Questions Asked on
December 16, 2018

  1. science

    when that air under the envelope is heated , the balloon lifts . which of the following statement is true A. hot air balloons use radiation to rise B. hot air balloons use conduction to rise C. hot air balloons use convection to rise D. hot air balloons

    asked by Madison
  2. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the characteristics to the correct European nation. Characteristics may be used more than once. sugar was the valuable export added to claimed the east coast of South America conquered Peru imported enslaved Africans sugar was the valuable

    asked by dori
  3. Math

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? y=6x+2 and 3y-18x=12 one two infinitely many none How many solutions does the system of equations have? x-3y=15 and 3x-9y=45 one two infinitely many none How many solutions does the system of equations

    asked by please help 3 days till semester is overrr helpppp
  4. Social studies

    Which demographic challenge is Europe currently experiencing? A. an aging and decreasing population B. a baby boom C. an unequal distribution between males and females D. a large group of teenagers moving through the school system

    asked by :)
  5. statistics

    It is thought that prehistoric Indians did not take their best tools, pottery, and household items when they visited higher elevations for their summer camps. It is hypothesized that archaeological sites tend to lose their cultural identity and specific

    asked by patricia
  6. Math

    Janet went on a week holiday: She spent 2/3 of her holiday money in the first week, 1/4 in the second week. What fraction of her holiday money did she bring back home ?

    asked by Shubham
  7. Chemistry

    If 0.2g of a salt is required to saturate 200cm3 of waterat room temperature. what is the solubility of the salt?

    asked by Elizabeth
  8. Math

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? x-3y=15 and 3x-9y=5 one two infinitely many none How many solutions does the system of equations have? y-5x= -6 and 3y-15x= -12 one two infinitely many none

    asked by please please help 3 days till semester over
  9. Math

    what is the solution of the system? 4x-y= -3 6x-y= -8 (5,5.5) (-2.5, -7) (-2.5, 2.2) (20, -28) what is the solution of the system 5x+6y=20 9x+11y=32 (28, -20) (28, 20) (-28, 20) (20, -28)

    asked by rainbow
  10. Finance

    Sam wants to start saving for retirement. She wants to have $85,000 per year for 25 years in retirement that will start in 40 years. How much must she deposit in equal annual amounts for the next 20 years if she can earn 9% over the life of her investment?

    asked by Jennifer
  11. Math

    Members at a yoga class pay 7 dollars per class plus a one time fee 120 dollars membership fee. Non members pay 11 dollars a class. How many classes would a member have to take to save money compared to taking classes as a non member

    asked by Christian berger
  12. English

    Which sentence does not contain a preposition? Donald went on the frozen lake and ice-fished with local residents. Pinetop-Lakeside has beautiful golf courses and offers many recreational activities. We enjoyed looking at the world’s largest stand of

    asked by Caitlyn
  13. History

    What was the cause and effect of the U.S. mexican war

    asked by Hi
  14. ethic

    Which of the following is an approach to justice which focuses on repairing harms through processes involving the offender, victim, and community

    asked by Tanielle Turner
  15. Math

    You go to Toronto for vacation! Temperature is displayed in Celsius in Canada. You decide to transform the Celsius formula into Fahrenheit since that is what you are used to in the United States. C = 5/9 (F - 32). Transform this formula into a formula for

    asked by Anime Lover
  16. math

    Find the quotient. five over twenty-eight ÷ one over seven A. 1one quarter B. four fifths C. five over one hundred ninety-six Find the quotient. 8start fraction 2 over 5 end fraction ÷ 2start fraction 5 over 8 end fraction A. 3 and one-fifth B. 4 and

    asked by hannah
  17. World History

    Which options accurately describe life events of explorer Jacques Cartier? (select all that apply) A) Cartier established a colony near Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina. B) Cartier named Canada after the Huron-Iroquois word for settlement,

    asked by jordan
  18. math

    how many solutions does the system of equations have? 2x= -10+6 and x+5y=3 one two infinitely many none how many solutions does the system of equations have? y=5x+7and3y-15x=18 one two infinitely many none how many solutions does the system of equations

    asked by rainbow
  19. Finance

    Molly just received a $5,000 inheritance. She wants to open an IRA for retirement, 40 years from today. If she can earn 11% per year in her IRA, how much will she be able to take out annually for 20 years in retirement? A) $24,182 B) $35,041 C) $16,250 D)

    asked by Jennifer
  20. Finance

    You put $5,000 per year in an IRA earning 10% a year starting when you graduate and stop 15 years later. How much will you have for retirement, 30 years after you stop depositing, if the account continues to earns 10% a year? A) $158,862 B) $2,772,054 C)

    asked by Jennifer
  21. math

    Write the equation for the parabola that has x− intercepts (−2,0) and (1.2,0) and y− intercept (0,−4)

    asked by Anonymous
  22. physics

    Can you find the Spring Constant with the x-displacement(m), height(m), and the mass(kg)? How would it include the conservation of energy needed to relate the speed of the car after launch to the spring constant?

    asked by bob
  23. Math

    x/4 +1= -5

    asked by can you help me??
  24. chemistry

    The rate constants for a reaction are found to be k(1431 C) = 19.4 x 10 -6 s-1 k(1897 C) = 25.2 x 10 -5 s-1 At what temperature (in degrees C) will the rate constant be 74.7*10-2 s-1?

    asked by kanthimathi
  25. chemistry

    The rate constants for a reaction are found to be k(1431 C) = 19.4 x 10 -6 s-1 k(1897 C) = 25.2 x 10 -5 s-1 At what temperature (in degrees C) will the rate constant be 74.7*10-2 s-1?

    asked by kanthimathi
  26. English

    on the first evening of Miss Perego's visit, Frances lies in bed thinking how Mr Addlierpipe would have said Miss Perego was a witch because of... 1. Her way with animals 2. Her Black and White clothes*** 3. Her cold flesh*** 4. Her habit of saying

    asked by Connexusssssssss
  27. Math

    14. Describe the number of solutions for the equation -2(y-3) =2y-6 a. one solution b. no solution c. infinite solutions my answer is c. i have a few more questions for this test and if anyone could help me that would be great.

    asked by meerandoi
  28. physics

    a 230v/30v with 50Hz transformer that has a primary current of 0.6A which supply's number of 30v and 30 watts halogen light bulb. what is the efficiency?

    asked by mike
  29. Math

    r/5-2=3 a.1 b.5 c.9 d.25 is it b?

    asked by meerandoi
  30. Math

    The temperature in degrees Celsius (C) can be converted to degrees Fahrenheit (F) using the formula F(C)= 9/5 C+k, where k is a constant. Find k, if to C=−40ºC corresponds F=−40ºF.

    asked by Sam
  31. Math/Pre-Algebra

    Philip is going on a 4000-kilometer road trip with three friends. The car consumes 6 liters of gas per 100 kilometers and gas costs $1.50 per liter. If Philip and his friends want to split the cost of gas evenly, how much should they each pay?

    asked by Libby
  32. Poll

    Hi guys I am doing a poll and I am just wondering what time do you go to bed? And also what are you leading up to that time? For example, if you are confused. I go to bed at 9:30 and I watch T.V with my family leading up to that time. Thanks for taking

    asked by James Doyle
  33. math

    During choice time the teacher put out 32 legos . Ronaldo has 15 fewer legos than Sandra. How many legos does Ronaldo have?

    asked by LB
  34. language arts

    Describe the relationship between Johnny and Lieutenant Stranger. Please help ASAP

    asked by SwagBoii
  35. math

    how do you solve x/5= -2 i don't understand how to solve it

    asked by need help asap
  36. Guidance

    wich course can I follow?

    asked by mavhungu
  37. history

    How did Mexican Cession shape the growth of the United States? (Select all that apply.) a. It promoted migration west. b. It promoted cultural hegemony. c.It eliminated nationalism. d. It spread Christianity.

    asked by ken
  38. English

    Which sentence contains correct information about the object of a preposition? In the sentence "The city was founded in the late 19th century," "founded" is the object of the preposition. In the sentence "Lakeside got its name from the beautiful lakes that

    asked by Caitlyn
  39. English

    What is the antecedent of the pronoun in this sentence? Gina's legs were tired, and they felt like lead. tired Gina legs lead Would this be legs?

    asked by Caitlyn
  40. Texas History

    How did this battle shape the outcome of the Texas Revolution? Give two significant effects. Help appreciated!

    asked by ?!?!
  41. Science

    What is a example of a stable system and how can I determine whether or not this system is stable (please help urgent)

    asked by Nadie
  42. Calculus

    The function g is defined by g(x)=9k−4, where k is a constant. Find k, if the graph of g passes through the point (7,−2).

    asked by Alina
  43. algebra


    asked by m
  44. math

    the create the illusion of a life-sized image, puppeteers sometimes use a light source to show an enlarged image of. puppet projected on a screen or wall. Suppose the the distance between a light source l and the upper is 24 inches, LP. TO what distance

    asked by hi
  45. Science

    Create a scale for your model thermometer. Divide the distance between the two marks into 5-mm intervals. Starting with the lowest point, label the intervals on the straw 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Describe your scale below. So I don't understand this part:

    asked by Kristy
  46. probablity

    Bob goes to a party, wearing a hat that fits him well. At the end of the party, Bob picks up a hat, without looking at it. He knows that the hat he has picked is his own with probability p. As a first check to see if he has picked up his own hat, he tries

    asked by Anonymous
  47. probablity

    In this problem, you may find it useful to recall the following fact about Poisson random variables. Let X and Y be two independent Poisson random variables, with means λ1 and λ2, respectively. Then, X+Y is a Poisson random variable with mean λ1+λ2.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    Austin spends 2 hours on his homework. He spends equal amounts of time on all subjects. If Austin spends one over three of an hour on math, how many subjects does he study? A. 3 subjects B. 4 subjects C. 5 subjects D. 6 subjects

    asked by hannah