Questions Asked on
January 2, 2019

  1. Social Studies

    Hewwwoooo~! I would LOVE some help on this SS test, for Connections Academy! Lesson 6: Civilizations of the Americas Unit Test Social Studies 7 A Unit 8: Civilizations of the Americas! Note that I am NOT asking for answers, but is there anyone that can

    asked by Junko :D
  2. social studies

    Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that occurred first to the event that occurred last. Britain splits India into two states. India's textile industry collapses. The British government takes control of the East India Company's

    asked by annnnaaaaa81
  3. social studies

    Which of the following describes an effect of globalization? A.Car parts are manufactured in Asia.***** B.An American company has factories in Mexico. C.Diamonds and other gems are sold in Africa. D.China has placed restrictions on burning coal. What is

    asked by WarriorPerson134
  4. biology

    North American wolves can have gray fur or black fur. A single gene with two alleles codes for fur color. Information about the fur color of parents and offspring in four wolf families is shown below. Family 1 | gray fur x black fur | 3 gray fur : 2 black

    asked by elizabeth
  5. biology

    When exposed to bright sunlight, some people involuntarily sneeze. This reaction is known as a photic response. It is controlled by a single gene with two alleles, H and h. A man and a woman who sneeze when exposed to bright sunlight are both heterozygous

    asked by elizabeth
  6. Happy New Year!

    In this new year, we are hoping that all who post here practice good online manners -- especially good Jiskha manners! Please read and follow all seven (7) of these rules for online etiquette:

    asked by Writeacher
  7. Biology

    The meninges are membranes that serve to: protect the nervous system bathe the brain in cerebral spinal fluid carry nutrients to the brain clear waste products from the brain

    asked by M
  8. History

    What group fought to end apartheid in South Africa? A. the South African Liberation Association B. the African National Congress C. the African Anti-Apartheid Foundation D. the South African Parliament

    asked by Yahaira
  9. pre calculus

    A force of 350 lb. is resolved into forces at right angles to one another, the angle of F2 being 67 from the 350 lb. force. Find F2.

    asked by jacob
  10. Math

    A nut wholesaler sells two types of mixes of cashews and peanuts. He makes a low-grade mix containing 8 pounds of peanuts and 4 pounds of cashews and high-grade mixture containing 6 pounds of peanuts and 6 pounds of cashews. Let x and y denote the numbers

    asked by asingh
  11. Algebra

    Find the radius of a metal container that is 28 centimeters tall an a volume of 8,800 cubic centimeters use pie =3 1/7

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Biology

    The spinal accessory is a cranial nerve: True False I think it is true.

    asked by Biryani
  13. world history

    -identify the economic role of the groups -identify the groups place in the social hierarchy -describe challenges faced by the members in the group -describe the potential benefits of belonging to that group the groups are: serfs, nobles, clergy,

    asked by alejandra
  14. math

    ok so, i just made a 56 on my mid term in math, and i have a 68 in math rn, but its low because the midterm rn is a temporary 0, and the final is worth 11% of my grade, so can someone tell me what my grade is after adding in the final? if i fail this cless

    asked by sdojvfldorghfoirhf
  15. science

    Which of the following statements about the Moon is true?

    asked by Someone
  16. Science

    Earthquakes can form at what type(s) of plate boundaries? Convergent Divergent Transform Fault* All of the above You can look up pictures of all of these boundaries in google.

    asked by Little Bird
  17. maths

    calculate rate of change of function f(x) = (0.4)^x ; x changes from x to x + 2. kindly help in this x = 0 and x = -2 rest i know how to solve dont know the value of x

    asked by singsta
  18. Maths

    the salary scale of a certain grade of government officer starts at #57000 per annum.if increase by annual rise of 5400 to ne a maximum of #132000 Ap.I guess? Common differenc is 5400

    asked by Oyakhiomen victor
  19. Biology

    When severing the optic chiasm, you are cutting which cranial nerve? I II III IV

    asked by Biryani
  20. math

    a runner jogs 12 km north then turns and runs 16 km east in three hours.what is his displacement

    asked by bisrst
  21. 8th math

    I need to find the average rate of change for my math portfolio but I don't know how. I looked it up and got beyond confused. Can anyone tell me a simplified version of how to do it?

    asked by Nonya
  22. Science

    Two charge of +40 micro coulomb are separated by distance 0.4m determine potential at mid point of them the dielectric constant of medium is2

    asked by Mansi
  23. Physics

    A body of mass 10kg is acted on by a constant force of 20n for 3second. Calculate the kinetic energy at the end of the time.

    asked by Leela
  24. Physics

    A car mass 800kg starts from rest and accelerates at 1.2m/s^2 .determine the final velocity attained by the car

    asked by Derrick
  25. Physics

    A body of mass 5kg falls freely from a height of 100m find 1)initial PE 2)kinetic/potential energy

    asked by Harsh
  26. Biology

    The lateral ventrical lies _____________ to the deeper structures that include the ___________. Ventral, hippocampus Dorsal, caudate nucleus Dorsal, cortex Ventral, caudate nucleus

    asked by M
  27. Math

    Two town P and Q are on the parallel of latitude 46° N .the longitude of P is 130°W and that of town Q is 103°W.a third town R also on latitude 46°N on longitude 23°E.calculate (A).the length of the parallel of latitude 46°N to the nearest 100km

    asked by Vosanka
  28. Spanish 10

    Complete the following sentences with the correct past progressive tense form. á é í ó ú ü ñ Example: Nosotros estábamos sirviendo café. (servir) 1. Tú te ___ del chiste. (reír) 2. Yo ___ en la piscina. (nadar) 3. Ellos ___ el misalito. (leer)

    asked by BarnyardGal
  29. Math

    If nc4 , nc5 and nc5 are in AP then the value of n can be

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Guidance

    Which careers are right for my subjects ?

    asked by Basanda
  31. Spanish

    if i want to say 'i helped my younger brother with his homework yesterday' in spanish would i say: - ayer, ayudé a mi hermano menor con sus deberes. or - ayer, ayudé a mi hermano menor con los deberes. thanks x

    asked by sarah