Questions Asked on
January 3, 2019

  1. math

    what expressions are equivalent to 10a-25+5b

    asked by yamillet
  2. History

    Which concept did the Maya understand before Europeans did? A. architecture B. calendars C. hieroglyphics D.

    asked by Not important
  3. science

    Which option accurately describes a scenario in which a tortoise experiences a displacement of 10 m south? A tortoise starts at a position of 3 m south. It moves 4 m east, 2 m west, and then 3 m north. A tortoise starts at a position of 0 m. It moves 10 m

    asked by dianni
  4. science

    Read the scenario. A cyclist starts at a position of 0 m and takes 3 s to move east to a position of +8 m. He then cycles west to a position of +5 m which takes an additional 2 s. What is the cyclist’s displacement? - 8 m +5 m -5 m +11 m can someone show

    asked by dianni
  5. Chemistry

    The molar heat of vaporization of water is 42 kJ/mol. How much energy is released by the condensation of 3.0 g of water?

    asked by Nathan
  6. math

    Which pair of ratios forms a proportion? (4/5 10/13), (7/8 15/18), and (1/2 14/28)

    asked by sans the skeleton
  7. Social Studies

    What did the Inca value more than gold? A. silver B.

    asked by Warriors Cat Lover
  8. science

    i have to do a project on balloon skewers. (search steve spangler science balloon skewer experiment) can someone help me out: what is the independent variable? what is the dependent variable? what are the constant variables? and can someone help me make a

    asked by mike
  9. math

    Four members of the Kaplan family will take a river trip down the Colorado River in Colorado State Park. The rafting company charges $10 per day and $15 per person for a half-day river trip, or $100 flat rate for a half-day river trip. The raft can hold up

    asked by blaaa
  10. Literature

    Which statement best explains the effect of the point of view on the narration of Robinson Crusoe? A. The point of view allows the author to give the reader a "god's-eye view" of the events in the novel. B. The point of view allows the author to narrate

    asked by Imari
  11. Physics

    The efficiency of a machine is 60℅,find In joules the work done by a student using the machine to rise a load of 150kg through a vertical distance or 2.5 m (g=10m/s2)

    asked by Lawrence
  12. Ban

    Why was me and my brother ban from Jiskha? We try to follow the rules... was it a mistake. Or what?

    asked by Warriors Cat Lover
  13. Literature

    All of the following examples show how the author uses figurative language and imagery to characterize Mr. Rochester as dangerous in this passage EXCEPT which? A. “Mr. Rochester moved slightly, as if an earthquake had rolled under his feet: taking a

    asked by Imari
  14. math

    A boy boys 9 Apple a boy boys 9 Appl a boy buys 9 Apple 4 rupees 9.60 and sells them at 11 for rupees 12 find his percent gain or loss

    asked by hansraj
  15. geometry

    what part of the coordinate plane is equidistant from the points a(-3 2) and b(3,2)? Explain

    asked by my_crafting
  16. geometry

    prove that every segment is congruent itself

    asked by Henry
  17. Literature

    Which of the following offers an analysis rather than a summary of the passage? A. Robinson Crusoe’s shelter was built using a tent under the side of a rock to form a cave. B. Robinson Crusoe kept a journal on the island to chronicle his adventures until

    asked by Imari
  18. math

    I need help urgently for unit 6 lesson 10. for the data in the table does y vary with x? If it does, write an equation for he direct variation. X Y 10 12 15 18 20 24 a. yes; y=1.2x** b. yes; y=2x c. yes; y=x+1 d. no; y does not vary directly with x.

    asked by purple_galaxy_girl18
  19. Algebra

    1.)Which of the following statements is true? Positive numbers are always rational numbers. Negative numbers are always irrational numbers. Negative numbers are sometimes rational numbers.********* Negative numbers are always integers.

    asked by Katy
  20. English

    In the first two paragraphs of this passage, the character of Zeena is best described as a A. round character. B. dynamic character. C. protagonist. D. stereotype. E. foil. ****I believe the answer is E, but I would like a second opinion, please. Thanks!

    asked by Mania
  21. Accounting

    Accounts receivable will appear on which of the following financial statements? Statement of changes in stockholders’ equity Statement of cash flows Balance sheet Income statement

    asked by Taylor
  22. Algebra

    1.)which of the following is an irrational number? 6.444..... 21/square root(16) 5π/π **** btw these are pi signs π

    asked by Katy
  23. Math

    What is the graph of the function rule? Y=|5x|-2

    asked by XxkadenxX
  24. Social study

    Why did Romans try to make their gods happy? A. because they believed the gods would help them convert to Judaism B. because they believed they could be put in jail for making the gods unhappy C. because they believed the gods would remove Julius Caesar

    asked by Paul
  25. math

    Tell whether the system has one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. 6y=-5x+24 2.5x+3y=12 A. One solution B. Infinitely many solutions C. No solution

    asked by venus
  26. English

    AT LEAST 4 and ½ MINUTES School should start later in the day. Some reasons why we think that school should start later in the day are because students would be more awake to take away more things from the lesson, more alert and they will listen and

    asked by James Doyle
  27. Algebra

    1.) Which of the following numbers could be added to 3/16 to make a sum greater than 1/2? 5/16 10/32 2/6 1/4 Which of the following pairs of numbers provides the best estimate of (square root of 45)? (square root of 25) and (square root of 36 (square root

    asked by katy
  28. math

    solve system using substitution. 2x+2y=38 y=x+3 plz help

    asked by venus
  29. English

    Which quote from the passage has the most symbolic significance to the story? A. "A bright fire glowed in the stove and the cat lay stretched before it, watching the table with a drowsy eye." B. "And after a pause he felt it right to add: 'I suppose he got

    asked by Mania
  30. Computing

    How to write a code in c++ language to convert peso into dollar

    asked by Alfonz
  31. Literature

    Robinson Crusoe is best described as which type of archetypal character? A. the mentor B. the scapegoat C. the trickster D. the hero*** E. the devil

    asked by Imari
  32. English

    Which excerpt from the passage helps demonstrate the struggle between social constraint and personal desire? A. "She set the lamp on the table, and he saw that it was carefully laid for supper, with fresh dough-nuts, stewed blueberries and his favourite

    asked by Mania
  33. science

    A shopping cart accelerates 0.5 m/s2 when a net force of 8 N is applied to it. What is the mass of the shopping cart? 4 kg 0.06 kg 8.5 kg 16 kg can someone explain this to me?

    asked by dianni
  34. English

    Which detail from the text best supports the claim that Robinson Crusoe survives on the island through hard work and determination? A. "I have already described my habitation, which was a tent under the side of a rock, surrounded with a strong pale of

    asked by Imari
  35. Maths

    Anjum was 1/3 as young as her grandfather 15years ago if the sum of their ages is 110 how old is anjum grandfather

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Science

    Which of the following can happen to plants in an ecosystem during a long drought? A. They can increase in numbers. B. They can't move away, so they could die C. They will grow taller. D. They will take in more water.

    asked by YEET
  37. English

    Use the passage to answer the question (shown below) Which quote shows how the author uses archetypal meanings to help characterize Mattie? A. "She stood just as Zeena had stood, a lifted lamp in her hand, against the black background of the kitchen." B.

    asked by Mania
  38. math

    Solve the system using substitution. y=8-x 7=2-y

    asked by venus
  39. English

    Use the passage to answer the question. (shown below) Which of the following quotes is an example of characterization that helps develop the theme? A. “Silence answered; but in a minute or two he caught a sound on the stairs and saw a line of light about

    asked by Mania
  40. Literature

    I know that a lot of you have not read this and I can't show it to you, but if have read the forest fire what order is it?

    asked by hedrtfghyujiko,l;.