Questions Asked on
November 30, 2018

  1. World History

    Which most accurately describes the impact that the collapse of the Soviet Union had on the Middle East? The Soviet collapse extended the influence of democracy with free elections throughout the Middle East. The Soviet collapse allowed the United States

    asked by mgoguen
  2. World History

    Why would hackers use cyberattacks on public infrastructures connected to the Internet? Attacks on public infrastructures can reduce the cost of future cybercrimes. Attacks on public infrastructures create the largest disruption for a nation. Attacks on

    asked by mgoguen
  3. World History

    How has the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) helped Asian countries? APEC facilitates trade between Pacific Rim nations by promoting a single currency to eliminate exchange rates. APEC reduces trade barriers and promotes open markets between

    asked by mgoguen
  4. Social Studies

    1. Why did Muhammad move from Mecca to the city of Medina? A. He had already established a Muslim community in Mecca. B.** He and his followers faced persecution by opponents in Mecca. C. He did not want to interfere with existing worship at the Kaaba in

    asked by Junko :D
  5. finance

    it cost a contactor $13750 to manufacture their first unit. The company expects to experience a 93% unit learning curve. Estimate the cost of the 14th unit. (Round intermediate calculation to 4 decimal places)?

    asked by Lisa
  6. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following statements best describes the spread of Islam during the Arab conquests? A. Islam spread only within the lands conquered by Arabs. B.** Everyone in conquered lands was forced to convert to Islam. C. Few non-Arabs ever converted to

    asked by Junko :D
  7. Chemistry

    1.Hydrogen gas can be made by reacting methane (CH4) with high temperature steam: CH4(g) + H2O(g) ----- CO(g) + 3H2(g) How many hydrogen molecules are produced when 256 grams of methane reacts with steam? 2. Ammonia (NH3) reacts with oxygen (O2) to produce

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Science

    A spoon used for mixing sugar in hot milk transfers heat to the other end by

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    Which scenarios are definite signs that a chemical reaction has occurred? _(Select all that apply)_ Water is heated and releases a gas. Blue and yellow paint mix to make green paint. A piece of iron begins to rust. Two liquids are mixed together and

    asked by Quinn
  10. World History

    Which most accurately describes the impact that China can have on global economics? Lack of export tariffs has shifted interest in Chinese manufactured goods, which has allowed for rapid economic growth. Shifts in Chinese imports can significantly affect

    asked by mgoguen
  11. Science

    Above is a 2nd graph Part 1 Graph Present these results by creating a line graph. Part 2 Analysis 1)What is relationship between the biotic And abiotic factors? 2) how did the construction of a parking lot, hiking trail, and playground affect the fish

    asked by Jennie
  12. maths

    In a class of 50 students 25 take hindi and 16 take marathi.12 students take no languages. Find how many takes both hindi and marathi.

    asked by kumar
  13. Math

    Write an algebraic expression for the phrase: eight pounds less than five times the weight of a chicken Let w = weight. help

    asked by kid
  14. science

    What is the difference between liquid water and water vapor? A: They are different states of the same pure substance B: They are different types of chemical compounds. C: They differ in there number and types of atoms D: They have different arrangements of

    asked by rose
  15. Social Studies

    Read the following quote from Buddhist scripture Dhammapada. “Well-makers lead the water (wherever they like); fletchers bend the arrow; carpenters bend a log of wood; wise people master themselves.” What central part of Buddhism expressed in the quote

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    A textbook weighs 2.5 pounds.How many kilograms does the textbook weigh? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a pound. 1kg =2.2 lb - - Helllpp

    asked by Sophia
  17. Chemistry

    How is the law of conservation used to balance a chemical equation? In a chemical equation, the products formed have the same atoms as the original reactants; however, the atoms may be rearranged with different subscripts. The law of conservation of mass

    asked by Quinn
  18. Chemistry

    Why is a change in temperature also considered a sign of a chemical change? When molecules move around more frequently due to the temperature change, they are more likely to collide with other molecules. When bonds are broken or formed in a chemical

    asked by Quinn
  19. English

    1. Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to City Hall? 2. Excuse me, can you tell me how to go to City Hall? 3. The writer will get to Antarctica by plane. 4. The writer will go to Antarctica by plane. [Thank you for your help. Can we use both 'get to' and

    asked by rfvv
  20. physics

    Athlete meseret runs at 10m/ long will it take her to go

    asked by Ermias
  21. History

    Which was the Catholic Church’s most powerful tool in maintaining its authority in medieval Europe? A. ******** its missionary work B. its monasteries and convents C. its control over the sacraments D. its hospitals and schools

    asked by Gacha Lover
  22. Math

    Solve for θ in the equation cos θ = 0.778 when 180º < θ < 360º. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree.

    asked by Quinn
  23. Math

    If mImage of an angle symbol1 = 53°, what is mImage of an angle symbol4? (1 point) 53° 43° 37° 27° 3. If mImage of an angle symbol1 = 50°, what is mImage of an angle symbol5? (1 point) 50° 40° 35° 25°

    asked by ハニア
  24. math

    a computer can preform 10^5 problems in one second. How many problems can in it do in 10 seconds I just need help solving this and having someone explain it to me

    asked by frgdhsjak
  25. Social Studies

    What is the relationship between the government and religion in Mesopotamia?

    asked by Cheese
  26. math

    During a matinée, a movie theater sold twice as many children tickets as adult tickets. The movie theater sold a total of 402 tickets.

    asked by alex
  27. English

    Fortunately, the Winter break from school gave Serge Ibaka plenty of time to read his zombie novels.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Chemistry

    Potassium reacts with magnesium bromide to form potassium bromide and magnesium. Which equation correctly represents the statement? 2K+MgBr_2→2KBr+Mg K+MgBr→KBr+Mg K+MgBr_2→KBr_2+Mg 2KBr+Mg→2K+MgBr_2 A?

    asked by Quinn
  29. calculus

    Let f be a continuous function on [−3,3], and suppose 7 is the absolute maximum value of f on [−3,3]. Using properties of integrals, this tells us that ∫3,−3 f(x)dx≤−−−. What number goes in the blank? please help..

    asked by sal
  30. math

    5 9/13 + 5 9/13

    asked by Anonymous
  31. History

    Hey everyone, I am doing research about Confucius and my teacher told me to use the internet to do my research. The only problem is I cannot find an answer to this question if someone could help me out the question is: Why was Confucius never able to

    asked by Howard
  32. SS Repost for FM 2000

    I deleted the original post because of an inappropriate screen name. Please choose another name for your posts. SS How is bartering different from paying money for a good or a service? Which is an example of serious problems that might be caused by

    asked by Ms. Sue
  33. Math

    What’s 65:4 x 5.005?

    asked by :p
  34. math

    When Lee was thrice as old as Kevin, his sister Kate was twenty seven. When Kevin was half as old as Kate, then brother Lee was thirty eight. Their ages add to one forty three. How old are Kevin, Kate, and Lee?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. History

    Which Texan leader was most in favor of annexation by the United States? A) Sam Houston*** B) William B. Travis C) Mirabeau Lamar D) George Childress

    asked by hi :O
  36. math

    At Camp Euclid there was a great playground. Five kids loved to play there - Lisa, Danny, Justin, Jacob, and Jamie. Their last names were Bland, Walker, and Horlick (there were two sets of siblings among the five). Each child had a favorite activity at the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Humanities

    What are contemporary works to the classical work of the Odyssey

    asked by JOE
  38. English

    Please help I’m not that good in ELA. 11.If you know that the Latin prefix e- means “out of,” what would be the meaning of emigrate in the following sentence mean? People might emigrate because they believe they will have a better life in another

    asked by Connexus
  39. science

    When would you choose a line graph to present data? When would you choose a bar graph?

    asked by donnie
  40. math

    Estimate each sum or difference use the benchmarks 0 1/2 and 1 13. 5/13 + 4/25 15. 70/85 + 32/51 17. 9/16 - 18/37 19. 4 2/9 + 6 13/27 21. 22 1/9 - 16 9/11 23. 76 6/23 - 45 1/5 25. 1 1/12 + 4 5/6

    asked by Naziyah
  41. Social Studies

    was the sedition act constitutional why or why not i have no idea

    asked by boy needs help
  42. Math

    A mathematics book has 360 pages, of which 50% are on ALgebra, 20% on Geometry and the remainder on Arithmetic. How many pages of arithmetic are there in the book?

    asked by Sparrow
  43. chemistry

    30 atmospheres of N2 react with 60 atmospheres H2 at 100 degrees C in a 10 liter volume. The reaction goes to completions. The resulting ammonia is than cooled to -35 degrees C, where it is stored as a liquid with a density of 700 kg/m3. What is the volume

    asked by avs
  44. math

    on friday from 5:00 to 11:00 the temperature changed an average of-1.25 each hour. what number represents the total change in temperature, in degrees farenheit, from 5:00 to 11:00?

    asked by Ashley
  45. Math

    A mathematics book has 360 pages, of which 50% are on ALgebra, 20% on Geometry and the remainder on Arithmetic. How many pages of arithmetic are there in the book? I'm seeing that the answer is 108 pages but I can't understand how to arrive at that answer.

    asked by Sparrow
  46. Social studies

    The discovery of a new oil field in North Dakota would most likely have which effect on the United States?

    asked by Plz help asap ty
  47. Social studies

    The Louisiana purchase most likely contributed to

    asked by Plz help asap ty
  48. Social Studies

    6: how did the constitution most likely encourage immigration? A: by guarenteeing individual rights and freedoms B:by opening the nation to unlimited immigration C:by enshrining the doctrine of Manifest Destiny D:by promising land to all new citizens

    asked by Plz help asap ty
  49. Social Studies

    What is the correct order of the social structure of ancient Egypt? Place the highest group at the top and the lowest group at the bottom. scribes pharaoh farmers merchants priests My answer: Pharaoh Priests Scribes Merchants Farmers Am I correct? TYSM

    asked by Anything But Anonymous
  50. World History

    Which option accurately describes the reason for Ferdinand Magellan’s exploration efforts? A. to be the first person to conquer the Incan Empire and establish Spanish colonies B. to be the first person to reach the Spice Islands by sailing west from

    asked by Anna
  51. math

    20k + 5n equals ?

    asked by FartMaster2000
  52. calc

    integrate (x-2) / (x+1)^2 +4 dx

    asked by tom
  53. Algebra

    Are all fractions nonzero numbers?

    asked by Levi A.
  54. stats

    using caloric intake as a dependent variable, and diet as independet variable, develop an estimated regression equation. For this question diet has 3 categories- vegan vegatrian and keto. So my prof said we r testing for multicolinearity or something.

    asked by Raye
  55. English

    Why does Ms. Gray get up early? 1. She gets up early to bake bread and cakes. 2. Because she has to bake bread and cakes. 3. To bake bread and cakes. 4. She has to bake bread and cakes. ======================== Are the answers all possible?

    asked by rfvv
  56. Physics

    Indigenous people sometimes cook in watertight baskets by placing hot rocks into water to bring it to a boil. What mass of 500ºC rock must be placed in 4.00 kg of 15.0ºC water to bring its temperature to 100ºC , if 0.0250 kg of water escapes as vapor

    asked by James
  57. English

    1. What type of organization does this comparison-and-contrast passage us? A Block B Point-by-point C Venn diagram D Chronological ---------------------------------------- Use the passage to answer the question. ---------------------------------------- 2.

    asked by Madison
  58. geometry

    the city council is planning a new city park on a triangular plot of land formed by three intersecting streets the designer placed the triangle on a grid to determine the side lengths and angle measures needed for the purchase and placement of a fence

    asked by Hien Kieu
  59. social studies

    Can anyone tell me a hero who was a woman or Native American or African American during battle of Lexington and Concord?

    asked by help meh
  60. maths

    A wheel revolves 1254 times in travelling a distance of 2kms 5 hectometers and 8 meters .find the circumference of the wheel .

    asked by kumar
  61. math

    find the product in simpliest form 10x3/5 my answer 15

    asked by hi
  62. Chemistry

    The AIDS drug stavudine (also known as d4T) is a weak base and a pKb of 9.8. What percentage of the base is protonated in an aqueous zalcitabine solution containing 565 mg L^-1? What are the steps to solving this problem?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. English

    1. The hamster gave birth to two babies. 2. The hamster bore two babies. 3. The hamster delivered two babies. ====================== Can we use all the sentences?

    asked by rfvv
  64. physics

    the earth is on average 150million km from the sun calculat its average speed in orbit

    asked by samuel
  65. math

    Kyle spent half of his weekly allowance playing arcade games. To earn more money his parents let him weed the garden for $6.55. What is Kyle’s weekly allowance if he ended with $11.01? Show all of your work. (1 pts) * a) $8.90 b) $8.91 c) $8.92 d) $8.93

    asked by teacher
  66. Math: Probability Distribution

    Problem description -------------------------------------- Marie distributes toys for toddlers. She makes visits to households and gives away one toy only on visits for which the door is answered and a toddler is in residence. On any visit, the probability

    asked by Fin
  67. Language Arts

    Identify a sentence that contains an action verb 1)She walked to the store with her best friend. 2) I am sometimes grumpy when I'm hungry. 3) They are heavier than they were before. 4) He is a major league baseball player.

    asked by Anonymus
  68. Math

    Suppose that we have three engines, which we turn on at time 0. Each engine will eventually fail, and we model each engine"s lifetime as exponentially distributed with parameter λ. The lifetimes of different engines are independent. One of the engines

    asked by Maths: Probability Distrubution
  69. world history

    the teachings of jesus became a religion in large part because spread his teachings and gathered followers paul carried Christian beliefs throughtout the roman empire and attacked many

    asked by dog
  70. Algebra Readiness

    A right triangle is shown below. a=6 b=8 c=? The triangle is dilated by a scale factor of 2.5 to create a new triangle. What is the perimeter of the new triangle? answs; 120,24,60 and 150 i keep getting different answers can someone help?

    asked by Rob
  71. Math

    23 less than Donnie's height is 73

    asked by Anonymous
  72. social studies

    Which result of the Industrial Revolution inspired the basic ideas of socialism? A. the existence of widespread poverty and famine in rural areas B. the rise of European imperialism in Africa and Asia C. factory workers' lack of rights and poor working

    asked by whahghhjfnjfn
  73. Social Studies

    I would really appreciate some help on this Rank and describe the social classes of either Sparta or Athens.

    asked by A.normal.tree
  74. Social Studies

    I really need help How did Greek scientists change the way people viewed and understood the natural world around them? How did common Greeks explain natural events prior to scientific explanations?

    asked by A.normal.tree
  75. social studies

    The creation of nation-states in _____ contributed to the spread of nationalism in Europe. A. France and Russia B. Italy and Austria C. France and the United States D. Russia and Italy E. the United States and Prussia

    asked by whahghhjfnjfn
  76. social studies

    Drag and drop the correct reasons for European expansion in Africa and India during the 1800s. Choices may be used once or not at all. Reasons for European Expansion into Africa and India During the 1800s A. to gain raw materials B. to learn about other

    asked by woohoo
  77. science

    How does a cation differ from an anion?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physic

    A space station that does not rotate cannot simulate gravity for its occupants. A)True B)False From within a rotating reference frame, the centrifugal force simulates gravity. A)True B)False On a rotating station, a person at the center of the station, in

    asked by Q
  79. Physic

    1.What is responsible for the __ g, we experience on the surface of the Earth? 2.Why do astronauts feel weightless in space shuttles? 3. Where in the body do we sense rotation?

    asked by Soul
  80. Math

    Check this PLEASE Wich makes the statement true 7^-2 49 1/49 14 *1/14*

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    Wich number is equivalent to 0.45 repeating 1/45 5/11 4/5 1/4

    asked by Anonymous