Questions Asked on
November 22, 2018

  1. Math

    3. Solve the equation using substitution. x + y = 8 y = 3x

    asked by anonymous
  2. History

    Which event occurred during the Haitian Slave Revolt? French King Louis XIV granted Hispaniola slaves their independence. Toussaint Louverture took lead of the revolt to free slaves on Hispaniola. The United Kingdom sent troops to Hispaniola in support of

    asked by Kiara
  3. History

    Which accurately describes origins and outcomes of Latin America’s fight for independence during the 19th century? Many parts of Latin America were fed up with the dictatorial rule of the Spanish Crown and consequently fought for and won independence.

    asked by Kiara
  4. social studies

    1. How has democracy in South America affected the region? A. It has led to more stable economies. B. It has led to an increase in military takeovers.------------ C. It ended class struggle in South America. D. It eliminated corruption in the government.

    asked by con
  5. history

    What led to the invasion of Rome? a) the fall of Florence to the Allied forces b) the defeat of the Axis powers at Anzio c) the capture of the Rhine River d) the Allied victory at Utah beach

    asked by Dakota
  6. Math

    a customer went to a garden shop and bought some potting soil for $12.50 and 6 shrubs if the total bill was $71 how much did each grub cost if they all cost the same write and solve an equation to show your work

    asked by Xxxtentacion
  7. maths

    Ty received a separation payment of $25 000 from his former employer when he was 35-years old. He invested that sum of money at 5.5% compounded semi-annually. When he was 65, he converted the balance into an ordinary annuity paying $6000 every 3 months

    asked by mm
  8. Zoology

    Identical twins in humans, which are deuterostomes, are formed when cells at the four-cell stage are separated. A grasshopper, which is a protostome, will die if the cells are separated at the four-cell stage. What does this indicate about when the cells

    asked by Miso
  9. Math

    A sphere's radius expands from 1.0m to 1.1m. Using differentials, what is the change in the volume of the sphere (in m3)? The volume of a sphere is given by V=4/3∏r3.

    asked by Lucas
  10. Art

    With this image the artist utilized the theory of proportion by A.) Keeping the objects in the background and the foreground all the same size B.) Making the object in the foreground appear smaller C.) Making the object in the foreground appear larger. D.)

    asked by Anything but Anonymous
  11. math

    Problems continue to arise in Kitty Nation but Hello Kitty has regained control of the country. She comes to see that popular dislike for the own measurement standard led to the revolt. She decides to change the standard so that such a terrible catastrophe

    asked by Mathguy
  12. Chemistry

    The reaction are free radicals what are the product... 1)CH3-CH2-CH2 +CH3-CH2CH3 2)CH3-CH2-CH3 +CH3-CH-CH3 3)CH3-CH2-CH2 +CH3-CH-CH3 4)H+H

    asked by Wendy
  13. Math

    a^=1 ('a' the power of zero, is equals to 1) by what substitution you get the answer ? give clear response?

    asked by ADUGNA TIBEBU
  14. english

    Summarize the paragraph into only the most important points "Here is one of the most familiar forms of the vicious circle of poverty. The poor get sick more than anyone else in the society. That is because they live in slums, jammed together under

    asked by anton
  15. chemistry

    calculate the work done when a system raises a column of water radius 5mm through 10cm height

    asked by jerome
  16. Math

    Y is partly constant and partly varies as x. When x=2,y=16 and when x=7,y=31,find y in terms of x.

    asked by Tessy
  17. English

    1. His mystery series are always popular. 2. His mystery soap operas are always popular. --------------------------------------- Does #1 mean #2?

    asked by rfvv
  18. Physics

    A solid weight 4.8g in air, 2.8g in water and 3.2 in kerosine calculate the relative density of the kerosine

    asked by Victoria
  19. Chemistry

    133g, 1L,58.5g/mol, What is mol fraction

    asked by M
  20. English

    1. I bought a ramen at the supermarket. 2. I bought two ramens at the supermarket. 3. I bought a pack of ramen at the supermarket. 4. I bought a pack of ramens at the market. [Which ones are grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  21. English

    1. He travels a lot and meets many people. 2. He travels much and meets many people. [Can we use 'much' instead of 'a lot'?]

    asked by rfvv
  22. Biology

    The pulmonary artery, which pumps blood from the heart to the lungs, has an inner radius of 1.34 mm and is 5.0 cm long. If the pressure drop between the heart and lungs is 420.0 Pa, what is the volume flow rate of blood in the pulmonary artery? Give your

    asked by sendy
  23. Biology

    Can genetic mutations, like sickle cell, be recognized on a karyotype? Explain your answer.

    asked by Jsue
  24. algebra 1

    Mr. Pilgrim has a turkey farm. he has one male turkey for every 17 female turkeys. if he has 289 females, how many males does he have?

    asked by Mariam
  25. stats

    this is the Estimated regression equation i produced: ŷ= 1.68 - 4.39 x im not sure but i interpreted as it would indicate that for every hour spent studying per week, the students grade percentage increases by 4.39%. so my question is i have to calculate

    asked by Maya
  26. science

    a car that travels at a speed of 20m/s and has a mass of 12ookg

    asked by lolly