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January 12, 2019

  1. Social Studies

    One cause of the outbreak of World War I was caused by?

    asked by history help
  2. maths

    calculate differentiation of cos x to x using first principle of derivative. Find the value of differentiated function , if x = 270°

    asked by rajkaur
  3. Calculus

    Use two rectangles of equal width to estimate the area between the graph of f(x) = x - cos(πx) and the x-axis on the interval [1, 5]. Evaluate the function at the mid-point of each rectangle to find each height. a) 8 b) 12 c) 16 d) 20 thank you in

    asked by Alice
  4. math

    it takes 3 hours for 10 pumps to pump 40000 liters of water into a farm dam . How long will it take 9 similar pumps to pump 60000 liters of water into the dam?

    asked by bloom
  5. Algebra

    Prove if the given functions are inverses by evaluating the composition f(h(x)) or h(f(x)) g(x) = -(4/-x-3) +1 f(x)= (3/-x-1) -2 How do we go about once we for example plug in the first expression into x in the second expression, in terms of what to do

    asked by TWISTED
  6. Math

    Which of these expressions is equivalent to x^4–16? (x^2+4)(x–2)(x+2) (x^2–4)(x^2–4) (x+2)(x–2)(x+2)(x–2) (x^2–2)(x^2–2) I know it is not B or D. But I am not sure if it is A or C. Please help

    asked by kylie
  7. math

    Consider a particle moving along the x-axis where x(t) is the position of the particle at time t, x' (t) is its velocity, and x'' (t) is its acceleration. x(t) = t3 − 12t2 + 21t − 9, 0 ≤ t ≤ 10 Find the open t-intervals on which the particle is

    asked by Anonymous
  8. History

    Why did the United States become involved in Mexico civil war

    asked by Anna
  9. Calculus

    Express the sum using sigma notation 1+ 5/6+ 6/8+ 7/10 + 8/12

    asked by Maria Please Urgent
  10. Physics

    Hi, A squash ball of mass 0.035 kg hits the wall at speed of 78 m/s and rebounds straight back at 61 m/s. The ball is in contact with the wall for 0.44 s. a) What is the original momentum of the squash ball? 2.73 kg-m/s b) Calculate the impulse imparted to

    asked by Jenna
  11. Algebra

    What is the property of this equation? -3(x+4)=-3x-12 Distributive Property Associative Property of Addition Associative Property of Multiplication Commutative Property of Addition

    asked by Jim
  12. Calculus

    Find the antiderivative of e^(2lnx) + e^(2x)

    asked by Pleaseee
  13. algebra

    Which equation is the standard form of −56x+14x^2=−51? 14x^2−56x+51=0 14x^2+51−56x=0 −56x+14x^2−51=0 14x^2−56x−51=0 I do believe it is A or D, is one of these correct?

    asked by kylie
  14. Chemistry

    An industrial raw materials as the following composition by mass : iron = 28.1% chlorine = 35.7% and water of crystalization = 36.2%. Calculate the formula for the material given that Hydrogen is 1, oxygen is 16, chlorine is 35.5 and iron is 56.

    asked by Christy
  15. math

    ways decimals are in everyday life

    asked by geo
  16. math

    2/3 x=1 1/2

    asked by prvite jjjj jjjjjjjjjjj
  17. Math

    Can someone please help me I don't understand this question. The base of a rectangular prism has an area of 1/8 ft2, and the height of the prism is 2/3 ft. What is the volume of the prism?

    asked by Correct ✅
  18. Math

    Log6 1296 3 4 -4 6

    asked by Joe
  19. math

    A number multiplied by 12 is equal to the sum of the square of that same number and 36. What is that number?

    asked by k
  20. algebra

    Look at the system of equations below. If you were to substitute the first equation into the second, what would the result look like? y = 2x - 4 x - 3y = 7 a).2x - 4 - 3y = 7 b).x - 3(2x - 4) = 7 c).x - 2x - 4 = 7 d).x - 7 = 2x - 4 I really need help with

    asked by kylie
  21. Math

    For what values of k will lim as x approaches 3 (x-3) / (x^2-6x+k)

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Social studies

    Which of the following arguments could have been used to support the US acquisition of Puerto Rico Guam in the Philippines

    asked by Anna
  23. algebra

    Which of these expressions is equivalent to z^8–1? (z^4+1)(z^2–1)(z–1)(z–1) (z^4–1)(z^2–1)(z–1)(z–1) (z^4+1)(z^2+1)(z+1)(z–1) (z^4+1)(z^2+1)(z–1)(z–1) I Think it is either A or C, is one of these correct?

    asked by kylie
  24. Math

    If on a scale drawing 100 feet are represented by 15 inches, then a scale of 1/2 inch represents how many feet?)

    asked by Belinda
  25. Math

    Write the equation for the parabola that has x− intercepts (1.2,0) and (4,0) and y− intercept (0,12).

    asked by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  26. math

    Find f(x) if it is known that f(x+3)=4x+12

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math statistics

    IQ scores in the US population have an average of µ = 100 and a standard deviation of σ = 15. Suppose a researcher wanted to test whether socioeconomic status (SES) has an effect on IQ scores. The researcher takes a random sample of n = 100 people,

    asked by gloria
  28. Math

    Find all vertical and horizontal asymptotes for the graph of y=lnx/lnx-1

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    6/5 ÷ ◻️ = 6

    asked by Ava McDonald
  30. language arts

    what are the key characteristics of a refrain in poetry?

    asked by Aurora
  31. Social studies

    How did yellow journalism create support for the Spanish American war where is it by writing articles about the political pull up popularity of President McKinley McKinley already are articles about the effort of the United States to control Cuba by

    asked by Anna
  32. Maths

    In how many ways can 5 boys and 4 girls be arranged on a bench if (a) a boy and a girl wish to stay together (b) 2 boys wish to stay together (c) 2 girls wish to stay together

    asked by Ande2
  33. science

    a conductive sphere of radius r in space of electric potential v give the expression of the charge

    asked by lifanje
  34. Math

    Definition of Derivative Question lim as h approaches 0 square root of (16+h) - 4 / h

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Calculus

    Find f'(0.5) for f(x)=f on the top "x" on the bottom "0" Arc tan(t)dt

    asked by Maria
  36. Math

    What is the slope of the tangent for the function h(x)=sin(e^-lnx) at x=1/pi

    asked by Anonymous
  37. calculus

    Determine whether y is differentiable at x=0 . If it is differentiable, find the derivative at x=0 . y = {x if x0} y' = ( 1 if x0) Yes , it is differentiable at 0. Is the derivative at x=0, 1?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Maths

    The product of two numbers is 21 and their sum is 10, what are the numbers

    asked by Creeda
  39. Math

    A study is planned to compare the blood pressure lowering effect of two medications (drug A and B) in patients with elevated systolic blood pressure. Drug A is a newly developed medication lowering the elevated SBP and drug B is a commonly prescribed

    asked by Brent
  40. Calculus

    Find the value of f on the top "9" on the bottom "1" x^2dx using four rectangles of equal width, with each left end-point used to find the height of each rectangle. a) 2(1+9+25+49) b) 2(9+25+49+81) c) 0.5(1+9+25+49) d) 0.5(9+25+49+81)

    asked by Alice
  41. Maths

    Solve the following pairs of equation x-3y is equal to 1

    asked by Creeda
  42. math

    1.A square lot is to be planted with santan plants all around.The side of the lot measures 10 m.If plants will be planted 20 cm apart,how many plants must be planted in all?

    asked by jocelyn
  43. Social studies

    How do yellow journal nice create support for the Spanish American war

    asked by Anna
  44. math

    boat travels 280 m in a time of 120s. WHAT IS THE BOATS VELOCITY

    asked by kathleen
  45. math

    the cost price of16 books is equal to the selling price of 30 books.Find the gain%?

    asked by Neha
  46. Bias

    How is this article biased : Google - Huffington post " YouTube’s Cool With Monetized Videos Promoting A Gambling Scam To Kids " And what Bias does it use because I cant figure it out.

    asked by Civics
  47. Static Mechanics

    How to cut the middle member in a k truss (>|

    asked by Buma