Questions Asked on
January 11, 2019

  1. Math

    Which graph represents the solution to the given system? Y=-x+2 Y=1/2x+8 (I cannot copy and paste the graphs here, but if anyone knows it, for 7th grade math on Connexus, the Systems Of Equations And Inequalities Unit Test, maybe you can help. My answer is

    asked by Me
  2. history

    What ideas did Jesus teach his followers? Select all that apply. A. to be kind and charitable**** B. to believe in only one God**** C. to be happy all the time D. to live a good, moral life***** E. to reject the teachings of the Hebrew Bible F. to attend

    asked by Mel❤nie
  3. Math

    1. How many solutions does the system of equations have? 4x=-12y+16 and x+3y=4 A. One B. Two C. Infinitely many D. None 2. How many solutions does the system of equations have? Y=5x+7 and 3y-15x=18 A. One B. Two C. Infinitely many D. None 3. How many

    asked by Me
  4. math

    Classify the pair of angles Adjacent and supplementary Adjacent and complementary Vertical and supplementary Vertical and completementary At a 35 and 55 degree angle

    asked by supergirl
  5. Science

    A 10.0kg animal is running at a rate of 3.0m/s what is the kinetic energy of the animal?

    asked by Katie
  6. science

    If a bat with a mass of 5 kg and acceleration of 2 m/s2 hits a ball whose mass is 0.5 kg in the forward direction, what is the reaction force of the ball on the bat? 10 N, forward 10 N, backward 0.5 N, upward 0 N, forward Is it the first one?

    asked by dianni
  7. Religion

    On what day do most modern Christians participate in the activity shown? A. Sunday B. Monday C. Saturday D. Friday(it's a picture of people show in church) one. i know back in the old testament Christians celebrated the sabbath on Saturday. they also

    asked by Mel❤nie
  8. science

    What is an adaptation? Why must organisms adapt? Why are there different adaptations? Use an example to explain your answer

    asked by carmen
  9. English

    Read the following sentences from "Marriage is a Private Affair." ""I owe it to you, my son, as a duty to show what is right and what is wrong. Whoever put this idea into your head might as well have cut your throat. It is Satan's work." He waved his son

    asked by kale
  10. Social Studies

    could someone check my answer? Read the quotation. “There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.” ―Susan B. Anthony, 1897 Which of the following Enlightenment thinkers would have been most likely

    asked by Hi :)
  11. Technology

    Can you pleas check my answers? 1. Which of the following is a list of input devices? A. printer, mouse, speakers (answer) B. RAM, monitor, printer C. microphone, mouse, scanner D. CPU, monitor operation system 2. Which type of software coordinates the

    asked by O~o
  12. Math

    Which graph represents the solution of the given system? -2x+5y=-10 and -3x+5y=-20 I cannot show the graphs, but if anyone did the Systems of Equations and Inequalities Unit Test, in 7th grade Connexus, you might know what i'm talking about. My answer is

    asked by Me
  13. math

    I need help on the 6b unit1: Ratios, Proportions, and Percents lesson 2: Understanding and Using Unit Rates

  14. Math

    The description of a TV is based upon the diagonal length. If the height of a TV is 24 inches and the width is 32 inches, what is the TV's diagonal length? A) 3 B) 4 C) 21 D) 40 How do i find the diagonal length?

    asked by Ash
  15. Social studies

    Four institutions that promote national unity.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English

    8. This question asks about your work in your reading role. You may use the novel to help you answer the question. What impact did the novel have on you as a reader? Would you recommend the novel to a friend? Why or why not? Support your response with at

    asked by anonymous
  17. English

    I need help with this English quiz please help before 9pm. Which of the following names a type of figurative language? A.Metaphor B.Rhythm** C.Definition D.Dialogue Which of the following poetry lines contain a simile? A.The smell of sweet happiness swirls

    asked by KBGames
  18. history

    Which are examples of the influence of British imperialism in India? (Select all that apply.) a. Britain did not invest in industrialization in India at a time when other world regions were rapidly industrializing. b. Britain gave all Indians full

    asked by bob
  19. Maths

    In how many ways can 5 boys and 4 girls be arranged on a bench if (a) Boys and girls are in a separate group (b) Mary and Phillip wish to stay together (C) There is no restriction (d) John and Daniel wish to stay together

    asked by Ande2
  20. English

    punctuation helps create Rhythm and poetry. reading the poem according to its punctuation where would you come to a complete stop? (A) at the end of line 2 (B) at the end of lines 4 and 8 (C) at the end of line 6 (D) at the end of lines 3 and 7

    asked by Madison
  21. math

    which of the fawlowing is a regular polygon a. rectangle b. circle c.eaqulatiral triangle or d.trapizoid pls help me asap

    asked by new
  22. Math

    Find the number that completes the equation. 6/5 divided by blank equals 6 IDK How to solve this.

    asked by Snowstorm
  23. algebra

    The table shows how much a painter charges for painting a home. Is the relationship shown linear? Explain. Hours worked is the left side and Amount Charged is the right side. 1| 35 2| 50 3| 70 4| 90 I'm not understanding what to do first

    asked by Some Random Girl
  24. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a reason for the outbreak of the Cold War? A. disagreements over war payments by Germany B. direct military conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union C. an alliance formed by the United States and the Soviet Union

    asked by help please
  25. English

    In the story “orphans give Indian couple will to live” are the Paramesvarans offended by the term orphans because they think the natural parents of the children will be found alive some day? The other options are A. They feel they are now parents to

    asked by Anonymous
  26. History

    I need help and I need it before 9pm. Which group established the first Muslim dynasty? A.Safavids B.Umayyads** C.Abbasids D.Mongols

    asked by KBGames
  27. history

    Which of the following is a cause of the Great Depression? A. overproduction of goods*** B. limited supply of goods C. falling unemployment D. limits on personal debt please check my answer

    asked by connexus kid
  28. Science

    Which of the following correctly states the relationship between hippos and whales? A) Whales evolved from hippos. B)Hippos evolved from whales. C) Hippos and whales do not share a common ancestor. D)Hippos and whales evolved from a common ancestor

    asked by Bella
  29. civics

    The Dominion of New England, in which the British government abolished several separate colonies, was an example of which type of government? confederate federal state unitary I believe it is D, correct?

    asked by spunky
  30. world history 9

    What impact did the Peloponnesian War have on ancient Greece? A. The war brought the city-states into contact with other civilizations. B. The war discouraged seafaring and promoted greater economic self-sufficiency. C. The war encouraged the city-states

    asked by noooope
  31. science

    Suppose some natural disaster occurs in the species of cement is forced to read locate from its original island where it dined on cactus flowers to an adjacent island with many freer cacti but an overabundance of orchids. What would be the immediate

    asked by Annie
  32. Biology

    A purple flower (PP) is is crossed with a white flower (pp). Which combination of alleles is the only possible outcome? *** = My answer A) Pp*** B) PP C) pp

    asked by Checking My Work
  33. History

    How does the government of the United States most resemble the government of the Roman republic? A. All citizens have the right to vote. B. Women have equal rights with men. C. Different government bodies check one another’s powers.***** D. A written

    asked by Mel❤nie
  34. Physics

    Hello, A soccer player kicks a ball straight up in the air at 18 m/s. What is the balls total hang time? 3.68 s What is the maximum height reached by the ball? 16.53 m When is the ball 12 m above the ground? Vavg = (v+vnaught)/2 Vavg= (18+0)/2 Vavg=9m/s

    asked by Jenna
  35. science

    how would you determine the relative density of kerosene using a relative density bottle

    asked by samuel
  36. Social Studies

    Hi sorry to bother anyone but i just wanted to ask, was the North against slavery and the south wasn't. is that why they fought against each other.

    asked by Red
  37. history

    Which of the following was a reason for the outbreak of the Cold War? A. disagreements over war payments by Germany B. direct military conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union C. an alliance formed by the United States and the Soviet Union

    asked by I need help
  38. Science

    A biologist is constructing a battle graph to show the evolutionary relationships between the animals shown below. If anatomical features are used to constrays rhebcladogram, which animal will be placed farther from the animal shown. The animal shown is a

    asked by Jenna
  39. Physical Science

    Please help me! If you know, it would really help. Need to finish today ASAP! If you rub a neutral glass rod with silk, the silk acquires a negative charge. If you rub a neutral glass rod with a rubber rod, the rubber rod acquires a negative charge. If you

    asked by Anxious
  40. Math

    1) K/3=3/9 A)1 B)3***** C)9 D)27 Can check to is if I have the correct answer please

    asked by KingJ
  41. English

    Hi guys, I'm supposed to write a paragraph on why this flower crown represents spring. I've already written my concrete detail, and I have to write two sentences of commentary, but I have no idea what to write! Can you help?

    asked by Ana
  42. English

    How would I start the introduction for Life Does Exist In The Universe?

    asked by James Doyle
  43. Physics

    A 65 kg student consumes 2500 Cal each day and stays at the same weight. For three days in a row, while visiting his parents, she eats 3500 Cal and, wanting to keep from gaining weight decides to "work off" the excess by jumping up and down. With each

    asked by Live
  44. Physics @bobpursley

    A 65 kg student consumes 2500 Cal each day and stays at the same weight. For three days in a row, while visiting his parents, she eats 3500 Cal and, wanting to keep from gaining weight decides to "work off" the excess by jumping up and down. With each

    asked by Live
  45. Maths

    Determine the number of 5 card combination out of deck of 52 cards if there is exactly one ace in each combination.

    asked by Gash
  46. Chemistry

    Names of carbonates that do not decompose when heated strongly

    asked by IAN
  47. English

    Find The first letter of each word and put it in the sentence. ocabulary = Vocabulary. There is a lot of vocabulary for Language arts.

    asked by carry on
  48. Math

    Vincent went to a pizza restaurant. A vegetable pizza costs $8 and a chicken pizza costs $12. Find an inequality to determine the number of pizzas he can buy along with one vegetable pizza if he has $140 to spend.

    asked by Calvin J.
  49. Physics

    SO a car has a mass of 1000 kg and is travelling at 20 m/s. the brakes exert a steady force of 5000 N. whats is the deceleration and how long does it take to stop the car

    asked by Norell
  50. Science

    What is the molarity (M) of a solution made of 2.0 moles of solute in 400 mL of solution? Can someone help me? I'm kinda stuck on this.

    asked by Khao
  51. Technology

    what does URL stand for?

    asked by lilkakes
  52. civics

    I am doing a project about biased news articles, THE problem that I have is that I need to find two articles and write about the biases but I can't find any good ones. It's all so confusing and hard. Could possibly someone help me on finding an article

    asked by civics
  53. English

    (I'm writing an essay on Fahrenheit 451. How am I supposed to change this sentence to be cohesive?) Bradbury’s lesson was to bring awareness to the significance of being able to think for ourselves and read to be able to comprehend even the most

    asked by Zero