Questions Asked on
December 3, 2018

  1. Math

    Assume the mean height of the soldiers to be 68.22 inches with the variance of 10.8inches square. How many soldiers in the regiment of 1000 would you expect to be-(1.) Over 6 fee tall (2) below 5.5 feet? Assume height to be normally distributed. Given;

    asked by Tshering
  2. science

    which of the following is a correct pathway of a nerve impulse? A. Synapse - cell body - dendrites - axon B. Axon - cell body - synapse - dendrite C. Dendrite - cell body - synapse - dendrite D. Dendrite - cell body - axon - synapse

    asked by snyan
  3. math

    A carpenter needs to calculate the correct length of the wall studs for a platform-frame construction. The building will have a finished floor-to-ceiling height of 7′8½″, a 1″-thick finish floor, ¾″ furring strips in the ceiling, and ½″ gypsum

    asked by doug
  4. English poetry

    In the peom concrete mixer I didn't understand what is meant by they rid the trunk like trough of concrete.

    asked by Nyrose
  5. math

    plz help ASAP 1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 2y + 3z 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x^2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point) 6 –6m + 6 6m + 18 18 My answers: 1. -7w

    asked by im hispanic and im proud
  6. History

    Which of the following was one way that Europeans benefited from increased contact with the Muslim world during the Crusades? A. They were able to regain permanent control of Jerusalem. B. .They rediscovered the learning of ancient Greece and Rome. C. They

    asked by Ms. Blue
  7. Probability

    Suppose that we have three engines, which we turn on at time 0. Each engine will eventually fail, and we model each engine's lifetime as exponentially distributed with parameter λ. The lifetimes of different engines are independent. One of the engines

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Pre algebra

    Write each equation in simplest form. Start Fraction 7x over 8 = 21 A. 24 B. 18.375 C. 1.857 D. 19

    asked by savageontherun
  9. history

    What significance did the launching of a Soviet satellite have on the United States? The United States concentrated its efforts on the development of rockets. The United States planned to eliminate high school to train soldiers to fight the Soviets. The

    asked by dianni
  10. history

    URGENT QUESTION PLZ ANSWER ASAP How did common Greeks explain natural events prior to scientific explanations?

    asked by melanie
  11. math

    IF E IS THE SET{1,2,3,?...19,20}and A,B,AND C ARE SUB SET OF E SUCH THAT A={multiple of five},B={multiple of four},C {multiple of three}.list the element of A,B,C?B.findANB,ANC,BUC,?C. using your result in B show that(AUB)U(ANC)=AN(BUC)?

    asked by favour
  12. Statistics

    how do I find z such it lies 5.3% to the left of the standard normal curve?

    asked by Donzella Washington
  13. Math

    Suppose that you have $ 5,000 to invest. Which investment yields the greater return over 9 ​years: 8.75​% compounded continuously or 8.9​% compounded semiannually? . A) $ 5,000 invested at 8.9​% compounded semiannually over 9 years yields the

    asked by Sue
  14. Calculus

    Which of the following is the correct first line in the derivative for p(x)=(2x+1)^5(3x^2−2)^4?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. world history

    Which features formed natural barriers to expansion and invasion for China? Select all that apply A. Bay of Bengal B. Gobi Desert C. Himalayas D. Tien Shan mountains *** E. Yellow River

    asked by drako
  16. history

    someone plz help me Drag the geographical features that helped Rome flourish to the box. mountains plateaus plains rivers desert i think river mountains and plains am i right

    asked by melanie
  17. English

    1. I had cereal with milk. 2. I had cereal and milk. [What is the difference between them?]

    asked by rfvv
  18. English

    1. What kinds of stick food are there on Wangfujing street? 2. What kinds of stick foods are there on Wangfujing street? 3. What kind of stick food are there on Wangfujing street? 4. What kind of stick food is there on Wangfujing street? 5. What kinds of

    asked by rfvv
  19. journalism

    You have recently been hired as the news director for a local news station. It’s time to prep for your first newscast. Your newscast will have five blocks and will be 60 minutes long. You need to cover the following in your newscast: Scores from last

    asked by joey
  20. Social Studies

    How many have responded to the cultural diffusion taking place in southwest Asia? A.)most conservative Muslims have embraced it B.) many moderate Muslims have accepted it C.) most Christians have opposed it D.) much of the Jewish population has accepted it

    asked by Cheese
  21. history

    Which specific problem led Rome to change from a monarchy to a republic?

    asked by melanie
  22. Science

    Based on the Law of Conservation of Matter, describe the relationship between the mass of the reactants and the mass of the products.

    asked by Aeonian
  23. Social Studies

    Which of these was a major philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence? A) support for states' rights and slavery B) a belief in the natural rights of citizens C) the need for a federal system of government D) a belief in the benefits of a

    asked by Georgia Connection Academy
  24. Social Studies

    UsaTestPrep Exam Mr. Benton class Please Help Me 1. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were all important additions to the Constitution because they A. repealed previous amendments B. granted more freedom to women. C. addressed issues

    asked by Georgia Connection Academy
  25. Calculus

    Which one or ones of the following statements is/are true? I. If the line y=2 is a horizontal asymptote of y= f(x), then is not defined at y=2. II. If f(5)>0 and f(6)

    asked by Alice URGENT
  26. Algebra

    There are 15 children, which 8 of them are girls, listed at an adoption agency. How many different ways can I adopt 3 boys and 2 girls from this agency?

    asked by Manuel Ortiz
  27. English

    Which actor would fit the role of Hannah Dualiver who was stoned to death in the novel Stones by William Bell?

    asked by T
  28. physics

    A 570-g squirrel with a surface area of 900 cm2 falls from a 4.0-m tree to the ground. Estimate its terminal velocity. (Use the drag coefficient for a horizontal skydiver. Assume that the cross-sectional area of the squirrel can be approximated as a

    asked by Miranda
  29. ART

    What is one characteristic of this student's work? ( woman's head by Iris v.) 1.creation of 3-D art 2.creation of cubist art 3.exact representation of human property 4.use of cool colors only

    asked by Melanie
  30. art

    1.what is one characteristic on this student work a. creation of 3-D art b. creation of cubist art c. exact representation of human proportion**** 2. to create a portfolio of work this artist would do all the following except? a .include more drawings of

    asked by Melanie
  31. History

    Most of the delegates to the convention of 1836 favorite which of the following regards to Independence? A. Fighting for independence B. Joining forces with American Indians C. Negotiating for peace *** D. Surrendering

    asked by Anonymous
  32. American History

    What was the political impact of the Nullification Crisis? The Nullification Crisis eliminated the executive branch’s authority over states. The Nullification Crisis led to the promotion of federal power over states’ rights. The Nullification Crisis

    asked by Quinn
  33. Art

    To better capture the personality of the individual the artist choose to include what pets and items of personal interest in the image be a formal setting the items that indicate a profession D a lack of expression

    asked by Anna
  34. Maths: Probability Distrubution

    The consecutive interarrival times of a certain arrival process are i.i.d. random variables that are equally likely to be 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Find the expected value of the length of the interarrival time seen by an observer who arrives at some

    asked by Fin
  35. Maths: Probability Distrubution

    Consider an arrival process whose interarrival times are independent exponential random variables with mean 2 (and consequently variance equal to 4), and consider the inter arrival interval IS seen by an observer who arrives at a fixed time t*, What is the

    asked by Fin
  36. Math

    11. Figure A’B’C’D’ is a dilation of figure ABCD. Find the scale factor. Classify the dilation as an enlargement or a reduction. (1 point) Scale factor one-third; reduction Scale factor one-fourth; reduction Scale factor 3; enlargement* Scale

    asked by Anonymous
  37. history

    How did the Great Depression affect politics in Japan? a) When inflation rose, wealthy capitalists formed a right-wing political party that won control in Parliament and began to lower interest rates. b) When exports fell and the economy declined, military

    asked by hyail
  38. Physics

    The planet Krypton has a mass of 6.8 × 1023 kg and radius of 2.8 × 106 m. What is the acceleration of an object in free fall near the surface of Krypton? The gravitational constant is 6.6726 × 10−11 N · m2 /kg2 . Answer in units of m/s 2 . A

    asked by Purplegirl06
  39. Physics

    So the question I am doing has multiple parts. I was wondering how I should solve this and what formulas should be used. A grinding wheel of radius (.30cm) and mass 15 kg is spinning at a rate of 20.0 revolutions per second. When the power to the grinder

    asked by Bella
  40. American History

    How did the Indian Removal Act impact the United States? It set a precedent for forcing Native Americans into labor. It funded the efforts of Americans who settled in Indian-occupied lands. It made the acquisition of native lands by Americans legal. It

    asked by Quinn
  41. Math

    You have a piece of lumber that is 4 yards long. You want to cut lengths 2/3 yard long to use in a shelf you are building. How many shelves can you cut? Draw a picture of your solution. Explain your solution in words.

    asked by Reyna Aureolus
  42. History

    Which situation was affected depending on whether a state was admitted as a free state or a slave state? A. representation in Congress B. number of Supreme Court justices C. amount of Western land available for settlement D. existing treaties with Native

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Literature

    Explain how the author creates suspense in the passage where a huge crowd gathers to watch a fight between Paul and John Quinn. Use specific details.

    asked by Dark Unicorn
  44. Math

    David and Coda-Wayne are walking a trail. Ted walks 3.1 kilometers farther than David. Write an expression and solve for X.

    asked by Ethan
  45. American History

    How did Jackson’s Bank War change the United States economy? It caused the closure of the Second Bank of the United States and led to the Panic of 1837. It promoted the idea that states could successfully operate their own national banks. It prevented

    asked by Quinn
  46. Chemistry

    I did the question but I need help is this right? Thanks How many atoms of chlorine are in 19.0 grams of MgCl2? 24.3 + 2(35.5) = 95.3 19.0/95.3 x 6.022 x 1023 = 1.201 1023

    asked by Shine Bright Shine Far
  47. Math

    11. Figure A’B’C’D’ is a dilation of figure ABCD. Find the scale factor. Classify the dilation as an enlargement or a reduction. (1 point) Scale factor one-third; reduction Scale factor one-fourth; reduction Scale factor 3; enlargement* Scale

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chemistry

    6g of metal M react completely with 23.66g of chlorine to form 29.66 of the metallic chloride. Find the empirical formula of the metallic chloride ( M=27,CL= 35.5)

    asked by Gabriel
  49. Pre algebra

    (2.0*10^4)(3.0*10^3) A. 6.0 * 10^7 B. 6.0 * 10^12 my answer C. 6.0 * 10^5 D. 6.0 * 10^43

    asked by BleakTuber
  50. Math

    The scale of a map is 1 inch + 25 miles. How many miles does 1.25 inches represent? 25 miles 31.25 miles 62.5 miles 49.25 miles

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Calculus

    which of the following are continuous for all real values of x? I. f(x)= (x^2+5)/x^2+1 II. g(x)= 3/x^2 III. h(x)=|x| a) I only b) II only c) I and II only d) I and III only

    asked by Alice
  52. history

    Who were the Moors, and how did they affect Spain during their rule?

    asked by bookin
  53. math

    there are 4 dozen calories in a candy bar. how many calories are there in 30 candy bars

    asked by james
  54. history

    What were the outcomes of the Glorious Revolution? (Select all that apply.) William and Mary overthrew King James II. Parliament was overthrown by King James II. Parliament was granted more governing power. William and Mary renounced parliament’s

    asked by rylee
  55. Math

    Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle, as shown. How long is the short ladder? (two ladders, one is 70 and 50 and the other short ladder says 20). 28 ft 175 ft 25 ft 20 ft

    asked by Anonymous
  56. American History

    What was the impact of The Liberator? It validated the arguments of proslavery southerners. It brought the perspectives of western politicians into the national slavery debate. It promoted debate between advocates for and against slavery. It fostered the

    asked by Quinn
  57. Math

    Hello! If anyone could check my answers, that'd be great! I really don't understand so if I get them wrong and all that please tell me what I did wrong Solve each inequality. 1. m - 7 < 6 A. m < -1 B. m > 1 C. m < 13 ** D. m < -13 2. p + 12 > 9 A. p > 21

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  58. science

    Many arctic organisms have adapted to their environment by changing their fur color from brown to white when there is snow on the ground. The change in fur color is triggered by the shorter daylight hours. These arctic areas are having fewer months with

    asked by lilkakes
  59. MATH

    A printer can print 24000 pages in 2 hours. a. If the printer starts printing at 2:30 p.m., how many pages will be printed by 5:15 p.m.?

    asked by Fiyin
  60. bio

    By a process known as __________, bacterial cells can pass genes for antibiotic resistance from one cell to another. binary fission sexual reproduction mitosis conjugation

    asked by avi
  61. Science

    What are common symptoms of pericardial effusion and pleural effusion. What are symptoms and causes of Dysphagia.

    asked by Fiyin
  62. physics

    a geostationary satellite for communications seems to be in a fixed spot above the equator because it has the same angular velocity as the earth. show that if it goes round once a day its angular velocity w is a little over 7*10^-5 rad/s.?

    asked by wondesen haftamu
  63. American History

    Which options represent attempts on the part of the Mexican government to assert control over the Texas Territory? _(Select all that apply.)_ enforced Spanish as the national language ended further American immigration forced American settlers to take a

    asked by Quinn
  64. American History

    Which most accurately evaluates how the Mexican government’s refusal to ratify the Treaties of Velasco impacted the movement towards Texan independence? It had some impact; as it was considered a territory, Texas could not organize an independent army.

    asked by Quinn
  65. Trigonometry

    Firefighters at the Morganza Fire station need to measure the height of the station flagpole. They find that at the instant when the shadow of the stations is 18m long. The shadow is 10m high. Find the height of the flagpole.

    asked by Jecill
  66. math

    when using fraction strips how do you know that two fractions are equivalent

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    Calculate the missing values for Protons, Neutron, and Electrons for the following element Germanium - Ge

    asked by jennifer
  68. Economics

    If the demand for loanable funds increases, what will happen to real interest rates and the international value of the U.S. dollar (USD)? Real Interest Rates / International Value of USD Increase / Increase*** Increase / Decrease Decrease / No Change

    asked by TM
  69. Math calculus by rotation

    Calculate the volume obtained by rotating around y= -3 the area between the curves x= y^2 -4 x+y+2=0 I did the Volume as an integral between (-4, 0) of (x^2 +x - 12 - 6(x+4) ^1/2) dx The method I used is seeing the solid as a washer(? Can someone help me

    asked by Sylvia
  70. math

    a color printer prints 28 pages in 12 minutes. How many pages does it print per minute

    asked by robin
  71. American History

    How did Mexican Cession shape the growth of the United States? (Select all that apply.) It promoted migration west. It promoted cultural hegemony. It eliminated nationalism. It spread Christianity. A and C?

    asked by Quinn
  72. Social studies

    Which development helped increase literacy in China? A. The expansion of the civil service system B. The introduction of Buddhism C. The development of Neo-Confusunism D. The invention of movable type

    asked by Connexus help asap
  73. Algebra

    Divide using long division: (2x^4+4x^3+3x^2 - 6x+1) \: (2x^2+1) I'm not sure where to start. Suppose to divide the 2 parenthesis together? Thanks.

    asked by Kim
  74. Algebra II

    Given polynomial f(X) and a factor of f(x), factor f(x) completely. F(x)= x^3-9x^2+8x+60; x+2

    asked by Kim
  75. Algebra II

    Given polynomial function f and a zero of f, find the other zeroes. f(X)=4x^3-25x^2-154x+40;10

    asked by Austin
  76. english

    What is the deeper meaning of the poem, "A Lover" by Amy Lowell? This is her poem: "If I could catch the green lantern of the firefly I could see to write you a letter."

    asked by maath
  77. Physics

    A 85 kg man weighs 833 N on the Earth's surface. How far above the surface of the Earth would he have to go to "lose" 18% of his body weight?

    asked by Kelly
  78. Calculus

    If lim x→0 f(x)=3 and lim x→0 g(x)=1, then find lim x→0 (f(x)+g(x))^2 a) 40 b) -4 c) 16 d) 28

    asked by Alice
  79. Calculus

    Which of the following must be true for the graph of the function f(x)= (x^2-25)/5x-25) There is: I. a removable discontinuity at x=5 II. a vertical asymptote at x=5 III. an infinite discontinuity at x=5 possibles answers: a) I only b) II only c) III only

    asked by Alice
  80. math

    From 11 positive integer scores on a 10-point quiz, the mean is 8, the median is 8, and the mode is 7. Find the maximum number of perfect scores possible on this test.

    asked by anonymous
  81. chemistry

    aluminum metal is added to a solution of cobalt (II) sulfate

    asked by Emily
  82. Physics

    A stone used in the sport of curling has a mass of 20.0 kg and is initially at rest, sitting on a flat ice surface. It is pushed with a constant force of magnitude 25.0N over a distance of 4.00 m. (Assume friction between the stone and the ice is

    asked by Jess
  83. chemistry

    what is the molar solubility of AgBr(s) in 3.0M NH3(aq)? Ksp of AgBr(s) is 5x10^-13, Kf of Ag(NH3)2+ is 1.6x10^7

    asked by daniel
  84. Calculus 1

    A ball is thrown vertically upward from ground level with initial velocity of 96 feet per second. Assume the acceleration of the ball is a(t) = -32 ft^2 per second. (Neglect air Resistance.) (a) How long will it take the ball to raise to its maximum

    asked by Bobby