10 less than 3 times the width. If the rectangle has an area of 8 square feet, what is the width of the rectangle. I have to find the answer in meters, some please give some assistance.

    asked by kylie
  16. social studies

    what is a form of water transporation in early Indians

    asked by Brelynn
  17. English

    For which purpose might you write an argumentative essay? A) to convince someone to adopt a point of view B)to explain to readers the steps in a process C) to entertain readers with humorous stories D) to reflect on an interesting experience you had I

    asked by Kitty
  18. Language Arts

    Unit 2 Lesson 4 Rhythm and Rhyme First Read: Poetry Collection 1 1)In these lines from "a dream within a dream," the speaker dreams of holding a few grains of sand. What is the meaning of creep in this context? How few! yet how they creep/through my

    asked by Ninja
  19. social studies

    Which of the following is the major religion in Russia ? A. Christianity B. Judaism C. Buddhism D. Islam

    asked by Kyra
  20. Technology

    What does a file extension tell you? A. what the file is about******* B. where the file is located C. what type of file it is D. who created the file

    asked by Correct ✅
  21. Finance

    You have just purchased a new warehouse. To finance the purchase, you’ve arranged for a 38-year mortgage loan for 70 percent of the $3,380,000 purchase price. The monthly payment on this loan will be $17,100. What is the APR on this loan? (Do not round

    asked by Etimbuk
  22. Math

    Flavia has a bag with 8 white balls, 9 red balls, 14 green balls, and 10 orange balls. If she chooses a ball from the bag without looking, which color ball will Falvia be least likely to choose? A. white B. Red C. Green D. Orange

    asked by Kayla
  23. algebra

    consider the following polynomials. ab^2 +3ab+8a^2 and -5ab^2 Use the two polynomials to illustrate the following: a. polynomials are closed under addition. b. polynomials are closed under subtraction. c. polynomials are closed under multiplication. (can

    asked by Hyewon
  24. history

    How did European Americans hope to influence Native Americans to adopt their culture? through encouraging the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide monetary rewards to Native Americans who left reservations through indoctrinating Native American children

    asked by michael
  25. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of mole of CaCl2 obtained from 25g of limestone CaCO3 in the pressure of excess HCl (C=,12, O=16, Cl=35.5)

    asked by John
  26. Physical

    How many steps are there to the process of the blood flow as it enters the heart? and what are they?

    asked by anonymous
  27. maths

    If w is an imaginary cube root of unity, then find value of expression 2(1 + w) (1 + w^2) +3 (2 + w) (2 + w^2) + …+ (n + 1) (n + w) (n + w^2) in terms of n.

    asked by rajkaur
  28. English

    1. My brother came and pushed me away. 2. My brother came and pushed me off. [Can we use both 'away' and 'off'? Are both sentences the same in meaning?] 3. What field of study are you interested in? 4. I'm interested in biology. [Is this answer suitable?]

    asked by rfvv
  29. English

    If you guys were trying to survive the Titanic How do you think you would feel? How would you react? What would you do to secure your survival?

    asked by A
  30. math

    1: Which ratios form a preportion? a 4/9, 12/25 b 3/7, 18/42 c 5/11, 20/45 d 5/8, 15/25*** 2: which ratio forms a proportion with 18/30? a 20/35 b 50/90 c 36/48*** d 60/100 3: which proportion has cross producrts of 5 X 24 and 8 X 15? a 5/8 = 15/24 b 5/24

    asked by sdojvfldorghfoirhf
  31. Geography

    Generally the farther a location is from the equator, the blank its climate A.wetter B.hotter C.colder D.windier

    asked by Bro
  32. Technology

    1. What is the term for the various items that you save on your computer, such as documents, spreadsheets, images, or videos? A.extensions B.files (my answer) C.folders D.conventions 2. What does a file extension tell you? A. what the file is about B.

    asked by 0~0
  33. science

    On the microscopic scale, internal energy is correctly defined as energy stored in the __________. bonds between atoms, but not in the motion of atoms motion of objects visible to the eye motion of atoms, and the bonds within atoms and molecules motion of

    asked by dianni
  34. Maths

    A teacher had to mark 100,000 books she had a month to do it. She spread it out over that month (31 days) how many books could she mark a day and if there is any left over how many?

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  35. English

    Which of the following lines of poetry contains a smile? A:The Smell Of sweet happiness swirls from the bakery door. B:The last bird-song of the day greets the night's far star. C:Drops floated on the pool like pearls. D:Moonlight spilled on the meadow.

    asked by Kayden
  36. math

    calculate the components parallel and perpendicular to the plane of 150N gravitational force acting on an object on a slope at 20 degree to the horizontal

    asked by nomonde
  37. math

    If sinθ=7/13 and cosθ=12/13 find tan θ and cot θ Use Pythagorean Identities to find sin θ and tan θ if cos θ =-24/25 if the terminal side of θ lies in the third quadrant.

    asked by hanna
  38. geography

    What opportunities did the Louisiana purchase open up for the people of the United States?

    asked by Lilly
  39. Geometry

    What is the slope of the line with the points of (-2, 5) and (-3, 1)? *Off hand I came up with 4/1 from looking at the picture of the line graphed, but I believe that I am wrong. May someone help?*

    asked by Tee
  40. math

    After Karen spent 1 4 of her paycheck on a coat, she had $96 left. What was the cost of her coat?

    asked by juan
  41. algebra

    Solve the following system of equations. You will type your x value in the first part and the y value in the second part of the question. If the answer is no solution then type NS in both parts and if the the answer is infinite solutions then type I in

    asked by Johny
  42. algebra

    The width of a rectangle is 12 less than twice the length, and the area of the rectangle is 270 m^2 I do not know the steps to solving this equation, can someone please explain if you know how???

    asked by kylie
  43. Math

    Marcus build a model car that is 4 inches wide what scale was used to build the car if the actual width of the car is 6’1” equals to be one and she could . 5’1” equals 1.5 feet1’ equals 1.5 inches

    asked by Anna
  44. Re-post History

    1. Generally, the farther a location is from the equator, the ______ its climate. (1 point) wetter hotter colder windier 2. What is the name of the area on the side of mountains away from the wind that receives little rainfall? dry spell no man's land

    asked by Writeacher
  45. Math

    You use a scale of 1 inch equals 280 feet to build a model of the great pyramid of guys that the width of the base of the pyramid is 756 feet what is the width of your model

    asked by Anna
  46. Math

    There are 18 boys and 12 girls and a math class what is the ratio of girls to total student 18 to 3012 to 3030 to 1230 to 18

    asked by Anna
  47. Math

    Adjacent angles are _______ congruent. A. always B. sometimes C. never D. none of these

    asked by ILTHSM_
  48. Math

    Which of the following ratios or equivalent to six tonight 3 to 218/2730 to 45 24 x 32

    asked by Anna
  49. math

    $300 at 5% interest for 7 years. Find the simple interest earned in the account. A. $214.29 B. $11.67 C. $420.00 D. $105.00 Can you please help? Thanks!

    asked by Tia
  50. Math

    The distance between Middletown in Somerville is 3.5 inches on a map if the map scale is 1 inch equal 20 miles what is the actual distance between the town

    asked by Anna
  51. algebra

    A triangular lot in a park has a base with a measure that is 4 more than twice the height of the lot. The area of the lot is 99 square feet. Since the area of a triangle is found by using the formula A= 1/2bh, the area for this lot can be represented by

    asked by kylie
  52. Math

    Stephen made a 90 page book in six days if you continues reading at that rate how long will it take him to read a 300 page book

    asked by Anna
  53. algebra

    A rectangle has a width that is 3 less than twice the length. If the rectangle has an area of 170 square inches, what is the length of the rectangle? PLEASE HELP

    asked by kylie
  54. Pre-Calc

    write the equation for an ellipse with y intercepts (0,-3) and (0,3) and the major axis of length 10. major axis is 10=2a so that makes a=5. I believe my equation is x^2/b^2 + y^2/a^2 = 1 I am assuming b is 3 because of the y-intercept. so would my answer

    asked by Russell
  55. Technology

    if you have a document that is relevant to more than one folder on your computer, what should you do? Save the document to the most appropriate folder Save the document in each folder Save the document in My Documents rather than in one of the folders Save

    asked by techno
  56. Social Studies

    What factor most explains why the majority of Russians live in the western part of the country? A. government regulations B. climate C. language D. natural resources***

    asked by MarinadedBread
  57. Physics

    How would a graph of volume of a gas as a function of pressure in container look like if gas amount and temperature are held constant?

    asked by Live
  58. social studies

    what factor most explains why the majority of Russians live in the western part of the country A. government regulations B. climate *** C. language D. natural resources

    asked by Kyra

    (a) Which of the ions Cs + , Sr 2+ , Ba 2+ will have the largest heat of hydration? Which the smallest? (b) Of the two compounds NaF and MgF 2 , which has the stronger intermolecular forces? (c) Of the two compounds NaNO 3 and HF, which has the stronger

    asked by asseel elhalis
  60. History

    Which of the following is a reason why few people live in Siberia ? A. the long distances between cities create isolation B. the permafrost makes the construction of roads and buildings difficult C. the region has several active volcanoes and frequent

    asked by Kyra
  61. Civic

    How can a good leader protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Abiodun
  62. Repost: History

    Which of the following were characteristics of ancient Greek literature? Select all that apply. A. Epic poems reflected the belief that the Gods controlled humans' lives. B. Lyric poetry was sung about topics like war, politics, and emotions. C. The chorus

    asked by Ms. Sue
  63. Math

    Write the power of 10 to multiply the divisor by to make it a whole number. Then, write the equivalent problem and find the quotient 16.65 ÷ 0.37

    asked by Justin
  64. social studies

    So my question is "humans migrated to the following areas in which order?" the map shows places like Australia, New Zealand, the Philippine Islands, and other places around the coral sea(just outside of the Pacific Ocean) The answers are: 1,2,4, and 5 1,

    asked by milley and quin
  65. Math

    Rebecca buy some scarves that cost five dollars each and two purses that cost 12 each The cost Rebecca’s total purchase is $39 which equation can be used to find in the number of scarves that Rebecca buys A. 5+24n=39 B.5+24=39 C. (24+5)n=39 D.24•5+n=39

    asked by Meowwww
  66. Math

    Rebecca buy some scarves that cost five dollars each and two purses that cost 12 each The cost Rebecca’s total purchase is $39 which equation can be used to find in the number of scarves that Rebecca buys A. 5+24n=39 B.5n+24=39 C. (24+5)n=39

    asked by Meowwww
  67. Algebra

    Do y=x-4 and 2x-2y=5 have one, none , or infinite solutions?

    asked by Algebra Student
  68. math

    The scale factor of figure STUV to figure WXYZ is 3:1 if ST = 117 mm an SV = 153 mm what is the length of YZ Please tell me the answer then explain how you got it. Please!

    asked by HELP ME! plz :,(
  69. Chemistry

    Ethanol (C2H5OH) melts at -114 oC and boils at 78 oC. The enthalpy of fusion of ethanol is 5.02 kJ/mol, and its enthalpy of vaporization is 38.56 kJ/mol. The specific heat capacity of solid and liquid ethanol are 0.97 and 2.3 J/g-K, respectively. How much

    asked by RPatel
  70. Spanish

    Ella es _______ baja como Felipe. A tanta B mas C tanto D tan I think it is C tanto. I have eliminated A tanta

    asked by lilkakes
  71. Math

    Evaluate the expression for x= 3 3/4. 8x+8 A) 30 B) 128 C) 14 D) 38 Can you help me to slove this?

    asked by Leapordclaw
  72. science

    Layers become __________ depth as the depth increases. For example as the depth increases from __________ in the crust to _____________ in the inner core, the density also ___________ from _________ to _____________. How to fill in the blank please help

    asked by INEEDHELP
  73. Math

    In eight days, a certain amount of Vanadium-48, V^48, decays to 1 over square root 2 of its original amount. What is the half life of Vanadium-48?

    asked by David
  74. Math

    Dr. Grimes won $5,000 playing VA Lottery. 1/4 of the money goes to federal taxes, and 1/25 goes to state taxes. How much money did she get after taxes? (SHOW ALL WORK)

    asked by Barry Vacker
  75. Math

    write and solve two subtraction problem that show how many of each animal therw might be. then write the numbersthey are four different kind of animals on the farm there are 19 More cows than sheep there are 19 more ducks than hens there more hens than cow

    asked by Karen
  76. Math

    You and two friends sold lemonade during a yard sale and made $47.35. You expenses were $12.85. How much money will each friend get if they share their earnings equally?

    asked by Barry Vacker
  77. English

    Brainstorm notes for media product am doing jack and the beanstalk

    asked by Junior
  78. math

    Set up a definite integral that yields this region f(x)=4-2x Base is 2, and height is 4

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    How many counting numbers less than 100 have an EVEN remainder when divided by 5 and an ODD remainder when divided by 7?

    asked by PT
  80. Math

    I have 75 rings (leg bands) to be distributed somehow among 20 pigeons. When all rings are distributed and attached, I will put the pigeons into pigeonholes labeled 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on, with each pigeon going into the pigeonhole labeled with the number

    asked by PT
  81. history

    How did settlement houses improve urban communities during the Industrial Era? They improved the property values and helped establish middle-class neighborhoods. They provided those in need with access to important services to help improve lives. They

    asked by michael
  82. math

    a store buys an item for $10. To earn a profit of $25 what percent does the store need to markup the item?

    asked by robin
  83. history

    How did the federal government try to ease the tensions between American settlers and Native Americans? by offering military protection to Native Americans who settled in areas of conflict by removing Native Americans and resettling them on reservations by

    asked by michael
  84. history

    Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate? A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People

    asked by Jane