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December 18, 2018

  1. science

    ok well i know one's answered my quesion but if u guys did this test before please re-view it for me. it's Lesson 12: Energy Unit Test, Science 8 A Unit 4: Energy. my grade is low i need your help

    asked by Mel❤nie
  2. History

    A map of the results of the Missouri Compromise. A map shows the free states and territories and the slave states and territories as of the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise line is at 36°30' North. Free states and territories include the

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Ed Tech

    Which of the following statements is considered a safe rule for communication? A. Anyone you know only online is a stranger to you.*** B. After you get to know someone online, they can be considered a trusted friend. C. If you want to know if you can trust

    asked by Vuldugas unag Fulvirs
  4. Social studies

    Which news stories have the most direct influence on the political process

    asked by Valika
  5. Science

    One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity is ___________. A. habitat destruction B. habitat preservation C. habitat fragmentation D. poaching

    asked by Anonymous
  6. social studies

    Which was one of the roles of farmers in ancient Egypt? A. help the pharaoh govern Egypt B. keep records for the bureaucracy C. work as laborers on the pharaoh's building projects D. instruct the slaves in religion

    asked by SS_CPA
  7. History

    In Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, he says “with malice toward none, with charity for all…” What does this quote reveal about Lincoln’s attitude toward the South? A. forgiveness B. hatred C. indifference D. envy

    asked by Anonymous
  8. History

    Almost from the beginning of his administration, Lincoln was pressured by abolitionists and radical Republicans to issue an Emancipation Proclamation. In principle, Lincoln approved, but he postponed action against slavery until he believed he had wider

    asked by Anonymous
  9. History

    Even though they were allowed to serve as soldiers, what types of discrimination did African Americans face in the Union army? Select all that apply. A. They were not allowed to serve as officers. B. They were not eligible to win high awards, such as the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. social studies

    1. Place the events in early South American history in correct chronological. Place the earliest event at the top and the last event at the bottom. South Americans began to domesticate plants. The Tiahuanaco empire expanded. The Norte Chico civilization

    asked by con
  11. math

    Lesson 7: Solving Percent Problems Using Equations Math 7 A Unit 7: Percents I don't understand the lesson and I don't get how to do this. 65% of 80 is what number? A: 25 B: 52 C: 81.3 D: 123

    asked by help in 7th grade connexus
  12. pre algebra

    when rounding 4m to the nearest meter

    asked by elle
  13. social studies

    1. Place the events in early South American history in correct chronological. Place the earliest event at the top and the last event at the bottom. South Americans began to domesticate plants. The Tiahuanaco empire expanded. The Norte Chico civilization

    asked by jazzy
  14. science

    Two identical masses are moving down a slope. One mass is traveling twice as fast as the other mass. How does the kinetic energy of one mass compare to the other? (1 point) The faster object has the same kinetic energy as the slower object. The faster

    asked by Mel❤nie
  15. social studies

    Why did military leaders overthrow the governments of Chile and Argentina in the 1970s? A. The governments had jailed and murdered political opponents. B. They feared their governments were moving toward communism. C. They thought their governments were

    asked by jay
  16. History

    How would the simultaneous admission of Missouri and Maine help to maintain peace in the United States? A. It defined the rights of slave and free states. B. It expanded the geographical size of the nation. C. It kept the number of slave and free states

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    Coram is at basketball practice preparing to shoot free throws. The probability of Coram making a free throw is 77%. What is the probability that he makes his first free throw on the second shot? A. 79% B. 95% C. 88% D. 83% I think the answer is C

    asked by Chloe
  18. History

    Which of the following activities has a negative impact on biodiversity? A. regulating hunting B. establishing wildlife preserves C. buying a fuel-efficient car D. cutting down trees in rain forests to build more houses

    asked by Anonymous
  19. History

    Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be significant?

    asked by Louie
  20. History

    Drag the word to the description it matches. What did scholars consider the three perfections between the Tang and Ming dynasties? painting architecture calligraphy poetry medicine pottery I think it's poetry, calligraphy, and painting.

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  21. History

    What elements of Chinese culture influenced Japanese culture? (multiple answers) Hinduism architecture painting styles military strategies gardening wood block techniques I'm stuck on this one, so some links would be helpful !

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  22. Ed Tech

    What is the purpose of social networking sites? A. to publish factual information about current events B. to share personal information with the world C. to encourage students to meet strangers in real life D. to allow people to interact in the online

    asked by Johnathan Dugado
  23. Reading

    1. Which of the following passages from The Cay best indicates that Phillip will manage to survive without Timothy? A. But the two small bars of chocolate we had been saving for a "feast," were ruined. B.I'd found one lone coconut in a mass of sea grape

    asked by DavidEx
  24. Social Studies

    1. What was one characteristic of the Ming dynasty? A.They developed an advanced irrigation system that improved the production of rice. B.They forced foreign countries to pay tribute to them. C.They established a social order that allowed foreigners to

    asked by RIP Jonghyun
  25. maths : probability

    We are given a biased coin, where the probability of Heads is q. The bias q is itself the realization of a random variable Q which is uniformly distributed on the interval [0,1]. We want to estimate the bias of this coin. We flip it 5 times, and define the

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Chemistry

    The radioactive isotope, phosphorus-32, has a half-life of 14.26 days. How much phosphorus-32 will remain after 60 days? Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Social studies

    Mexican American war List basic facts about the the root of the conflict include who what when where and why Describe the Texans actions-how Texans came to exist List some differences between the Texans and Mexican perspectives Describe the beginnings of

    asked by Mars Help
  28. Math

    find the mean μ, for the binomial distribution which has the stated values of n and p. Round answer to the nearest tenth. n = 1632, p = 0.57 A) μ= 930.2 B) μ= 922.7 C) μ= 937.5 D) μ= 939.9

    asked by Abby
  29. English

    Topic : persuasive essay on why you should or should not have a dog. (Don't be scared to say what you think I need the truth so that I can make a good grade) Do you have a dog? Everything about owning a dog seems to lead to better heart health . Dogs are

    asked by Anna
  30. Probability

    Starting at time t=0, cars arrive at a car wash according to a Poisson process with rate of λ cars/hour. At any given moment, the car wash is either free or occupied. The car wash is initially free at time t=0. If a car arrives at the car wash when it is

    asked by Anonymous
  31. American Government

    Which of the following describes one way the Federal Reserve Board can boost the economy and promote economic growth? A. The Fed can raise the discount rates to inhibit borrowing. B. The Fed can take money out of circulation. C. The Fed can sell more bonds

    asked by Latanya
  32. Science/ dinosaurs

    True/False Did dinosaurs and humans ever exist at the same time? True ** False Thank you- Warriors Cat Lover.

    asked by Warriors Cat lover
  33. History

    The Free-Soil Party was a precursor to which political party? A. Know Nothing Party B. Whig Party C. Republican Party D. Copperhead Party

    asked by Anonymous
  34. social studies

    2. After independence, most South American countries A. extended voting rights to all men B. established communist systems with command economies -------- C. were dominated by wealthy landowners D. shifted from plantation agriculture to small scale farming

    asked by bark
  35. Language Arts

    Identify the interjection in the following sentence. Ouch! I just banged my shin on the table. A. ouch b. banged c. shin d. on

    asked by fox needs help
  36. social studies

    1. Why did the Supreme Court consider the Hudson River steamboat business to be interstate commerce? A.The steamboat business took travelers directly from New York to New Jersey with no other stops. B.Travel on the river included stops in New Jersey as

    asked by keke do u love me
  37. Math

    Solve the equation -9 V take away 5 equals -95

    asked by Cindy
  38. Math

    Suppose that the function f(x) = 7x + 2 represents the number of cars that drive by in x minutes. How many cars will drive by in 10 minutes? A.) 27 B.)

    asked by im stupid help me
  39. algebra

    One elegant hotel has a grand dining room. Each of the room’s three walls facing the gardens contains 8 insulated windows. The dimensions of the window are shown. When the windows were insulated, a glaze was appplied to the exterior face to seal each

    asked by please help ms sue
  40. Probability

    Bob goes to a party, wearing a hat that fits him well. At the end of the party, Bob picks up a hat, without looking at it. He knows that the hat he has picked is his own with probability . As a first check to see if he has picked up his own hat, he tries

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Social Studies

    What is one development in medicine that has occurred because of new surgical techniques? A. More people die during long surgical procedures. B. Transplants of organs have become more common. C. Fewer people are opting for major surgeries. D. Too many

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math

    6. Biased coin Bookmark this page Problem 5. Biased coin 5.0 points possible (graded, results hidden) We are given a biased coin, where the probability of Heads is q. The bias q is itself the realization of a random variable Q which is uniformly

    asked by YuLin
  43. Math

    Solve each question. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. 7r – 7 = 2r + 18 A. r = –5 B. r = 5 C. r = 2.2 D. r = 1.2

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    Solve the equation. Start Fraction y minus 5 over 3 End Fraction= 1 A. –2 B. 8 C. 18 D. 6

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    1. solve the equation. -9v - 5 = -95 A. 17 B. 11 C. 10 ** D. -10 2. Solve the equation. X/4 - 5 = -8 A. -27 B. -12 ** C. -7 D. 12 3. Solve the equation. d/3 + 10 = 7 A. 51 B. 20 ** C. 0 D. -9 4. Solve the equation. 2(2 - 2k) = -3k A. -4 B. 4 C. 6 D. 0 **

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Language Arts

    read the following sentences from the novel the Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963 I felt like someone had pulled my teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers. I wanted to knock on his door and tell him "I am different" but I was too embarrassed so I walked the

    asked by connections student
  47. algebra

    For which value of x must the expression 37x be further simplified?

    asked by fake
  48. history

    Which was a result of Augustus ending the civil wars and taking power? A. The republic's democracy flourished. B. The republic had become an empire. C. The republic's military grew weak. D. The new empire grew poor and weak.*****

    asked by Mel❤nie
  49. Chemistry

    2Fe+3H2O→Fe2O3+3H2 If 1.24 mol of water react, how many g of iron(III) oxide would be produced? I know that the answer to this is 66.0 g but I don't understand how to solve it.

    asked by Quinn
  50. Math

    Starting at time t=0, cars arrive at a car wash according to a Poisson process with rate of λ cars/hour. At any given moment, the car wash is either free or occupied. The car wash is initially free at time t=0. If a car arrives at the car wash when it is

    asked by YuLin
  51. history

    Which was a reason the Roman republic fell? Select all that apply. A. There was a gap between rich and poor.*** B. Rome lost the Punic Wars. C. There was a reduction in slave labor. D. Conflict led to a long civil war.**8 E. Soldiers were loyal to their

    asked by Mel❤nie
  52. Social Studies

    A tropical climate is key to which economic activity in the lowlands of Central America and the Caribbean? A) Commerce and manufacturing B) production of cash crops C) animal husbandry D) mining

    asked by i just need help
  53. Math / Statistics

    Supposed that voting in municipal elections is being studied and four people are randomly selected. The accompanying, table provides the probability distribution where x is the number of those people that voted in the last election x | P (x) 0 | 0.23 1 |

    asked by Chloe
  54. art

    PLEASE HELP ME NUMBER3/the graffiti example grabs the viewrs attenition by sorry the questions are not in order 1. have no color contrast 2.use bright colors to stand out 3.using lettering styels that are standard not artistic 4.using detailed shading and

    asked by bobslob
  55. Social Studies

    How were the economies is the North and the Southern states different? How were they the same? What factors led them to develop differently? I already know how they are different but don't really know why they are the same or why they developed

    asked by lululemons
  56. Math

    Charlie joins a new reading club, from which he receives books to read. Suppose that books arrive as a Poisson process at a rate λ of books per week. For each book, the time it takes for Charlie to read it is exponentially distributed with parameter μ;

    asked by YuLin
  57. Math

    If Aaron is practicing for a triathlon.on Sunday he bikes 12 5/8 miles and swims 5 2/3 miles.on Monday he runs 6 3/8 many total miles does Aaron cover on the two days?plz help I don’t understand 😭😢

    asked by Deaysia
  58. history

    The state legislatures of Kentucky and Virginia, in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed resolutions that declared that state governments could, if they wanted, declare acts of the federal government___________. unconstitutional religious

    asked by lilkakes
  59. math

    Elena has 12 pieces of banana bread. She gives an equal amount of banana bread to 5 friends. How many pieces of banana bread does she give each friend?

    asked by robin
  60. Math

    And are these correct 1. Identify the pair of fractions equivalent to 25/45 * 5/9, 75/135********** 5/9, 20/40 50/90, 75/120 5/8, 75/135 2. Write 30/7 as a mixed number in simplest form. * 4 and 2/7********** 4 and 7/2 1 and 4/7 1 and 5/7 3. Write 27/36 in

    asked by Correct ✅
  61. American Government

    2-Why doesn't the United States export crude oil to other nations? A. The United States does not produce enough petroleum to meet the nation’s energy needs, so the export of crude oil has been banned. B. Oil-rich nations refuse to enter into trade

    asked by Latanya
  62. Science

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 4.9 grams of sucrose in 17gram of water. At 25 degree Celsius find the boiling point, freezing point and osmotic pressure of this solution.

    asked by Amara
  63. Math

    1. Add 28 + (–20). * -8******** 48 8 -48 2. Find –17 – (–18) * 1 -35 -1*********** 35 3. Find 3 × (–4). * 7 12 -12*********** -1 4. Find –48 ÷ (–6). * -1/8 1/8 -8 8********* 5. Solve –7x = 49 * 49 7 -7********* -1

    asked by Correct ✅
  64. math

    A class was keeping track of how many books on the summer reading list each student read. Sarah said she read 1⁄3 of the 15 books. Dana said she read 40% of the 15 books. Which statement is true about the number of books the girls read?

    asked by shakiya
  65. Psychology

    Please I need help asap! Describe the structure of a neuron and explain the function of each of its major parts.

    asked by Regina
  66. Math

    Thx. So 2(2 - 2k) = 3k...?

    asked by Cindy
  67. math

    -2v-7=23 (A)15 *** (B)8 (C)-8 (D)-15 Am I right?

    asked by HELP ME
  68. math

    86 is 45% of what number? A: 86=0.45n B: n=0.45 x 86 C: 0.45= n x 86 D: 86=45n

    asked by Anna
  69. History

    Political cartoons were very popular during this time, due to the rise of cheap newspapers. Look at this political cartoon from Judge Magazine that was created in 1903. Describe what you see in the cartoon. What stands out to you the most? ("The

    asked by maczindahouse
  70. math

    Dragons The Luke dragons that live in the enchanted forest weigh 4x pounds when they are x years old. write a table of values that can be used to find the weights of 6-years-old 8-years-old,and 10-years-old Luke dragons. Problem-solving practice Function

    asked by bernard
  71. history

    Explain the causes of the War of 1812. What were the benefits to the US for winning the war?

    asked by seteven
  72. English

    What do you think of my intro for my essay? There are several problems that affect the world today, and overpopulation is one of them. “Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity

    asked by T
  73. Math / Statistics

    Supposed that voting in municipal elections is being studied and four people are randomly selected. The accompanying table provides the probability distribution where x is the number of those people that voted in the last election x | P (x) 0 0.23 1 0.32 2

    asked by Chloe
  74. science

    A logical description of how data-based evidence supports or does not support a hypothesis is best described as __________. a scientific law deductive reasoning inductive reasoning a scientific argument Is it the last one?

    asked by dianni
  75. math

    perimeter of 212 inches and the length is 82 more then the width. What are the dimensions?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. science

    Describe the roll producers, decomposers, and consumers have on the nitrogen cycle

    asked by welp imma weeb
  77. math

    carpenter is trying to determine how many squares of shingles will be needed for a roofing job. Both sides of the gable roof are the same size, and one side of the roof measures 15′ × 30′. How many squares of shingles would be needed to cover both

    asked by doug
  78. Civics

    What level of government would be concerned with a databreach in a website?

    asked by Civics
  79. Physical science

    When most of the positively charged particles aimed at a piece of gold foil passed through it, but a few deflected or bounced back, Rutherford suggested that _____.

    asked by BleakTuber
  80. Math

    I have to solve a - 9 = 20 & b - 9 > 20. The first one would be a= 29 right?? I need help with the inequality also how is part a and part b similar situation with the solving method??? How are they different

    asked by Becki!
  81. Algebra

    Write y = -2/3x - 4 A: 2x + 3y = -12 B: 2x + 3y = -4 C: -2x + 3y = -12 D: 2x + 3y = 12 Honestly, i'm a bit confused on this. I checked my text-book and I got nothing. I think the answer is B, since the slope is -2/3, but since we convert, I think you have

    asked by Toby
  82. math

    How can you determine the best method of solving a system of equations?

    asked by erica
  83. math

    , can we subtract -2.5 - 3.5n? *

    asked by lun
  84. Math

    Answer please

    asked by Srinu
  85. Math

    3n + 2 - 8 + 2n

    asked by Cindy
  86. Career guidance

    which career path do i fit in or which job are related with those subjects

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Science

    What are the importance of thermometer ???

    asked by Bidur