Questions Asked on
November 18, 2018

  1. social studies

    In feudal society, who was responsible for ensuring justice was served and people's homes and lands were protected? A. peasants B. clergy C. lords D. serfs

    asked by sally
  2. history

    What would be a good legal question for the case Board of Education v. Earls case and a good answer for the question? This is suppose to be for my homework and it is due tomorrow! I need help immediately so I need to know an answer right now. :(

    asked by Andrea
  3. Civic education

    Mention ten major world and local civil problems

    asked by Esther
  4. Math and Science

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute?

    asked by Gabriell
  5. Algebra

    Hey, can someone help me out with these questions? 1. Find the slope of the line that passes through (-2,-3) and (1,1). A) 1/3 B) 1 C) 2 D) 4/3 2. A line with slope = 1/2 passes through the points (2,5) and (x,3). What is the value of x? A) -1 B) 1 C) -2

    asked by Izzybelle
  6. Probability

    Terminology: A circle of radius r is a curve that consists of all points at distance r from the center of the circle. A disk of radius r is the set of all points whose distance from its center is less than or equal to r . Thus, a circle is the boundary of

    asked by No One
  7. Texas History

    How did the Battle of the Alamo shape the outcome of the Texas Revolution? Give two significant effects.

    asked by Door_frame_BLANK
  8. math

    claude has 5 1/2 meters of ribbon and uses 4 2/3 meters of it how much ribbons does claude have left in simplest form

    asked by sally
  9. physics

    1.0kg bomb explodes into three pieces, A, B, and C A ( 0.3kg) travel along the positive x-axis by 0.3km/s B (0.5kg) travel along the negative y-axis by 04km/s What is the velocity of C?

    asked by Nat
  10. algebra

    In 1960, the world record for the men's mile was 3.91 minutes. In 1980, the record time was 3.81 minutes. a. Write a linear model that represents the world record (in minutes) for the men's mile as a function of the number of years, t, since 1960. y= () b.

    asked by caden
  11. Calculus

    the shoreline of circle lake is a circle with diameter 2 mi.nancy's training routine begins at point e on the eastern shore of the lake.she jogs along the north shore to a point p and then swims the straight line distance,if any point ,from point to point

    asked by Arah
  12. Social studies

    In what present day countries can the sites of your civilizations be found? Help asap! I will thank you so much if you answer this question before 5:00 pm tonight! Thank you! Have a terrific day/thanksgiving break!

    asked by Lisa
  13. English

    Argumentative Essay 3. Exploring Ideas > 17. Writing the Final Draft It is not clear on what I am supposed to write.

    asked by the questinator/sans the skeleton
  14. university physics

    Two blocks are connected by massless string that is wrapped around a pulley. Block 1 has a mass m1=4.20 kg, block 2 has a mass m2=1.30 kg, while the pulley has a mass of 2.10 kg and a radius of 27.4 cm. The pulley is frictionless, and the surface mass 1 is

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Discrete Math

    Using the ordinary alphabet and allowing repeated letters, find the number of words of length 8 that have exactly one B. How do I solve this? Please leave an explanation to solve this.

    asked by Adedeji Ogunba
  16. Modern World Studies

    The list can best be described as items brought to the Americas by what group of people? A.Europeans B.purtians C.NativeAmericans D Africain slaves

    asked by Bro
  17. Modern World Studies

    Only July 14, 1789, people in Paris, France attacked a prison holding political prisoners. This marked the start of the French Revolution. In 1791, France’s National Assembly passed laws and the Declaration of the Rights of Man which declared all people

    asked by Bro
  18. astronomy

    Does anybody know approximately how many minor planets, like Vesta, could fit inside Earth (A) 120 (B) 600 (C) 1,200 (D) 6,000 (E) 12,000

    asked by steve
  19. carpentry, math

    Determine the number of board feet required for joists on a one-story house 30′ × 40′, in which 2 × 8 joists will be placed 16″ OC. A. 2,052 B. 1,224 C. 1,632 D. 1,536 I honestly don't know what formula to use for this. Everything I see online

    asked by doug
  20. Algebra

    Which radical equations produce imaginary values of y for the given values of x? I don't understand this can someone please explain? Choices y=√x, when x4 y=√x+8, when x≥−8 √x+8 , when x

    asked by Ember Lovet
  21. Math

    If x is positive, and x is decreased by 3, then a^2 - x^2 is a) increased by 6x-9 b) increased by 6x c)decreased by 9 d)increased by 6x+9 e)decreased by 6x-9

    asked by Timothy
  22. Algebra

    A certain recipe calls for a cake to bake between 25 minutes to 30 minutes,inclusive

    asked by ronda
  23. Math

    Find the scalar equation of the line through the point (1, -4) and perpendicular to the line 2x + 5y – 3 = 0.

    asked by Poo
  24. university physics

    To test the speed of a bullet, you create a pendulum by attaching a 4.30 kg wooden block to the bottom of a 2.90 m long, 1.90 kg rod. The top of the rod is attached to a frictionless axle and is free to rotate about that point. You fire a 10 g bullet into

    asked by Anonymous
  25. sociology

    People have formed a social group when they: a.have a purpose. b.share certain role expectations. c.attach importance to what they’re doing together. d.begin to feel special in contrast with others. e.all of the above

    asked by andrew
  26. Chemistry

    The total volume of the Rogers Center is 1.6 x 10^6 m cubed. If the volume of 100 peas is about 55 cm cubed, how many Rogers Centers would 6.02 x 10^23 peas fill?

    asked by David
  27. Math

    The hypotenuse (m) and one leg (n) of a right triangle differ by 2. The square of the other side is A)m+2n B)m+n C)2(m-n) D)2(m+n) E)m-2n Work I've done: x^2+(m-2)^2=m^2 x^2+m^2-4m+4=m^2 x^2+4=4m x^2=4m-4 Did i do something wrong?

    asked by Alex
  28. Physics

    A uniform beam 6m long weighing 4kg rests on supports p and q placed left and right 1metre from each end of the beam. Weight of mass 10kg and 8kg are placed near p and q respectively one each end of the beam. Calculate the reactions at p and q.

    asked by Emmanuel
  29. sociology

    Segregation refers to: a.the extermination of a racial or ethnic group. b.negative attitudes toward categories of people. c.unequal treatment of individuals on the basis of their membership in a category. d.the physical separation of different groups of

    asked by andrew
  30. Social Studies

    The Leaders Can Nigeria Interest Of Their Followers

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    Two objects attract each other gravitationally with a force of 2.9 10-10 N when they are 0.35 m apart. Their total mass is 4.0 kg. Find their individual masses.

    asked by Claire
  32. science

    A force of 543 N keeps a certain spring stretched a distance of 0.700 m . Part A What is the potential energy of the spring when it is stretched 0.700 m ? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. probablility

    Ben is playing a game by repeatedly rolling a fair die. He wins if he rolls two 6s in a row, but loses if he rolls a 1 or 2. What’s the probability that Ben wins?

    asked by Lonely
  34. English

    1. She turns 21 in June. 2. She is turning 21 in June. [Which one is right?]

    asked by rfvv
  35. algebra

    if the bus travels at 110km/h,how long wil it take to drive from A to F without stopping anywhere?'(show all your calculations)

    asked by calculations
  36. Linguistics

    Hello! I have a quick question about my linguistics final. My professor is a doctor, so would 'Dr.' head his name in my references and in-text citations? This is all in APA: 6th edition, by the way! Thanks in advance,

    asked by Emma
  37. sociology

    Which of the following is something groups must do in order to function effectively? a.choose leaders b.define boundaries c.set goals d.assign tasks e.all of the above

    asked by andrew
  38. science

    you have 100 ml of water in a add 20 ml of table salt.the water level rises to only 105 ml.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. O chem

    What's the product of butyl-iodide and napthalene?

    asked by Live
  40. carpentry, math

    9. A carpenter needs to determine how many plywood subflooring panels will be needed for a particular job. The area that needs to be covered measures 24′ × 48′. How many 4 × 8 plywood subfloor panels would be needed to cover this area? [A. 36] B. 32

    asked by doug
  41. Programs and Services

    When a behavior is positively consequated, it A. is more likely to be repeated. B. helps to meet educational goals. C. will eventually become extinct. D. will be repeated less often. my answer is b.

    asked by Diana
  42. algebra

    Recall that the standard form of a linear equation is Ax+By=C. Rewrite this equation in slope-intercept form

    asked by caden
  43. Astronomy

    The Moon’s gravity stretches Earth, which causes Earth’s tides. How much stronger is the force of the Moon’s gravity on a 1 kg mass on the side of Earth closest to the Moon compared to the force of the Moon’s gravity on a 1 kg mass on the side of

    asked by hannah
  44. English

    1. She looks happy. 2. She looks like a professor. 3. She looks like she is a professor. [Are they all grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  45. Math

    Determine if the point (4,-2,3) lies in the plane with vector equation (x, y, z) = (2, 0, -1) + s(4, -2, 1) + t(-3, -1, 2).

    asked by Tati
  46. chemistry

    how do catalysts work and what is the concept of a catalysis?

    asked by lauren
  47. English

    Can someone tell me how I did on this poem or if I need to fix something Poem #1 Fear of death I live day by day, With the fear of death to come. I wake to pray, God guide me through autumn. My faith held me strong, But not enough to stop my cries. My only

    asked by Yen
  48. Physics

    Two forces, 395 N at 11◦ and 344 N at 34◦ are applied to a car in an effort to accelerate it. (3049 kg is the car) What is the magnitude of the resultant of these two forces? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Nic
  49. Grammar

    Is "regarding to" correct?

    asked by Natasha
  50. sociology

    The U.S. Census Bureau relies on a _____ system of racial classification. genetic legal social self-definition biological i think ii is self- definition

    asked by andrew
  51. Programs and Services

    Which of the following is an example of assistive technology? A. A communication board B. Thick crayons C. A pencil D. Left-handed scissors my answer is a.

    asked by Diana
  52. Programs and Services

    Which type of instructional method is based on arranging the environment to best stimulate a child's interests and behaviors? A. Developmental perspective B. Ecological perspective C. Behavioral perspective D. Interactional perspective my answer is c.

    asked by Diana
  53. History

    What did Texas annexation promise to its people? A. cultural similarities B. need for new farmlands C. opposition to slavery D. worries of American Indian influence for this I can choose 2 answers

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  54. science

    Which has the greater density, a glass of milk or a pitcher of milk? Explain.

    asked by Ally
  55. Algebra II

    Use direct substituion to evaluate the polynmial function for the given value of x f(x)=-3x^2+x^2-8x-2 f=2

    asked by Austin
  56. Programs and Services

    Which of the following is a good strategy to help increase parent involvement in the IEP process? A. Use plenty of jargon during IEP meetings. B. Give parents the opportunity to observe their child at school to increase their competence. C. Explain that

    asked by Diana