Questions Asked on
December 15, 2018

  1. Integrated Science

    How is the pH of an acidic substance raised? A).Stir it. B).Concentrate it. C).Freeze it. D).Dilute it. I believe the answer is either A). or B). But i believe it is A). Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  2. Integrated Science

    Zuzana tests a common household substance and finds that it has a pH of 3. What type of substance is in the scenari? A). basic B).salt C). neutral D). acidic I do believe the answer is D because any substance with a PH below 7 is an acid.

    asked by Kiley
  3. Integrated Science

    Judy tests a common household substance and finds that it has a pH of 7. What type of substance is in the scenario? A).basic B).acidic C).neutral D).salt I believe the answer is C). Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  4. Integrated Science

    Equal quantities of a strong acid and a strong base are mixed together, forming a solution. What is the pH of the solution? A).close to 7 B).less than 7 C).greater than 7 D).close to 0 I believe the answer is C). Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  5. History

    In what way was the Khmer empire influenced by India? A.The Khmer empire used an adapted form of India's writing system. B.The Khmer empire was conquered by India. C.The Khmer empire's common people practiced Buddhism. D.The rulers of the Khmer empire

    asked by LARRAY
  6. Integrated Science

    Examine the false statement. Weak acids always have a high pH. Select the rewording that makes the statement true. A).Strong acids always have a low pH. B).Strong acids always have a high pH. C).Weak acids always partially dissociate. D).Weak acids always

    asked by Kiley
  7. Integrated Science

    What do positive hydrogen ions produce when they react with water in solution? A).hydroxide ions B).hydronium ions C).a salt D).negative hydrogen ions I believe the answer is A). Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  8. Career Exploration

    1. organization helps leaders to: a. meet deadlines *** b. communicate with team members c. make money d. gain political power 2. delegating means being responsible for all the work. a. true b. false *** 3. if you want to become a better leader you could

    asked by Pip
  9. Physics

    Three polarizers are placed in succession with their axes of polarization as follows: P1 vertical, P2 at angle theta to the vertical, and P3 at 90 degrees to the vertical. Unpolarized light of intensity I.0 is incident on the first polarizer. The final

    asked by steve
  10. Math

    Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B. Column A: 2(x - 3) = 6x Column B: 3x + 2 = 5x + 6 Could someone help me with the steps to figure this out? I'm having trouble solving these.

    asked by Posty
  11. Chemistry

    When 1914.8C of electricity was passed through two electrolytic cells connected in series 0.6g of a metal M1 was deposited in one of the electrolyte, if 2.14g of another metal M2 was deposited at the other cathode and the sum of the quantity required to

    asked by Jeane
  12. Math

    Student answers 75​% of the questions on a math exam correctly. If he answers 30 questions​ correctly, how many questions are on the​ exam?

    asked by Sophie
  13. Integrated Science

    Solution F has a pH of 11, and Solution G has a pH of 13. How does the concentration of hydroxide ions in Solution F differ from Solution G? A).Solution F has 100 times more hydroxide ions than Solution G. B).Solution G has 100 times more hydroxide ions

    asked by Kiley
  14. Integrated Science

    What is produced in a neutralization reaction? Select all that apply. A).salt B).hydroxide ions C).hydronium ions D).water I do believe the answers are A). and D). Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  15. Language Arts

    exploring ideas practice unit 3 lesson 18

    asked by connections student
  16. Math

    Seven subtracted from five times a number, then the difference added to nine times a number.

    asked by Grace
  17. social studies

    Why would both these stores attract a good number of customers? A. Customers value different types of deals. B. Customers have different brand loyalties. C. Customers patronize both stores to maintain competition. D. Customers do not have the information

    asked by help
  18. Biology

    Using the information in the table, determine the first four amino acids coded for a mutation in the DNA sequence from part (a) changes the sixth base (read left to right) to cytosine (C). Using the information in the table, determine the first four amino

    asked by stream trench
  19. College Algebra

    Dominic pays 7%interest on his $22000 college loan and 13% interest on his $21000 car loan. What average interest rate does he pay on the total $43000 he owes? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

    asked by Jamie
  20. social studies

    What characterized the shift in ruling power from the Tudors to Kings James I and Charles I in England? A. increased conflict with Parliament B. increased warfare C. greater religious tolerance D. the creation of a more democratic government** check my

    asked by naomi bb
  21. Philosophy

    In history of science, Why is the medieval period referred to as "Dark Ages".

    asked by Angel
  22. Chemistry

    What are the two electronic structural conditions for the stability of an atom?

    asked by Gift
  23. Reading

    May someone please please help me? I need someone to give me a link or something to the full book called Zlatas Diary. Will someone please please please please please help me out?

    asked by i just need help
  24. Math

    Simplify 2 e3* 2 e5

    asked by Cons
  25. physics

    Can you find the Spring Constant with the x-displacement(m), height(m), and the mass(kg)? If I use a spring to launch a ball from the table and it flies off the ground, how would you measure this constant?

    asked by bob
  26. physics

    two slits are spaced0.3mm apart and are placed 50cm from ascreen what is the distance b/n 2nd and 3rd dark pattern when alight of 6oonm

    asked by nimona
  27. civics

    why did thomas jefferson think that it was necessary to build a wall of separation?

    asked by please help me!
  28. Math

    Please help in solving this problem. 2x cube 3 = 72x

    asked by Rock
  29. Science

    In which part of a plant would you expect to find the most chloroplasts and why?

    asked by Kim
  30. Math

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that satisfies each set of conditions. 29. Passes through (-2,5) and (3,1) I already figured out the slope which is -4/5, but I can't figure out how to calculate the y-intercept. Can someone help me?

    asked by Ari-wildflower
  31. Language Arts

    What does this passage most likely reveal about how the caracters view the situation? (LA 6 A Unit 4 The cay)

    asked by Salamander
  32. Debate

    Should school start later in the day? Yes or No? Why? I am just curious.

    asked by James Doyle
  33. reading

    what is the mood of the expert's first diary entry a. secretive b. hopeless c. lighthearted d.tense plz answer in less than 10 minutes

    asked by invisible aria
  34. Integrated Science

    Hydrogen chloride (HCl) and potassium hydroxide (NaOH) react. What products are formed from this reaction? A).H2O B).NaCl C).Na+, Cl−, OH−, and H+ D).H2O, Na+, and Cl− E).H2O and NaCl I do believe the answer is E. Is this correct?

    asked by Kiley
  35. Math

    In May, 2018 a store had a furniture with a listed price of $550, having a sales tax of 3% on the listed price. Next month the price increased by 33 1 3 %. What sales tax should be paid in dollars on the new price?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    I have to solve for x >>> l x - 3 l > 8

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  37. Math

    ѕolve хy=80 logх-2logy=1

    asked by jacĸѕon
  38. Math

    I am doing a warm up and got stuck on a function question x : 2 3 4 f(x): 2 1 0 Can someone help me figure out the function rule?

    asked by SeraaDiamond56879
  39. Math

    can someone check my work what is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 4.15) and (1, 1.24)? My answer: -2.91/3 Do I need to simplify?

    asked by CatBug
  40. Math

    Me, again. I've been trying to find the function rule for a while. I thought it was (x)19 - 30, but that didn't work with 4. x : 2 3 4 f(x): 8 27 64

    asked by SeraaDiamond56879
  41. math

    A Retailer planned to buy some computers from a total of sh 1800000. before the retailer could buy the computers the price per unit was reduced by sh 4000. this reduction in price enabled the retailer to buy 5 more computers using the same amount of money

    asked by Austin
  42. Integrated Science

    What is the difference between a weak and strong base? A).Only some of the molecules of a weak base dissociate to produce hydroxide ions when mixed with water, but all of the molecules of a strong base dissociate to produce hydroxide ions. B).Only some of

    asked by Kiley
  43. carpentry

    Two carpenters are discussing the building codes that apply to staircases. Carpenter A says that most building codes require a minimum of 6′2″ of headroom for stairways. Carpenter B says that a flight of stairs that has a vertical distance of 12′ or

    asked by doug