Questions Asked on
January 10, 2019

  1. Algebra

    What is the property of real numbers? I think it is D. -4(x+4)=-4x-16 Associative Property of Addition Commutative Property of Addition Associative Property of Multiplication Distribution Property

    asked by Joe
  2. math

    Three angles of a quadrilateral are 81 degrees,105 degrees,and 138 degrees.Find the measure of the fourth angle.

    asked by lady khaye cess
  3. Algebra 2

    What is the solution? 2x-3y+z=-19 5x+y-z=-7 -x+6y-z=35

    asked by Jim
  4. chemistry

    equation for the reaction of carbon 2 oxude and coke to produce ethyne. what solid remains when the following are heated 1.lithium trioxonitrate 2.potassium trioxonitrate 3.calcium trioxonitrate

    asked by Gyabaah Dickson
  5. Science

    A stone is dropped from a balloon going up with a uniform velocity of 5 M per second. If the balloon was 50 M high when the stone was dropped, find it height stone hits the ground

    asked by Anjali
  6. Algebra

    What is 5(- 3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

    asked by LameyBoii
  7. Math

    I need help!!!! 7th grade Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. It takes Pam 45 minutes to drive to work and 60 minutes to drive home from work. Write the ratio of the time Pam spends driving

    asked by Luna213
  8. Gifted

    We experience time slower when you are younger and faster when you are older. Why? We think this is because you are more impatient when you are younger and more patient when you are older

    asked by Cami and Ja'Mya
  9. math

    What is the proportion of tea over 16 equals 40/50 is it Tico 26 TECO 28T equals 1.28 TECO 12.8

    asked by Anna
  10. math

    Hi guys i dont know if you can help me but i hope you can.... avertised price at store 1 for GW caver peanut butter is 2 for 13.58 and the unit rate for that is 6.79 in in store to for GW caver peanut butter its 6.50 each whats the unit rate for store

    asked by Bamboo
  11. Social studies

    Why did jewish people feel entitled to claim Israel as their nation following World War 2????

    asked by A pearson
  12. Math

    PLEASE HELP!! SHOW WORK A factory can produce two products, x and y, with a profit approximated by P = 14x + 22y – 900. The production of y must exceed the production of x by at least 100 units. Moreover, production levels are limited by the formula x +

    asked by Latanya
  13. American Government

    Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have formal and informal qualifications for membership. What is the main difference between formal and informal qualifications?

    asked by 1234
  14. Science

    How did the development of silicon chips impact computer usage?

    asked by Kayden
  15. Math

    Question: 1. The edge lengths of a right rectangular prism are 1/2 meter, 1/2 meter, and 3/4 meter. How many unit cubes with edge lengths of 1/12 meter can fit inside? Someone please help me. I dont understand this at all, so I can't give you my answer. If

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  16. music

    which of the following is true of the piano? A the piano is lightweight and easy to transport B the piano was created after the organ C the piano was not changed much since it was originally invented D the piano has a limited range of sound

    asked by Alejandro 😃
  17. Probability

    If event A=(drawing a king) and event B=(drawing a red card).what is the probability of drawing A or B

    asked by Rilwan
  18. Math

    2. The base of a rectangular prism has an area of 1/8 ft2, and the height of the prism is 2/3 ft. What is the volume of the prism? Can someone also help me with this one?

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  19. physics

    two air craft P and Q are flying at the same speed 300m/s .the direction along which Q is flying .find the magnitude of the velocity of air craft P relative to air craft Q?

    asked by goytana selomon
  20. Social Studies

    Which was the main cause of the great migration to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s? A. the need for workers in the U.S. B. political unrest in Europe C. religious persecution in Eastern Europe D. scarcity of land and money

    asked by Stacia Mcglocklin
  21. chemistry

    Find a pH of a 0.100 M solution of the weak acid HA. The pKa for the acid 5.0

    asked by wallace
  22. Social Studies

    I'm really stuck on this please help! Select all that apply for the next 2 questions. 1. Excluded from Athenian Democracy A. Women B. Poor males C. Slaves D. Farmers 2. Included in Athenian Democracy A. Women B. Poor males C. Slaves D. Farmers Then I have

    asked by chicken nugget
  23. science

    what contributed to the defeat of the aztecs.

    asked by meka
  24. social studies

    what country wanted supplies from southeast asia a germany b itly c japan

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Biology

    3. You begin with one cell that contains twelve chromosomes. This cell undergoes one mitotic division (you need to know the end result of mitosis to get this answer right). a. How many cells will you end up with after the cell divides? (1 point) b. How

    asked by ellie
  26. Social Studies

    1.The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by A. using terraces and irrigation to farm B. living a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle C. trading peacefully with neighbors (my answer) D. settling along the coasts where they fish 2. How did the Aztec

    asked by O~o
  27. math

    what is 6642 divided by7364.38294

    asked by hjsab
  28. Health

    Identify two factors that affect your health that as a teenager you can control.

    asked by Joseph
  29. Geometry

    13. A( -2, -5 ) => A' is a glide reflection where the translation is ( x, y ) => ( x + 7, y ), and the line of reflection is y = 2. What are the coordinates of A'? a.) ( 5, 9 ) b.) ( 5, -5 ) c.) ( -2, 2 ) d.) ( 6, 2 )

    asked by Blaise
  30. Chem

    How many millimoles of glucose are in 500 ml of a 1 M solution? I got 0.0005 millimoles, is this correct?

    asked by Live
  31. Technology

    Which of the following is true about filters in Microsoft® Excel databases? A. Filters sort information in alphabetical order. B. Filters create fields that describe the remaining data. C. Filters make it easier to find specific information in a large

    asked by Bro
  32. reading

    What is the primary purpose of the detailed descriptions Barry Holstun Lopez includes in the excerpt from Of Wolves and Men

    asked by debbie
  33. Physics

    In an amusement park, there is a water slide that starts h meters above its base where people slide out 1.2 m above the surface of a pool. You may assume there is essentially no friction between a person and the slide. a) What should be the maximum (safe)

    asked by Live
  34. Math

    Okay, really I just need to know if this is going to be division, multiplication, subtraction or addition. Damon's town received 12.3 inches of rain during a 24-hour period. First, estimate the amount of rain that fell per hour. Then, find the exact amount

    asked by Barry
  35. math

    if the 7th term of an a.p is twice the third term and the sum of the first four terms is-16 and the last and the last term is 72, find the number of the terms

    asked by akorede
  36. Math

    two triangles Use the triangles. Name one pair of congruent angles. A. ∠PQR and ∠VST B. ∠PRQ and ∠SVT C. ∠RQP and ∠TVS D. ∠QPR and ∠STV

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    How do I solve this question A grade 2 class was playing guess my rule. 12 student were wearing sneakers. 10 student were not wearing sneakers. How many more students were wearing sneakers.

    asked by Beji
  38. history

    How did the Industrial Revolution introduce justifications for imperialism? (Select all that apply.) Industrialized nations sought to learn from the economic systems within Africa. Industrialized nations sought colonies for natural resources to power their

    asked by need some help please
  39. Social Studies

    Before you read the chapter, what images came to mind when you thought of Mexico? As you read Carolina’s story, how well did the culture described match your ideas about Mexico? What similarities and differences did you notice between her culture and

    asked by kid
  40. maths

    Ms. Bolt fenced off a corner in her backyard to make a triangular dog pen as shown in the diagram, what is the value of x?

    asked by mazaqman
  41. science

    write an advertisement that you could use to sell copies of mendeleev's periodic table to chemists in 1869 be sure to emphasize the benefits of the table to the chemical profession remembered the chemist had never seen such a table

    asked by random
  42. history

    “We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and those powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our

    asked by lilkakes
  43. history

    Which describes the Crimean War? A. a war by Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire to prevent Russian expansion in the Black Sea region B. a war by Britain to conquer the Ottoman Empire in order to gain access to the Gulf of Suez to build a canal C. a

    asked by need some help please
  44. history

    How did European imperialism influence Asia? a. European nations overthrew local leaders to establish a trade network, which reduced the profitability of the Chinese tea industry. b. The Asian market was flooded with European silver, which devalued the

    asked by need some help please
  45. geography

    How did geography influence or shape the way the Greek city-states developed?

    asked by INEEDHELP
  46. geography

    why did English settlers wanted to hide their colony from Spaniards

    asked by nick
  47. chemistry

    A compound is found to be 51.39% carbon, 8.64% hydrogen, and 39.97% nitrogen. It has a molecular molar mass of 140.22 g/mol. (This question requires one to find the empirical formula to end up with the final answer in molecular formula) A. C10H14N2 B.

    asked by spartan
  48. Physics

    A tennis ball of mass m = 0.060 kg and speed v = 15 m/s strikes a wall at a 45° angle and rebounds with the same speed at 45° (Fig. 7-29). What is the impulse given to the wall? I know the direction is normal and into the wall, but I cant get the

    asked by Eliza
  49. Math

    Solve the system using elimination. 5x-5y=10 and x-5y= -14

    asked by Belle
  50. math

    there are 65 tricycles and bicycles in a parking lot. if there are 153 wheels, how many tricycles are there?

    asked by marlon
  51. Math

    Tim has more pennies than nickels, more nickels than dimes, more dimes than quarters, and more quarters than half-dollars. Tim has at least 3 quarters and at least one of each other kind of coin listed. What is the smallest number of cents Tim could have?

    asked by PT
  52. Physics

    A spinning top has a diameter of 10 cm. A point on the outer rim of the top moves through an angle of 8¶ radians each second. A) what is the angular velocity of the point? B) what is the distance moved by the point in 5 seconds? C) what is the velocity of

    asked by Emanuel silver(Ag)
  53. Physics

    The world's highest fountain of water is located appropriately enough in the Fountain Hills, Arizona. The fountain rises to a height of 560 ft ( 5 feet higher than the Washington Monument). a. what is the initial speed of water? b how long does it take for

    asked by Angela
  54. Math

    The four members of a team are comparing scores on the Individual Test. Amy scored 3 points less and Brad scored 6 points less than the average of the team members, while Cara scored 5 points more than the average. Don scored 28 points. What was the score

    asked by PT