Questions Asked on
January 7, 2019

  1. English

    Identify the correct sentence. a) The mother took her three-year-old daughter to the zoo to see the monkeys. b) The mother took her three year old daughter to the zoo to see the monkeys. c) The little girl was only three-years-old when she saw the monkeys

    asked by Abby
  2. English

    Identify the correct sentence. a) Come see me in Room 210 after class for 30 mins. b) Come see me in Room 210 after class for 30 minutes. c) Come see me in Rm. 210 after class for thirty minutes. d) Come see me in Room 210 after class for thirty minutes.

    asked by Abby
  3. science

    A horse pulls a carriage with a force of 90 N forward. What is the reaction force of the carriage on the horse? 180 N 90 N forward. 0 N 90 N backward is it the last one?

    asked by dianni
  4. Biology

    Miguel is on the hockey team at school. He is at practice when the coach asks him to cover the goal. How does the nervous system respond to Miguel needing to change direction while skating? A . For any movement in Miguel to occur, first a message or

    asked by Caitlyn
  5. statistics

    7. a factory has a machine that makes steel rods. The length of the rods that the machine makes follows a normal distribution curve with a mean of 11.5 feet and a standard deviation of 0.3 feet. The factory manager does not want to use the rods from the

    asked by cait
  6. Chem

    How many moles of sulfur dioxide are produced when 72.0 grams of water is produced by the process: 2H2S + 3O2 ---> 2H2O +2SO2

    asked by David
  7. science

    aquaculture is the practice of farming sea organisms as a renewable food source? true or false i think it’s false plz help

    asked by heyyyo
  8. science

    which of the following is a chemical change a.boiling water b.melting a cube of ice c.dissolving 10 grams of salt in water d.splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen my answer: c

    asked by please help
  9. math

    PLEASE HELP!!!! The amount of money in alexander's account is y=4000-70x where y is the amount in dollars and x is the time in weeks. a) determine the rate of change of money in alexander's account b) find the x and y intercepts? interpret their meaning

    asked by Anonymous
  10. science

    selectively cutting down trees in an area of land can be best described as? a:cutting down certain trees while leaving other trees standing b: cutting down all of the trees and smaller plants c:cutting down none of the trees on the land d: cutting down all

    asked by heyyyo
  11. social studies

    Which term best describes the independence movements of both Africa and Asia in the post-World War II era? A.democratic B.fascist C.nationalist D.nonviolent

    asked by WarriorPerson134
  12. English

    Which of the following is a true statement? A) Argumentive writing uses logic, while persuasive writing uses emotion. B) Argumentive writing uses emotions, while persuasive writing uses logic. C) Argumentive writing uses emotions, while persuasive writing

    asked by Chantelle
  13. history

    The ambassador to a strategically important country was recently discovered engaging in illegal activities in that country. Diplomatic immunity prevents the diplomat from being arrested there, but the activity has enraged the public of that country, who

    asked by maria
  14. Chemistry

    How long will it take to deposit all the copper in 300 ml of 0.300(m) copper sulphate solution using current of o 0.750 ampere?

    asked by Riya
  15. algebra

    Samina spent 1/8 of her money to buy books, 1/5 in purchasing clothes and 1/10 on charity. If she still had Rs 15, more than half of her money, find the amount she had originally.

    asked by Abdul Wahab
  16. Physics

    A body is in equilibrium under the action of 3 is 6Ndue east and the other is 3Nacting in a direction 60'north

    asked by salamat
  17. history

    wasn't Paul the one that spread Christianity(im not just asking for fun, it's on a test) oh and 🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉

    asked by Mel❤nie
  18. history

    Which belief defines Christianity as a religion separate from Judaism? A. ****** belief in one god B. belief in multiple gods C. study of the Hebrew Bible D. belief in Jesus as the savior**** it can only be one answer and i don't now which so can someone

    asked by Mel❤nie
  19. science

    A shopping cart accelerates 0.5 m/s2 when a net force of 8 N is applied to it. What is the mass of the shopping cart? 4 kg 0.06 kg 8.5 kg 16 kg I dont know how to do this

    asked by dianni
  20. science

    a.boiling water b.melting a cube of ice c.dissolving 10 grams of salt in water d.splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen my answer: c a.boiling water b.melting a cube of ice c.dissolving 10 grams of salt in water d.splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen

    asked by help!!!!
  21. Math

    Symmetric equations of a line are (x-1)/2 = (y+2)/-3 = (z-4)/5. Determine vector and parametric equations for the line. Is this right? v = < 2, -3, 5 > Parametric Equations: x = 1 + 2t y = -2 - 3t z = 4 + 5t

    asked by Anonymous
  22. science

    Study the scenario. A wagon is moving while two horizontal forces are acting on it: 25 N to the right, and 5 N to the left. Use the vector addition rule to compute the net force acting on the wagon. 20 N to the right 100 N to the right 5 N to the left 30 N

    asked by dianni
  23. Chemistry

    If 3.15 Of Mercury Oxide Is Thermaly Decompose, What Mass Of Mercury That Will Be Produced?

    asked by Moore Ben
  24. math

    Determine vector, parametric, and if possible, symmetric equations of the line through C(2, -2, 1) and parallel to the line with parametric equations x = -1 + 5t, y = 2 – t, z = 3 – 4t.

    asked by nexushockeyHD
  25. Algebra

    Sam solved the following problem: -4x + 5 > 29 -4x + 5 - 5 > 29 - 5 -4x > -24 -4x/-4 > -24/-4 x > 6 What were his two mistakes?

    asked by Woltia
  26. math

    what is 2/8 2/3 and 2/4 list from least to greatest

    asked by alecia
  27. Math

    Identify the value of x that makes each pair of rations equivalent. 4) 21 to x and 7 to 10 A)24 B)30 C)40 5) X to 50 and 16 to 25 A)32 B)34 C)41 6) 6 to 8 and 18 to x A)20 B)22 C)24 7) 9÷36 and x÷4 A)1 B)4 C)9 8) 42÷22 and 21÷x A)12 B)11 C)10 9) x÷7

    asked by KingJ
  28. science

    which of the following is most likely an example of a predator adaptation a warm coloration b keen eyesight c thick body armor d spines

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Geometry

    Two column proof Given:kl=kj and gj= hl prove: GLJ =HJL

    asked by HELP ASAP
  30. algebra

    7x/8=21 a. 24**** b. 18.375 c. 1.857 d. 19 Im not very sure how to solve this.

    asked by katy
  31. social studies

    What is one way that the low wages paid to workers in developing countries has had a negative effect on developed countries? A.Workers in developed countries have experienced job loss.**** B.Profits for multinational corporations have fallen. C.Trade

    asked by WarriorPerson134
  32. science

    which layer is the atmosphere a part of? crust mantle inner core outer core I've looked around in my work and i can't find it can i get some help please

    asked by sans the skeleton
  33. Social Studies

    How did the role of the church in education change over time? A. Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B. Priests became the only teachers at universities. C. Schools began to provide education beyond religious

    asked by Carl
  34. Algebra

    -6q+5.8=23.8 q=3 q=-3*** q=-1.83 q=4.93 This is my last question, but I just want to know how to solve it with steps for further knowing.

    asked by katy
  35. math

    solve the system using elimination 4x-7y=3 x-7y=15

    asked by venus
  36. Career guidance

    Can I be therapy when am doing maths literacy

    asked by Tshepiso Lokwae
  37. English

    How to write an essay?

    asked by Dominic
  38. social studies

    Why did the Cold War spread to Vietnam and Korea? A.The Chinese were interfering with the governments there.***or B.The Soviet Union had installed pro-Soviet governments there. C.Communist governments had taken over the northern parts of the

    asked by need helppppp
  39. English

    What is wouldn't:couldn"t::green:???????

    asked by HI
  40. Social Studies

    who came first dinos or humans

    asked by leapordclaw
  41. math

    The zoo uses 56 pounds of bananas each week. 10 pounds of apples each day. After 6 days, how many more pounds of apples than bananas does the zoo use.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chem

    Which has more molecules - one mole of glucose or one mole of water?

    asked by sea
  43. Chem

    What is the byproduct of the synthesis of sucrose from the two monosaccharides glucose and fructose?

    asked by sea
  44. English

    Which of the following is the the best synonym for perspective? A) Argument B) Counterclaim C) Point of view D) Rebuttal I think the answer is C, am I correct?

    asked by Chantelle
  45. Math

    A trough contains a certain amount of sand. After Jamie used it to fill a 2.4-kilogram bag, a 650-gram bowl, and a 3-kilogram,125-gram pail, she realized that she had a kilogram of sand left in the trough. How much sand was in the trough at first? Give

    asked by Kyle
  46. math

    The initial price of an engine was $450. To increase sales, the price was decreased by 12%. When it was realized that this new price was not profitable, the price was increased by 10%. Determine the final price of the engine. Answer on the back of the

    asked by anon
  47. Math

    Which decimal had the same value as 72/100

    asked by Emily
  48. Maths

    (1) Find the value of B between 0 degree and 360 degree which satisfy the equation SinB+Sin²B=0 (2) Find the value of A between 0 degree and 360 degree which satisfy the equation (2CosA+1)(1-CosA)=0 (3) 2Sin²A-SinA-1=0 (4) 4Cos²A+2CosA=1 (5)

    asked by Ande2
  49. Math

    In a gear train, 4% of the power is lost in friction. If the power left after the loss of friction is 60 hp, how much power is lost?

    asked by Henry2
  50. Math

    Tim what 2/5 of a mail on Monday, 6/7 of them out on Tuesday, and 2/3 of them out on Wednesday. How far did he walk in all?

    asked by HEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!
  51. Math

    Taylor took 560 photographs while on summer vacation. She wants to place an equal number of photos In each of 7 albums. How many photos will Taylor place in each album?

    asked by Oof
  52. social studies

    large farm in the southern colonies?

    asked by sofia
  53. Math

    9 and 4/5 + 8 and 1/2

    asked by YOUDONTKNOWME
  54. English

    Choose the letter of the word pair that has a relationship similar to the relationship in the first word pair. 1. Shakespeare:Dramatist: A. Ceasar:emperor B. Poe:raven C. Lenin:czar D. Rembrabdt:painting 2. Bacterologist:Bacteria: A. typist:reports B.

    asked by English
  55. math

    determine whether this relation is a function, state its domain and range, is it continuous or discrete. {(-3,0), (-1,1), (0,1), (4,5), (0,6)}

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    PLEASE HELP!!! Determine whether this relation is a function, state its domain and range. {(-3,0), (-1,1), (0,1), (4,5), (0,6)}

    asked by Anonymous