Questions Asked on
November 24, 2018

  1. English

    a( n ) ________ provides direction for your research Select one: a. outline b. prompt c. research question d. plan of research b

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Trigonometry

    In △DCE, DC = CE = 6, m∠E = 53º. Find DE. So I tried to use tan or cot but there isn't a 90 degree angle C is 74 i somehow got 7.22 but i can't really explain how.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Algebra

    A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground. Its distance in feet from the ground in t seconds is s=-16t^2+208t. After how many seconds will the ball be 640 feet from the ground?

    asked by Sarah
  4. Maths

    A superannuation fund paid 6% p.a. for the first 10 years and then 10% p.a. after that. If Thanh put $5000 into this fund at the end of each year, how much would she have at the end of 25 years? Answer: $466 563.74

    asked by Fred
  5. Algebra

    Write a function rule for the area A of a triangle whose base, b is 2 cm less than seven times the height, h. What is the area of the triangle when the height is 14 cm? is it A=7h^2 - 2h / 2 ?? a = 672 cm

    asked by SomeoneHelp
  6. mechanics and heat

    if the cross product of AandB is 8i-14j+k and the difference of A and B is 5i+3j+2k,then find the value of A AND B.

    asked by heven
  7. English

    In "Marriage Is a Private Affair," why does Nnaemeka's father, Okeke, at first resist the idea of meeting his grandchildren? a. He does not like to spend time with young people b. He will not tolerate seeing Nnaemeka's wife, Nene. ***** c. He is committed

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    If A and B are vectors such that A+3B=-3+j & A-B=i-2j then find A&B?

    asked by masre man
  9. Physics

    How much power is required to lift a 25kg box to the top of a 4 meter flight of stairs in 3.5 seconds

    asked by Rebecca
  10. Chemistry

    How much energy, in kilojoules per mole, is released when an electron makes a transition from n=5 to n=2 in an hydrogen atom? Is this energy sufficient to break the H-H bond (436 kj/mol is needed to break this bond)

    asked by masre man
  11. Probability

    We have a red coin, for which P(Heads)=0.4, a green coin, for which P(Heads)=0.5 and a yellow coin for which P(Heads)=0.6. The flips of the same or of different coins are independent. For each of the following situations, determine whether the random

    asked by Alex
  12. Algebra

    Write the polynomial in descending order. Then identify the leading coefficient and the degree. -2x+8+2x4 Need HELP

    asked by Carol
  13. Science

    packaged junk food contains preservatives and ---------- which are harmful for the circulatory system

    asked by packaged junk food contains preservatives and whic
  14. mechanics and heat

    if the cross product of vector A and vector B is 8i-14j+k and the difference of vector A and vector B is 5i+3j+2k,then find the value of vector A and vector B.

    asked by heven
  15. chemistry

    which is better solvent? Hexane or benzene? based from their msds

    asked by sad
  16. Math

    Find the possible length of the three sides of two triangles whose perimeter is 21 cm

    asked by Harsh
  17. Programs and Services

    Which of the following statements is true regarding procedural safeguards for those eligible for services under Part B of IDEIA? A. Only educational professionals are able to access and review the child's records. B. Mediators aren't to be used in the case

    asked by Diana
  18. Programs and Services

    Which of the following most accurately describes the right to continuity of services for parents of children in early intervention? A. In the case of legal proceedings, services to families will be continued until litigation is complete. B. Services to

    asked by Diana
  19. Geography

    A civil day has _______ hours _______ seconds.

    asked by Plz... Help!!!
  20. Geography

    The second artificial satellite of India is ______

    asked by Plz... Help!!!
  21. General Knowledge

    Famous person in the field of dairy is ________

    asked by Plz... Help!!!
  22. General Knowledge

    Most dangerous fish

    asked by Plz... Help!!!
  23. General Knowledge

    The holy book of Hindu's is _______

    asked by Plz... Help!!!
  24. Programs and Services

    Children with developmental delays are those A. with significant subaverage intellectual performance. B. with significant lag behind norms in at least one developmental area. C. with significant delay in gross motor or language development. D. born at

    asked by Diana
  25. Programs and Services

    The direction and depth of family assessment for the purpose of determining the needs of families relative to raising a child with special needs should be determined by the families themselves, because A. families are more aware of the available resources

    asked by Diana
  26. Programs and Services

    Which of the following best describes what an early educational environment should be like? A. Safe, unstructured, and colorful B. Safe, warm, and predictable C. Warm, bright, and unstructured D. Inviting, noisy, and secure my answer is b.

    asked by Diana
  27. Probability

    Let Sn be the number of successes in n independent Bernoulli trials, where the probability of success for each trial is 1/3 . Provide a numerical value, to a precision of 3 decimal places, for each of the following limits. 1. lim P (n/3 - 10 < Sn < n/3 +

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Microbiology

    5. In order to control for abiotic processes in chemical assay, it is essential to include: Select one: a. A non-inoculate control b. A substrate unamended control c. A heat-killed control d. Both A and C e. All of the above 6. To account for the oxidation

    asked by Karmen
  29. calculus

    If F(x)+C is the general antiderivative of f(x), then what is the general antiderivative of f(x)+3 ?

    asked by sal
  30. Programs and Services

    Which of the following is the best reason explaining why a well-conceived transition plan is required by law? A. Because collaboration in public agencies is a newly valued attribute and therefore encouraged B. Because transition to new program is simple

    asked by Diana
  31. Calculus 2

    Prove that "limit as n approaches infinity |x|^n/n! = 0 for all x" We are finishing up Maclaurin series but I'm still having a hard time working problems out. I have a quiz on these types of problems in a couple days so anything will be helpful!

    asked by ryancon
  32. math

    Find the value of x+x^0.5

    asked by popa
  33. Programs and Services

    Of the following, which is the best example of a strategy to facilitate generalization? A. Using specialized equipment for self-feeding at school even when it's not available at home B. Consistently using only one type of prompt, reinforcement, or

    asked by Diana
  34. Arts and crafts

    How do you make paper flowers? And which paper is better tissue paper or construction paper? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Organizational Leadership

    Due Date: Nov 28, 2018 23:59:59 Max Points: 130 Details: In earlier topics, you explored the tenet of conscious leadership and the influence of self-awareness on your leadership style. You established that a clear understanding of your abilities,

    asked by CELES
  36. social studies

    Who was Chadragupta Maurya? A. He founded the Gupta empire through exterminating small kingdoms in northern India. B. He founded the Maurya empire through uniting all the kingdoms. C. He won the Battle of Kalinga through ruthless acts of violence. D. He

    asked by malisa
  37. Spanish

    1. Cual de estos verbos es irregular en el preterito? A. querer (My Answer) B. hablar C. comer 2. Cual de estos verbos es irregular en el preterito? A. escribir B. lavarse C. poder (My Answer) 3. Cual de estos verbos es irregular en el preterito? A. llamar

    asked by Help Me Please!
  38. math

    What is the connection between the solutions of the equation ax^2 + bx + c = 0 and the x intercepts of the graph f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c? I'm confused here - aren't they the same thing except one is the equation of a quadratic equation and one is a graph? So

    asked by Carly
  39. math

    Find the value of x^0.5 + x^-0.5

    asked by anna
  40. English

    Are there any current debates regarding languages? Like how it causes racism maybe?

    asked by bob
  41. probability

    Marie distributes toys for toddlers. She makes visits to households and gives away one toy only on visits for which the door is answered and a toddler is in residence. On any visit, the probability of the door being answered is 3/4, and the probability

    asked by Alison
  42. science

    explain how the phloem is adopted to its function.

    asked by austin
  43. Math

    Suppose a deposit of $3,500 in a savings account that paid an annual interest rate r (compounded yearly) is worth $3,910 after 2 years. Using the formula A=P(1+r)^t, we have 3,910=3,500(1+r) ^2Solve for r to find the annual interest rate (to the nearest

    asked by Keonn'a