Questions Asked on
December 24, 2018

  1. Math

    x is a partly constant and partly varies with y when y =3, x=7 and when y=6, x=9, find the relationship between x and y.Hence find x when y=4. solution?.

    asked by Angel
  2. science

    A 2.00 kg object is subjected to three forces that give acceleration ( ) ( )j sms ima rrr 22 /6/8 += − . If two of the three forces are ( ) ( )j NN iF rrr 16.030.01 += and ( ) ( )j NN iF rrr 8.012.02 += − , find the third force.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Finance

    Rebecca is 25 and considering going to graduate school so she sits down to calculate whether it is worth the large sum of money. She knows that her first year tuition will be $52,000, due at the beginning of the year (that is, right away). She estimates

    asked by SANTANU GHOSH
  4. math

    Find all integers x for which there exists an integer y such that 1/x + 1/y = 1/7. I'm not exactly sure how to approach this problem. Please answer as soon as possible.

    asked by Julie
  5. Math

    The price of the washing machine is Rs14500 inclusive of VAT . If the rate if VAT is 12%,find the basic price of the washing machine

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    In a class of 40students,23 offer biology and 27 offer chemistry.Each student offers at least one of the two subjects.How many students offer both subjects?

    asked by Gifty
  7. science

    Each battery has emf 10v and each resistance has value 5ohm find magnetic field at p

    asked by Anonymous
  8. History

    Name the most famous battle of 1346? My answer is Crecy.

    asked by Warriors' Cat Lover
  9. history

    The _____________was a meeting of delegates from several New England states to consider the question of seceding from the United States. Secession Convention Charleston Convention Constitutional Convention Hartford Convention I think C

    asked by lilkakes
  10. Java

    If x is an int and the original value of x is 5, what statement would assign an even value to x?

    asked by Joe