Questions Asked on
November 12, 2018

  1. History

    The eventual election of Andrew Jackson indicated which shift in U.S. politics? A. increased reliance on aristocratic families B. acceptance of the common man C. increased rights for Native Americans D. acceptance of British influence

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Psychology

    A group of people viewed as competitors, enemies, or different and unworthy of respect is a(n). a. pariah b. in-group c. threat-group*** d. out-group

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Probability

    Exercise: MSE As in an earlier exercise, we assume that the random variables Θ and X are described by a joint PDF which is uniform on the triangular set defined by the constraints 0 ≤ x ≤ 1 , 0 ≤ θ ≤ x . a) Find an expression for the conditional

    asked by Jia
  4. Science

    Darwin assumed that evolutionary change was always slow and gradual. What was the first evidence that suggested evolutionary change might happen fast sometimes? A. homologous structures B. fossils C. reproduction rates D. DNA sequences

    asked by Anonymous
  5. World History

    Which distinguishing features provide evidence of Indian versus Chinese influence in different parts of Southeast Asia? Select all that apply. -- Buddhist practice*** -- government structure -- rice farming -- social hierarchy -- technological

    asked by rei
  6. Algebra

    Bamboo plants grow rapidly. A bamboo plant is 130 inches tall. Tomorrow it will be 143 inches tall, the next day it will be 156 inches tall, and on the next day it will be 169 inches tall. Write a rule to represent the height of the bamboo plant as an

    asked by Babdoo
  7. math

    1. which proportion can be used to determine what number is 15% of 30 15/30 = x/100 15/100 = x/30 15/100 = 30/x 30/100 = 15/x 2. which equation can be used to determine what number n is 40% of 64? (40)(64) = n 40 divided by 64= n 0.40(64)= n 64n = 0.40

    asked by Iris
  8. English

    :One Saturday I decided to be extra good. When she came out of the bedroom tying her robe, she yawned a hat-sized yawn and blinked red eyes at the weak brew of coffee I had fixed for her. I made her toast with strawberry jam spread to all the corners and

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    An electron in a hydrogen atom makes a transition from an energy state of principal quantum numbers ni to n=2.If the photon emitted has a wavelentgh of 434nm what is the value of ni?

    asked by hellen
  10. Canada History

    I just want to know what archaeological evidence taught scholars about the culture of the mississippians.

    asked by FNAF Girl
  11. math

    Add the following vectors using the Component law. a. 9 m/s [N30°E] and 2 m/s [N 60°E]. b. 3 N in a direction 15° south of west and 4 N in a direction 12° east of south.

    asked by Chris
  12. Math

    1. Express 5 - 8 As a decimal A.0.375 B.0.4 C.0.625 D.0.875 2. Express 1 1 _ 20 As a decimal A. 1.1 B. 1.05 C. 1.5 D. 1. 2 Please help me if you can Thx! :)

    asked by Infires.
  13. English

    Both text bold and highlight words and/or phrases within sentences to... 1.Make clear the main ideas 2.Make the page more interesting 3.Draw attention to key terms 4. Call out important data*** Am I right or wrong. Number 4 is the one I believe makes the

    asked by Connexussssssss
  14. math

    Which proportion can be used to determine what number is 15% of 30? 15/30 = x/100 15/100 = x/30*** 15/100 = 30/x 30/100 = 15/x Which equation can be used to determine what number, n, is 40% of 64? (40)(64) = n 40 divided by 64 = n 0.40(64) = n*** 64n =

    asked by Iris
  15. Social studies

    6. which is the purpose of the agencies represented by the blank boxes?

    asked by Ashton
  16. physics

    a current of 1.1 A flows through a coil when connected to a 110 V DC source . when 110V -50 Hz AC is applied to the same coil , only 0.5 A current flows . calculate the resistance ,impedance & inductance of the coil.

    asked by Kashyap
  17. Physical Education

    the ingredient list explains the items are consuming listed from least to most predominant so that we have a good idea of what we get more or less of -true*

    asked by welp
  18. math

    Chris works at Higgins’ Automart and is selling a new Shelby Mustang for $59,000. If he earns a commission of 3%, how much money does he earn? Write a proportion and show all steps of your work

    asked by i need help
  19. English

    Based on the description in "Blowup: What Went Wrong at Storm Mountain," what is the author's purpose for writing this selection? to explain how to prevent forest fires from spreading to inform about how to avoid getting caught in a forest fire to

    asked by Caitlyn
  20. social studies

    which is true of relative price? A. They are prices set by buyers and sellers. B. They describe prices in relation to each other. C. They tell where the supply of a good meets its demand.* D. They help avoid shortages and surpluses.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    If 5 men can build a house in 26 days, in how many days will 10 men build it? A. 52 days B. 13 days C. 50 days D. 10 days

    asked by Anonymous
  22. social studies

    all the following acts were imposed by the colonist by british except -------? A. TEA ACT B intorlerable acts C salt act D stamp act i think the answer is c. salt act can someone please check my answer

    asked by spongebob
  23. History

    Except for Sundays, when did slaves in Texas typically work? A. as they saw fit B. whenever it was daylight C. as was necessary D. when the weather was pleasant

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  24. Health

    Peer pressure is the influence that ___ may have on you. A. younger people B. people your age C. your brothers and sisters D. people other than you I think it's b or d.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    dydt=10−0.2y, y(0)=10. a. Solve this differential equation, I tried solving it and I keep on getting 10. I dont know how to approach this question

    asked by R
  26. Physics

    A piece of aluminum is made with a cavity inside the aluminum. To find the volume of the cavity the piece of aluminum is weighed. In the air, the piece of aluminum has a mass of 29.1kg. In water, the piece of aluminum has an apparent mass of 16.2kg. What

    asked by physics
  27. science

    Hi. Can I get some help plz? What is the mass of water that results from combining 2.0 g of hydrogen with 16.0g of oxygen? A. 14.0 g B. 16.0g C.18.0 g D. 20.0g Thank you for your help and time :)

    asked by Infires.
  28. Math

    Write the Fraction as a decimal. 34/15 Please help

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  29. U S History

    How might the federal government have helped reduce the effects of growing sectionalism? This question is talking about sectionalism between the North and South before the Civil War. I can't think of any ways that the government could have reduced the

    asked by bizzle
  30. Algebra

    A motorboat traveling with the current can go 160 km in 4 h. Against the current it takes 5 h to go the same distance. Find the rate of the motorboat in still water and the rate of the current. Please help!

    asked by Person
  31. Calculus

    Find the formula for a function of the form y=Asin(Bx)+C with a maximum at (1.5,1), a minimum at (4.5,−11), and no critical points between these two points.

    asked by Ashton
  32. english

    Can someone help me edit my essay?

    asked by anonymous
  33. earth science

    Which of the following statements is FALSE about the magnitude of earthquakes? A. Magnitudes of earthquakes are based on powers of ten B. An earthquake of magnitude 3 on the scale is 1.5 times more intense than a magnitude 2 C. Great earthquakes can have a

    asked by alz
  34. algebra

    Graph h(x)=23x+4

    asked by caden
  35. Math

    Adrianna, Deon, and Yoko jogged at Eisenhower Park today. Adrianna jogs at the park every 3 days. Deon jogs at the park every 5 days. Yoko jogs at the park every 6 days. Find the LCM of 3, 5, and 6 to determine how many days will pass before all 3 jog at

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  36. Economics

    The table shows the amounts held as the various components of M1 and M2. Calculate the value of M1 and M2. The value of M1 is ​$nothingm billion. The value of M2 is ​$nothingm billion. Item ​$billions Savings deposits 300300 Checking deposits 200200

    asked by UB
  37. Economics

    The inflation rate is 4 percent a year, the real GDP growth rate is 2 percent a year, and the rate of increase in velocity is 0 percent a year. What is the money growth rate?

    asked by Barnes & Noble
  38. Physics

    A piece of metal with an irregular shape has a mass of 4.281kg. When weighed while submerged in water, the piece of metal has an apparent mass of 4.000kg. What is the density of the metal? (Ans: 1.52x10⁴ kg/m³)

    asked by physics help
  39. Physics

    A car slows down uniformly from a speed of 20.0 m/s to rest in 7.60 s. How far did it travel in that time?

    asked by Evan
  40. physics

    A mover pushes a 4.21 kg box with a 36.6 N constant horizontal force up a 10.0° ramp that has a height of 1.57 m. If the ramp is assumed to be frictionless, find the speed of the box as it reaches the top of the ramp using work and energy.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Calculus

    Find the minimum and maximum of f(x,y,z)=x^2+y^2+z^2 subject to two constraints, x+2y+z=8 and x−y=5. I found that x = 41/11, y = -14/11, and z = 9/11 Meaning that the max DNE and the min = 178/11 However, my online homework is saying my answer for the

    asked by EKM
  42. Math

    Point M (4, 3) is translated according to the rule (x, y) (x + 2, y - 5). What are the coordinates of M? (2, −2) (6, 8) (2, 8) (6, -2) can someone give me the answer please

    asked by no one
  43. Chemistry

    Explain how knowledge of gas laws can be applied when a firefighter tries to put out a fire.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    How do I write this in standard form 20 000 000+4 000 000+300 000+40 000+200+500+80+4

    asked by Carson
  45. math

    1. if 1/3 is equivalent to 33 1/3% what percent is equivalent to 2/3? 2. Alice plays basketball. in one game she shoots 21 free throws and makes 81.25% of them. Estimate how many free throws she makes. 3. Estimate 48% of $23.95

    asked by i need help
  46. math

    Sally puts $200.00 in a bank account. This account earns 8% compound interest. How much money is in the account after three years? A $151.94 B $240.00 C $251.94 D $160.00 I know a and d are wrong, but this is confusing me.

    asked by Stormstrap
  47. Church history

    How did the relationship between the Carolingians and the Roman Catholic Church begin? How I tried and tired to find this but I cant find it in any of my papers. Is there anyway someone could help me figure this out?

    asked by Ash Takeo
  48. physics

    A 9.50 kg rocket produces a thrust of 365 N. The rocket is pointed upward and the bottom of the rocket is attached to, and is resting on, a spring with a spring constant of 320 N/m. If the spring compressed 0.291 m prior to launch, what is the rocket's

    asked by Anonymous
  49. physics

    two aircraft p and q are flying at the same speed,300m/s. the direction along which q is flying. find the magnitude of the velocity of the aircraft p relative to q.

    asked by selam
  50. earth science

    Surface waves disturb the water column to depths of A. less than 100 feet B. about 100 meters C. about 100 miles D. 1/2 of their wavelength E. their wavelength

    asked by alz
  51. Math

    Determine vector and parametric equations for the line through the point (2, 1) and parallel to the line with equation (x, y) = (3, -8) + t(-3, -2).

    asked by Islands
  52. Economics

    In an economy, the currency drain is 5 percent of deposits and the desired reserve ratio is 2 percent of deposits. If the central bank buys $100,000 of securities on the open market, calculate the money multiplier. The money multiplier is?

    asked by Barnes & Noble
  53. Calculus

    Find the point (x0, y0) on the line 12x+12y=2 that is closest to the origin. I set ∇f to ∇g to get: = λ I then found λ = x/6 and λ = y/6, meaning that x = y Once I plugged that back into the constraint, I found the answer to be:(1/12,1/12) However,

    asked by EKM
  54. math

    A student scored 84 and 90 on her first two quizzes. Write and solve a compound inequality to find the possible values for a third quiz score that would give her an average between 80 and 90, inclusive.

    asked by alaa
  55. Math

    dydt=10−0.2y, y(0)=10. a. Solve this differential equation, I tried solving it and I keep on getting 10. I dont know how to approach this question

    asked by R
  56. Social Studies

    Along the southern coast of Brazil the central plateau descends in high steep escarpments it towers over the waves and moves back in ridges leveling off from the peaks of the coastal ranges as it continues along to the northern regions however it gradually

    asked by Iris
  57. History

    Why did the interactions between Texan settlers and the Mexican Government change over time?

    asked by anika
  58. Medicine

    The case of Norman Cousins illness and treatment was distinctive in that it spawned a medical interest in

    asked by Estania
  59. English

    Which sentence contains an adjective used as a modifier? Will you be at the park tomorrow? There are two male puppies in the litter. The cats howled at 3:00 in the morning. Brian crunched on pretzels. Would this be the last one?

    asked by Caitlyn
  60. Math

    Find the scalar equation of the line through the point (1, -4) and perpendicular to the line 2x + 5y – 3 = 0.

    asked by Islands
  61. Economics

    The quantity of money grows at a rate of 14percent ayear, potential GDP grows at 7 percent a year, and the velocity of circulation increases at a rate of 2 percent per year increases at a rate of 2 percent per year. Calculate the inflation rate in the long

    asked by Barnes & Noble
  62. Physics

    Which of the following are acceptable units for the electrostatic force? Choose all that apply. W lb oz Ω C V A N kW•h tons

    asked by Cameron
  63. Solid State Physics

    What happens typically when a crystal is exposed to a small stress?

    asked by curiousmind
  64. Math

    Continue the pattern and write a pattern rule. 1,1,2,4,7,11,..,.. I'm really confused about this pattern.

    asked by Risha
  65. English

    For young children, the parade remains an eventful experience and becomes a fond memory in their adult lives. What words are action or linking Verbs. And any auxiliary verbs in this above sentence

    asked by Kathy
  66. history

    1.)What was the significance of the Mexican-American War? (Choose all that apply.) The North was more urban, while the South was more rural. The South was more urban, while the North was more rural. Northern states were mostly free states; Southern states

    asked by coolio
  67. Physics

    You accidentally drop a cell phone, if the cellphone lands on a grassy lawn, is its momentum less, the same, or greater?

    asked by Vincent
  68. earth science

    How fast do the fastest tsunami waves travel in the deep ocean? A. About 40 miles per hour (mph) or (70 km/hour) B. About 100 mph (170 km/hour) C. About 400 mph (700 km/hour) D. About 1000 mph (1700 km/hour) E. About 4000 mph (7000 km/hour)

    asked by alz
  69. Physics

    A piece of aluminum is made with a cavity inside the aluminum. To find the volume of the cavity the piece of aluminum is weighed. In the air, the piece of aluminum has a mass of 29.1kg. In water, the piece of aluminum has an apparent mass of 16.2kg. What

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    Add the following vector using the Component law. 3 N in a direction 15° south of west and 4 N in a direction 12° east of south.

    asked by Islands
  71. Biology

    What are the three layers of skin and a description of thier structures and functions? This is not for a test this is for notes and my teacher didn’t go over it well. Pls help

    asked by Emily
  72. English

    The crown lines the parade route and will stay until the last float has driven out of sight. Write the verbs or verb phrases in each sentence and identify each as an action verb or a linking verb. Underline any auxiliary verbs.

    asked by Cheyenne
  73. science

    explain why narrow leaves still do their job well ?

    asked by noor ul iman
  74. linear differential algebra

    SOLVE THE SYSTEM (2D+3)(x)-(D+3)(y) = 5 (D+1)(x) - (2D+5)(y) = 7+4t STEPS 1) eliminate x by mulitplying equation 1 with -(D+1) and equation 2 with -(2D+3) After multiplying, what exactly happens to the D and t on the right side? Does it become Dt or 0?

    asked by Porsche
  75. Math

    A girl bought a comic book costing 625¢, a pen costing 570¢ and a chocolate bar costing 375¢. She paid her bill with a $20 note. How much change did she receive?

    asked by Zip
  76. Health

    1) When reading a recipe's ingredients, which substance makes the recipe an unhealthy choice if it is present in a high amount? A.fiber B.protein C. trans fat - Answer D. unsaturated fat 2) Of the five food groups, which should be consumed in the smallest

    asked by UnicornKayla
  77. Math

    14 oz for $3.50 or 24 oz for $5.28.Which size bag is the better buy?

    asked by Olivia
  78. physics

    A wind is blowing at 30 degree west of north at 20km/hr. A bird is flying in the wind and its velocity relative to the ground is 90km/hr west of north. Calculate the velocity and direction of the bird

    asked by mr. samwel
  79. science

    Midwest agriculture please please please help me

    asked by shy
  80. calculus

    Find the area of y=cute root of (2x), y=(1/8)x^2, 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 6

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Maths

    Draw the graph of cosectita, sectita and cottita for 0 degree is less than or equal to tita less than or equal to 360 degrees.

    asked by Ande2
  82. Math

    What is the probability that a pregnant woman will give birth to a girl? A. .2 B. .3 C. .4 D. .5 I'm thinking 1 / 3, or .3

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Trig

    Write y= -2+7csc(3x-6) in terms of secant.

    asked by Oniess
  84. math

    a geometric progression is given as 8/81-4/27+2/9.find the sum of the first five terms.

    asked by favour
  85. geometry

    If m || n and angle 5 is 32 degrees, what are the other angle measures?

    asked by selena
  86. Math

    For what values of y: is the value of the fraction (7−2y)/6 greater than the value of the fraction (y−7)/12 ?

    asked by Astrid
  87. math

    a teacher asks four students to write equations. the table shows the responses. student 1= 7x+x-8 = 2(4x-4) student 2= 6(x+2)+2x = 5x+2+8x student 3= 8x+x-5 = 9x+8 student 4= 6(2-x)+3 = -2(3x+2) which 2 students have an equation that has no solution A.1&2

    asked by cxe
  88. Math

    23 less than Donnie’s savings is 44.

    asked by Aziah😍🙈🎶
  89. physics

    A 1.0m³ block of ice floats in fresh water. 92% of its volume is below the surface of the water. What is the magnitude of the buoyancy force acting on the block?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Variations of Development and Sensory Impairments

    In a majority of cases, Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy results from a A. metabolic imbalance of the enzyme responsible for breaking down phenyl. B. chromosomal structural deletion on the Y chromosome. C. sex-linked inheritance of mutation from the

    asked by Diana
  91. algebra

    graph g(x)=−2x−3. I dont know how to graph. whats the x and y.

    asked by caden
  92. Solid State Physics

    At room temperature, do metals have a noticeably higher heat capacity than insulators because of the mobile electrons?

    asked by curiousmind
  93. Solid State Physics

    How can an elastic deformation of a crystal be described microscopically and why would you expect Hooke's law to hold for a small strain?

    asked by curiousmind
  94. math

    Try as I might, I just don't understand the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. I have tried reading about it and they keep talking about general and specific things but I just don't get it. Is there an easy, lay way to explain it so I

    asked by Carly
  95. English

    How do I write a persuasive thesis statement on distracted driving?

    asked by Niki
  96. physics

    if a car travels 72km/h and stops at a distance of 200m then what is retardation?

  97. language arts

    i so i have to right an essay but i don't really understand hoe can someone please right an compare and contrast essay on the finish of patsy barns and Raymond's run to help me understand how to do it and then i can re-wright my own. thank you :)

    asked by anna
  98. Math

    Draw a graph that models the following statement. As the temperature increases, the number of cups of hot chocolate sold decreases. I am bad at graphs can anyone help?

    asked by not that that random guy that has a name
  99. Solid State Physics

    What predictions does the so-called Dulong-Petit law make about the heat capacity of a solid and its temperature dependence (and why)? How does it compare to the experiment?

    asked by curiousmind
  100. Algebra

    Hi I’m having a lot of trouble with algebra 1) write an algebraic expression to represent the sum of five times a number and 17 1:5x+17 2: 5x-17 3: 5(x+17) 4: 5+17x

    asked by Cece
  101. Variations of Development and Sensory Impairments

    Which of the following is an effective intervention strategy for children who are visually impaired or blind? A. Not factoring culture into the intervention process B. Ensuring you always accompany the child as they attempt to navigate a room C. Using

    asked by Diana
  102. Variations of Development and Sensory Impairments

    New technology has developed several assistive devices helpful for people with hearing impairments. Among these are A. sign language. B. cochlear implants. C. virtual reality translators. D. hearing aids with auditory intelligence. my answer is d.

    asked by Diana
  103. Solid State Physics

    Young's modulus can be estimated from the microscopic force constants between atoms(or the other way round). Why and how? (*) How can you determine a typical interatomic force constant?

    asked by curiousmind
  104. Solid State Physics

    What does it look like for two atoms per unit cell? Why does one speak of optical and acoustic branches?

    asked by curiousmind
  105. Solid State Physics

    Explain the phenomenon of work hardening.

    asked by curiousmind
  106. Algebra

    -2y + 6x + 2 = 0 y= -4 - 2x

    asked by Jonathan
  107. Solid State Physics

    How do the stress/strain curves look for a typical ductile and brittle material?

    asked by curiousmind
  108. Solid State Physics

    The yield stress of a solid estimated from a simple calculation is often much higher than the observed yield stress. Explain why.

    asked by curiousmind
  109. Solid State Physics

    Explain the meaning and use of periodic boundary conditions to describe the properties of finite solids.

    asked by curiousmind
  110. Solid State Physics

    Why is the movement of the atoms in the chain the same when multiples of 2pi/a are added to, or subtracted from, the wave number?

    asked by curiousmind
  111. math

    please help. i have to graph this 2y + 4 = x 4= -3x + 27

    asked by sklar
  112. math

    where do i put the parentheses 8+4+9-3+2=20

    asked by kaji