Questions Asked on
November 16, 2018

  1. math

    Chinese population is 1.33 billion, assuming a growth rate of 0.49% a year, how long until it reaches 1.5 billion?

    asked by declan
  2. math

    What is the volume of a cone which has a base diameter of 14 units and a height of 12 units?

    asked by heather
  3. Social Studies

    Why did some groups in South America continue to live as nomads after the development of agriculture? A. They lived in ecosystems that were not suitable for farming. B. They had no way of learning how to domesticate crops. C. They had more than enough wild

    asked by Tessa brooks
  4. history

    Which best describes how Sparta’s culture influenced the city-state’s government? A- Sparta was a society based on exploration and expansion, and its government was also based on this concept. B- Sparta was a society based on being prepared for war,

    asked by grace
  5. math

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f of x equals the square root of x on the interval [0, 4]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem.

    asked by jose
  6. history

    How does Turkey view the events known as the Armenian Genocide? The Ottoman military carried out genocide without the knowledge of Ottoman political officials. Armenians were allied with Russia during WWI, and, therefore, their elimination was necessary.

    asked by Dianni
  7. Social Studies

    Which list shows the correct order in which some peoples in South America began to build a more stable food supply? A. domesticate animals; cultivate crops; hunt, fish, and gather plants; modify landscape to support settlements B. modify landscape to

    asked by Jake Paul
  8. Physics

    A receiving antenna becomes misaligned by 30° to its original position. The power of the received signal in this new position is 12µW. Wavelength = 0.016 m I calculated the power received in the original position as 1.04 x 10^-5 W What I need to find out

    asked by Ramesh
  9. Social Studies

    1. why did sugar plantations produce such high profits a. sugar can was easy and cheap to grow b. the colonial governors placed a high tax on sugar c. europe had a high demand for sugar, molasses, and rum*** d. spanish plantation owners sold tons of sugar

    asked by kiki
  10. math

    write the inequality for the graph. ————————————- -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4* 5 6 7 a x>4 b x>4 c x

    asked by haha
  11. social studies

    In which way was mali different from axum a- mali was influenced by christianity b- mali became primarily a muslim culture c- mali relied on trade across the indian ocean d- mali’s wealth was evident in their construction of stelae

    asked by Unknown
  12. Chemistry

    Why is PF5 a nonpolar molecule? I know it has no lone electron pairs on its central atom, but I thought its asymmetrical structure would create a net dipole.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. English

    the following questions are based on "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses" answer the following questions ONLY if you have read or going to read the story What metaphor represents the contrast between the warder’s eyes and the sky? -the prisoners and the

    asked by Anonymous
  14. math

    An isosceles right triangle has legs of equal length. If the hypotenuse is 22 inches long, find the length of each leg. Please help me on this problem so bad!!! I NEED AN ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  15. Social Studies

    1. why did european nations start looking for a water route to asia? a. to gain a faster way to travel to the holy land b. to build permanent colonies in india and china c. to take part in the profitable trade that italy controlled*** d. to gain

    asked by symone
  16. social studies

    Describe the governments in Mexico and Central America. i think mexico form of government is a democratic form of government, can somebody please just tell me what form of government central america has. ms.sue can you help me

    asked by devin
  17. U.S. History

    Which is the best explanation of how J.P. Morgan is noted to have thwarted the financial crisis in the early 1900s? A His businesses had a positive effect on the US economy. B. He became the President of the United States and implemented programs which

    asked by JeremyL
  18. English

    What is the simple subject of this sentence? I bought a fancy new dress. I bought dress fancy new dress I Would this be dress?

    asked by Caitlyn
  19. Art

    We are lookin at a painting by Alfred Jacob Miller called The Walters Art Museum 1.Look at the following illustration of an early American settler. It would likely inspire a writer to create story based on all of the following except A. The clothing worn

    asked by Lovely
  20. social studies

    1. What sequence of steps did the Spanish follow to establish colonies in America? A. (1) settled towns, (2) formed alliances with native Americans, (3) bought land B. (1) took over territory, (2) settled towns, (3) set up governments C. (1) formed

    asked by sally
  21. Georgia History

    Why was every colony (except Georgia) unhappy with the Proclamation of 1763? Why were Georgia's colonists not as angry about it as the other colonies? I know I asked this question like 45 minutes ago but I really need the answer for a study guide and I

    asked by Anonymous
  22. history

    What effects did the Crusades have on Sunni and Shiite Muslim factions?

    asked by mckenna
  23. Social Studies

    Which effect did Marco Polo’s The Travels of Marco Polo have on East Asia and Southeast Asia?

    asked by Bella243
  24. social studies

    Of the following choices, which ones are characteristics of West African society? Select all that apply. A. Arabic was the main language used when trading with other societies. B. Christianity was the only religion practiced in villages. C. Slaves had no

    asked by [TMK] TheMainKain
  25. english

    Annex Perspectives Description For this assignment, you will choose a resident of the annex (other than Anne) and rewrite a journal entry from this individual’s perspective. Specifications Your entry should • Reflect what you have learned about the

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Maths

    The curve y = ax^2 + bx + c touches the line y = 2x at the origin and has a maximum point at x = 1. Find the values of a, b and c. (answer: a = -1, b = 2, c = 0)

    asked by Fred
  27. Social studies

    Here is the question: place the events in order from 1 to 5 : The Normans invade England. ; Germanic tribes settle in the east of Britain. ; England develops a standardized system of coinage. ; Anglo-Saxon kingdoms form. ; England develops a strong

    asked by Gacha Lover
  28. Math

    Identify the expression that is equivalent by the distributive property 5(2x+3) A 10x+3 B 10x+5 C10x+15 Is it C?

    asked by A girl needs help.
  29. Georgia History

    Why did the loyalist stay loyal?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Georgia State History

    What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? How did the U.S. Constitution fix those weaknesses?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. psychology

    2. define factor analysis and how it relates to the trait perspective.

    asked by anonymous
  32. psychology

    3.describe the important tenets of unconditional positive regard, according to carl rogers?

    asked by anonymous
  33. Game design

    a directory of the game's source code and other files that maintains an archive of revisions is A. a technical design document B.version control software C.Hypertext transfer protocol*** event scripting system

    asked by BLA BLA
  34. Social Studies

    Which belief or practice is NOT shared by Buddhism? A. Reincarnation B. Caste system*** C. Cycle of life D. Karma

    asked by Ace
  35. Social Studies

    How might citizens engage in civic life to influence politics and government? I just need help understanding this, thanks.

    asked by Lei
  36. Math

    In A P the third term is 4 the first term The 6th term is 17 find series

    asked by dharamveer
  37. English

    You are invited to my birthday party. My birthday is November 18th. I have invited a comedian to preside at the party and we will have fun together. At the buffet, you can choose whatever food you want. I will send this invitation card to all the people

    asked by rfvv
  38. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square 16x^2+1=7x!!! Please help me ASAP!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  39. probability

    Consider an image, in which every pixel takes a value of 1, with probability q, and a value 0, with probability 1−q, where q is the realized value of a random variable Q which is distributed uniformly over the interval [0,1]. The realized value q is the

    asked by Alison
  40. Chemistry

    Can boron hold more than 8 outer electrons?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. chemistry

    a gas at 10atm pressure occupy a volume of 10L at 300k it is allowed to expand at the constant temperature of 300k under constant external pressure till the volume equilibrate at 100L calculate the work done

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    The volume of 17.5 grams of SO2(g) at STP would be find volume in liters

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Chemistry

    A flask that can withstand an internal pressure of 2.50X103 torr, but no more, is filled with a gas at 21.0°C and 758 torr and heated. At what temperature will it be maximum before it will burst?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    Transform this equation to slope-intercept form: 6x + 4y = 8. A. y=3/2x +4 B.y=-3/2x +4 C.y=-3/2x +2 D.y=3/4x +2

    asked by KM
  45. science

    When one boy throws the ball to another boy, what type of friction happens

    asked by taylor
  46. Math

    Frank receives 9 paychecks in 12 weeks. How many paychecks will he receive in 52 weeks?

    asked by ye
  47. Social Studies

    i need help on a problem in social studies does anyone think they can help me with it?

    asked by bondy
  48. science

    When one boy throws the ball to another boy, what friction happens A.sliding friction B.rolling friction C.fluid friction

    asked by taylor
  49. Social Studies

    One main purpose of the government is to.. A.) Maintain order and security for citizens ** B.) Hold meetings for citizens to discuss issues C.) Set up elections for citizens to vote on issues and elect representatives D.) Tell citizens which candidates and

    asked by Lei
  50. calculus

    Find the exact area below the curve y=x^5(3−x) and above the x-axis.

    asked by M
  51. social studies

    What does the Hebrew Bible mean to Jews? What does the second book of the Hebrew Bible, Prophets, contain? What are the laws of the Torah about?

    asked by noneya
  52. Educational Technology

    Which of the following do you need to remember about true/false questions? A. If the statement is mostly right, then you should answer true. B. Not all parts of a statement must be true for it to be true. C. All parts of a statement must be true for it to

    asked by noneya
  53. Game design

    I dont need any answer or any thing like that, though they would be helpful, i would just like to know what in the world the question is asking... The filter that you can look at your game ideas through that focuses on where the game does something new

    asked by BLA BLA
  54. history

    Which options describe Chinese developments in mathematics? (Select all that apply.) A- The first Chinese book about mathematics, Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art, was composed before 200 BC. B- The Chinese discovered the ratio of a circle’s

    asked by grace
  55. math

    The volume of a sphere is 3,052.08 units cubed. What is its diameter?

    asked by heather
  56. Finance

    An office building is purchased with the following projected cash flows: -NOI is expected to be $180,000 in year 1 with 3 percent annual increases. -The purchase price of the property is $820,000. -100% equity financing is used to purchase the property

    asked by Ashley
  57. english

    1. "We Wear the Mask" is one of the most famous poems in African-American tradition. Why do you think it has persisted through more than 100 years of culture? Give examples from the poem that you feel are particularly resonating.

    asked by reneae
  58. english

    2. Dickinson's poetry is often overshadowed by the biographical information we have on her. Do you think her poetry is enriched by knowing her secluded background or do you think the poems themselves are significant enough that they would have lasted

    asked by samantha
  59. Math

    Help, please! Which portion can be used to determine what number is 15% of 30? A. 15/30 = X/100 ****? B. 15/100 = X/30 C. 15/100 = 30/X D. 30/100 = 15/X Help! I have no idea how I can do this! (The slash/ stands for a fraction) TIA!

    asked by AyItsYoGurl
  60. history

    Read the summary. The Ottoman Empire began as the unification of Seljuk tribes, organized by Osman Gazi (1). The Ottomans were a hybrid of the Turkish, Byzantine, and Muslim cultures (2). They embraced the Eastern Christian Orthodox religion and denounced

    asked by sarah
  61. ed tech

    What is malware short for? A. Malingered software B. Maltese hardware C. Malicious software** D. Malfunctioning hardware

    asked by Junko :D
  62. math


    asked by haha
  63. algebra

    what is x*5=5

    asked by declan
  64. social studies

    1. What encourages Mexican workers to come to the United States, and how do these workers affect Mexico’s economy? i have the first part where it says why mexicans come to the united states which is to find better job opportunities but, i just dont get

    asked by owan
  65. spanish

    te amo tanto. no puedo vivir sin ti. GRACIAS JISKHA homwork help ¿Cómo se dice "tengo un resfriado y una fiebre" en Ingles? A. I have a fever and a cold B. I have a cold and a fever C. I have a cold fever

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3.

    asked by boy needs help
  67. Math

    You have a painting that is 30 in. wide and 22.5 in. tall. You would like to reproduce it on a sheet of paper that measures 8 1/2 in. by 11 in., leaving at least a 1­in. margin on all four sides. a) What scale should you use if you keep the sheet of paper

    asked by Michelle
  68. math

    A woman at a point A on the shore of a circular lake with radius 2 mi wants to arrive at the point C diametrically opposite A on the other side of the lake. She can bicycle at the rate of 6 mi/h and row a boat at 3 mi/h. What is the shortest amount of time

    asked by ishika
  69. English

    Which is an example of a rhetorical question? A Shouldn’t we all feel a sense of responsibility to children in our society? B What time are you going to be here? C Where would you like to meet for lunch on Monday? D How many days does it take you to

    asked by Caitlyn
  70. Pre-Algebra

    What is 57% of 11? A) 19.3 B) 627 C) 6.27*** D) 0.19

    asked by Henry Hart
  71. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the civilizations to arrange them from the civilization that appeared first to the civilization that developed last. Chavin and Moche Civilization Norte Chico Civilization Tiahuanaco and Muisca Civilizations

    asked by Logan Paul
  72. Math

    I don't know which one I should make the reciprocal. Convert the map scale to a unit rate. How many inches represent one mile? 3/10 in.=7/8 mi. I just need help choosing which one I should make the reciprocal, I can do the rest.

    asked by ILTHSM_
  73. math

    can you guys pls tell me the steps to use when im trying to rename 1/8 as a percent

    asked by Steel_Shock
  74. art

    Why is the Italian Renaissance important?

    asked by phillipo
  75. English

    What is another word with nearly same meaning of the word distorted as used in this sentence. ~The old mirror distorted my reflection.~ I think it is enlarged

    asked by A girl needs help.
  76. math

    can you guys tell me the steps on how to rename .709 as a percent

    asked by Steel_Shock
  77. math

    what percent is equivalent to 2/3 A. 33 2/3% B. 150% C. 66 2/3% D. 65% I think its D

    asked by Steel_Shock
  78. English

    Which word is a synonym for demented? ( 1 point) A Shy B insane

    asked by A girl needs help.
  79. math

    how do you estimate 48% of $20.00

    asked by Steel_Shock
  80. Math

    30% of 60 is what A. 15 B. 30 C. 18 D. 40 I think its D am I right

    asked by Steel_Shock
  81. science

    True or False: If you rub a balloon across your shirt several times on a dry day, the balloon will stick to your shirt.

    asked by Kyle
  82. math

    what percent of 50 is 15 A. 4% B. 25% C. 30% D. 15% I think its B

    asked by Steel_Shock
  83. Social Studies

    Who got all the answers to Lesson

    asked by Bella243
  84. Microeconomics

    Please help me solve it. Suppose you are looking at a particular used car. Given its brand, age and overall condition, its true value to you could be 40, 50 or 60 (these are the three possible types), whatever your true value is, the sellers true value is

    asked by Eli
  85. reading

    Which word best describes Mrs. Lapham? generous kind practical religious I think A

    asked by lilkakes
  86. science

    What are the steps to describing a chemical equation? (i couldn't find a way that made sense to me)

    asked by emma_natali_
  87. English

    1. Do it like I tell you. 2. Do it as I tell you. 3. Do it the way I tell you. 4. Do it in the way I tell you. [Can we use all the expressions? Are they all grammatical? Which ones are commonly used?]

    asked by rfvv
  88. Maths

    Find the values of x for which the function y = x^2/3 is increasing.

    asked by Fred
  89. Math

    If D ~ N(250,400) find (a) P(D>265 ∩ D265 | D

    asked by Ramesh