Questions Asked on
December 13, 2018

  1. social studies

    based in the information on the map what can you infer about the industry in the united states? here is the link to the image.

    asked by JJ
  2. Social studies

    Can someone please check my answers? How are the governments of Jordan and Kuwait different from the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Oman? Citizens of Jordan and Kuwait can vote. B. Jordan and Kuwait have monarchs. C. The king of Jordan and

    asked by Lisa
  3. English

    what conclusion can you draw about jason from the dialouge in line 10 in a surprising point of view A. Jason procrastinate doing his schoolwork. B. Jason and Ms. Smith have. good relationship C. Jason is one of the best students. D.Jason is embarrassed to

    asked by Ali
  4. history

    Which option accurately describes the significance of the scientific theories of Isaac Newton? A. Newton’s theories helped scientists understand the significance of germs and sterilization. B. Newton’s theories helped scientists understand the

    asked by michael
  5. math

    A runner times herself to see how long it takes her to run different distances. The table shows the runner's times (in minutes) for running several distances (in miles). Miles: 1|2|3|4|6|8|10|12 Time: 7|16|30|35|57|75|106|132 About how long would you

    asked by Chunky monke
  6. Social Studies

    I need help asap! Read the quote about women in Roman society. “The position of the Roman matron was quite different from that of the Greek matron in the time of Pericles. The Roman matron was mistress in her own household. As the husband took charge of

    asked by A.normal.tree
  7. English

    what conclusion can you draw about jason from the dialouge in line 10 in a surprising point of view A. Jason procrastinate doing his schoolwork. B. Jason and Ms. Smith have. good relationship C. Jason is one of the best students. D.Jason is embarrassed to

    asked by Ali
  8. Social studies

    What was the initial purpose of the constitutional convention?

    asked by April
  9. Social Studies

    My answers are the choices marked by the heart! 1. Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen. B.♡ The Maya had to learn farming

    asked by Junko :D
  10. Language Arts 6A

    6. Think about the themes that are developed and emerge through the characters and events in the novel. Is they cay a story that is mostly about relationships or survival? Decide which theme they story is mostly about. Support your position using specific

    asked by O~o
  11. science

    A 70-kg man is walking at a speed of 2.0 m/s. What is his kinetic energy (energy is measured in Joules)?

    asked by help
  12. Health

    You want to ask your teacher for extra help, so you practice in your mind what you will say. This is an example of?

    asked by Debbie Smith
  13. Business Math

    Lee and Fred are elementary school teachers. Fred works for a charter school in Pacific Palisades, California, where class size reduction is a goal for 2013. Lee works for a noncharter school where funds do not allow for class size reduction policies.

    asked by Kat
  14. Math

    Has anyone taken the Math test on Connexus if so please give me the answers i have 6 lessons overdue please help me

    asked by cam belle
  15. Language Arts

    I don't understand this question The Cay Identify one conflict from the novel that develops due to the different perspectives of the characters involved. Explain how this conflict affects the characters and serves to advance the plot of the story.

    asked by Correct ✅
  16. English

    In "All Together Now", Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals

    asked by Anime Lover
  17. Education

    Which of the following best describes association as a memory technique? A) Only Acrostics and Acronyms B) Connections between something familiar and concepts you need to remember C) An organization that teaches memory strategies D) A sentence containing a

    asked by Cardi B Fan
  18. history

    Which discuss the steps in the process that led to the social and political changes in South Africa? (Select all that apply.) Social justice crusader Nelson Mandela was jailed for his activism, yet he saw the end of apartheid and the dawn of nonracial

    asked by dianni
  19. Math

    Which of the following counterexamples proves that sinxtanx=cosx is not a trigonometric identity? Select all that apply. -2π -3π -3π/4 -π/4

    asked by Nami
  20. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements best describes the Mississippians? A.♡ The Mississippians developed a complex culture and lived in large communities. B. The Mississippians lived in the Northwest and hunted and gathered for survival. C. The

    asked by Junko :D
  21. Science

    which of the following body systems detects a stimulus and creates a response? A.Response system** B.Skeletal system C. Nervous system D.Muscular system

    asked by Dangel help😁
  22. Social Studies 7th Grade

    Drag the phrase to the country it describes. Some answers may be used more than once. Kenya India Algeria Malaya home to nationalist movement led by Mohandas Gandhi ruled by the French ruled by the British Religious riots broke out here during independence

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Social Studies

    What helped spread nationalistic feelings throughout Europe in the early 1800s? A. the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte B. the social welfare programs of Otto von Bismarck*** C. the influence of the pope D. the unification of the German Confederation Please

    asked by Please Help :)
  24. Science

    Which statement describes data that is negatively skewed? A. The majority of the data is to the left of the mean. B. The majority of the data is to the right of the mean. C. The majority of the data is in the center with the mean. D. The majority of the

    asked by Ali
  25. Math

    Simplify each expression. 3w – 10w A. 13w B. –7w C. –7 D. 7w

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Social Studies

    How did Chinese culture impact Vietnam? A. The Vietnamese adapted the Chinese style of theater. B. The Vietnamese adopted the civil service exam. C. The Vietnamese started to practice the Shinto religion. D. The Vietnamese built shrines to honor the kami.

    asked by lmao not telling you
  27. history

    Which option accurately describes the reason for Ferdinand Magellan’s exploration efforts? A. to be the first person to conquer the Aztec Empire and establish Spanish colonies B. to be the first person to reach China via a sea route to trade for silk C.

    asked by Trevor
  28. history

    How did the collapse of the Soviet Union impact Germany? A German Socialist federation emerged, leading to a civil war with Austria. Germany experienced violent protests that led to the execution of Ceausescu. Germany became reunified for the first time

    asked by dianni
  29. Chemistry

    With all other factors equal, the food most likely to burn your mouth when taken directly from the oven is one with Select one: a. a lower specific heat b. a higher specific heat

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains an action verb? A) My sister lost her computer yesterday** B) Its disappearance seems strange to me. C) Martha feels sad about the lost computer. D) She becomes angry about it every few minutes. || Someone please

    asked by Okay...
  31. science

    When evolution was first proposed, wich of the following was used as evidence to support the idea. A.**observations of nature** B. Laboratory experiments C.extensive fossil collections D. genetic sequences

    asked by r
  32. algebra

    For the data in the table, does y vary directly with x? If it does, write an equation for the direct variation. x| y 2 10 4 24 6 36 a. yes; y=2x b. yes; y=5x c. yes; y=7x d. no; y does not vary directly with x. (My answer)

    asked by fiol
  33. history

    How did the impact of imperial powers on colonies have a drastic effect on the course of human history? this is for a discussion in my class but I don't understand how to answer this.

    asked by dianni
  34. English

    Choose the meaning that best describes the word in italics. The teacher managed to talk above the =drone= of the students' conversation. 1) Clamor 2)Hum 3)Purr 4) Sound I think it is 4

    asked by Cardi B Fan
  35. Math III

    In the pulley system shown in this figure, MQ=10 in., NP=3 in., and QP=24 in. Find MN a. 25 b. 26 c. 27 d. 28

    asked by Bryce
  36. Math

    Which equation in point-slope form gives the plant's height at any time. (x,y) (3,21) (5,35) (7,49) (9,63) Please Help!

    asked by Addy
  37. @Ms. Sue; question for you

    Ms. Sue; I notice you have access to delete posts and comments, as well as you appear to be a verified tutor. I have a quick question for you, if you dont mind; and my apologies if this isn't an appropriate post: How do you become a verified tutor here at

    asked by Veritas Homework Help
  38. Health/PE

    1. Which is the best example of a win-win situation? A) One side gets what it wants. B) Both sides get what they want, but one gets more. C) Equal needs for each sides are met.

    asked by Please check my answers?
  39. health

    One of your freinds plays video games for at least six hours each day and gets upset when he has to go eat dinner with his family. This is a sign of what ? A: an anxiety disorder B : a phobia C : bipolar disorder D : an impulse-control disorder I am having

    asked by Chloee Crocker
  40. science

    The basketball team needs to score at least 420 points this season to set a new school record. So far it has scored 82 points. Which inequality represents the number of points that need to be scored to set a record?

    asked by kid
  41. math

    Solve each problem and write your answer in Scientific Notation. What is the product of (5.1 × 103) • (3.2 × 103)? A. 16.32 × 106 B. 1.632 × 107 C. 16.32 × 109 D. 1.632 × 1010 I think it is D.

    asked by Momma
  42. math

    The price of a calculator is $12.50. The sales tax is 7.5%. How much will you pay? A. $13.40 B. $13.44*** C. $13.57 D. $13.61

    asked by manamejefUhUhHHH
  43. English

    Please help me I really do need help. LA lesson 19 life stories please please please please please please help me!!!

  44. Principles of marketing

    1. Experimental research is used to study A. Consumer behaviors B. The natural habitats of consumers C. Cause of effect relationships D. Focus group responses 2. Customer relationship management is used for all of the following except A. To target highly

    asked by Cowboys88
  45. Chemistry

    Determine the boiling points of 1 m solution of suger, glucose, urea, sodium chloride, barium chloride, aluminium chloride.

    asked by Dinesh
  46. Science

    24. What does the thermal energy of an object depend upon? A. The temperature and arrangement of the particles in that object. B. The temperature, weight, and number of particles of that object. **** C. The heat of that object and the density of particles.

    asked by Kacy
  47. math

    3 balls are drawn successively from a box containing 6red,4 white and 5 blue balls.Find the probability that they are drawn in order red,white and blue if:(a)each ball is replaced.(b)balls are not replaced

    asked by mini
  48. math

    Below are the points that Jesse scored in each game during the basketball season. 12, 15, 14, 12, 4, 8. Which of the following values would increase his mean number of points? 13 10 8 12 9 11 You can select more than 1

    asked by Yep
  49. Math

    Solve each equation. Write each equation in simplest form. Start Fraction 7 x over 8 End Fraction = 21 A. 24 B. 18.375 C. 1.857 D. 19

    asked by Anonymous
  50. English

    1. Please identify the theme from the story "The Count of Monte cristo". 2. Please identify the theme from the story "Blessings". I need help.

    asked by ^-^
  51. Physics

    A battery (ε= 10.0V, r = 0.50Ω) is connected to three light bulbs in parallels (R1= 15.0Ω, R2= 21.0Ω, R3= 24.0Ω). Calculate the current in R3.

    asked by happiness
  52. Physics

    A person of weight 820 N stands on one leg. The area of the foot in contact with the floor is 1.4 X 10^-2 m^2 a. Calculate the pressure exerted by the foot on the ground. b. Explain what would happen to the pressure exerted on the floor if the person

    asked by Alice
  53. math

    Which of the following distances round to 4 \text{ m}4 m if we're rounding to the nearest meter?

    asked by kenda
  54. Social studies

    What was the reason Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on an expedition?

    asked by Babyjo19
  55. Statistics

    Find a recursive formula for the sequence: 1, -1, -7, - 25

    asked by BoB
  56. Physics

    A battery (ε= 6.20V, r = 0.100Ω) is connected to three light bulbs in parallels (R1= 6.00Ω, R2= 9.00Ω, R3= 18.0Ω). a) Calculate the current delivered by the battery. (b) Calculate the potential difference across the load. (c) Calculate the current in

    asked by GUCCIxLV
  57. science

    which of these is responsible for ridding the body waste?

    asked by Anonymus
  58. Langauge Arts: Lesson 19 life stories

    May someone please help me with the questions! I need help really badly like really badly! Does anyone know the answers?!?!?!?

    asked by Have a nice day, night, evening, or morning!😊
  59. Language Arts

    Which sentence uses the word eat in the past perfect tense? a. Sheila ate her lunch in the cafeteria. * (my answer, is it correct?) b. They eat lunch together everyday c. Douglas has eaten all the potato chips d. The twins had eaten pizza before they

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Science

    Why do oceanic plates dive underneath continental plates when they collide?

    asked by Lily
  61. science help

    What is true about valence electrons? They are those electrons that are closest to the nucleus They are those electrons that are neutrally charged They are those electrons that are found in the nucleus They are those electrons that are furthest from the

    asked by kid
  62. Physics

    A battery has an unknown e.m.f, ε,and an internal resistance r = 0.40Ω. When a resistance R = 5.60Ω is connected across the terminals of the battery, the terminal potential difference across the battery is 11.2V. What is the e.m.f. of the battery?

    asked by prada
  63. Physics

    A laser produces light of wavelength lambda. The light is directed through two splits that are separated by a small distance. On the other side of the slits is an interference pattern of alternating dark(black) and bright bands. What is the wavelength of

    asked by GlowBaby
  64. Math

    Tom have 100 geese and cows on his far. All in total there are 340 legs. How many geese and how many cows are there.

    asked by Eloise
  65. Art History

    I have the following question to write an essay about: How did the development of academics in France and England change the way artists were taught from earlier academics and create a new style? What was this new style? In my book it never mentioned the

    asked by Pam
  66. math

    if you add a ten thousands digit that is 3 times the thousands digit to the number 3,721, what is the new number?

    asked by kam
  67. math

    This year, when Latifa and Jameel add their ages, the sum is 29. Latifa's age is 10 less than twice Jameel's age. The system of equations that represents this situation is {L+J=29L=2J−10 where L is Latifa's age and J is Jameel's age. How old is Latifa?

    asked by michael
  68. Physics

    A battery is made of 3cells in series. Each cell hasε= 2.20V, r = 0.0100Ω. The battery is connected to a 3.27Ωload. Calculate the potential difference across the load.

    asked by btsARMY
  69. Spanish

    I have to describe my day in several different tenses. Please help! Hoy fue un largo día. No comí el desayuno esta mañana porque tuve que apresurarse a un examen. Creo que lo hice bien en él. Luego fui a almorzar con mis amigos. Después de que llegué

    asked by Ryan
  70. Math

    Given ABC with a = 7, b = 5, and mA= 19° , find the number of distinct solutions I got 3 solutions

    asked by Taliyah
  71. Math

    Given ABC with a = 22, b = 26, and mC 72° , find c. Round the cosine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest hundredth. I got 28.40

    asked by Taliyah
  72. Algebra

    Tell whether the lines for each pair of equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. y = –3/4x+2 3x-4y=-8 A.parallel B.perpendicular ( my answer) C.neither

    asked by A child
  73. math

    write an equation in slope intercept form of the line passing through the given points and is perpendicular to the graph of the given equations 1) (2,-2) ; y=-x-2 2)(2,-1) ; y=-3/2x+6 3)(4,2) ; y=-3 4)(-2,3) ; y-1/2x1

    asked by luca
  74. algebra

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-7,9);m=4/5 A. y+7=4/5 (x-9) B. y-7=4/5(x+9) _My answer_ C.y-9=4/5(x+7) D.y+9=4/5(x-7)

    asked by A child
  75. Physics

    Two light bulbs are connected in series. The resistance of the filament of the first light bulb is 230Ω. The potential difference across the first light bulb is 100V and across the second light bulb,200V. What is the resistance of the second light bulb?

    asked by exo-L
  76. Math

    Given ABC with a = 9, b = 5, and mA 80° , find mB . Round the sine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest whole degree. I got 33° am I right?

    asked by Taliyah
  77. Math

    Given ABC with b = 21, c = 32, and mA 40° , find a. Round the cosine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest hundredth. In this one I got 22.43

    asked by Taliyah
  78. math

    Adam drew two same size rectangles amd divided them into equal parts.He shaded 1/3 of one rectangle and 1\4 of other rectangle .What is the least number of parts into which both rectangles could be divided?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    When a battery is not used in a circuit, a voltmeter measure 1.492V across the terminals of the battery. When a 2.50Ω light bulb is connected to the battery, the potential difference across the terminal of the battery is 1.453V. Calculate the internal

    asked by exo-L
  80. Math

    Given ABC with a = 8, b = 14, and mA 28°, find the number of distinct solutions I got 2 solutions

    asked by Taliyah
  81. Anatomy

    This might seem a little odd but it's for science olympiad anatomy and here it is. Can someone please explain in DETAILS; How urine forms What ate lymph nodes and my last tips on how to study for the competition. THANK YOU.

    asked by Fiyin
  82. math 111

    In an examination 31 student passed chemistry 29 pass physics and 3 fail both. If 50 people sat for the exam, how many of them pass chem only

    asked by Anonymous
  83. physics

    What does each of the letters stand for F=d^2s/dt^2? I know F stand for force, the rest don't know.

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Bio

    In trolls three eyes "E" are dominant to two eyes "e". A heterozygous mom is crossed with a two eyed dad. What is the genotype of the mother? Does this mean in a punnett squer the mom is Ee while the dad is ee because two eyed is recessive? So mom would be

    asked by Lu
  85. Math

    72p by 1/8 (decrease)

    asked by Maisy
  86. English

    can someone please check my answers 1.what is the best way to figure out a poem's theme? a.look for a line in which the poet states the theme directly. b.infer the theme from details,images,and symbols. c.analyze the rhyme scheme and meter of the poem.

    asked by Joshua
  87. Math

    Given ABC with a = 23, b = 17, and c = 19, find mA . Round the cosine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Taliyah
  88. Physics

    Your house has a voltage of 120V. You want to estimate how much energy (in Joules) you use one morning. You wake up at 7am and leave your place at 9 am. The appliances turned on in your kitchen at breakfast time are: •One hot plate: runs for 10 minutes,

    asked by physics help
  89. Physics

    A battery (ε= 10.0V, r = 0.50Ω) is connected to three light bulbs in series (R1= 15.0Ω, R2= 21.0Ω, R3= 24.0Ω). Calculate the current delivered by the battery.

    asked by kitty
  90. geography

    Brainstorm one ad idea for online, TV, or a newspaper. I need help figuring out a newspaper article Directions Refer back to the text about the benefits of agriculture for ancient Egyptians. List three benefits. Write advertising slogans to promote

    asked by correct answers
  91. algebra

    -2x - 2y = 6 y = 3x -5 -2x -2(3x=17)=6 -2x-6x-34 -8x-34=6 =34=34 -8x=40 x=5 is this right?

    asked by L J
  92. Math

    Given with a = 12, b = 6, and mA 50° , find mC . Round the sine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest whole degree.

    asked by Taliyah
  93. Algebra 1

    The length of a rectangular deck is 3 more than 2 times the width. The perimeter of the deck is 48 feet. What is the width of the deck?

    asked by Lily
  94. Earth Science

    How many neutrons does an element have if its atomic number is 53 and its mass number is 151?

    asked by James
  95. Algebra

    What is 57% of 11?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. English

    Do people grow rice in bihar

    asked by Do people grow rice in bihar
  97. Earth Science

    If the mass of a material is 83 grams and the volume of the material is 10 cm3, what would the density of the material be?

    asked by James
  98. Math

    what fractions divide to make 9 7/9?

    asked by Cool Kid
  99. english

    what promises do scrooge make

    asked by Anonymous
  100. science

    find the number of moles in 48 gm or carbon

    asked by rohit
  101. Math

    Given ABC with a = 6, b = 18, and mC 88° , find c. Round the cosine value to the nearest thousandth and answer to the nearest hundredth. Now I got 28.32

    asked by Taliyah