Questions Asked on
December 21, 2018

  1. Web Design

    Which type category is the easiest to read when printed at a type size smaller than 10 points? A).display B).sans serif C).serif D).script I do believe the answer is B) or C). But I think it is B). Is this correct?? PLEASE HELP

    asked by Kiley
  2. Chemistry

    What is the most accurate description of an electron’s motion? It does not have a patterned movement that can be described in one statement. It moves in circular motions around the central nucleus. It jumps from lower to higher energy level when excited.

    asked by Quinn
  3. History

    Match the achievement with the dynasty that accomplished it. The Choices: I Think This Dynasty Invented it: Great Wall Of China Qin Dynasty WheelBarrow Han Dynasty Crossbow Zhou Dynasty Writing System Shang Dynasty Please check my answer!

    asked by Warriors Cat Lover
  4. Philosophy/ethics

    1. Martha is tired of her son, Travis, forgetting to do his chores. she decides to tell Travis how his behavior is affecting the family and ask him to explain himself. what is Martha deciding to practice? a. confrontation**** b. respect c. responsibility

    asked by Sid.V
  5. English

    Did you see that car accident?! Is the punctuation correct?

    asked by Alisha
  6. English

    In Betty Bonham Lie's retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, how is the narrator's description of Orpheus's music an example of hyperbole? A. The narrator retells old myths about orpheus's powers B. The narrator exaggerates the effects of orpheus's

    asked by Yes
  7. Chemistry

    If an element has the atomic number 20, what sublevels are present? It has a p sublevel. The first energy level has an s; the second energy level has an s and a p; the third energy level has an s, p, and d; the fourth energy level has an s. It has an s

    asked by Quinn
  8. History

    1. Identify two major empires that controlled land around the Mediterranean Sea. 2. Justinian’s Code became the framework for what system used by most modern European countries?

    asked by DavidEx
  9. Science

    Could someone carry a gene without having it? Then pass it on to the next generation?

    asked by X
  10. Physics

    A progressive wave equation is given by y=a sin (200(pie)t -(pie)x/17) Find; 1) The wavelength 2) Velocity 3) Frequency 4) Period

    asked by Joseph
  11. math

    can someone help me with this 1 "55% times 9 divided by four equal t

    asked by lun
  12. Calculus

    Write the first five terms of the sequence defined by the recursive formula an=2(an-1)+3 with a1=-2

    asked by Lexi
  13. History

    Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be so significant?

    asked by Dean Winchester
  14. Chemistry

    What is the Total dissolved solids (TDS) in 32.5% urea solution

    asked by Sundararajan
  15. biology

    [K+] outside = 10 mEq/L and [K+] inside = 150 mEq/L. What effect would reducing the extracellular fluid potassium (K+) concentration from 5mM to 1mM have on RMP and why.

    asked by derek
  16. Math

    The angle of elevation from Jet fighter. A ground on 60 degree after a flight takeoff 15 seconds the angle of elevation 30 degree if you at speed of 720 km per hour then find the constant height reached at the flying

    asked by Himanshu
  17. Brazilian History

    Which of the following events led to Brazil’s independence? A. Getúlio Vargas’ overthrow the government B. The liberation of enslaved Afro-Brazilians**** C. Simon bolivar’s uprising D. Napoleons invasion of Portugal

    asked by Hdhshshdhdg
  18. math

    A farmer has 25 yards of fencing to make a pig pen. He is going to use the side of the barn as one of the sides of the fence, so he only needs to fence 3 sides. What should be the dimensions of the fence in order to maximize the area?

    asked by A farmer has 25 yards of fencing to make a pig pe
  19. math

    Jordan surveyed her friends about whether or not they had a minivan and whether or not they lived in a two story house. She reported the relative frequencies in the table shown. Which statement is correct?

    asked by sandra
  20. math

    Use a matrix equation to solve the system of equations. 6x + 2y = 11 3x - 8y =1 My textbook gave this example, but explained it in a really weird way and I don't understand how to do it. Can someone help?

    asked by Charly
  21. History

    Why did the Palestinians’ relationship with Israel worsen when Hamas won the most seats in the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary election? A Hamas wanted to eliminate Israel as a country. B Hamas wanted Israel to invade Lebanon. C Hamas wanted to build

    asked by Jeremy
  22. Physics

    Equation b=a square ×cos square×2π×beta×Gama÷alpha . The unit of a, alpha, beta are metre , 1/ sec and m/sec. Respectively the unit of b and gamma are

    asked by pawanpatel
  23. Physical science

    What happens when an atom gives up loosely held valence electrons to another atom? A. The two atoms form a mixture. B. A chemical bond forms between the two atoms. C. A chemical compound splits into separate elements. D. The two atoms combine to create an

    asked by BleakTuber
  24. History

    Which of the main reasons for secession was most important in Texas' decision to secede? Justify your reasoning.

    asked by @OfficialOliviaB.
  25. Music ! Help !

    Which type of concerto was most popular in the Romantic period? A. concerto grosso B. solo concerto** C. Concertos were not popular in the Romantic period. D. none of the above Brahms emphasized the importance of the piano by including the cadenza in what

    asked by Elle :)
  26. Computers

    Which of the following experiences is considered a simulation? Using a computer program to experience. That is what I think!

    asked by Warriors Cat Lover
  27. English

    list important ideas about "the Cay"

    asked by tater
  28. English

    Are the commas placed correctly in (A) or (B)? (A) The reason is often that the interviewer wants an overview, or opening statement summarizing how your skills, experiences and background are a good fit for the internship. (B) The reason is often that the

    asked by Natasha
  29. Math

    Can I get some help with this question? "If C is a 5 x 1 matrix and D is a 3 x 5 matrix, what are the dimensions of DC?"

    asked by Posty
  30. calculus

    what is the domain of f/g,given f(x)=x+6 and g(x)=x-5?

    asked by lexie
  31. Algebra: Matrix

    I'm suppose to solve for x, but my textbook never covered how to solve this: | 5x - 8 1 |. | 2 1 | | 3 4m - 1| = | 3 7m+ 6| Can someone please help me ?

    asked by Posty
  32. Philosophy/ethics

    16. You find out that two of your friends aren't speaking to each other. What would be a good first step to take to help them resolve their problem? a. decide which one of them is causing the problem b. find someone else to talk to them c. listen calmly as

    asked by Sid.V
  33. Math

    An eccentric baseball card collector wants to distribute her collection among her descendants. If she divided her cards among her 17 great-great-grandchildren, there would be 3 cards left over. If she divided her cards among her 16 great-grandchildren,

    asked by LoLa HeRMaN
  34. Calculus

    Write the first five terms of the sequence defined by the explicit formula an=150(1/5)^n-1

    asked by Lexi
  35. Philosophy/ethics

    how can a person ethic or values ruin their performance at their workplace?

    asked by Sid.V