Questions Asked on
November 23, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Why is the period from 1824 to 1845 sometimes referred to as the "Age of Jackson"? a b c d

    asked by im dum
  2. Math

    On a recent day, one u.s dollar was worth 0.81 euros. if you were to exchange 222 euros how many u.s. dollars would you receive? A. $88.91 B. $274.07 C. $548.15 D. $179.82 **** Thank you so much!

    asked by Anonymous
  3. English

    My name, Cynthia, is from a Greek word for moon. a. simple sentence ** b. compound sentence c. complex sentence d. compound-complex sentence I was not surprised when I learned that. a. simple sentence *** b. compound sentence c. complex sentence d.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Science

    Please Help with the last few questions on my Science Test. 11. Molecules naturally spread from areas of ______________ concentration to areas of ______________ concentration through a process called _____________. 1. high;low;diffusion

    asked by Apple
  5. English

    My middle name, Abigail, is the name THAT I LIKE BEST. a. independent clause b. adverbial clause c. adjectival clause**** d. noun clause

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    Sarah's mother has a miniature village model after her hometown. the worth is 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. the actual is 7 miles long. what is the village's actual width? if necessary, round to the nearest tenth of the mile. A. 4.9**** B. 10 C. 1 D. 0.7

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    m1 = 2.3 kg block slides on a frictionless horizontal surface and is connected on one side to a spring (k = 45 N/m) as shown in the figure above. The other side is connected to the block m2 = 3.6 kg that hangs vertically. The system starts from rest with

    asked by john
  8. English

    The most popular girl's name when I was born was Ashley. ("when I was born" is underlined) a, independent clause b. adverbial clause c. adjectival clause **** d. noun clause

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Financial Management

    Vang Enterprises, which is debt-free and finances only with equity from retained earnings, is considering 7 equal sized capital budgeting projects. Its CFO hired you to assist in deciding whether none, some, or all of the projects should be accepted. You

    asked by H
  10. Chemistry

    calculate the energies of the states of the hydrogen atom with n=2 and n=3, and calculate the wavelength of the photon emitted by the atom when an electron makes a transition between these two states.

    asked by masre man
  11. science

    A solution of trioxonitrate(V) acid contained 0.67g in 100cm^3. 31.0cm^3 of this solution neutralized 2.5cm^3 of a sodium trioxocarbonate(IV) solution. calculate the concentration of the trioxocarbonate(IV) solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    A right triangle has an area of 13 m^2. The dimensions of the triangle are increased by a scale factor of 3. What is the area of the new triangle? A. 39 m^2 B. 169 m^2 C. 117 m^2*** D. 142 m^2 Am I right? Thank you Again

    asked by Anonymous
  13. maths

    Two planes leave an airport flying at the same rate.If the first plane flies 1.5 hours longer than the second plane and travels 2700 miles while the second plane travels only 2025 miles, for how long was each plane flying?

    asked by masre man
  14. English

    Many things must be done before a shuttle can launch. The shuttle has many parts. They are made in different places in the United States. The finished parts are sent to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The pieces of the shuttle go to the Vehicle

    asked by Anything But Anonymous
  15. Math

    The sides of a square are increased by a scale factor of 6. The perimeter of the smaller square is 10ft. What is the perimeter of the larger space? A.10 ft B. 40 ft**** C. 60 ft D. 120 ft Am I right? Thnak you so much!

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English

    Salad, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and dessert_composed__ the birthday dinner. Is the verb composed correct in the sentence?

    asked by sara123
  17. Social Studies

    The Indo-Aryans first lived as herders and later survived as ______. We know this information because of the ______. 2 part question!! Answer 1 A. hunter gatherers B. farmers C. artisans Answer 2 A. Eros B. shivas C. brahmas D. Vedas

    asked by Jeremy
  18. Science

    ) A student, for want of something better to do, decided to go fishing in the NCBS pond. She caught 50 mosquito fish, but rather than take them home for dinner (they were too small anyway) she decided to just mark them and return them to the pond. A week

    asked by Ruchi Nambiar
  19. Math

    Neema did y tests and scored a total of 120 marks. she did two more tests which she scored 13 and 14 marks. The mean score of the first y tests was 3 marks more than the mean score for all the tests she did. Find the total number of tests that she did.

    asked by Austin
  20. Algebra

    What is the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through the point (-1, 2) and has a slope of -5? A. x - 5y = -3 B. x - 20y = -5 C.5x + y = -3 D. 5x - y = 3

    asked by yara
  21. Algebra

    John Goodman weighs 250 pounds, so he decides to go on a diet. At the end of the first week, he weighs 240. Then at the end of the second week, he weighs 230. Fill in the blanks of the arithmetic formula [ A(n) = d + a^1(n – 1) ] for this scenario. A(n)

    asked by MsSuePlzHelpImsoConfused
  22. English

    Does anyone know a time in history where language played a huge role in creating a great effect on something else? For example, the Navajo speakers in WW2 decoding and encoding their native language supporting the Americans so they won't be intercepted or

    asked by bob
  23. Chemistry

    what is the wavelength of a photon emitted during a transition from the initial state(ni)=5 state to the final state(nf)=2 state in the hydrogen atom?

    asked by masre man
  24. physiology

    how the kidney is able to regulate its own blood flow is an example of …. A/ extrinsic regulation C/ Hormonal control B/ humoral control D/ neural control E/ intrinsic regulation

    asked by tram
  25. Algebra 9th

    There is currently 2 inches of snow on the ground in a certain Massachusetts city. Every hour, another 0.5 inches covers the ground. Model the total amount, T, of snow on the ground for h, the number of hours the snow has been falling. A. T(h) = 0.5h - 2

    asked by kylie
  26. math

    solve the inequality ezxplain each steip and identify the property used for each step. im in connezxus and i need help! helllpppp

    asked by hannah
  27. Math

    Find F(t) such that F'(t)= Sec^4 (t) and F (pi/4) = 0

    asked by Harry
  28. Math

    An oil rig breaks and begins to leak oil into the arctic ocean at an increasing rate of R(t) = 20t + 20 litres per day. At the instant of breakage (t=0), 100 litres of oil was spilled into the ocean via the emergency release valve. What is the equation

    asked by Lucas
  29. Biology

    Describe how to test for the presence of glucose and protein in urine.

    asked by Austin
  30. Math

    Another interesting one: 3000 bananas to be carried 1000 km away with one horse. Horse can carry max 1000 bananas and after 1 km travel with bananas, it eats one banana. Can you tell maximum how many bananas, can reach the destinations.

    asked by Susmita Dey
  31. Science

    Explain how to test for the presence of glucose and protein in urine.

    asked by Austin
  32. math

    i need to solve 2 step inequalities i have a quix on it!!

    asked by hannah