Questions Asked on
December 28, 2018

  1. Tests

    Does anyone know where I can find free online practice tests for Cognitive Abilities and Achievements Tests. I was looking for grade 8-9 tests, and hopefully free. Thanks, TollingBellz

    asked by TollingBellz
  2. Civics

    list the major local/world civic problems

    asked by MERCY
  3. history

    which jobs did john bell hood have in the civil war? select all that apply. 2 points 1.leading texas soldier into battle******* 2.recruiting and training footing soldiers******** 3.defending confederate lands 4.making plans to capture confederate post

    asked by santa
  4. History

    Why did Quakers and other religious leaders in the North oppose slavery?

    asked by Aaya
  5. History - reposted for Jonah

    This was originally posted at the end of a thread of another student. based on the chart, how did westward expansion affect slavery in the united states between 1820 and 1850? I need help A) the slave population roughly doubled as several new slave states

    asked by Ms. Sue
  6. psychology

    1) The police chief of New City states publicly that she sees a direct relationship between teenage arrests in New City for violent crimes and the popularity among New City teens of especially violent television shows. Design a correlational study to

    asked by regenia
  7. Math

    Seth invested n dollars into an investment fund last year. After a period of one year, the value of his investment can be represented by the expression 0.84n. Select the true statement.

    asked by Cat
  8. English

    From twitter to Facebook rapid advances in technology are providing humans with a variety of ways to communicate,keep in touch,and observe events in the lives of others. Many believe that with these technological changes comes a loss of close human

    asked by Anonymous
  9. statistics

    Nominal is to category as ordinal is to?

    asked by jahru
  10. physics

    A fish hangs from a spring scale supported from the roof of an elevator. a) if the elevator has an upward acceleration of 1.2 m/s^2 and the scale reads 200 N, what is the true force of gravity on the fish? b) under what circumstances will the scale read

    asked by Tina
  11. Language arts

    anyways, the question I need help with is, Harriet Tubman risked her life to lead others to freedom. Do you think that the essay "Harriet Tubman" explains why Tubman took such risks? In an essay, discuss whether you understand her motives. If you do,

    asked by the grinch
  12. Math

    What is i?

    asked by Rahul
  13. chemistry

    During electrolysis of an aqueous NaOH solution in the anode, 2.8 L of Oxygen are released (under conditions considered normal). How much hydrogen is free in the cathode?

    asked by wallace
  14. Investing

    An individual investor has birr 90,000 to divide among several investments. The alternative investments are municipal bonds with an 9.5 % return, certificates of deposits with a 10% return, treasury bill with a 7.5 % return,

    asked by Netsanet
  15. Maths

    find l when theta is 60 degrees and r is 4.5cm??

    asked by Ayesha Naseer
  16. microeconomics

    The mathematical expression and graphs of utility,util,line budget and profit

    asked by melese tefera