Questions Asked on
December 2, 2018

  1. History

    Which of the following was one way that Europeans benefited from increased contact with the Muslim world during the Crusades? A. They were able to regain permanent control of Jerusalem. B. .They rediscovered the learning of ancient Greece and Rome. C. They

    asked by Ms. Blue
  2. physics

    Two children with masses of 24 and 31 kg are sitting on a balanced seesaw. If the lighter child is sitting 3 m from the center, where is the heavier child sitting?

    asked by yanna
  3. Physics

    The planet Mars has a radius of about 0.53 Earth radii and a mass of only 0.11 Earth masses. Estimate g on Mars.

    asked by Beth
  4. Statistics

    how do I find z such it lies 5.3% to the left of the standard normal curve?

    asked by Donzella Washington
  5. Statistics

    An independent-measures research study compares three treatment conditions using a sample of n = 5 in each treatment. For this study, the three sample totals are, t1 = 5, t2 = 10, and t3 = 15, and Sum of X squared= 75 for the entire set of scores. What

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Social studies

    How did John Calhoun react to the Tariff of 1828 there's not an answer in here that says he resigned

    asked by Cindy
  7. Physics

    What is the rotational speed of the minute hand on a clock?

    asked by Beth
  8. physics

    A 1200 kg frictionless roller coaster starts from rest at a height of 23 m. What is its kinetic energy when it goes over a hill that is 13 m high?

    asked by yanna
  9. English

    Since the female speaker discussed in her poem is "different", she is criticized... Does the comma after different belong there? Or does it go inside the parentheses?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Physics

    If you were located halfway between the Earth and the Moon, what acceleration would you have toward Earth? (Ignore the gravitational force of the Moon as it is much less than that of the Earth.)

    asked by Beth
  11. calculus

    can somebody show me how to get to the answer on this question? I try to solve it many time and counldn't get to the answer10π/21. the qeustion is πintegral from 0 to1 [((1-x^3)^2)- ((1-√x)^2)]dx

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Algebra

    How do you translate this sentence into an equation, The sum of 17 and Janelle's age is 41 ?

    asked by Catlyian
  13. maths

    a survey of reading habit of 100 students showed that 30 read both comics and novels . 10 read neither comic nor novelsand twice as many students read as read moves.(1) illustrate the information on a vien diagram (2) how many students read novels (3) how

    asked by abdul latif
  14. physics

    How much work does a 64 kg person do against gravity in walking up a trail that gains 760 m in elevation?

    asked by yanna
  15. physics

    A crate has a mass of 20 kg. What applied force is required to produce an acceleration of 3 m/s2 if the frictional force is known to be 95 N?

    asked by yanna
  16. Statistics

    An independent-measures research study compares three treatment conditions using a sample of n = 5 in each treatment. For this study, the three sample totals are, t1 = 5, t2 = 10, and t3 = 15, and Sum of X squared= 75 for the entire set of scores. What

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    The gravitational force between two very large metal spheres in outer space is 57 N. How large would this force be if the mass of each sphere were

    asked by Beth
  18. physics

    If a 64 kg sprinter can accelerate from a standing start to a speed of 10 m/s in 3 s, what average power is generated?

    asked by yanna
  19. physics

    If a 0.4 kg ball is dropped from a height of 7 m, what is its kinetic energy when it hits the ground?

    asked by yanna
  20. Biochemistry

    A buffer solution is prepared by mixing 80.0 mL of 0.20 M NaH2PO4 and 120.0 mL of 0.20 M Na2HPO4.What is the pH of the resulting solution?

    asked by Ella
  21. Math

    Suppose that you have $ 5,000 to invest. Which investment yields the greater return over 9 ​years: 8.75​% compounded continuously or 8.9​% compounded semiannually? . A) $ 5,000 invested at 8.9​% compounded semiannually over 9 years yields the

    asked by Sue
  22. Physics

    What is the gravitational force between two 10 kg iron balls separated by a distance of 0.1 m?

    asked by Beth
  23. Math

    Suzanne is 4 years elder to her brother Robert. If sumit of their ages is 22 years, find how old is Suzanne and Robert are?

    asked by Saianshi
  24. Social studies

    I need serious help with social studies. Or I will not be able to go to high school next year I'll be held back! So I need help with connections. Everytime I think I have an answer if not on here as one of the answers

    asked by Cindy
  25. Physics

    If the rotational speed of a CD changes from 650 rpm to 250 rpm as it plays 30 minutes of music, what is the CD's average rotational acceleration?

    asked by Beth
  26. Social studies

    K who has the answers to connections

    asked by Cindy
  27. Physics

    Find the size of the net force produced by a 4 N and a 14 N force in each of the following arrangements. (a) The forces act in the same direction. N (b) The forces act in opposite directions. N (c) The forces act at right angles to each other. N

    asked by Beth
  28. Physics

    The Daytona International Speedway shown below has the following track statistics: Bank turn of 31.0o, a radius of curvature of 1000 ft, and a total length of 2.50 mi. Given that the typical weight of a NASCAR car is 3000 lbs, and that the friction

    asked by Ajay
  29. English

    Does this sentence make sense for my essay? Sandra Cisneros' poems shine light on as well as speak out against the sexual oppression that she has experienced throughout her life. Is my grammar and punctuation and everything correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. science

    Convert 357 J to kcal.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    A 1700 kg car has a speed of 24 m/s. If it takes 7 s to stop the car, what is the impulse and the average force acting on the car?

    asked by Sue
  32. physics

    A variable-speed drill, initially turning at 250 rpm, speeds up to 1300 rpm in a time interval of 0.1 s. What is its average rotational acceleration?

    asked by yanna
  33. physics

    i have to design a pair of ear defenders and i'm not sure what materials i should use and how to draw a particle diagram for them (its on the requirement sheet) its due in for tomorrow which is just great

    asked by hi
  34. math

    A boy is 6yrs older than his sister the product of their ages is 135'

    asked by Aishat
  35. Science

    A boy of mass 50kg,climb a hii of 5m high,calculate the power use {1}when the boy used the total time of 20s.[g:10m/s]

    asked by TASLIM
  36. Animals

    It says I cannot hand get grasshoppers for a bearded dragon. So does that me I cannot just go outside and capture them in a Jar? If so does that mean I juts have to buy the grasshoppers?

    asked by RandomGirl
  37. physics

    A toy car has a kinetic energy of 12 J. What is its kinetic energy after a frictional force of 0.5 N has acted on it for 6 m?

    asked by yanna
  38. chemistry

    calculating normality from stock solution

    asked by Anonymous
  39. economics

    An article in The Wall Street Journal discusses a trend among some large U.S. corporations to base the compensation of outside members of their boards of directors partly on the performance of the corporation. “This growing practice more closely aligns

    asked by reynolds
  40. Science,chemistry

    How to find heat of transition for any reaction ???

    asked by HK
  41. Physics

    All freshmen at Roseville High School are required to play exactly one sport. The table below shows all the available sports and the number of the freshmen that signed up for each one. What percent of the freshman class signed up for either baseball or

    asked by Sue
  42. Math

    Find F(x) such that F'(x) = sec^4 (x) and F(pi/4) = 0 F'(x) = sec^4 F(x) = (1/3)tan^3 (x) + tan(x) + C Now I don't understand the last part of the question? Just replace x by pi/4?

    asked by Lele
  43. English

    I can't figure out how to write this sentence in a flow-y way: Especially when you are camping, you should only be leaving one kind of footprint- and not a carbon one.

    asked by Anonymoose
  44. Calculus

    Which of the following is the correct first line in the derivative for p(x)=(2x+1)^5(3x^2−2)^4?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Time value of money

    In investors deposits 10000.ten years later it is worth 17910.what rate of return did the investors earns on investment

    asked by Emma
  46. science

    A typical diet provides about 2000 food Calories per day, or 2000 kilocalories. Calculate the equivalent number of joules.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Maths

    Find the value of 10000 in 10 years. The investment earns 8% for four years and then earns 4% for the remaining six years

    asked by Emma
  48. Time value of money

    Present value of 10000 to be received at the end of 10periods at8% period.

    asked by Emma
  49. Physics

    A Car Accidently Rolls Off A Cliff. As It Leaves The Cliff It Has A Horizontal Velocity Of 13 M/s, It Hits The Groung 60 M From The Shoreline. Calculate The Height Of The Cliff?

    asked by BINIYAM
  50. Math

    I am stuck on put a circle around the number that is not a square number 9 16 36 48 81 100

    asked by Bunny head
  51. Time value of money

    Find the value of 10000 in ten years. Investment 5% per year .

    asked by Emma
  52. Physics

    Find the size of the net force produced by a 4 N and a 14 N force in each of the following arrangements.

    asked by Beth