Questions Asked on
November 26, 2018

  1. Math

    7 m/s on a bearing of 30° and 2 m/s from a bearing of 343°. How would you find the direction and magnitude using both Sine and Cosine Law? I know how to answer this question using Components....

    asked by Yes
  2. S.S

    What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas? A. to end a war between Spain and Portugal B. to give Portugal control over the Spice Islands C. to divide the non-European world between Spain and Portugal D. to create a trade agreement between

    asked by Who Dis
  3. science/biology

    Read the scenario. A graduate student is running a PCR reaction to study DNA extracted from an Egyptian mummy. The reaction does not seem to be working, so he checks his notes to see what he added to the reaction mix. He find the following list: mummy DNA,

    asked by Kiara
  4. Social Studies

    Can somebody check my answer ? :) Q: What was the Roman empire's views on Christianity at various points in its history? What caused them to change over time? My A: I think the Roman Empire thought of Christianity as a threat to their religion. In the

    asked by yeetyboi
  5. probability

    For each exam, Ariadne studies with probability 1/2 and does not study with probability 1/2, independently of any other exams. On any exam for which she has not studied, she still has a 0.20 probability of passing, independently of whatever happens on

    asked by Brian
  6. math

    find the equation of a straight line which is equidistant from the points(2,3) and (6,1) expressing it in the form ax+by=c where a,b and c are constants.

    asked by Austin
  7. Social Studies

    Which of the following events is an example of arbitration? A.NATO passes a resolution against Iran B. The U.S. sets up a meeting between Taiwan and China C. After hearing both sides, the United Nations decides to end the Russian occupation of Crimea D.

    asked by HEELLLPPP MMEEE
  8. Social Studies

    How was Athenian direct democracy different than American representative democracy? Select all that apply. A. Athenian direct democracy allowed all women to participate and American representative democracy does not.***** B. Athenian direct democracy

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  9. social studies

    which of the following best describes life in Sparta for children?

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  10. maths

    a and b have equal amount of liquid. 120ml is poured from a to b. container b now contains 4 times as much liquid as much is in a

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by ABDUL ROSHEED
  12. Calculus

    Find the limit of the function algebraically. lim x approaches 0 (-7+x)/x^2

    asked by Claire
  13. Math

    The following is an AP 9, x,y,z,25 (a) find the values of x, y, z (b) find the 60th term (c) find next three term after 25

    asked by Chioma
  14. math

    Adam drafts his favorite tractor trailer on a scale drawing. The drawing scale is 3 inches for each foot. If the drawing is 20 inches long, how long is the actual tractor trailer?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Social Studies

    I need help ASAP! 1. In what order does a dynasty gain and lose power in the Mandate of Heaven? 2.Chinese settlement was restricted to the west by which natural barrier? A. the Pacific Ocean B.the Gobi Desert C.the Huang River D.the Himalaya Mountains 3.

    asked by Nikki
  16. Social Studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. A potlatch can best be described as a

    asked by Good Fouuu meett
  17. Math

    The average precipitation for Houston is 1.5 times the average for Detroit. Find the average precipitation for Detroit. City | Precipitation ——|——————— Detroit | ____

    asked by Anonymous ❕
  18. Social Studies

    Which of the following best describes the purpose of government? A. to make trade deals with other countries maintain law and order in a country C. to ensure everyone has a job D. to determine the boundaries between countries

    asked by Bella
  19. history

    how did the Japanese Imperial court system of appointing government officials lead to rise of the Fujiwara family?

    asked by holalalala
  20. history

    Describe Feudal Japanese society. What were the roles of peasants, shoguns, samurai, and daimyo ?? help!!!

    asked by dorarararrarar
  21. English

    1. With his help, her cow gave birth to a cute baby. 2. Because of his help, her cow gave birth to a cute baby. 3. _______ his help, her cow gave birth to a cute baby. [What is the meaning of 'with' in sentence 1? Does #1 mean #2? If not, what is suitable

    asked by rfvv
  22. math

    A 25% vinegar solution is combined with triple the amount of a 45% vinegar solution and a 5% vinegar solution resulting in 20 milliliters of a 30% vinegar solution. Write an equation that models this situation and explain what each part represents in the

    asked by Bob
  23. probability

    When you enter your bank, you find that there are only two tellers, both busy serving other customers, and that there are no other customers in line. Assume that the service times for you and for each of the customers being served are independent

    asked by Brian
  24. Math

    Angela is buying a dress that is on sale for 20% off. If the original price of the dress is $40.00, how much money is Angela saving on the dress? A. $0.80 B. $8.00 C. $3.20 D. $32.00 Can you help me?

    asked by Anything but anonymous
  25. social studies

    The Kushites invented which kind of writing? A. hieroglyphs B. Meroitic script C. cursive D. cuneiform

    asked by Ms.Sue
  26. History

    A painting shows the town of Lowell as seen from a small hill. The town is built on level ground next to a river, behind a row of factory buildings that line the river. The area outside the town is green, with grass and bushes. Use the image to answer the

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    explain why the slope of a horizontal line is always zero

    asked by joe
  28. s.s

    how did William Travis actions contribute to the beginning of the Texas Revolution? a.travis led attacks on San Antonio to instigate Mexican troops to start a war. *** b.travis led attacks on Mexican officials at Anahuac to get Texas to rebel against

    asked by .
  29. Science

    What does a cladogram show? A. comparison of the relative ages of organisms B. evolutionary relationships between organisms C. comparison of species that are most similar D. ecological relationships between organisms

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Social Studies

    Part 1 • Christianity vs. Islam in Feudal Europe • Catholics vs. Protestants in Renaissance and Reformation • Christianity vs. Native American religions in Global Convergence "I chose Christianity vs Islam in Feudal Europe 1. Select a Topic Based on

    asked by Who Dis
  31. chemistry

    How much heat is gained (in Joules) by the water where a chemical reaction takes place in 100 mL aqueous solution and has a temperature increase of 10 C?

    asked by trin
  32. Math

    An executive of trident communications recently traveled to london, paris, and rome. He paid 180$, 230$, and 160$ per night for lodging in london, paris, and rome, respectively, and his hotel bills totaled 2660$. He spent 110$, 120$, and 90$ per day for

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    mr. and mrs. garcia have a total of 100000$ to be invested in stocks, bonds, and a money market account. the stocks have a rate of return of 12% per year, while the bonds and the money market account pays 8% per year and 4% per year, respectively. the

    asked by Anonymous
  34. chemistry

    what is the characteristic wavelength of an electron (in nm) that has a velocity of 5.97 X 10^6 ms^-1 (me=9.11 X 10^-31kg)?

    asked by justin
  35. MAth

    which inequality matches the graph a. 2n + 5 ≤ 7n b. 2n – 5 < 7 c. 2n + 5 < 7 d .2n + 5 ≥ 7

    asked by Shoota
  36. calculus

    how do I integrate ((x^2)-(2/(1+x^4))dx

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    water flows from at 27 cubic centimeter per second, into a rectangular container of length 60cm, breadth 30cm and height 40 cm. if a 6:00pm the container was half full will be the height of water is at 6:04 pm?

    asked by Kd
  38. math

    This is a discussion on Connections Academy Algebra Readiness; Lesson 10 Unit 3. Student A believes the square root of 2 over 8 is a rational number because it can be written as a fraction. Student B believes that the square root of 2 over 8 is an

    asked by anon
  39. history

    the Father of Our Country, George Washington. What if, instead of stepping down from command of the Continental Army in 1783, he had remained in command, a respected man with an army ready to die for him? Speculate how the country might have been different

    asked by lilkakes
  40. world studies

    Which is not a cause of air pollution? A.)burning of fossil fuels in manufacturing plants B.)industrial wastes dumped into rivers C.)burning of waste or trash by local governments D.)exhaust from cars, trucks, and oil tankers Help please I don´t

    asked by kid
  41. science

    Why Do Some Objects,Such As Door's, And Window's,get bigger and smaller?

    asked by Lesly
  42. English

    I have to write a 2 page essay on a court case in a movie. I have a few questions because I don't understand what my professor wants when she says this: -Evaluate the quality of information. Does that mean I have to write about whether the details in the

    asked by CommunityCollegeGirl
  43. world studies

    Which is a way that people are trying to find a balance between the need for resources and the need to protect the environment? To save more trees, people are using plastics for construction. Fishers are limiting their catch of endangered fish. Farmers are

    asked by kid
  44. math

    i was wondering what kind of skip counting am i doing it says 1,3,9,27 what comes next

    asked by david booker and kamyla ruff
  45. Science

    **Which of the following images shows a living organism interacting with a biotic factor in its environment? Incorrect answer A. Correct answer B. Incorrect answer C. Incorrect answer D. **Which of the following shows the correct order from smallest to

    asked by Wiz
  46. Math

    I need help with number 19-21 I don't get it. 19. Workpad Note: In questions 19-21, remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work.

    asked by Sorry no one here
  47. Math

    Lucy is making a model of a building by using mold, which is in a shape of rectangular prism and open on one side. It has a length of 18 centimeters, a height of 42 centimeters, and a constant thickness on all sides. The model she constructed has a volume

    asked by Kelly Raeside
  48. math

    An architect is planning a building in the shape of a rectangular prism. The length of the building is 20 feet more than its width and the height is 10 feet more than twice its width The inside volume of the building is 2,000,000 cubic feet. A model of the

    asked by Kyle Raeside
  49. History

    The civil service strengthened the Han empire because officials were not allowed to service in their home districts. Why was this? A. they needed to understand different parts of the empire to do their jobs successfully B. They could not then organize with

    asked by Please help me.
  50. math

    A cone-shaped lamp has an inner volume of 48π cubic centimeters and a height 1 centimeter more than twice its radius r. What are the possible values of the r? Which is a reasonable value?

    asked by Kyle Raeside
  51. spanish

    What is the correct way to say "she runs to maintain her health" in spanish A. Ella correr para mantener la salud B. Ella corren para mantiene la salud C. Ella corre para mantiene la salud **** D. Ella corre para mantener la salud How many active volcanoes

    asked by kelseypooh
  52. History

    Dix also joined a growing movement to improve conditions in prisons. Men, women, and children were often crammed together in cold, damp rooms. When food supplies were low, prisoners went hungry—unless they had money to buy meals from jailers. Five out of

    asked by Anonymous
  53. History

    The Reform Movement The ideals of liberty and equality in the Declaration of Independence inspire people to try to improve society During the Jacksonian era, more people can vote than ever before Critics say slavery and other injustices violate democratic

    asked by Anonymous
  54. History

    What did the Second Great Awakening and the abolition movement have in common? A. Both relied on new technologies. B. Both relied on religious belief. C. Both relied on cash crops. D. Both relied on new immigrants.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Photography

    In portrait mode, you camera will automatically use the smallest aperture possible. a. true *** b. false

    asked by Anonymous
  56. ELA

    The following paragraph have 5 misspelled homophones. Find them and correct them. It was my birthday, and I was expecting a lot of presence. Several of my friends past by my house, but no one came in. "There not mad at me, are they?" I wondered. "I'm

    asked by anonymous
  57. math

    which of the following are compound inequalities? A. x>4 or x< -4 B. x>6 C. 8

    asked by Elizabeth
  58. ART

    1. Shallow depth of field means that what part of the photo will be in focus? a. Only a small portion that you choose b. Only items in the foreground ***** c. Most of the image will, a few parts not in focus d. All of the image will be in focus

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    I am having trouble with this story problem. Lucy is making a model of a building by using mold, which is in a shape of rectangular prism and open on one side. It has a length of 18 centimeters, a height of 42 centimeters, and a constant thickness on all

    asked by Kyle Raeside
  60. Math

    Where do the parentheses go 2.5+5x6-2

    asked by Yelena
  61. Math

    A bag of jellybeans weighs 2 1/4 pounds. 1/5 of the jellybeans in the bag are black. How much do the black jellybeans weigh? (SHOW ALL WORK)

    asked by Reyna Aureolus
  62. Health

    Dear tutors, I have an few more questions that need answering. If you could, may you answer them. What is the best definition of friendship? A) A long-term connection with another person B) A special relationship between people who enjoy being together C)

    asked by Anything but anonymous
  63. History

    Plz Check My Answers 1. Which group most benefited from new settlement in South Texas during the 1840s and 1850s? A. Anglos B. Tejano patrons C. Enslaves African Americans D. German immigrants *(My answer is A)* 2. What was the U.S. Army's solution to the

    asked by 🥞🥛💖
  64. TX State History

    In the Texas revolution, why was the capture of Goliad significant? A - It provided the Texans with valuable supplies and a strategic stronghold B - It demonstrated the ruthlessness of the Mexican forces C - It caused the Mexican government to grant Texas

    asked by Jenda
  65. math

    2(y + 1) for y=2 its lesson 14 math 7a unit 5

    asked by muddled
  66. Math

    1. Write a word phrase for each algebraic expression. 4/n 2. You can write " twelve less than a number " as n - 12, but not as 12 - n. Explain why?

    asked by Anonymous1
  67. Math

    1. Find the solution of each equation from the given numbers. Y/9 = 32; 261, 279, or 288 2. A bowling bowl has a mass of 5.54 kg. A bowling pin has a mass of 1.58 kg. About how many pins are equal in mass to one ball. 3. An elevator has a maximum lift of

    asked by Anonymous1
  68. Math

    Is 3 + ( x * y ) = ( 3 + x ) * ( 3 + y ) a true statement?

    asked by GGDarkNebula
  69. Math

    A bowling ball has a mass of 5.54 kg. A bowling pin has a mass of 1.58 kg. About how many pins are equal in mass to one ball?

    asked by Anonymous ❕
  70. Math

    An elevator has a maximum lift of 2,000 lb. You are moving 55-lb boxes of books. Write an equation and estimate how many boxes you can safely place on the elevator.

    asked by Anonymous ❕
  71. Math

    Equations can be true or false. Can expression like 2a + 7 be true or false?

    asked by Anonymous ❕
  72. math

    The height of an object moving up and down is described by y=72+40cos18t (in degree mode). To at least three decimal places, confirm that the average speed of the object is 2/pi times its greatest speed.

    asked by maath
  73. Math

    If we start with 10 choices, have 5 decisions to make/positions to fill, and repetition isn’t allowed, how many combinations can be made?

    asked by anonymous
  74. math

    how can you write 8+8+8+=24 in multiplication way.

    asked by Valentina
  75. History Help!!

    Which of the following is an example of a biased statement about Texas? A) Six percent of Texas' population is made up of undocumented immigrants. B) Immigrants are the main cause of crime in Texas.*** C) Texas has the third-highest Hispanic population in

    asked by hi :O
  76. Social Studies

    Which of the following might a limited government be more likely to do than an unlimited government? A. build and maintain public roads B. protect citizens from attack C. operate public schools D. let citizens speak freely and protest

    asked by Bella
  77. precalc

    what is logπ (1/√π) (log base pi of one over square root of pi) can you explain how ?? thanks

    asked by lards
  78. English

    Has anyone ever read the poem Loose Woman or My Wicked Wicked Ways by Sandra CIsneros

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Social Studies

    What is the difference between Christianity and Islam in Feudal Europe? Not asking for anyone to cheat and write me an entire essay, just asking if there is any like sites or something I can use to help me. Thank you

    asked by NL
  80. Economics

    The elasticity of the demand for labor in the Western Europe and Nordic countries is between -0.3 and -0.45. However, in Eastern European countries it is greater than -0.9. Why might this be the case? Suggest two reasons for the higher elasticity.

    asked by Jenna
  81. science

    what is data evidence in a science experiment

    asked by robin
  82. Maths

    Helen has just retired with $500 000 in her account and wishes to start an annuity. She intends to withdraw $M at the end of each year for 30 years. Reducible interest is calculated at 6% p.a., compounded annually just before each withdrawal. a) Calculate

    asked by Fred
  83. Math

    Steven has made 154 Field Goals in 177 attempts. How many Field Goals must he make in a row in order to bring his overall success rate to exactly 90 percent?

    asked by PT
  84. Math

    Find the critical numbers of U=U(t) Determine the intervals on which U is increasing and on which it is decreasing. Find the local extrema of U. U=U(t)=(5cos(2t/pi))/(2+sin2t/pi)+6

    asked by Jayden
  85. Math

    A theater has a seating capacity of 900 and charges 4$ for children, 6$ for students, and 8$ for adults. At a certain screening with full attendance, there were half as many adults as children and students combined. The receipts totaled 5600$. How many

    asked by Anonymous
  86. English

    What is this story theme? ''How I learned English?'' by gregory djanikian

    asked by lucky
  87. Math

    express (1/x-2)-(2/x+5)=(3/x+1) in the form of ax^2+bx=0

    asked by Austin
  88. chemistry

    Calculate the energy required for the ionization of an electron from the ground state of the hydrogen atom.

    asked by masre man
  89. Biology

    What is the sympotoms of chronic deases?

    asked by Jaber Kemal
  90. Science

    Soil can adjust to ff except A. Atmospheric conditions B. Chemical addition

    asked by Kams
  91. Science

    Where does intense leaching happens? Zone of eluviation or illuviation

    asked by Kams
  92. Linear Algebra

    Use the Gauss-Jordan method to find all the solutions of the system -3x1 +2x2 -x3 +6x4 = -7 7x1 -3x2 +2x3 -11x4 = 14 x1 -x4 = 1 It is a 3x5 matrix -3 2 -3 6 -7 7 -3 2 -11 14 1 0 0 -1 1 Using the Gauss-Jordan method, I got 1 0 0 -1 1 0 1 0 2 5/3 0 0 1 1 2

    asked by Cladis
  93. Science

    Farm/ field is what type of soil? Intrazonal Zonal Azonal Sand dune is what type of soil Intrazonal Zonal Azonal

    asked by Firt
  94. Language arts

    Which Is An Noun And Not An Noun

    asked by Fibi
  95. Social Studies

    Please check my answers I'll give u a cookie! 1. How did the environment of Arabia serve as a form of protection during much of the region's history? A. Its fertile oases enabled farmers to grow enough food for themselves and for sale. B.** Its extreme

    asked by Junko :D
  96. Social Studies

    Please check my answers I'll give u a cookie! Part 2 1. Which of the following is a belief shared by Sunnis and Shias? A.** that only descendants of Muhammad should be caliph B. that any righteous male Muslim can be chosen as caliph C. that the Sunnah is

    asked by Junko :D
  97. math


    asked by Anonymous
  98. Social Studies

    Please check over my answers and I'll give u a cookie! Final part 1. Drag and drop the social divisions in the Arab Muslim empire to arrange them with those at the top of society to those at the bottom of society. Arab Muslims non-Arab Muslims Jews and

    asked by Junko :D
  99. Math

    If 1/5÷2/3=1/5.x/2, then x =3 am I correct. Thanks

    asked by Sense.
  100. Materials Science

    A materials scientist is working on developing a dispersion-hardened aluminum alloy. What is the minimum surface energy required for the dispersion particles to induce dislocations to be pinned at the particles, and bow out around them, rather than to cut

    asked by shohag
  101. probability

    Consider a Bernoulli process with parameter p=1/3. Let T1 be the time of the first success and let T1+T2 be the time of the second success. We are told that the results of the two slots that follow the first success are failures, so that XT1+1=XT1+2=0.

    asked by Alison
  102. probability

    Consider a Poisson arrival process with rate λ per hour. To simplify notation, we let a=P(0,1), b=P(1,1), and c=P(2,1), where P(k,1) is the probability of exactly k arrivals over an hour-long time interval. What is the probability that we will have “at

    asked by Brian
  103. probability

    Let X and Y be independent Erlang random variables with common parameter λ and of order m and n, respectively. Is the random variable X+Y Erlang? If yes, enter below its order in terms of m and n using standard notation. If not, enter 0.

    asked by Brian
  104. Art

    Proportion is (1 point) A) the use or combination of the elements of art to provide interest in artwork. B) the full space that an object occupies. C) the size of an object compared to another object.

    asked by Anything but anonymous
  105. Health

    Since 1964, the number of cigarettes smoked has A. increased dramatically. B. decreased to near zero. C. remained steady. D. declined steadily.***** Anti-smoking ads are an example of A. the influence of friends. B. the influence of family. C. the

    asked by Wiz
  106. SS

    What did white Southerners think the goal was of all Northerners who moved south during Reconstruction? A. to get rich from the South’s misfortunes B. to help Southerners take control of the new state governments C. to prevent freedmen from being elected

    asked by Connexus student
  107. social studies

    What was one reason that Europeans offered for their imperial policies? A. the belief that they had a superior culture and religion B. the desire to learn new technology from other societies C. the intention to introduce industrialization into the colonies

    asked by I'm not funny.....