Questions Asked on
December 19, 2018

  1. geometry

    Given: ΔАВС, m∠ACB = 90° CD⊥AB , m∠ACD = 30° AC = 6 cm. Find: BD

    asked by Harini
  2. Physics

    A stone is projected vertically upwards with a velocity of 20m/s. 2s later another stone is similarly projecte? with the same velocity. when the two stones meet the second one is rising at a velocity of 10m/s.neglecting air resistance calculate the length

    asked by Covenant
  3. Social Studies

    What features are associated with the dynasties of the tang (618-907) and song (960-1279)

    asked by Connections academy
  4. Social Studies

    How did knowing how to cut and stack stones help early Andean civilizations grow?

    asked by Chloe
  5. English

    1) Which of the following passages from the tes best supports the story’s theme of perseverance? A) “ I followed father’s orders faithfully.” B) “ And like father she was not afraid to talk to me like an equal. “ C) I wrote several drafts of it

    asked by Rapper
  6. Social Studies

    Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India? A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing Idk

    asked by Google
  7. Social Studies

    “The state of monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth; for kings are not only God's lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon God's throne, but even by God himself are called gods.” ―King James I, Works (1609) Which of the following people would have

    asked by GUCCI
  8. Calculus

    Rolle's theorem cannot be applied t the function f(x)= ln(x+2) on the interval [-1,2] because a) f is not differentiable on the interval [-1,2] b) f(-1)≠ f(2) c) All of these d) Rolle's theorem can be applied to f(x)= ln(x+2) on the interval [-1,2]

    asked by Mary PLEASEEE
  9. Math

    How might you use a perpendicular bisector or an angle bisector in your everyday life? And why might the orthocenter be the hardest part of the triangle to identify and use for some people?

    asked by X
  10. integrated science

    please help me If the following elements were involved in a chemical reaction, which one would be most likely to form a cation? chlorine (Cl) nitrogen (N) potassium (K) fluorine (F) I think it is A.

    asked by matthew
  11. math

    ABCD is a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle, as shown below: What equation can be used to solve for angle A? (x + 16) + (6x − 4) = 180 (x + 16) + (x) = 90 (x + 16) − (2x + 16) = 180 (x + 16) − (x) = 90

    asked by maddy
  12. chemistry

    The active ingredient in some antiperspirants is aluminum chlorohydrate, Al2(OH)5Cl. Analysis of a 2.000-g sample of antiperspirant yields 0.334 g of aluminum. What percent (by mass) of aluminum chlorohydrate is present in the antiperspirant? (Assume that

    asked by jane
  13. History

    Of the following statements, which one MOST accurately represents the major difference between the Japanese and European feudal systems? A. In Europe, feudal lords protected peasants in exchange for part of their crops. In Japan, feudal lords protected

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  14. physics

    a motorist traveling at 18m/s approaches traffic lights. when he is 30m from the stop line they turn red .it takes 0.7s before he can react by appling the breakes. the car slow down at a rate of 4.6m/s^2 how far from the stop line will he come to rest and

    asked by Anonymous
  15. World History

    Look at the table about the government of the Roman republic. ? assemblies of citizens Citizens elect officials and pass laws. Which title would best fit the table? A. Weaknesses of the Early Roman Government B. Dictatorial Features of the Roman Government

    asked by Mel❤nie
  16. Math

    It costs $1200 to start up a business selling hot dogs on the beach. Each hot dog costs 40c to produce. a)Write the cost equation in slope-intercept form. b) How many hot dogs are produced if the total cost is$1560.

    asked by T
  17. Calculus

    what could be the units for dy/dx if y is the surface area of a tumor and x is the radius of the tumor? Would it be meters per radian? (Square millimeters per millimeter Millimeters per centimeter Meters per second Gallons per hour Or meters per radian)

    asked by Quick Calc help
  18. science

    Which options accurately describe valid scientific writing? (Select all that apply) rational empirical skeptical biased is it the second and third one?

    asked by dianni
  19. history

    Who was a Swiss theologian and humanist philosopher that rejected the principle of transubstantiation and believed in the supreme authority of the Bible rather than the clergy?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Algebra

    3. What is the algebraic expression for the word phrase: the product of 5 more than p and 7

    asked by anonymous
  21. social studies

    HELP PLEASE I DONT WANT TO STRESS OVER THIS. How did the defeat of the Aztec and Incan empires enrich the Spanish monarchy? A. Spain began to levy heavy taxes on its American colonists. B. Spain sold its lands in the Americas to other European countries.

    asked by TOO MUCH PRESSURE
  22. Social Studies

    Which of the following factors contributes to South Asia's environmental challenges?

    asked by Jimmy
  23. Math

    If U={natural numbers less than 20} and N={factors of 18}, what is N’? What am I supposed to do? I know the factors of 18 are 1, 2,3,6, 9, & 18. I know the natural numbers less than 20 are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20. So what am I

    asked by Sis
  24. Social studies

    Which of the following factors contributed the most to the increase of Spanish power in Europe in the late 1500s? A. the steady supply of wealth flowing into Spain from its colonies in the Americas B. the near-constant warfare it waged in Europe defending

    asked by GUCCI
  25. Math

    The size of the beaver population at a national park increases at the rate of 4.3% per year. If the size of the current population is 142, find how many beaver there should be in 4 years. Use the function f(x)=4e^0.043t and round to the nearest whole

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Calculus

    The position (feet traveled) of a car is given by the equation s(t)=(1/4)t^2+1 find the time when the car is going the same speed as its average speed over the interval 0 to 10 seconds t=0 t=2.5 t=5 t=10 Never I think it's either t=5 or t=2.5? The end

    asked by Calc help
  27. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the effects of the Congress of Vienna on Europe. Choices may be used once or not at all. Gave more land to Prussia returned to choices list.* Returned French borders to their former locations* Balanced power in Europe Eliminated the Austrian

    asked by Marvel
  28. AP Physics

    A small block of mass m=1 kg glides down (without friction) a circular track of radius R=2 m, starting from rest at height R. At the bottom of the track it hits a massless relaxed spring with spring constant k= 10 N/m, which starts to be compressed as the

    asked by tyger2020
  29. Social studies

    What role did the National Assembly play in the conflicts that developed in France after 1789?

    asked by Marvel
  30. Technical

    Which new feature require installation of the Nissan connect door to door app on the users smart phone

    asked by Anil
  31. Calculus

    If the space below, provide the smaller of the two positive integers that add 30 and have the largest possible product. Numerical Answers Expected!

    asked by Alice
  32. Social Studies

    Which was the eventual outcome of the conflict between East Pakistan and West Pakistan in 1971? A. India helped West Pakistan gain its independence. B. A communist political party took control of East Pakistan. C. East Pakistan became the nation of

    asked by Google
  33. Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at time t its position is given by s(t)=(t+3)(t-1)^3,t>0. For what values of t is the velocity of the particle decreasing? a) 00 d) The velocity is never decreasing. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Alice
  34. math

    Hi There- I really need help with this. I'm kind of confused and don't have an answer. if you could explain it ill give you my answer once I understand it. how does the product of a fraction and a whole number compare to the whole number? A. the product is

    asked by Tanner
  35. AP Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at time t its position is given by s(t)=(t+3)(t-1)^3,t>0. For what values of t is the velocity of the particle decreasing? a) 00 d) The velocity is never decreasing. Thanks in advance.

    asked by ALICE Urgentttt
  36. math

    a ketchup packet contains 3/16 ounces of ketchup. how many packets can be made using 24 ounces of ketchup? if anyone knows all of the answers that are right plz give them to me, i am desperate.

    asked by officaloliviab
  37. Social Studies

    How is Carnival an example of cultural exchange in South America? A. It involves parades and costumed dancers.+++ B. It combines African dance and European religion. C. It involves the Christian practice of fasting. D. It attracts millions of participants

    asked by dori
  38. math

    how many solutions does this equation have 3(x - 3) + 3x

    asked by Mel❤nie
  39. Social Studies

    Match the achievement with the dynasty that accomplished it. crossbow wheelbarrow Great Wall of China writing system Qin dynasty Han dynasty Zhou dynasty Shang dynasty

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  40. social studies

    what was the biggest threat of traveling west in the manner shown in the illustration?

    asked by XXXTENTACION
  41. Math

    The price of a calculator is $12.50. The sales tax is 7.5%. How much will you pay for the calculator?

    asked by Sophie
  42. Social Studies

    Plz help Which event caused the United States to lead a war in Afghanistan? A. the ISIS attacks on Iraq B. the civil war in Syria C. the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. D. the attacks by Hamas on Israel Why did the Cold War

    asked by Me
  43. Math

    The table shows the temperature (in degrees) for eight consecutive days as well as the respective number of ice cream cones an ice cream shop sold on each of these days. Temperature: 68, 77, 83, 85, 89, 94, 96, 99 number of cones: 403, 447, 457, 465, 489,

    asked by kelseypooh
  44. Science

    Which of the following describes the pathway that the nerve impulses travel while throwing a baseball

    asked by Anonymous
  45. English

    Which of the following passages from the text seems most out of character for Phillip? A) Why can't they use aircraft and bomb the submarines? B) Where are we? Where is my mother? C) I don't think Stew Cat is bad luck... I'm glad he is here D) Your saving

    asked by i just need help
  46. math

    what is c/3=4

    asked by Willie
  47. Calculus

    Rolle's theorem cannot be applied t the function f(x)= ln(x+2) on the interval [-1,2] because a) f is not differentiable on the interval [-1,2] b) f(-1)≠ f(2) c) All of these d) Rolle's theorem can be applied to f(x)= ln(x+2) on the interval [-1,2]

    asked by Maria
  48. math

    A nursery records the weights of 6 newborn babies in pounds. The weights are 6.7; 7.1; 7.5; 7.7; 8.1; 8.1; 8.3; 9.0. Then twins are born. The weighed 8.1 and the girl weighed 7.1 pounds. What is the median weight in pounds of the eight babies born? P.S.

    asked by DavidEx
  49. social studies

    How has the caste system changed in India and Pakistan? A. It faded from existence as societies became less religious. B. Caste-based discrimination has been outlawed. C. Women can now belong to the highest castes. D. There are now only three castes

    asked by Google
  50. science

    Two masses are moving down a slope. One mass is traveling twice as fast as the other mass. How does the kinetic energy of one mass compare to the other? i don't understand

    asked by Mel❤nie
  51. math

    A building is 900 feet tall and 150 feet wide. A scale model of the building is 3 feet tall. Which proportion can be used to find the width, w , of the scale model? A 900 150 = 3 w B 900 3 = w 150 C 150 900 = 3 w D 150 3 = 900 w

    asked by Anna
  52. physics

    A uniform rod of mass M and length d is initially at rest on a horizontal and frictionless table contained in the xy plane, the plane of the screen. The rod is free to rotate about an axis perpendicular to the plane and passing through the pivot point at a

    asked by tyger2020
  53. Algebra

    which of the following appears to be a irrational number? 0.404404440 0.783783783 -4/5 or the square root of 36 i'm stuck help me please

    asked by Mel❤nie
  54. algebra

    the length of a swimming pool is 23 units more than its width.if the 420sq.units, what are their dimensions?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. science

    identify the process that represents how organisms grow and replace old or damaged cells. Identify the process that is necessary for sexual reproduction, explain why it is necessary, and identify how this process increases genetic variation. (Hint: Answer

    asked by Anna
  56. algebra

    divide 75 units into parts,such that the product is 1250

    asked by Anonymous
  57. algebra

    divide 50 into two parts such that the product will be a maximum

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Calculus

    A gallon rises at the rate of 8 feet per second from a point on the ground 12 feet from an observer. To 2 decimal places in radians per second, find the rate of change of the angle of elevation when the ball on is 9 feet above the ground. Type your answer

    asked by Karen
  59. World History

    How did Greece civilization respond within society? Succeeded or failed? what were their success and fails? please someone help me anything links answers ANYTHING! semester end in literally 5 hours

    asked by birdsaywhat
  60. math

    Alex practices playing the piano for 2 1/2 hours each week. If Alex practiced for a total of 35 hours, which expression could be used to determine the number of weeks he practiced?

    asked by officaloliviab
  61. @Warriors

    Ms. Sue is absolutely right! She wrote: Please don't stress. 1. Take a deep breath. [This alone gets oxygen to your brain so you can think better. Remember to do this during tests, too.] 2. Sit down and get comfortable. [This helps you relax and your

    asked by Writeacher
  62. Math

    Adrienne had 20 cups of flour. She used 7 3/4 cups of flour for a batch of bread and 3 1/3 cups of flour for a batch of cookies. How much flour did Adrienne have left after she baked the bread and cookies?

    asked by officaloliviab
  63. math

    The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 26 cm the length of one leg is 24 cm. find the length of the other leg? is the answer 10?

    asked by Mel❤nie
  64. Calculus

    Find the local linear approximation of f(x) = e^(3x) at x = 1. a) y = e^3 b) y = e^(3(x − 1)) c) y = 3e^(3)(x − 1) d) y = 3e^(3)x − 2e^3 What is the answer: a,,b,c, d????

    asked by ALICE PLEASEEE
  65. algebra

    One of two complementary angles has a measure of 6º greater than the other. What is the measures of the larger angle? What is the measure of the smaller angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Math

    The drama teacher is making costumes for the school play. Each costume requires 1 3/4 yards of material and 2/3 of a yard of ribbon. The material costs $2.99 per yard and the ribbon costs 59¢ per yard. What is the approximate cost of each costume?

    asked by officaloliviab
  67. math

    Guests at a winter-themed party were served snowball cookies, snowman cookies, and snowflake cookies. All of the guests who ate snowball cookies also ate snowman cookies. Three-fourths of the snowball eaters did not also eat snowflake cookies. There were

    asked by S
  68. Science

    Why is water wet?

    asked by Ramio Togamachi
  69. History

    Can you help me find a war that is currently going on in the world and 5 reasons why?

    asked by Sara
  70. math

    Find the logistic function that satisfies the given conditions. 15) Initial value = 35, limit to growth = 140, passing through (1, 56) Thank you!

    asked by Chloe
  71. chemistry

    Calculate the PH of unbuffered solution after adding 1ml of 0.1M NaOH to 100ml of the solution .PH of unbuffered solution 4.74 .acetate

    asked by Marshet
  72. Social Studies

    Hi, I'm working on an essay and just wanted to know if anyone had an example you can find and might be willing to share with me. I looked and had no luck. Its an essay where you pretend to interview people and tell what happened in colonial South America.

    asked by S
  73. Math

    The size of the beaver

    asked by Anonymous
  74. math

    x + 8 < − 2 8 x+8

    asked by Mel❤nie
  75. pre-cal

    I have 2 sets of coordinates (1, 410) and (12, 788) and need to calculate the rate of change over time using y=ae^bt. Since I don't have a coordinate at 0, I can't figure out how to calculate my starting value, or a, to solve this.

    asked by Sydney
  76. Math

    13 inches and 7inches find length of missing side

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Finance

    You want to start a summer business to earn money. What will you do? You have to consider how much money you can afford to invest in this business, how much it will cost you to make each item, and how much you’re going to charge for each item. Research

    asked by EmDaWgYy
  78. Geometry

    Describe the single transformatthat has the same effect as reflecting across the line x = 1 followed by a reflection across the line x = 5

    asked by Unknown
  79. Calculus

    It would be so helpful if someone could check my answers! A machine starts dumping sand at the rate of 20 m3/min, forming a pile in the shape of a cone. The height of the pile is always twice the length of the base diameter. The volume formula for a right

    asked by Ker
  80. history

    how did Francis Lubbock's actions affect Texas history over the next 4 years give details to support your answer

    asked by connections student
  81. chemistry

    reacting species of C8H6NH, potassium hydroxide, aqueous ammonia, and calcium hydroxide

    asked by jane
  82. Math

    Solve the inequality. −0.3n ≤ 5.4 n ≥ −1.8 n ≤ −18 n ≤ −1.8 n ≥ −18 please

    asked by kid
  83. math

    A 47 degres counterclockwise rotation centered at (3,-1) transforms (2,1) into what point?

    asked by lucy
  84. math

    An infinte plane is tiled with equilateral triangles of side length 9cm. If you drop a coin of radius 1 cm onto the plane, what is the probability the coin lands within one of the triangles?

    asked by roma
  85. math

    sofia deposits birr 3500 in a bank account paying an annual interest rate of 6%. find the amount she has at the end of the fourth year?

    asked by ashenafi
  86. english

    Which statement summarizes how the chart illustrates the author's position on ethanol?

    asked by genesais
  87. Physics

    at ground level g is 9.8m/s^2 suppose the earth starts to increas its angular velocity how long would a day be when people on the equator were just thrown off

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    at ground level g is 9.8m/s^2 suppose the earth starts to increas its angular velocity how long would a day be when people on the equator were just thrown off ?why is the expression thrown off a bad one ?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Physics

    an aeroplane taxis onto the runway going at 10m/s if it can accelerate steadily at 3m/s^2 and its take off speed is 90m/s what length of runway will it need?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. social studies

    can someone please check my answer and if i go them wrong can someone help me 1.Which statement best describes the relationship between the Tudor monarchs and Parliament? A. Tudor monarchs rarely consulted Parliament on important matters. ***** B.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. algebra

    Mrs. Gifford's class consists of 15 girls and 25 boys.On the first test the mean of the girls’ scores was 80 and the mean of the boy’s scores was 70. What was the class mean? (Remember the class mean is not just averaging the two means)On the second

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Chemistry

    In each of the following ionic compounds identify the main group to which X belongs: A. XF2 B. MgX C. X2O3 D. Na2X

    asked by masre man
  93. Physics

    a stone is projected vertically upward with a velocity of 20,two seconds later a second stone is similarly projected with the same velocity, when the two stones meet,the second one is rising at a velocity of 10, calculate the length of time the second

    asked by Covenant
  94. science

    Read the statement and then apply it to the scenario. Statement In science, it is not possible to prove hypotheses right. This is not the fault of scientists and their experiments; the scientific method is only able to tell scientists if their hypotheses

    asked by dianni
  95. Social Studies

    PLZ HELP!!!!!!!! MY GRADE DEPENDS ON THIS!!!!! Out of the nearly seven billion people living on Earth, about how many have access to the internet? A. Fewer than one billion B. Slightly less than half C. Slightly more than half D. More than 90 percent What

    asked by Me
  96. Science

    Which of the following statements describes the differnece between physical and chemical weathering? PLSSS HELP!!!!

    asked by Yerr nation
  97. math

    Lee built a scale model of his car. The model was 3 inches long. The scale from the model to Lee’s car was 1 to 60. What was the length of Lee’s car? A 20 inches B 57 inches C 63 inches D 180 inches I don't get it please help

    asked by Anna
  98. Math

    Solve each inequality. m – 7 < 6 A. m < –1 B. m > 1 C. m < 13 D. m < –13

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Math

    Solve the equation. 5h – 9 = –16 + 6h A. 4 B. –7 C. 7 D. 10

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Math

    –2v – 7 = –23 A. 15 B. 8 C. –8 D. –15

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Start Fraction w over 4 End Fraction – 4 = 3 A. –4 B. 28 C. 3 D. 11

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Social studies

    Why were many countries still dependent on outside help from other nations, such as the United States, following their independence in the 1800s? A. The colonies were weak, and other nations promised to maintain military bases in their countries in order

    asked by Lee
  103. Math

    3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x A. 10 B. –1 C. 1 D. .1

    asked by Anonymous
  104. English

    Which of the following words best describes the political climate of Curacao in the early 1940s? A) Alarmed B) Discouraged C) Hopeful D) Tense My answer is C.

    asked by i just need help
  105. Math

    Simplify the expression. –4 – 5(x + 8) A. –5x – 44 B. –5x + 36 C. –x – 8 D. –20x + 8

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    Solve the inequality. c + 6 < –20 A. c < –26 B. c < –14 C. c < 26 D. c < 14

    asked by Anonymous
  107. math

    Nine more than the product of 15 and Jose's age

    asked by Anonymous
  108. economy

    Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India? A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing Please hurry!!!!!

    asked by @aali_zales
  109. Algebra

    I've been struggling with algebra since I started and don't understand hardly any of it and I have this problem 9xy (2/3x)^3=( a0/ ' ^a0/)x^4y I really need help I have several problems like this and don't know what to do someone please explain how I solve

    asked by I don't understand
  110. Social Studies

    How has the caste system changed in India and Pakistan?

    asked by Karsen
  111. Maths

    Formulate a general method for finding the distance between two skew (i.e., non intersecting) line in space. (Hint: the shortest line segment joining the two skew lines will be perpendicular to both of them).

    asked by Buma
  112. Social studies

    Drag and drop the effects of the Congress of Vienna on Europe. Choices may be used once or not at all. gave more land to Prussia returned to choices list.* returned French borders to their former locations* balanced power in Europe eliminated the Austrian

    asked by Anonymous
  113. maths

    Let V be the set of vectors (2x-3y, x+2y, -y, 4x) with x,y elements of 2 dimensional space. Addition and scalar multiplication are defined in the same way as on vectors. Prove that V is a vector space. Also, point out a basis of it.

    asked by Buma
  114. Spanish

    For this question, translate the following word in English. Desarrolladores A) Difficult B) Developers Is it B?

    asked by Warriors Cat lover
  115. Civics

    Which of the bellow concepts most closely relates to reserved powers, delegates powers, and concurrent powers? A) Shared Powers B) the amendment process C) Judical review D) Federalism

    asked by Chanelle
  116. Math

    When jeans sell for $80, 5 pairs are sold each day. when jeans are on sale for $40, 13 pairs of jeans are sold each day. a) Calculate the slope b) Calculate the y-intercept

    asked by T
  117. Civics

    Describe a serivice provided by our local government. Please just give me an example of this!

    asked by Chanelle
  118. science

    if you need a 1 molar solution, then, you need 1 moles of sugar per liter of solution how many grams per Liter is that?

    asked by Carson
  119. algebra

    write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form 30:48 a. 1/6 b. 5/8*** < my answer (seems most logical?) c. 30/48 d. 8/5 i'd prefer if ms sue answers me because i dont like cheating

    asked by green bottle fly
  120. algebra

    im sorry im asking another question lol are 4/6 and 14/21 equivalent ratios? i did 6 x 3.5 and it came up with 21, and 4 x 3.5 and it came up with 14, so i'm guessing it is but i'm mostly having trouble with how to explain it because this is a short essay

    asked by green bottle fly
  121. math

    George has a square sandbox in back yard. the sandbox has an area of 160 square feet. to the nearest foot, what is the length of one side of the sandbox? is the answer 40 or 12, here are the answer choices 12ft 13ft 40ft 80ft

    asked by Mel❤nie
  122. Math

    Solve 2s^3 - 4r^2 s= 5 r= 1 Is the answer 22?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. geography

    state four importance of studying geography?

    asked by Elkanah
  124. Chemistry

    Oxidation no of I3 raised to minus charge ion??

    asked by HK
  125. History

    how did this message and the events at the alamo affect texans. A. It discouraged texans who realized the battle had been lost. B. It encouraged texans to plead with the united states for support. C. It reminded texans that enslaved people would want

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Math

    A taxi cab is purchased for $30,000. At the end of 10 years, it is sold for scrap for $2000. Find the depreciation equation in slope-intercept form/

    asked by T
  127. Science

    True/ False. The center in the Earth is very hot? True** False I chose this answer because the mantle is the center right?

    asked by Warriors Cat lover
  128. German

    8. Der Mann... A)bist alt B)Sind alt*** C)sieht alt aus D)saht alt aus 9)Die Frau... A)hat blondhaarig B)bist blondhaarig*** C)sind blondhaarig D)ist blondhaarig 10)Die Sonne... A)hat gelp B)Ist gelb*** C)Bist geld D)sind gelt 11)Die alten legendend...

    asked by Cam