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December 14, 2018

  1. Algebra

    For the data in the table does y vary directly with X if it does write an equation for the direct variation. X Y 8 11 16 22 24 33 A. Yes;y=2.75x *** B. Yes;y= 0.6875x C. Yes;y=1.375x D. No; y does not vary directly with x

    asked by Hello
  2. World History

    What was the result of the Battle of Stalingrad A) The prolonged battle cost the German army profoundly in troops and equipment and enabled a Soviet advance. B) The starvation of the Soviet troops resulted in their defeat and allowed German forces to

    asked by Anonymous
  3. History

    How were Incan commoners grouped within their social class? A. by gender and age B. by family rank C. by wealth and status D. by religious worship

    asked by HelpAfriend
  4. Geometry

    Write a sequence of transformations that maps triangle ABC onto triangle A''B''C''. ABC A = 1,9 B = 3,12 C = 4,4 A''B''C'' A" = 3,-3 B'' = 5,-6, C'' = 6,2. Help me!

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Social Studies

    How does scarcity affect customers? A Limited wants and needs limit customers to small purchases. B Limited time prevents customers from making decisions. C Limited numbers of producers force customers to be loyal. D Limited money forces consumers to make

    asked by idk
  6. social studies

    Which describes the UN plan for the Palestine Mandate? A. The land would be controlled by the United Nations. B. The land would be divided between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. C. All the land would become part of a Palestinian Arab state. D. All the land

    asked by whats upp
  7. World History

    Which operation led to the Allied forces breaking through the Gothic Line? A) Operation Overlord B) Operation Torch C) Operation Olive D) Operation Barbarossa

    asked by Anonymous
  8. social studies

    how was Magellan’s voyage different from that of Columbus? A. Magellan sailed west across the Atlantic to reach the Caribbean B. Magellan sailed south down the coast of South America C. Magellan sailed east around Africa to reach the pacific ocean**** D.

    asked by lily
  9. Texas History

    What effect did vagrancy laws have on African Americans? A. The laws allowed African Americans to be arrested unfairly. B. The laws gave African Americans land or farms. C. The laws provided African Americans with voting rights. D. The laws required that

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  10. Social studies

    Why was the presidency of george washington considered to be so significant? A. His actions would define the role of the supreme court. B.His actions would set precedents for all future presidents. C.His actions would determine the need for a president.

    asked by Hi there, help?
  11. Math

    A runner times her to see how long it takes her to run different distances. The table shows the runner's times (in minutes) for running several distances (in miles). Miles| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12| Time | 7|16|30|35|57|75|106|132| About how long

    asked by Røse
  12. social studies

    1.What means did Portuguese explorers use to establish trading posts in India, Persia, and Southeast Asia? A. They signed agreements between local rulers and the Portuguese empire B. They worked with the native people to establish diverse colonies*** C.

    asked by ansleigh
  13. English

    Which sentence contains an opinion? A.Maria Tallchief was born in 1925. B.She was a Native American woman and a ballet dancer. C. Maria was the first prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet. D.She is the best ballerina to ever dance for New Your City

    asked by fox needs help
  14. Roman history

    Which fact most clearly shows the difficulty in defending the Roman empire against invasion? A. At its height, the empire likely had a population as high as 100 million. B. At its height, the empire comprised nearly 1.7 million square miles of land and

    asked by Someone
  15. Algebra

    1. for the data in the table, does y vary directly with x? if it does write an equation for the direct variation. 10 | 12 15 | 18 20 | 24 A. yes; y = 1.2x B. yes; y = 2x C. yes; y = x + 1 D. no; y does not vary directly with x 2. For the data in the table,

    asked by Just a kid who needs help, please.
  16. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the social classes to arrange them from those who were at the top to those who were at the bottom. peninsulares creoles mulattoes American Indians

    asked by dori
  17. history

    Which term most accurately describes the period of colonial expansion by European countries, the United States, and the Empire of Japan that occurred during the late 19th and early 20th centuries? European Imperialism Global Imperialism New Imperialism Old

    asked by dianni
  18. Social Studies

    Ms. Sue, please help! I'm doing a correction for one of my tests that I got a bad score on. I wrote my answer and I don't know if it sounds right. Can you help, and if it isn't right can you help me say it in another way? Thanks! Here's the question: What

    asked by unknownxo
  19. Social Studies

    How were the ideas of Enlightenment thinkers influenced by the Scientific Revolution?

    asked by sam
  20. math

    has anyone done the transforming equations portfolio for 8th grade connexus? i need help, and my teachers aren't responding. i don't understand the portfolio at all. HELP! I'm not asking for someone to do it, i just need help, because im at a 49 in math,

    asked by Yuboi
  21. Pre-Algebra

    The lunch special at Jimmy John’s costs $5.60. The math club has $50.40 in its treasury. How many lunch specials can the club buy? Write and solve an inequality. Show your work. i know that regularly you would just divide 50.40 by 5.60 but to display it

    asked by Woltia
  22. Math

    A flagstaff is fixed at one corner of a squarefield of side 20 m.the angle of elevation to the top of flagstaff from the opposite corner of the field is found to be 30°.find the height of flagstaff

    asked by Rozina
  23. social studies

    Many of the achievements of the ancient Indus Valley civilization was due to their advanced knowledge of A.)farming B.)Mathematics **C.) weather patterns D.)geography What physical feature separates the subcontinent of India from the rest of Asia? A.

    asked by CPA Student
  24. social studies

    why did the slave trade grow dramatically in the americas in the mid-1500s? a. people began to profit from selling native Americans abroad b. Sugar became an important export*** c. Gold mining required a great deal of labor d. Native Americans refused to

    asked by lily
  25. math

    line n is represented by 3x+4y=20. Determine and state the equation of p, the image of line n, after a dilation of scale factor 1/3 centered at point 4,2 Explain your answer

    asked by math 2.0
  26. Math.

    In a parking lot, for every 8 cars there are 7 trucks. What is the ratio of cars to trucks? A) 7 : 8 B) 8 : 7 ***? C) 8 : 15 D) 15 : 8 I need help please. I'm not sure, but I think it is B?

    asked by AyItsYoAnimeGurl
  27. history

    Which term most accurately defines the practice of seeing things from the European perspective and believing that European culture is preeminent? Europrominence Eurocentrism Euro-eminence Euro-paramountcy Is it the third one?

    asked by dianni
  28. Social Studies

    How is the economy of Mexico different from the economies of most Central American countries? A. Mexico has a mixed economy, while most Central American countries have a command economy. B. Mexico's economy is primarily centered on tourism, while most

    asked by dori
  29. science

    Which of the following methods separates a homogeneous solution by spinning the solution very fast? ik its not 'D' i got it wrong on my test a. Evaporation and distillation b. Filtration c. Centrifuge d. Magnetism So i think its A

    asked by Dweah50
  30. social studies

    Why was it important that Israel was recognized by the United States and other nations? A. It meant that other nations would supply Israel with economic aid. B. It meant that other nations agreed to trade with Israel. C. It meant that other nations would

    asked by whats upp
  31. Math


    asked by HELP ME
  32. Health

    .PLZ HELP.Public relations is part of business and administrative support. true false

    asked by Alex
  33. Health

    avoiding situations where alcohol is present will help you stick to your decision to be alcohol free. true or false? Drinking on an empty stomach can increase Blood Alcohol concentration (BAC) TRUE or false? Alcohol decreases a person's reaction time. True

    asked by Mystery person
  34. Math

    Which of the following counterexamples proves that sinxtanx=cosx is not a trigonometric identity? Select all that apply. -2π -3π -3π/4 -π/4

    asked by Nami
  35. Math

    You buy clothing at a sale you buy sneakers at 2/3 of their original price of $60 a sweater at 7/10 of its original price of $35 and a jacket at 56 of its original price of $45 how much money did you spend how much money did you say what fraction of the

    asked by Anna
  36. Science.

    Frost wedging is a form of weathering caused by water seeping into the cracks of rocks. This type of weathering is common in regions that have very cold winters. How does frost wedging take place? A) This is a physical weathering process — when water

    asked by AyItsYoAnimeGurl
  37. Social Studies

    Which country has the region's most stable democracy? A) Guatemala B) Costa Rica C) Haiti D) Dominican Republic

    asked by connexus
  38. Math

    Write y = -2/3x -4 in standard form using integers. 2x + 3y = -12 2x + 3y = -4 -2x +3y = -12 2x + 3y = 12 I just need to know the steps for the most part, I don't get them.

    asked by Jordan
  39. sociology

    What is the best way to characterize the health care that the poor receive? inferior superior because of government insurance the same as care for wealthy people inferior only for the elderly poor about the same as for the average American

    asked by brian
  40. Physics

    A playground is on the flat roof of a city school, hb = 5.70 m above the street below (see figure). The vertical wall of the building is h = 6.90 m high, to form a 1.2-m-high railing around the playground. A ball has fallen to the street below, and a

    asked by Shadow
  41. Calculus

    1.Consider the function f(x)= (3/4)x4 - x3 - 3x2 +6x A. Find the relative extrema for f(x); be sure to label each as a maximum or minimum. You do not need to find function values; just find the x-values. B. Determine the interval(s) where f(x) is

    asked by Lata
  42. history

    How would one write a two voice poem about prohibition in the 1920s? The ''Wet or Dry'' era. I know how it's supposed to be formatted, but what should I include in the poem? i'm not very good nor creative with my words, especially doing a poem. i would

    asked by ugly
  43. English

    Read the question from “A Defense of the Constitution of the United States” by John Adams. Are there no robberies, burglaries, murders, adulteries, thefts, nor cheats? This is John Adams’s response to the assertion that “the people never think of

    asked by Quinn
  44. Calculus

    I don't quite understand how to go about solving these so if you could explain them It would be much appreciated! ^o^ 1. The radius, r, of a sphere is increasing at a constant rate of 0.05 meters per second. A. At the time when the radius of the sphere is

    asked by Lata
  45. math

    Triangle abc is similar to triangle def, de=4, ab=x, ac=x+2, df= x+6 What does length ab equal?

    asked by math
  46. algebra

    A number n is multiplied by 5/8. The product is subtracted by 2/3. The result 7/12, what is n.

    asked by kate
  47. health

    The vast majority of those infected with HIV are: young adults who do not know they are infected. young adults who know they are infected. an unspecified age group who use drugs. an unspecified age group who have received blood transfusions. older adults

    asked by gale
  48. Science

    A solution is made with 2 g of salt (NaCl) and 150 g of water (H2O). A). The salt and the water are BOTH solvents. B). The salt is the solute, and the water is the solvent. C). The salt and the water are BOTH solutes. D). The salt is the solvent , and the

    asked by Kiley
  49. Math

    Solve the following equation 6÷2(1+2) = ?

    asked by Senpai Don't ignore me ;c
  50. Math

    I need some help on this question Which of the following fraction is also a repeating A. 7/14 B. 3/12 C. 10/16 D. 5/15 Thank you to anybody that helps me :)

    asked by Delaney
  51. JAVA

    Using only one "System.out.print" command, print the following quote. Make sure to include the quote marks (") in your output. "I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." Isaac Asimov

    asked by Shadow
  52. science

    is population growth is problematic

    asked by T
  53. math

    Write an equation in Slope-Intercept form of the line that passes through given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. (2,-2) ; y=-x-2 a) y=-2x B) y=2x c) y=1/2x d) y=-x

    asked by invisible
  54. math

    The human resources department of a consulting firm gives a standard creativity test to a randomly selected group of new hires every year. This year, 50 new hires took the test and scored a mean of 111.6 points with a standard deviation of 14.3. Last year,

    asked by Ruth
  55. Math

    Hey i am a conexus student and I was wondering if i could get some help on this question Express 2.65 as a mixed number in lowest terms. Selections are A. 2 and 13/20 B. 2 and 49/100 C. 2 and 9/200 D. 2 and 2/5 I thinks its D. Thank u to anybody that helps

    asked by Spongebob
  56. Math

    1. -2v-7=-23 A: 15 B: 8 C:-8 D:-15 2.) x\3 -10=-12 A:-6 B:-66 C:6 D:66 3.) x\5+6=10 A:44 B:30 C:20 D:-20

    asked by Help K!!!
  57. math


    asked by ahmed
  58. science

    How can you classify plants!

    asked by yeremiyah
  59. math

    a retailer planned to buy some computers from a total of sh 1,800,000. before the retailer could buy the computers the price per unit was reduced by sh 4000. this reduction in price enabled the retailer to buy 5 more computers using the same amount of

    asked by austin
  60. Math

    And he has five pots and each pot can hold 3/8 pound of soil how much the oil does he need to feel all of the pots

    asked by Anna
  61. Calculus - check answers

    I'd appreciate corrections for the ones I get wrong. :) Thanks! 6. A point on a damped spring has motion given by s(t)=2e^(-1.5t) s in2(pi)t, where s is measured in centimeters and t is measured in seconds. Choose which of these is the graph for the

    asked by Lata
  62. health

    Which one of the following groups has the highest incidence of diabetes in the U. S.? Hispanic Americans Native Americans Asian Americans White Americans I think it's white americans, but i'm not sure

    asked by brian
  63. Math

    0.999... = 1 True or False?

    asked by Just notice me senpai
  64. economics

    From a health standpoint, the major problem with the fee-for-service system of health care is that: doctors' fees are too high. doctors are not interested in their patients. doctors waste too much time trying to collect their fees. people are required to

    asked by jt
  65. chemistry

    Chromium is diffused into steel at 980o C to increase its corrosion resistance. If during the diffusion the surface concentration of chromium is maintained constant, how long will it take to achieve 1.8% of the surface concentration at a depth of 0.002 cm

    asked by kanthimathi
  66. Algebra

    I have to find the slope using {0,7}, {-4,2} to write an equation in slope-intercept form. Can someone check my work? 2 - 7 5 m = ———— >>> m = - ———— -4 - 0 4

    asked by Pam
  67. math

    How can you determine the best method of solving a system of equations?

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  68. Math

    I have the following question on a warm-up : What is the equation of the line that passes through the point {-2, 2} and has a slope of 5? Can someone help me to figure out the answer.

    asked by Pam
  69. Physics

    When a particle located a distance x feet from the origin, a force of x^2+2x pounds acts on it. How much work is done in moving it from x=1 to x=3?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. English

    Do short stories have a thesis?

    asked by T
  71. Social Studies

    Q11 Americans began to notice growing differences between the northern and southern sections of the country. There were more people living in___________ in the north, which made it more urban.. More people lived on farms in the south, which made it more

    asked by Eliza
  72. Math

    I need some help on this question can some one help me plz Order the set of numbers from least to greatest. 11/20, 1/2 , 0.51 Here are the selections A. 0.51, 11/20, 1/2 B. 1/2, 0.51, 11/20 C. 1/2, 11/20, 0.51 D. 0.51,1/2, 11/20 Thanks to anybody that

    asked by Its.d.d
  73. Algebra

    Can someone check my work I have to find the value of x^3 + 2x^2 - 3 My answer: 27 + 18 - 3

    asked by Pablo
  74. Math

    Solve this equation for X 7x + -49x = 14

    asked by Just notice me senpai
  75. Algebra

    If 1/2 = m - 1/8, what is m? I think it's 5/8.

    asked by Ava
  76. science

    The moon moves slightly during the exploration animation because the moon rotates around Earth as Earth revolves. True **** False

    asked by moshimonsterssssss
  77. English

    How serious a problem is population growth and control in the twenty-first century?

    asked by T
  78. math

    15(4-y) = 5(10 + 2y)

    asked by Machelle
  79. math

    |n/10| = 1

    asked by Carson
  80. physics

    Estimate the surface energy of (110) face of Au crystals given just the information in the periodic table. Express your answer in the unit of J/cm2.

    asked by kanthimathi
  81. math

    Find the interest earned by an account with $1,200 of simple interest of 4% for 3 years. A. $144.00 B. $244.00** C. $44.00 D. $88.00

    asked by God is a Woman
  82. English

    1. Do you want to go abroad to study some day? 2. Do you want to go abroad some day to study? [Which one is right?]

    asked by rfvv
  83. Math

    I have a certain number and take away 1 the result is the same as dividing the number by 3 and adding it. what is the number.

    asked by Kabiru
  84. math

    Laura orders a bottled water with her meal. Which is a reasonable estimate of the amount of water in the bottle?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Physics

    What is the rotational kinetic energy of a baton of mass 0.5kg and length 0.6m which is rotating about an axis through its center at an angular speed of 3revs/sec ?

    asked by Juliie
  86. chemistry

    At 35 degrees C, 2.0 mmol of pure NOCI is introduced into a 2.0-L flask. The NOCI partially decomposes according to the following equilibrium equation. 2 NOCI = 2 NO + CI2 at equilibrium the concentration of NO is 0.032 mol?L. Use an ICE table to determine

    asked by Claudia
  87. Science

    Is population growth problematic?

    asked by T
  88. Math

    How to calculate volume and area of beams

    asked by Sagacious
  89. algebra

    1 + 3(1 + 4x) = -92

    asked by Tayler
  90. math

    x^2 (4 - x); when x = 2

    asked by Tank
  91. Reading

    unscramble ndrvr

    asked by susan
  92. math

    135= 3(5a+4) + 3

    asked by Kodak Black
  93. math

    |-4x| = 40

    asked by Teighan
  94. prealgebra

    -114 = -2 + 4(4 - 8r)

    asked by Kacie
  95. algebra

    Marcel brought in 40 cookies to share equally with his classmates. Let t represent the number of classmates Marcel has. Which expression could be used to find the number of cookies each classmate received?

    asked by kinley