Questions Asked on
November 29, 2018

  1. world history

    What impact did the Silk Road have on Marco Polo’s expeditions to the Mongolian Empire? Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to reach Mongolia but the path was too treacherous and led to Polo’s death. Macro Polo used the Silk Road to reach the Mongolian

    asked by matthew
  2. science

    Examine the following equations. A. 23490Th→23491Pa+0−1e+γ B. 60∗27Co→6027Co+γ C. 23490Th→23088Ra+42He D. 146C→147N+0−1e Which equation or equations represent gamma decay? B C A and B A A and D D C and D Which describes the relationship of

    asked by Dianni
  3. math

    The rate of change is constant in the table. Find the rate of change. Explain what the rate of change means for the situation. The table shows the cost of a ski rental package for a given number of people.

    asked by drako
  4. chemistry

    List all the quantum number values for an orbital in the 5f subshell?

    asked by getj
  5. Journalism

    Oprah Winfrey is known for being an investigative journalist. A)true b)false. What does it mean for a source to be incredible?

    asked by Passion
  6. chemistry

    Consider the electronic configuration of an atom: A.what are the n, l and ml quantum numbers corresponding to the 3s orbital? B.List all the possible quantum numbers values for an orbital in the 5f subshell?

    asked by masre
  7. pre-algebra

    Which statement is false? A. Every integer is a real number.**** B. The number zero is a rational number. C. Every irrational number is a real number. D. Every real number is a rational number.

    asked by BleakTuber
  8. Math

    Professor's Salaries the average salary for a Queens College full professor is $85,900. If the average salaries are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $11,000, find these probabilities

    asked by Natsu
  9. algebra

    The scale on a map is 1 cm : 4 km. If two cities are 16 cm apart on the map, what is the actual distance between the cities?

    asked by joenae
  10. social studies

    What is the principle of the U.S. Constitution that gives the people the right to establish their own government? A. separation of powers B. judicial review C. checks and balances D. popular sovereignty***** Why did members of the Third Estate form the

    asked by I'm not funny.....
  11. Math

    When you write a repeating decimal, how do you decide where to draw the bar?

    asked by Chloe
  12. science

    Which kind of nuclear decay does not alter the identity of the atom? fission beta alpha gamma

    asked by Dianni
  13. Math

    An expression for the calculation triple the product of 5 and 4

    asked by Willie
  14. math

    The width of a DNA molecule is about 2.5 nanometers. A nanometer is 0.000000001 meter. What is the width of a DNA molecule in scientific notation

    asked by Roman
  15. Chemistry

    How many molecules are present in 1.5 moles of NaCl?

    asked by bobbie
  16. history

    Which is the most important lesson that can be learned from the Persian Wars? A. That Athens alone could have beaten Persia. B. That Persia was too powerful to ever defeat. C. That the Greek city-states should stay independent at all times. D. That a

    asked by melanie
  17. science

    Some dairy farmers want to increase the amount of milk produced by their cows. How can the farmers use selective breeding to increase milk production? By limiting the number of offspring per cow By allowing the cows to select their mates By breeding cows

    asked by lilkakes
  18. Math

    Check my answers please:) 1. Solve, round to nearest tenth if needed. 7r - 7 = 2r + 18 A. r = -5 B. r = 5 *** C. r = 2.2 D. r = 1.2 2. Solve, round to nearest tenth if needed. 2x + 12 = 18 - x A. x = 3 B. x = 10 C. x = 6 D. x = 2 *** 3. Solve, round to

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  19. math

    Melissa is making clothes for her dolls. She has 7/8 yard of fabric. Each doll shirt requires 2/7 of a yard of fabric. How many shirts can she make for her dolls?

    asked by #Probably
  20. science

    Some dairy farmers want to increase the amount of milk produced by their cows. How can the farmers use selective breeding to increase milk production? By limiting the number of offspring per cow By allowing the cows to select their mates By breeding cows

    asked by lilkakes
  21. History

    Which of the following were basic principles of the Know-Nothing Party? A. anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic B. less federal government regulation, no abolition C. support women's rights, prison reform D. spread the Second Great Awakening, encourage

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    Suppose the length and the width of the sandbox are doubled. a. Find the percent of change in the perimeter. The percent of change in the perimeter is a % increase. b. Find the percent of change in the area. The percent of change in the area is a %

    asked by uhh
  23. Math

    Describe a situation that matches the equation. 34 = g + 25 Jack has 25 marbles. Mary gives him 34 marbles. How many marbles does Jack have? A person bikes 34 miles on Monday and 25 miles on Tuesday. How many miles total did the person bike? The

    asked by kid
  24. math

    Give an algebraic expression for the following: 𝑠in(arctan 𝑥) Thank you!!

    asked by Jessica
  25. Educational Technology

    Which keyboard shortcut can you use to copy data from a cell? A. Ctrl+C; Command+C B.Ctrl+X; Command+X C.Ctrl+V; Command+V D. Esc key

    asked by DavidEx
  26. Art

    (Look up "nipah seed" and click on the image with a bright background full of leaves low on the ground) With this image the artist utilized the theory of proportion by: A. Keeping the objects in the background and the foreground all the same size B. Making

    asked by Ace
  27. english 9th

    For numbers 1-2, choose the answer that best completes the sentence. The essayist James McBride is an expert on _______ A. rap and hip-hop music.** B. the Beat poets. C. the roots of reggae and hip-hop music. D. the history of black-white relations.

    asked by yeeeeet
  28. math

    Question 1 of 5 Multiple Choice The rate of change is constant in the table. Find the rate of change. Explain what the rate of change means for the situation. The table shows the cost of a ski rental package for a given number of people.

    asked by yeeeeet
  29. Social Studies

    What is the main job of the U.S executive branch? A.) To enforce laws B.) To interpret laws C.) To repeal laws** D.) To make laws Can someone check this for me?

    asked by Anon
  30. history

    someone PLZ HELP ME! Why did the ancient Greeks use conquest, colonization, and trade? A. to build a strong and unified empire B. to stay isolated from other empires C. to establish a uniform currency D. to get the resources they needed to survive is it d

    asked by melanie
  31. Math

    A pizza shop charges $2.00 for a slice that is one-eighth of a pizza and $3.00 for a slice that is one-fourth of a pizza. One day the pizza shop makes 6 pizzas. How much more money will they make if they slice all the pizzas into eighths than if they slice

    asked by Natalie
  32. Social Studies

    Select the correct descriptions in the table. Descriptions may be used more than once. 1. fought Poland and the Ottoman empire to gain land in Eastern Europe-peter the great or Catherine the Great 2. fought Sweden to gain access to the Baltic-peter the

    asked by Queen
  33. algebra

    what is the slope of the line that passes through (-4,7) and (3,5)?

    asked by ginger
  34. statistics

    4. If the independent variable x = 0, then y’ = bo, the y-intercept. A) True B) False true??

    asked by Hayley
  35. statistics

    5. The regression line can be used to predict the value of the independent variable (x). A) True B) False true??

    asked by Hayley
  36. History

    What happened to the settlement on Roanoke Island?

    asked by david
  37. Social Studies

    Could someone please check my answers??? Why did the use of African slaves increase in the Americas during the 1500s? A. Native Americans did not know how to harvest sugar cane. B. Portuguese colonists needed slaves to labor in their clothing factories. C.

    asked by I SUCK AT SCHOOL
  38. science

    What is the variable x in the following hydrate formula NaCl xH2O if the mass of sodium chloride is 58g and the mass of the water is 36g

    asked by zach
  39. math

    Ellen is playing a video game in which she captures butterflies. There are 5 butterflies onscreen, but the number of butterflies doubles every minute. After 4 minutes, she was able to capture 6 of the butterflies. Enter an expression for the number of

    asked by hellp me
  40. statistics

    7. The data represent the distribution of U.S. suicide rates per 100,000 of the population for men and women from 1995 – 2002. Table 4.28 Men (x) 19.8 19.3 18.7 18.6 17.6 17.5 17.6 17.9 Women (y) 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.3 a) Find the regression

    asked by Hayley
  41. English

    Which of the following would most likely be an entry in a topic outline?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. science

    what is the complex molecule of insulin ? when it is broken down the simple molecule is glycogen so is it glucose?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. maths

    A $25 000, 10% bond redeemable at par on December 1, 2025, is purchased on September 25, 2014, to yield 7.6% compounded semi-annually. Bond interest is payable semi-annually.

    asked by mm
  44. math

    two cars 270 mi. apart enter an interstate highway traveling towards one another. one car travels at 65 mph and the other at 55 mph. when will they meet

    asked by vicki
  45. Math

    campanypays twicethe hourly ratefor oll hours worked above 40 hours perweek ansha who gets 60 birr per an hour received gross salary of4200 how many hours did she work that week?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. mathemathics

    in certain country families with anet incame of over 18000 birr must pey an incame tax of 3000 birr plus 30% of the amount over 18000 birr what is the range of the net income of families who pay an income tax between 3483 birr &4050 birr?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. English

    what literary device is in ‘hollow ship,the toughest,strongesthands i had’

    asked by Mick
  48. math

    can someone help me like ASAP 1. 13x - 7 = 136 A. 11 B. 15******* C. 8 D. 9 Am I correct?

    asked by Melanie
  49. math

    im confused on this one someone plz help me 3x - 3 = 15 a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d.7

    asked by Faithlover121
  50. Math

    1.What number completes the table of equivalent ratios? A.62 X | Y B.64 18 | 24 C.{68}* 24 | 32 30 | 40 2.Which ratio is equivalent to 3:9? 48 | ? A. 24:54 B. 18:54 C. 36:81

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  51. Social Studies

    Jefferson’s Presidency help?

    asked by chic
  52. Math

    The cost of a 20-oz box of cereal is $4.29. A 12-oz box of the same cereal costs $3.59. Which box of cereal is a better buy? How do you know? Provide evidence to prove your choice is correct.

    asked by Bruh,Look At This Dude
  53. statistics

    1. If the linear correlation coefficient (r) is positive, the slope (b1) is negative. A) True B) False False?

    asked by Hayley
  54. statistics

    3. If r is close to 1 or -1, the regression line does not fit the points. A) True B) False True?

    asked by Hayley
  55. science

    Which of the following civilizations is known for having warriors that conquered surrounding lands? A. Olmec B. Aztec C. Maya D. Zapotec Previous Next 2 / 15 1 of 15 Answered Cuba, in contrast to other nations in the Caribbean, has which type of

    asked by HELPPPPPPP
  56. statistics

    4. If the independent variable x = 0, then y’ = bo, the y-intercept. true or false? true

    asked by Hayley
  57. Reading

    whats the main purpouse of the company bmw

    asked by anaonymous
  58. Physics-Conversion of Energy

    Can someone help me solve this problem with all of the steps? This is from an online homework assignment but it doesnt have anything like it in the practice example. It asks to NOT use Newton's Law. An object is on Earth with a mass of 10 kg at the top of

    asked by Light
  59. Science

    What has been the general trend in human population growth? A. The Human Population has decreased. B. The Human Population has remained constant. C. The Human Population has grown exponentially. D. The Human Population has increased and then decreased

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Order the numbers from least to greatest. 1/3, 1 and 1/4, 0.27, 1.35

    asked by Jeremy
  61. Math

    Which of the following fractions is also a repeating decimal A. 7/14 B. 3/12 C. 10/16 D. 5/15***

    asked by Ace
  62. Science

    What do the importance of water on earth?

    asked by Jamie
  63. Math

    Mrs.Miller is selling a house for $179,000. If she earns a commission of 6%, how much money does she earn? Please write a proportion.

    asked by Jake The angel👁👁
  64. social studies

    What means did Count Camillo Cavour use to unite Italy? A. His forces invaded areas in opposition. B. He threw the pope out of Rome. C. He called for a popular vote.**** D. He took away the power of Venezia. What right did citizens in Britain have that

    asked by heyyyyyyyyyyy
  65. Social Studies

    What development helped speed up manufacturing of products such as automobiles? A. the growth of labor unions B. the telegraph C. the assembly line D. the Bessemer process

    asked by HoiPeoples
  66. Math

    In a parking lot, for every 8 cars there are 7 trucks. What is the ratio of cars to trucks?

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  67. Social studies

    What was an obstacle to reducing epidemic diseases in cities? A. overcrowded neighborhoods B. food shortages C. dangerous factory conditions**** D. the germ theory of disease If a meatpacking company wanted to practice vertical integration, what would it

    asked by what the whatt??
  68. Science

    Explain in detail what causes tides and give one reason why it is important for humans to monitor tides? My answer: People need to watch the tides because they might be an mini tsunami! Who knows? It is highly important to watch it, especially in high

    asked by Anything But Anonymous
  69. Math

    My question simply has to do with how to go about solving this: Jay has written 24 songs to date. He writes an average of 24 songs to date. He writes an average of 6 songs per year. Jenna started writing songs this year and expects to write about 6 songs

    asked by Bibble
  70. Math

    A survey asked a group of students to list their eye color. The results of the survey are shown in the graph. Based on the graph, how many more students in a class of 300 students would be expected to have green eyes than blue eyes? A) 10 B) 20 C) 50 D) 90

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  71. ss

    Which is the most likely way in which anti-poverty nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) like Oxfam could help South America to address political challenges? A. Poor people helped by Oxfam might fight corruption. B. Poor people helped by Oxfam might support

    asked by tim
  72. Texas History

    Which group most benefited from new settlement in South Texas in the 1840s and 1850s? a) Anglos b) Tejano Patrons c) Enslaved African Americans d) German Immigrants

    asked by FoodIsGreat
  73. Math

    Allan lives 6,000 feet from the high school, and Ashley lives 2,000 meters from the same high school. Make a ballpark comparison between the measurements to determine which statement is TRUE? [1 meter = 3.3 feet]

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  74. science

    ________digestion occurs in small intestine through the action of enzymes. PlZ help ASAP

    asked by sarah
  75. history

    Which of the following describes life in Sparta for children? A. Young boys got a well-rounded education. B. Young boys were taught to obey orders. C. Girls stayed in the home with their moms. D. Boys were expected to participate in government. is it b plz

    asked by melanie
  76. Social Studies

    What are some weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation that cause the need for a new and stronger federal government that the framers outlined in the Constitution? (Select all that apply) A-*how to resolve disputes between states over land*

    asked by wooo
  77. history

    How did geography affect the development of independent city-states? Select all that apply. A. The mountains isolated the city-states. B. The sea separated the city-states. C. The coastal areas were not fertile. D. The plains were barriers. E. The climate

    asked by melanie
  78. Math-precalc

    Compute or solve the following in radians without a calculator a. csc x=2, pi/2 ≤ x ≤ pi b. cot x= -1 , 3pi/2 ≤ x ≤ 2pi Thanks!

    asked by John
  79. Math

    How do I find the angle between lateral edges of a regular triangular pyramid if the edge is 60m and the height is 18m? Please help!

    asked by Matthew
  80. Math

    What angles do lateral faces make with the base plane of a rectangular pyramid with base edges of 10 m and 16 m and with lateral edges of 18 m each? Please help!

    asked by Matthew
  81. chemistry

    Give the sublevel notation for each of the following sets of quantum number? A.n=3, l=2 B.n=4, l=1 C.n=2, l=0

    asked by masre
  82. Math

    Find the distance from the point to a. the origin​​b. the z-axis. I’d be very glad if you could help me

    asked by Sophia
  83. Math

    Eryn and seven of her friends go out to lunch. The total bill comes to $143.35. They decide to leave a 15% tip. Each person will contribute an equal amount to the total tip. Estimate what each person should contribute. I think its $2.70

    asked by School is Boring ...
  84. Math

    Find x so that the distance from (x,-4,2) to the origin is 6 units.

    asked by Sophia
  85. Math

    Given A = (7, 1, 3), C = (4, -2, 3), B = (5, 1, 2), and D = (6, m, n), find m and n so that segments BD and AC have the same midpoint. Is ABCD a parallelogram? Explain. Please help! I’d be very thankful

    asked by Sophia
  86. Math

    A cone has base area of 17pi m2 and volume of 34pi m3. Find the angle between slant height and the base plane.

    asked by Matthew
  87. Math

    A cone is inscribed in a sphere of diameter 32 cm. Angle between height and slant height of the cone is 30. Find the volume of the cone.

    asked by Matthew
  88. Math

    Order the set of number from least to greatest 11/20 1/2 0.51 1/2 0.51 11/20 Am I correct?

    asked by Anything But Anonymous 👀
  89. Math

    A cone with base diameter of 60m and height of 45m is given. For the volume calculation purposes of the cone, it is approximated via an inscribed regular decagonal pyramid (number of base edges is ten). Find the percent error of this volume

    asked by Sophia
  90. history

    I'M confused can someone please explain this to me and help me figure out the answer? How did Greek scientists change the way people viewed and understood the natural world around them? How did common Greeks explain natural events prior to scientific

    asked by melanie
  91. Chemstry

    Which of the quantum numbers relates to the electron only? Which relate (s) to the orbital?

    asked by shife
  92. Math

    Bob is driving along a straight and level road towards a mountain. At some point, he measures the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain and finds it to be 22.5 degrees. He then drives 1 mile (5280 ft) and measures the angle of elevation to be 34.4

    asked by John
  93. Algebra

    Find the final balance of an account with 820 dollars and annual 4% interest for 3 years $29.10 $98.40 $852.80 $918.40********* Is it right?

    asked by pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. English

    How does the author portray the issue in the work The Necklace? Just need a good website to help me. I am terrible at trying to find good websites.

    asked by Zimny_YoonSanha
  95. Math

    Given A = (7, 1, 3), C = (4, -2, 3), B = (5, 1, 2), and D = (6, m, n), find m and n so that segments BD and AC have the same midpoint. Is ABCD a parallelogram? Please help!

    asked by Ken
  96. Math

    A cone is inscribed in a sphere of diameter 32 cm. Angle between height and slant height of the cone is 30. Find the volume of the cone

    asked by Ken
  97. math

    21 miles/49 hours = 15 miles/h hours a.35 b.2.5 c.4.2 d.6.0

    asked by Jackson
  98. English

    Okay sorry but I need help one last time. The final part of your paper will be about the modern perception of and biblical perspective on the issue. You will probably want more sources for this part, maybe 4 or more. These are going to be more modern

    asked by Zimny_YoonSanha
  99. Career

    Please check answers. Thank you. 1. What is possible to know before you commit your self to begin your career in a specific location? A. If you will enjoy living in that city.** B. How many people will have the same occupation C. How high the cost of

    asked by Jam
  100. Spanish

    Which city in southern Mexico do tourists often visit on vacation? (1 point) A.) Mexico City *** B.) Acapulco C.) Monterrey Checking my answer would really help. Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    If you're looking at a set of data, how can you tell whether a linear or exponential line of best fit would be most appropriate for the data?

    asked by Carly
  102. math

    How can you tell if a function is quadratic? Just if the highest power is 2? Are there any other ways?

    asked by Carly
  103. ALGEBRA


    asked by HAYDEN
  104. Social studies

    Geography had important effect’s on Native American culture’s compare and contrast the way geography was reflected in the lives of the Puebloan and the powwhatan

    asked by Rara
  105. social studies

    A movement called_________________ questioned the rule of kings and proposed that people had basic rights. Many people in the Spanish empire did not enjoy these rights. As a result, people in Middle America sought ______________ words:the Agricultural

    asked by bananamouse
  106. scientific notation

    (5.1 times 10^3) times (3.2 times 10^3) 16.32 times 10 ^9 16.32 times 10^6 1.632 times 10^10 1.632 times 10^7 I think Its 1.632 times 10^10 but i don't know PLEASE CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by uuuuu
  107. Health and Physical Education

    A sense of patriotism is an example of {select all that apply} A. love B. fear C. primary emotion D. learned emotion I don't know which ones to choose. Can anyone help please?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  108. Chemistry

    if you add 13.75 mL of 1.35M HCl to 22.80 mL of .955 M Ca(OH)2, will you neutralize all the Ca(OH)2?

    asked by Myah
  109. Math-Probability Distrubution

    Marie distributes toys for toddlers. She makes visits to households and gives away one toy only on visits for which the door is answered and a toddler is in residence. On any visit, the probability of the door being answered is 3/4, and the probability

    asked by Sowvid
  110. Math

    Does increase in math mean multiply

    asked by Anonymous
  111. History

    On November 12, 1815, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, spokesperson for the rights of women, was born in Johnstown, New York. Stanton formulated the philosophical basis of the woman suffrage movement, blazing a trail many feared to follow. Stanton's verbal

    asked by Anonymous
  112. biology

    During an experiment, a scientist observed prokaryotes that lived near the volcanic vents deep in the ocean. The scientist most likely observed a. photoautotrophs b. chemoautotrophs c. heterotrophs **** d. photoheterotrophs

    asked by Anonymous
  113. business

    The B Company has a policy of requiring a rate of return on investment of 16%. Two investment alternatives are available but the company may choose only one. Alternative 1 offers a return of $50 000 after 4 years, $40 000 after 7 years, and $30 000 after

    asked by mm
  114. English

    Which of these sentences contains an error in verb usage? A. Tim likes to watch the sun rise. B. I rose my hand in class for the first time. C. In the summer, I like to lie in a hammock. (I picked this) D. Martha told her friend to lay artwork on the

    asked by ItsBeeboBaby
  115. Math

    Is the square root of two over 8 rational or *irrational

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Probability

    Marie distributes toys for toddlers. She makes visits to households and gives away one toy only on visits for which the door is answered and a toddler is in residence. On any visit, the probability of the door being answered is 3/4, and the probability

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Probability

    Let Sn be the number of successes in n independent Bernoulli trials, where the probability of success at each trial is 1/3. Provide a numerical value, to a precision of 3 decimal places, for each of the following limits. You may want to refer to the

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Math

    Write an algebraic expression for this: two points fewer than 3 times the number of points scored before

    asked by Anonymous 🍕
  119. Math

    Express 5/8 as a decimal. Will it be 0.375?

    asked by 🍕
  120. Math

    in a certain city the temperature (in degrees fahrenheit) to hours after 9am was modeled by T(t)=50+14Sin((pi(t))/12. Find the highest temperature during the period from 9AM to 9PM. Indicate units

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Math

    You are helping to prepare food for a large family gathering. You can slice two zucchinis per minute. You need 30 sliced zucchinis. How long will it take you to finish, if you have already sliced 12 zucchinis?

    asked by Anonymous 🍕
  122. History!

    A friend of yours who wants to be a teacher and is interning with a government class right now has been invited to share an activity with the class that illustrates the concept and reasoning behind separation of powers (involving the prevention of passion,

    asked by
  123. Probability - 2

    Suppose that we have three engines, which we turn on at time 0. Each engine will eventually fail, and we model each engine"s lifetime as exponentially distributed with parameter λ. The lifetimes of different engines are independent. One of the engines

    asked by Noonan
  124. Math

    Can you check me answers 6 eggs in 7 days=8222 122 patients in 4 weeks=305 $8.43 for 3 pounds =281 25 letters in 4 days=.625 2 pay raises in 3 years=.66 repeated 15 pounds in 6 weeks=25 8 glasses every 24 hours=.33

    asked by Kaitlyn
  125. Social studies

    Which is the most likely way in which antipoverity nongovernmental organizations ngos like oxfam could help south america to address political challenges. A.poor people helped by oxfam might fight curroption***** b. Poor people helped by oxfam might

    asked by Idkm8
  126. Geography

    For which of the following is the great pharaoh Ramses II known? Drag and drop the accomplishments to the box. Words may be used once or not at all. A)built monuments B)wrote famous literature C)was female pharaoh D)fought in many battles and acquired

    asked by Anything but Anonymous
  127. Math

    Can someone please check my answers? I am terrible at math thanks so much Which is the best buy? A) 16 ounces of hand soap for $2.40 B) 20 ounces of hand soap for $2.80**** C) 24 ounces of hand soap for $3.00 D) 12 ounces of hand soap for $2.00 What is the

    asked by I can't do it anymore
  128. Math

    What is the quotient of 1998 divided by 7?

    asked by Mima
  129. Stats

    using caloric intake as a dependent variable, and diet as independet variable, develop an estimated regression equation. For this question diet has 3 categories- vegan vegatrian and keto. So my prof said we r testing for multicolinearity or something. I am

    asked by Raye
  130. Math

    Can someone please check my answers? I am terrible at math thanks so much 1.) Which is the best buy? A) 16 ounces of hand soap for $2.40 B) 20 ounces of hand soap for $2.80**** C) 24 ounces of hand soap for $3.00 D) 12 ounces of hand soap for $2.00 2.)

    asked by I can't do it anymore
  131. Math

    Estimate each product

    asked by Joe
  132. Trigonometry

    The height of building AB is 100 feet. The height of building CD is 50 feet. The buildings are on opposite sides of an avenue that is 90 feet wide. From a point E on the avenue, the measure of the angle of elevation to B is 55º. Determine the distance

    asked by Quinn
  133. statistics

    6. Use Table 4.24 to answer the questions below. Table 4.24 x 2 4 6 6 10 y 3 5 6 11 9 a) Find the regression line equation. 4.72+7.81x b) Draw a scatter plot for the data. Graph the regression line on the same graph paper as the scatter plot. Do you think

    asked by Hayley
  134. statistics

    8. The number of murders and rapes from 1981—1987 in Cambridge, MA, U.S. is given. Table 4.29 Murder (x) 3 4 7 6 0 4 2 Rape (y) 28 30 37 31 27 31 36 a) Find the regression line equation. 32.4+4.7murder b) Compute the linear correlation coefficient 7.8 c)

    asked by Hayley
  135. statistics

    9. The regression line below gives the relationship between quiz grades and test grades. TG = 40.448 + 5.175QG where TG = test grade and QG = quiz grade. The linear correlation coefficient r = 0.63830. The test mean was 68 and the quiz grades range between

    asked by Hayley
  136. History

    What was John James Audubon famous for? A. painting and cataloguing American animals, especially birds B. painting the new living conditions in urbanized areas C. representing new immigrants through drawings and paintings D. surveying and creating maps of

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  137. statistics

    10. Table 4.31 gives the relationship between the total number of firearms (TFA) and the number of aggravated assaults with firearms (AWF) in 4 US states and the District of Columbia in 2010. Table 4.31 DC TN DE SC GA TFA 2268 13132 1701 8137 11728 AWF 606

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  138. History

    A map shows the locations of mill towns east of the Mississippi river. There are two mill towns marked in Massachusetts, and one marked in each of the following states: New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois,

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  139. Math

    Solve sin θ = 0.95 for -90º ≤ θ ≤ 90º. Round to the nearest tenth.

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  140. math

    An airplane travels 226 miles in 2 hours. At that rate, how far will the airplane travel in 8 hours? A.56.5 miles B.904 miles C.1,356 miles D1,808 miles***

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  141. Math

    567,291 write a number that has the digit 2 with a value that is 10 times more than it is worth in Danny's number

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  142. History

    Which of the following is not part of the theory of evolution? A. Organisms tend to produce more offspring than can survive to reproductive age. B. Organisms can acquire changes during their lifetime that can help their species survive. C. Organisms that

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  143. History

    When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence to support the idea? A. observations of nature B. laboratory experiments C. extensive fossil collections D. genetic sequences

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  144. social studies

    can anyone give me a where question on battle of Lexington and concord?

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