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December 9, 2018

  1. math

    A cargo train and a passenger train, which start from two stations that are 710 km apart, are traveling towards each other. The cargo train started an hour before the passenger train, and is traveling with a speed of 110 km/hour. In how many hours will the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. math

    A - 12 ladder leans against the side of a house. The bottom of the ladder is 9ft from the side of the house. How high is the top of the ladder from the ground? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by iraina
  3. Chemistry (very simple)

    Why does Ga have one unpaired electron? Such as for example P has three unpaired electrons (because of its electron configuration) but I don't understand why Ga has one unpaired electron - wouldn't it be five (electron configuration)? Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    Ms. Coleman's class has already collected 403 cans for a food drive, but the class wants to collect a total of at least 1,000 cans. If each of the 28 students in the class brings an equal number of cans, how many more cans should each student bring for the

    asked by james
  5. physics please help

    A yo-yo with mass M and radius R is wound with a light string. Someone drops it from rest with the string attached to a metal pole. The yo-yo falls and unwinds (spins) without slipping. The moment of inertia for the yo-yo is ½ MR^2 (a disk). a. In terms

    asked by tyger2020
  6. trig

    a ferris wheel with a radius of 14m makes one revolution every 30 seconds. the bottom of the wheel is 2.5m above the ground. a) find the equation b) how does the equation change if the graph starts at the centre of rotation

    asked by sandy
  7. Chemistry

    A titration setup was used to determine the unknown molar concentration of a solution of NaOH. A .025 M HCl solution was used as the titration standard. The following data were collected. Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Initial NaOH Buret Reading 0.0 mL 12.2 mL

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    John is paid at an hourly-rate of $15 an hour and overtime time rate of 1.5 times his hourly-rate for his work. If John puts in w regular hours and y overtime hours in a week, what is the total wage for the week?

    asked by Helena20
  9. Physics

    It takes Earth 365 days to complete one orbit around our sun. Knowing that the magnitude of the average acceleration the Earth experiences over half an orbit is 3.78 x 10^-3 m/s^2, what is the average speed with which it travels? Express your answer in

    asked by Alex
  10. Chemistry

    When 4.76 g of a solid mixture composed of NH4Cl and CaCl2 was dissolved in 100.0 mL of water, the temperature of the water rose by 4.73°C. How many grams of each substance was in the mixture?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. History

    The writing of the Constitution of 1876 expresses which attitude regarding government? (1 point) dissatisfaction embarrassment humility pride

    asked by Dellor
  12. Science

    1. What is the MAIN cause of increased erosion, especially for soil? A) strong winds B) flash floods C) human activity******* D) movement of glaciers 2. Which of these oceanic landforms is similar to a canyon? A) valley B) seamount C) ocean trench*********

    asked by Correct ✅
  13. Math

    What is the simplest way to solve probability

    asked by Maurice
  14. Science

    What do sexual activity contribution to the maintenance of the heart

    asked by Maurice
  15. World History

    Why did East Africans start migrating to the Sahara around 100,000 years ago? A) They needed more farmland.**** B) They were searching for a stable climate. C) The Sahara had turned into an oasis. D)They wanted to move closer to the ocean.

    asked by moshimonsterssssss
  16. Math

    Can anyone help me with 2(y+2)for Y=2

    asked by Sophia
  17. Math

    Is this website suggested to be used by teachers? Seems like kids are just dropping in their questions and get all answered by others? Is this a concern for anyone else?

    asked by ConfusedDad
  18. math

    One side of a rectangle is 20 cm larger than the other side. If you make the smaller side two times larger and the larger side three times larger, then the perimeter of the new rectangle would be 240 cm. Find the lengths of the sides of the original

    asked by what.
  19. Physics

    How can I solve this problem? A block of mass 75 kg is released from rest at the top of a smooth frictionless incline from an initial height of 2 m. At the bottom of the incline, the block slides along a rough horizontal surface until it stops. The

    asked by Anna
  20. Composition

    I was assigned to complete an analysis essay on The features of multiple intelligence theory, temperament, and emotion and how they make up a person character. How do I begin?

    asked by Ella
  21. chemistry

    A W element that is in the IIA family combines with a Y element in the VIIA family and results in an ionic compound whose only likely formula is: (demonstrate the bond) a)WY b)Y²W c)WY² d)W²Y

    asked by wallace
  22. AP Physics

    What is the minimum height you would have to place a solid ball of mass M and radius R (I = 2MR^2 / 5) on a hill in order for the ball to make it completely around a circular loop at the bottom of the hill? The diameter of the loop is D. Assume the ball

    asked by tyger2020
  23. calculus

    How do I solve for this 2 π ∫ from 1 to 3 (y (1-(y-2^2)dy) the answer is 16π/3 This is what I have try but couldn't get to the answer 2 π ∫ (y (1-((y-2)(y-2))dy ) 2 π ∫ (y (1-(y^2-4y+4))dy ) 2 π ∫ (y (1-y^2+4y-4)dy ) 2 π ∫ (y (-y^2+4y-3)dy

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    1. She goes to a yoga class three times a week. =========================== What does 'class' mean here? Is it classroom or lesson?

    asked by rfvv
  25. Physics

    First, I'm sorry for asking a lot of questions, however I don't know how to solve any of these problems. Can you please help me by telling me how I should solve it and what formulas should be used? I don't want the actual answers but how to solve these

    asked by Stephanie
  26. Texas History

    6.Why did Southerners support Texas statehood? select all that apply. (2 points) A. cultural similarities B. need for new farmlands C. opposition to slavery D. worries of American Indian influence

    asked by sparkles
  27. Physics

    Can anyone just check my answers and tell me if correct or not. If I’m incorrect, please tell me the correct answers... On a windless day, train A is traveling down a grade at 50 m/s and passes train B, which is moving up the grade at half that speed.

    asked by GlowBaby
  28. History

    how did the treaty of Guadalupe of Hidalgo affect Mexican Americans?

    asked by Nina
  29. Math

    My question is what is 5n to the 2 power? The n is 2. If anybody knows then please tell me.

    asked by KingSavage
  30. Science

    What is H2O? Is it water or is it hydrogen?

    asked by Dark Knight
  31. Algebra

    How is x + 5 greater then 12?

    asked by JamesHead
  32. math

    Find y if 22 log 2 log 92 y

    asked by Anonymous
  33. English

    I don't really understand this question and, I know you said to other people go look at the other exact same question but they don't really help and I don't want to get a B in ELA. I don't want the answer, I just need help on the question like giving me

    asked by Pickle rick
  34. pre-algebra

    Find 62 ½% of x is 5. What is x?

    asked by Syd
  35. Calculus HELP

    Determine the derivative of the function ƒ(x) = x^3 − 12x^2. Now determine the derivative of the function g(x) = x^3 − 12x^2 + 6. How are the two functions related? How are the derivatives of the two functions related? I know the derivative, however

    asked by bobby
  36. pre-algebra

    15% of n is 1050. .15 * n = 1050 n = 7000 is this the correct way of solving it?

    asked by kate
  37. Physics

    A meter stick is positioned on a horizontal table top such that the 100cm end extends over the edge of the table. A 200 g mass is produced on the 85 cm mark of the meter stick. When the 70 cm mark of the meter stick is on the edge of the table, the meter

    asked by Stella
  38. pre-algebra

    Find 66 2/3% of 87.

    asked by kate
  39. Calculus HELP

    Determine the derivative of the function ƒ(x) = x^3 − 12x^2. Now determine the derivative of the function g(x) = x^3 − 12x^2 + 6. How are the two functions related? How are the derivatives of the two functions related?

    asked by bobby
  40. algebra

    find 33 ​1/3% of p is 19. what is p?

    asked by kate
  41. Chemistry honors

    A 500 g piece of iron changes 7°C when heat is added. How much heat energy produced this change in temperature? C of iron is 0.450 J/g°C

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Science

    What is a good way to start a hypothesis? Can I personalize it? I know it's good to start with an "If.......", but is that all? I'm a bit confused.

    asked by I'd rather not.
  43. science

    3. Muscles located in the walls of the small intestine help push digested material along. Muscles located in the arteries help push blood along. Based on this information and your understanding of muscle types, which of the following statements is correct?

    asked by RosesAreRosie
  44. Calculus

    How do I find the surface area of x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 4 within the cylinder x^2 + y^2 = 15?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math

    Find the equation of the line that goes through the origin and is parallel to the line y=−0.5x−8

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    1. Which is most likely to be part of an ionic bond? is it A.BC.or D i think it's B dose someone no which one it is

    asked by can i get some help please you dont have to help if you dont want to :)
  47. Math

    Do bloods watch blues clues ??

    asked by pablo
  48. Math

    1. A proportion is usually written as two equivalent A. fractions.********** B. decimals. 2. How many cups of sugar does Jane need to make 9 gallons of lemonade? A. 2 B. 3********** C. 6

    asked by Correct ✅
  49. Math

    How long will it take for $2,000 to double if it is invested at 7% annual interest compounded 3 times a year? Enter in exact calculations or round to 3 decimal places. It will take years to double. How long will it take if the interest is compounded

    asked by Keonn'a