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December 5, 2018

  1. English

    2. Read the following sentences from "The Balek Scales." When the Baleks von Bilgan went to High Mass on New Year's Day, their new coat of arms - a giant crouching under a fir tree - they saw the hard, pale faces of the people all staring at them. They had

    asked by Anonymous
  2. social studies

    1. How did agriculture change the lives of early South American people? A. People competed over crops. B. People no longer needed to hunt. C. People became nomadic. D. People began to settle in one place.********* 2. Which of the following is an example of

    asked by bananamouse
  3. History

    Which features of the Roman government limited individual power? Select all that apply. A. The Senate was the most powerful branch of government. B. The assemblies were a form of direct democracy. C. The two consuls could veto each other's actions.***** D.

    asked by melanie
  4. American History

    Which option most accurately explains the role of the Fire-Eaters in the buildup to the Civil War? They encouraged collective secession of the remaining Southern states after the initial secession of the original seven. They held that an immediate peace

    asked by Quinn
  5. Science re-post for Nichole

    A 10.0-kg animal is running at rate of 3.0m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the animal A.3.3J B. 30.0J C. 45.0J D. 90.0J (Nicole, please don't post personal contact info here.)

    asked by Writeacher
  6. linear algebra

    1.solve x-7>10 a.x>3 b.x>7 c.x>17 d.x>70 this is for the solving multiple step inequalities please help with all ten questions i have 1.a 2.d 3.c 4.c 5.b 6.d 7.c 8.d 9.b 10.b warning these are what i have and are not correct

    asked by stewpeed connexus kid
  7. Math

    For some of these I think I have the right answer but I need a second opinion, Thanks :) (1). 223.7 km=_m. A} 223,700 ***(I multiplied by 100) B} 22,370 C} 22.370 D} 0.2237 (2).Write the metric unit that makes the statement true. 3.219m=3,219___

    asked by Bad at math23
  8. American History

    Which option most accurately identifies the effect of Confederate inflation on the Southern civilian population? Confederate citizens were able to pay back their loans more easily since there was more money in circulation. The Confederate government was

    asked by Quinn
  9. Science

    Two identical masses are moving down a slope. One mass is traveling twice as fast as the other mass. How does the kinetic energy of one mass compare to the other? (1 point) The faster object has the same kinetic energy as the slower object. The faster

    asked by Science re-post pretest
  10. Math

    In the scale drawing below each side is .38 cm long. Use the scale factor 1cm=6.5m. What is the perimeter of the actual object?

    asked by Sophie
  11. English

    List some important ideas that the watsons go to birmingham -1963. Why did you choose those ideas? (Please answer if you read the book. Thanks. Also no links.)

    asked by Lei
  12. social studies

    Which conclusion about France before the French Revolution does this information support? A. The First and Second Estates held most of the political power in France. B. The First and Second Estates owned most of the land in France. C. Land in France was

    asked by HoiPeoples
  13. Math

    Write the fraction one-eighth as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. A. 12.50% B. 37.50% C. 62.50% D. 80.00%

    asked by Anonymous
  14. American History

    amputation Which most accurately analyzes how this procedure proved a valuable resource to the war effort? It was a convenient remedy for battlefield injuries. It minimized the number of casualties due to infection. It kept soldiers in the hospital for

    asked by Quinn
  15. Spanish

    explain the significance of baseball in cuba and la republica dominicana.

    asked by Help
  16. English

    identify the author's purpose in this passage. Be sure to include: How do you know this is the author's purpose?

    asked by Ethan
  17. Science

    The Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric power plant that converts the energy of falling water into electricity. Which of the following determines the amount of potential energy of the water stored in the reservoir of the dam? Choose all that apply. A - the

    asked by Max
  18. American History

    Fort Sumter was a turning point in the Civil War because __________. Which of the following most accurately completes the statement? it represented the final chance for a lasting reconciliation between Union and Confederate forces on Southern soil it

    asked by Quinn
  19. American History

    Which options identify motivating factors in the resignation of Buchanan’s cabinet members after the election of Lincoln? _(Select all that apply.)_ a. proposing the Corwin Amendment b. support for the secession movement c. decision to veto cabinet pay

    asked by Quinn
  20. Math

    Find the digit that makes 3,71_ divisible by 9. A- 3 B-7=My answer C-1 D-5

    asked by Sunshine🌞
  21. social studies

    How was transportation standardized under the Qin? A) Roads were the same width.**** B) Carriages were the same height C) Everyone paid the same road tax D) Axles of carriages were the same length Which of these phrases best summarizes Legalism? A) Harsh

    asked by stargazer
  22. chemistry

    2. Ammonia is produced by the reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen. N2(g) + 3H2(g) à 2NH3(g) o a. How many moles of H2 are needed to react with 1.0 mol of N2? o b. How many moles of N2 reacted if 0.60 mol of NH3 is produced? o c. How many moles of NH3 are

    asked by Kevin
  23. pre-algebra

    the scale on a map is 1 cm: 7 km. if two cities are 15 cm apart on a map, what is the actual distance in the cities?

    asked by daniel
  24. math

    d + g ------ h d = 45 g = 18 h = 9 A.6 B.7 C.3 D.4 the cost in dollars of a school banquet is 74 + 12n where n is the number of people attending what is the cost of 52 people A.550$ B.698$ C.624$ D.138$

  25. History

    so in the world history book for 8th grade it says that the roman republic had it's own constitution, which was a written set of guidelines we can say as laws. but it was not ratified, as in it was not approved of. I know to make something a constitution

    asked by melanie
  26. Math

    Jerry's softball team is made up of 15 players, and 9 of them are boys. On the team, what is the ratio of boys to girls? A) 1:4 B) 3:2 C) 3:5 ***** D) 3:8 Convert 4 hours to minutes. A) 48 minutes B) 120 minutes C) 200 minutes D) 240 minutes ****** A

    asked by Correct
  27. English

    What is the main message that the poem "Africa" suggests about the experience of misplaced Africans around the world? a. They are in danger of forgetting their origins if they do not come together. b. They might be enslaved, but they are strong and moving

    asked by Anonymous
  28. American History

    Which option most effectively analyzes an immediate and a long-term effect of the assassination of President Lincoln? An immediate effect was the impeachment of Vice President Andrew Johnson; a long-term effect was enhanced security measures at all public

    asked by Quinn
  29. Science

    The breaking down or disinigrating of substances such as rocks and minerals by physical, chemical, or biological processes is called- A.Erosion B.Weathering***** C.Climate D.Deposition

    asked by Hoi there
  30. spanish

    What mountain range overlooks Santiago chillie

    asked by anaonymous
  31. Social studies

    What are the answers for week 11 crossword answer's

    asked by Damian
  32. math

    Solve the following automotive-services problem. In first gear, or low gear, an automobile's engine runs about three times as fast as the drive shaft. In second gear, the engine does not have to run as fast; usually it runs about 1.6 times faster than the

    asked by ano
  33. social studies

    How did the Haitian Revolution impact the history of the United States? It brought the United States into a war with Spain over Cuba. France no longer had Haiti, so Napoleon was willing to sell Louisiana.*** Slave owners in the American South began to free

    asked by sendtheword
  34. Medical billing and coding

    If a physician is charging for a mole removal procedure based on what other physicians generally charge for this procedure, the physician is probably using

    asked by Susan
  35. History

    Headline from the Past --- Headline from Modern Times Washington’s Farewell Address Urges Neutrality Politicians Urge Stronger US Intervention Against ISIS How are the EVENTS referred to in the headlines above similar? How are the EVENTS referred to in

    asked by
  36. computers

    How do you make someone an administrator for a Windows 7 computer?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Find the volume. Round to the nearest hundredth of a unit. Let a = 1.8, b = 1.2, and c = 3.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math, Please help!!!!

    If you wanted find the difference of 6/25 - 4/5 , what common denominator should you choose?and why?

    asked by Camren
  39. Calculus 1

    (1 point) Write an expression for the function, f(x), with the properties. f′(x)=(ln(x)2)/x and f(3)=7. f(x)=∫t=b t=a

    asked by Jenna
  40. Math

    Please explain in a more simple way, what I''m supposed to do? If you are unable to submit your answer to question 1 in audio form, you may submit your answer here. What are the steps to solve this problem? 0.000027 ÷ 0.000009 Prepare your response to

    asked by BleakTuber
  41. Math

    If Joshua was rock climbing at an elevation of 20 feet and Sash was scuba diving at 50 below sea level, which person is closer to sea level? (SHOW ALL WORK)

    asked by Reyna Aureolus
  42. Math-- reposted for Please Help

    This is reposted because of the unsuitable screen name. Using extra letters is a nuisance and clutters up this board. write a word phrase for p divided by 3 A. a number plus 3 B. a product of a number and 3 C. a quotient of a number and 3 D. a number

    asked by Ms. Sue
  43. Math

    Jack was planting a tree.He was to dig a hole that was 3 feet deep for every 5 feet of the tree height.How deep should he dig the hole for a tree that is 17 feet high?

    asked by Nida
  44. Maths

    Tom is twice as old as Mary,but he is two years younger than Jim.What is Mary age if Jim will be twenty years old in two years time?

    asked by Rilwan
  45. matth

    A couple plans to save for their child's college education. What principal must be deposited by the parents when their child is born in order to have $42,000 when the child reaches the age of 18? Assume the money earns 7% interest, compounded quarterly.

    asked by tomas
  46. Language Arts

    Please Help From the time when I could remember anything, I had been called simply “Booker.” Before going to school it had never occurred to me that it was needful or appropriate to have an additional name. When I heard the school-roll called, I

    asked by Correct
  47. Math

    suppose y varies directly with x, and y = 25 when x = 140. What is the value if y when x = 36? a.) 140 b.) 165 c.) 201.6 d.) 176

    asked by Mark
  48. Math

    1. 7r - 7 = 2r + 18 1 .r= -5**** 2. r= 5 3. r= 2.2 4. r= 1.2 2. 2x + 12 = 18 - x 1. x= 3 2. x= 10 3. x= 6**** 4. x= 2 3. 8x - 3 = 15x + 18 1. x = -3 2. x= 3**** 3. x= 2.1 4. x= .9 4. 6y- 6 = 4y + 16 1. y = 2.2 2. y = -2.2 3. y= 11 4. y = 5**** Am i right?

    asked by melanie
  49. math

    write a word phrase for p divided by 3 A. a number plus 3 B. a product of a number and 3 C. a quotient of a number and 3 D. a number decreased by 3 a major league baseball player chews 17 pieces of gum per game write an algebraic expression to show how

  50. geography

    what is the Incan mita system? (I'm a little lost I couldn't find it in my book)

    asked by Swirly
  51. Math

    What is the prime factorization of 540? Can you help me?

    asked by SunShine
  52. math

    Find the volume of the figure. figure is in the website below. For calculations involving π, give both the exact value and an approximation to the nearest hundredth of a unit. Let d = 8 and h = 18.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. math

    your friend thinks that k - 3.5 = 21 is a statement is your friend correct

  54. math

    On My scooter, the rear wheel's diameter is 6 cm more than the front wheel's. The rear wheel's circumference is ___ cm more than the front wheel's. A) 3π B) 6π C) 9π D) 36 π

    asked by Aelin
  55. math

    11.3x + 7.2 = 86.3

  56. math

    x - 15 = 19 A.4 B.34 C.-4 D.-34 brandon owns nearly two times as many CDs as Ingrid Brandon own 56 CDs write an equation an use it to estimate the number n of CDs Ingrid owns A.n - 2 = 56; about 58 CDs B.n + 2 = 56;about 54 CDs C.n = 56; about 112 CDs ---

  57. Math

    The ratio Tim spends on math homework to science homework is 5 to 4. If he spends 40 minutes on math homework, how many minutes does he spend on science homework? A. 20 Minutes B. 32 Minutes C. 60 Minutes D. 90 Minutes I think it's either A or B, but I

    asked by The Cy Guy
  58. Math

    A 5 cm by 5 cm square is cut from each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard. The sides are folded up to make an open box with a maximum volume. If the perimeter of the base is 50 cm, what are the dimensions of the box?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Science

    Why are coral reefs found only in the euphatic zone? A. it is the shallowest zone and contains sufficient light and oxygen to support the most life. B. it is a middle zone so there is the right balance of light and dark allowing coral to thrive. C. it is

    asked by Help Me
  60. science

    how do scientists explain the fact that some landforms that are far apart and separated by oceans appear to be related?

    asked by jojo
  61. Math

    A package of spaghetti weighs 266 grams. ow many ounces does the package weigh? 1 oz = 28 g

    asked by Sophia
  62. English

    Please kindly check my english grammar below: Dear Sir, My late attendance at work was due to the transportation were leaving at our accommodation at 8:30 am and our duty time would start at 9:00 am the distance going to work would be imposssible to reach

    asked by jesie
  63. Math

    Please help, I am having trouble with this question ;w; Calculate the interest earned on a savings account with $660.00 that is invested at 3.5% annual simple interest for 5 years.

    asked by Tsanallama
  64. Math

    What is 2 and 1 half times 1 and 1 half a.2 and 1 forth B.2 C.3and3forths D.4

    asked by Bro
  65. English

    Where is the setting of the story “of wolves and men”?

    asked by Bro
  66. Math

    An airplane ascends 450 feet at a constant rate as it flies a horizontal distance of 1,000 feet. How much altitude will it gain as it flies a horizontal distance of 1 mile? (Hint: 5,280 feet = 1 mile.)

    asked by Anonymous
  67. English

    can someone please check my answers 1.what is the best way to figure out a poem's theme? a.look for a line in which the poet states the theme directly. b.infer the theme from details,images,and symbols. c.analyze the rhyme scheme and meter of the poem.

    asked by Joshua
  68. Math

    2 X2/3 : (8-2) /9 6/2 :6/9 =2/9 Is this right

    asked by Frances
  69. Math

    How is an exponential function different from a polynomial function? Examples?

    asked by Joe
  70. math

    At the rate given, how many kilometers can Mikaela bike in 1 hour ?

    asked by kierra ivey
  71. Chemistry

    The approximate concentration of hcl,in the stomach is 0.17.Calculate the mass of the following antacids required to neutralise A bicarbonate of soda NaHCO3 Aluminum hydroxide Al(OH)3

    asked by Favour
  72. Modern world studies

    Canada is bigger than the United States but only has_____ as much people a.1half b.1forth c.1 eighth d. 1 nineth

    asked by Bro
  73. math

    Solve r = -6 -- 8 A. -48 B. -8 ------ 6 C.-1 ------ 48 D. 48

  74. Multicultural Studies

    Is there a website like sparknotes that gives summaries of non-fiction books. Autobiography of Recovering Skinhead ?

    asked by Kim
  75. Physics

    Why do I see some sources define the work on a spring as W = (1/2)(k)(xf^2 - xi^2) and some sources define it as W = (1/2)(k)(x^2) ? For example (I'll test out both equations): Let xi = 3, xf = 7, and k = 3 So by using W = (1/2)(k)(xf^2 - xi^2) =

    asked by Kid
  76. Science

    could you keep adding more and more acetic acid to the same amount of sodium bicarbonate to get more carbon dioxide why or why not

    asked by Satan's Armpit
  77. physics

    A compound metal bar has 4 kg of copper making up the first third of the bar, while the remainder is made of 12 kg of lead. The bar is 3 meters in length. In addition, a mass of 2 kg is hung 1m from the left end of the bar, and a mass of 6 kg is hung 2m

    asked by tyger2020
  78. Calculus

    Convert the following point from rectangular to spherical coordinates: (1, −√3, 2√3). I found the answer to be (4, -pi/3, 0.5235987755983), but my online homework is stating that my middle coordinate (-pi/3) is incorrect. I put this into an online

    asked by EKM
  79. math 3rd grade

    I am not sure how to help my 3rd grader on this one filling in what they are looking for as it doesn't make sense to me. Using place value to find the product. I know one way but not how they are asking for here. 6 x 40 = 6 x ____ tens - I know it would be

    asked by TheGrandma
  80. Physics

    The angular velocity of a wheel is given by w = 3t^2 + 7t. a. What is the wheel’s initial angular velocity at t = 0? I think this should be zero but that seems too simple? b. What is the instantaneous angular acceleration (α) at t = 2 sec? Do I need to

    asked by anonymous
  81. maths

    the approxiamate distance between two villiages is given as 11km. The actual distance is 10.7km. Find the diffrence in metres

    asked by Anne
  82. physics

    A container filled with 20 identical marbles spills over and all the marbles fall towards the ground in a random pattern. What is the acceleration of the center of mass of the group of marbles as they fall? Shouldn't that just be acceleration due to

    asked by tyger2020
  83. ss

    2. What was the main purpose of the encomienda system? (1 point) to provide Native Americans with land to establish sugar plantations*** to define the status of Native Americans to teach Christianity 3. Why didn't Caribbean economies become self-sufficient

    asked by sendtheword
  84. combining like terms

    how do I solve this problem b + 18 + 3b = 74

    asked by James
  85. Math

    If 1 is added to every prime number less than 100, how many more of the resulting sums will be divisible by 4 than by 3? (If more of the sums are divisible by 3 than by 4, your answer will be negative.)

    asked by PT
  86. Chemistry

    What is the percentage composition of water in a sample of SrS2O3 plus 5 H2O? (this is a hydrate)

    asked by David
  87. Algebra

    How does finding the square root [J ] of a number compare to fnding the cube root [3 J- ] of a number? Use the number 64 in your explanation.

    asked by BLOODWOLFPrincess+nurse
  88. math


    asked by Bob2
  89. Math

    On a bus, 6 passengers are wearing headphones and 7 are not. What is the ratio of passengers wearing headphones to total passengers? 6:7 is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  90. Thanks for all you do! <3

    You all work so hard to help us and a lot of us say a simple, "Thank you." or "I really needed this, Thanks!". I think you deserve a lot more but of course, I can't do anything about this since I'm just a student. So I'll just say thank you like everyone

    asked by A Grateful Student
  91. math

    Project - would you please check my answers? I am working on a project and my linear equation came out to be: y = 1502.9x - 2847386 This project is about waste and recycling so the equation came from a table that gave a few years and the tons of waste in

    asked by Sara
  92. math

    Find the volume in the figure. The figure is in the website below. If necessary, round to the nearest hundredth. Use 3.14 for π. (Assume d = 9 in.) .

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Spanish

    Por or Para Tiene que terminar este proyecto (para) manana. Salio de la oficina (por) su casa. Are these sentences correct? Thanks

    asked by Tammy
  94. Canada history

    HELP FAST PLZ Which of the following could indicate that climate change is occurring rapidly in Nunavut Territory? a) Increased mineral mining b) Increased military presence c) The melting of permafrost d) Earthquakes My answer is b tell me if I'm RIGHT or

    asked by you know it
  95. math

    -13x = -65 A.-845 B.845 C.-5 D.5

  96. social studies

    The policies of the Black Codes did which of the following

    asked by ittorsey
  97. math

    An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carries 45 gallons of fuel. It burns fuel at a rate of 3 gph (gallons/hour) and flies at a speed of 160 mph (miles/hour). We want to fly it to a location X, fly around the area for 1 hour, and then fly it back to the

    asked by Anonymous
  98. math

    -13x=-65 a. -845 b. 845 c. -5 d. 5

    asked by bananamouse
  99. math

    -13x = -65 A.-845 B.845 C.-5 D.5 Solve r = -6 --------- 8 A. -48 B. -8 ------ 6 C.-1 ------ 48 D. 48

  100. math

    37.52 rounded to the nerast whole

    asked by katherine