Questions Asked on
November 11, 2018

  1. Math

    in a survey of 290 newspaper readers, 181 of them read the Daily Times, 142 Read the Guardian 117 read punch and each reads at least one of the three papers if 75 read the Daily Times, and the Guardian, 60 read the Daily Times and punch, and 54 read the

    asked by David
  2. Linear Algebra

    Let L1 be the line passing through the point P1=(9, −1, 15) with direction vector →d1=[−2, −1, −3]T, and let L2 be the line passing through the point P2=(9, 4, 8) with direction vector →d2=[−2, −1, −1]T. Find the shortest distance d

    asked by Garrett
  3. Social studies

    I have this study guide that have to complete for homework Which of the following arguments appears in the Declaration of Independence? A. Colonies should not be ruled by a government from across the ocean. B. The king is not the rightful ruler of England.

    asked by pinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpink
  4. Socal Studies

    Okay so now listen I was doing the practice and I found this guys who said he will help with my work but then he gave me the wrong answer and now I have a 33% social studies and an overall grade of 67% now im doing the test and I NEED help please Look at

    asked by Hank Hill
  5. Math

    Are the ratios 25/45 and 15/27 proportional? Explain.

    asked by Potato
  6. social studies

    1.Which social class was at the top of the Aztec empire's class structure? A. commoners B. slaves C. nobles------- D. serfs Ms.Sue an you see if my answer is right?

    asked by lily
  7. Science

    NO ONE HAS ANSWERED 1. How do microorganisms affect the quality of soil? by breaking down the remains of dead organisms*** by creating tunnels by absorbing water by increasing mechanical weathering 2. How does the C horizon form? Rainwater washes clay and

    asked by Iris
  8. social studies

    1. Which of the following caused people in Middle America to settle down into villages? A. The animals they were hunting died out. B. The plants they gathered were destroyed in a natural disaster. C. The transportation method they were using to hunt and

    asked by stan
  9. Math

    A box contains some red balls and some blue balls. There are four more blue balls than red balls. A ball is removed at random, replaced and a second ball randomly removed. The probability that the two balls are different colours is 21/50. How many balls of

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    Find the perimeter of a rectangular area with a length of 13 inches and a width of 7 inches. with distribution and without distribution

    asked by You know it
  11. social studies

    this is my last couple of questions.. 1. Why is there a digital divide in many Central American countries? A. Residents lack access to the internet. B. There is a lack of good infrastructure. C. Air pollution is widespread.--------- D. There are a high

    asked by stan
  12. Socal Studies

    Can someone please give me the answers for Mesopotamia Unit Test Okay now I know I might get banned but ms.sue please let me slide with this one I really don't need to fail my mom saw my 33% on my ss and shes now she just took away my ps4 and my iPhone. so

    asked by Hank Hill
  13. Chemistry

    modified Haber process for making ammonia [ H2 + N2 --> NH3 ] is conducted at 550.ºC and 2.50x102 atm. If 7.55 kg of nitrogen (the limiting reactant) is used and the process goes to completion, what volume of ammonia is produced? Answer L

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    How do you write 24% as a decimal? 2.4 0.24*** 0.024 How do you write 135% as a decimal? 1.35*** 13.5 0.135 How do you write 4% as a decimal? 0.4*** 0.40 0.04 Which fraction is equivalent to 72%? (No answer, not sure on this one.) 16/25 18/25 19/25 Which

    asked by Iris
  15. Science

    A student collected nitrogen by displacing water in a graduated cylinder. the atmospheric pressure was 738.9 mmhg; the height of the water remaining in the cylinder was 13.2 mm; the partial pressure of the water was 18.8 mmhg. determine the partial

    asked by Mouna
  16. social studies

    1. Study the circle graph. A pie chart titled/ 76.2%-fossil fuels, 18.3%-hydroelectric plants, 3.3%-other renewable sources, 2.2%-Nuclear Based on information in the graph, which of the following is most likely a serious problem for Mexico? A. the cost of

    asked by malichi
  17. Math

    Find the perimeter of a rectangular area with a length of 13 inches and a width of 7 inches. with distribution and without distribution PLZ HEELP NEED HELP FAST!!

    asked by You know it
  18. Math

    A fishing boat leaves port at 12 miles per hour at a bearing of 70∘ for 5 hours, then turns to a bearing of 130∘ at 9 miles per hour for 5 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 50∘ at 9 miles per hour for 2 hours. At this point, the boat heads

    asked by wes
  19. Variations of Development and Sensory Impairments

    In addition to using sign language, children with hearing impairment should also use residual hearing, speech reading, and oral speech. This combination is called A. total communication. B. cued speech. C. noncommunication. D. early environmental

    asked by Diana
  20. Biology

    New technology has developed several assistive devices helpful for people with hearing impairments. Among these are A. sign language. B. cochlear implants. C. virtual reality translators. D. hearing aids with auditory intelligence. my answer is d.

    asked by Diana
  21. chemsty

    A container of gas has a volume of 3.5 L and a pressure of 0.8 atm. Assuming the temperature remains constant, what volume of gas would result if the pressure was 0.5 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    an equilateral triangle of 20cm is inscribed in a circle calculate the distance of a side of a triangle from the center of the circle

    asked by fatimoh
  23. Writing

    Paper Topic - "Sexual Assault: A rising issue in our --- youth." Please revise the following question and choices for my survey: Do you consider yourself open with your sexual orientation? a. Yes, but I have people around me who think otherwise b. A

    asked by eunice
  24. Writing

    Hi. I'm having difficulties posing a question for a survey I'm creating. My research paper topic is "Sexual Assault: A rising issue affecting our ---- youth" Please excuse the "---", I don't want to disclose the area. In the survey, the foremost question

    asked by eunice
  25. Math

    Find the value of this fraction computation: 6(1/2+2/3+3/4) With Distribution and with out distribution

    asked by You know it
  26. Physics

    A pitcher throws a fastball during a ballgame. The velocity of the ball is 44 m/s. The mass of the ball is 150 grams. The catcher catches the ball in his glove at 0.2 seconds. a) Compute the impulse the glove exerts catching the ball. I'm lost on part a.

    asked by Sara
  27. physics

    A force in the +x-direction with magnitude F(x)=18.0N−(0.530N/m)x is applied to a 8.30 kg box that is sitting on the horizontal, frictionless surface of a frozen lake. F(x) is the only horizontal force on the box. Part A If the box is initially at rest

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Algebra

    Jessica would like to get an A in her algebra class. To do so, she must have an average of no less than 93%. She scored 89%, 95%, 92%, 96%, and 97% on her first five tests. Assuming all six tests count the same toward her grade, write an inequality for the

    asked by Dianne Ellis
  29. math

    Find the focus and directrix for the parabola y=ax^2. What special meaning does the expression 1/(4a) have?

    asked by maath
  30. Math

    Express the product (1−1/2^2)(1−1/3^2)(1−1/4^2)···(1−1/21^2) as a fraction a/b, where a and b are relatively prime positive integers.

    asked by AJ
  31. Math

    Jimmy opens a savings account with a $210 deposit at the beginning of the month. The account earns 5% annual interest compounded monthly. At the beginning of each subsequent month, Jimmy deposits an additional $210. How much will the account be worth at

    asked by wes
  32. Science/ Health

    A unit of blood is released for a patient on the oncology floor. The nurse calls the blood bank 15 minutes later and reports that the patient has a visitor and does not want the transfusion until later that day. The nurse would like to hold the unit in the

    asked by Lacy
  33. Math

    . Suppose in an event of fire, the probability is 95% that fire alarm will ring in a building. Let x denote the number of fire alarm that will ring in case of fire. Suppose there are 3 fire alarms. a) Write the probability distribution of x. b) Explain

    asked by Zeet Ashrabi
  34. Biology

    The region of a chromosome responsible for defining a particular trait such as the color of one's eyes is called a A. mutation. B. gene. C. gamete. D. nucleus. my answer is b.

    asked by Diana
  35. math

    Y=x what is the constant of proportionality?

    asked by mary
  36. Civic

    Four ways of which the leaders can protect the interest of their follower's

    asked by Ibilade
  37. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of CO2 produced at S.t.p when 25cm3 of 0.25mol/dm3 Hcl reacts with Na2Co3.

    asked by Angel
  38. Mathematics


    asked by VARIATION
  39. Physics

    A screw jack has 90 threads tothe metre. the effort is applied at the end of an arm 20cm long whatforce must be applied to lift a load of 150N ?

    asked by JOHN
  40. Math

    the 2nd term of a g.p is 12 more than the 1st term,given that the common ratio is half of the 1st term find the third term of the g.p

    asked by ABIA
  41. Social studies

    Which of the following could indicate that climate change is occurring rapidly in Nunavut Territory?

    asked by Jaiden
  42. English

    What is the order of adjective in a sentence?

    asked by MS
  43. physics

    The speed of sound in fresh water is 1.5 ✕ 103 m/s. Ultrasound sent from a boat on a fresh water lake strikes a school of fish and is received back at the surface after a total elapsed time of 150 ms. How far are the fish from the boat?

    asked by Alex
  44. physics

    an object of mass 4kg moves in a circle of radius 6m with constant of 12m/s find the angular velocity

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Biology

    Which of the following correctly describes a vision impairment related to albinism? A. There's a lack of melanin or pigmentosa, making the eyes sensitive to light. B. Children see only shadows. C. The vision in one eye deteriorates in one eye while the

    asked by Diana
  46. Geometry

    My teacher gave me a question like this...... Complements of the same angle are __________ complementary Sometimes/ Never/ Always The correct answer is Sometimes, BUT WHY?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. university physics

    A 32.8 kg child rides a 7.00 kg toboggan down a 12.0 m high snowy hill. If the child starts from rest and has a speed of 7.15 m/s at the bottom of the hill, what is the change in thermal energy of the child on their toboggan and the snow?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    Find the value of this integer expression: 2( + 3 + − 4 + − 8 + + 7) I need to know how to do it with distribution and without distribution HELP PLX NEED HELP

    asked by You know it
  49. physics

    Determine the change in intensity level (in decibels) when a sound intensity is increased by a factor of 2.0, 20, 200.

    asked by Alex
  50. Math

    Find acute angle when m=-2/3

    asked by Alisha
  51. Algebra

    Derrick started his car, an automatic, and drove 8 miles. He spent 2 minutes idling at a stop light. Dawn started her car, a manual, and drove it 9 miles with no stops. Who used more gas? Use this chart to help you detrmine your answer. TABLE OF GAS

    asked by Unknown
  52. Early childhood ed

    Describing autism and subsequently labeling children under this category continues to be complicated. The reason for this is that A. autistic characteristics exist with many other known conditions and vary considerably across individuals. B. autism is a

    asked by Diana
  53. Maths

    What percent is 5 grams of 1 kg?

    asked by S. Durga
  54. Finite math

    Consider the supply equation p=2x+10, where x is the quantity supplied in units of 1,000 and p is the unit price in dollars. Determine the number of units of the commodity the supplier will make available in the market at the given unit price. p=18

    asked by Carrie
  55. physics

    a relative density of weighs 30g when empty,70g when filled with water,and 100g when filled with a liquid, find the; a. relative density of the liquid b. density of the liquid

    asked by williams
  56. university physics

    A cable is used to lift a 310. kg crate upward, resulting in 7.82×103 N of tension in the rope. Using work and energy, solve for the speed of the crate after being lifted from rest to a height of 1.40 m above the floor.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Chemistry


    asked by LAABES
  58. Algebra II

    Simplify 6+5i ------- -3i

    asked by Austin
  59. english

    when writing a Toulman argument am I suppose to mention ideas of the opposing side somewhere in the paper? Like if I am writing about in support of something should I mention the reasons why people don't support it?

    asked by jason
  60. Physics

    Enthalpy of solution of in water is -4 1.6 kilo joule per mole when n a o h is dissolved in water the temperature of water Option - A increase B decrease C does not change D fluctuates in definitely

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Early childhood ed

    Barb is a five-year-old with Turner syndrome. She is in a preschool classroom, and next year she's going to make the transition to kindergarten. What kinds of activities might be appropriate to help her make the transition more effective? A. Compliance

    asked by Diana
  62. Civic education

    Explain how god father's can protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Patience
  63. Math

    Share $1500 among james, peter and mary so that each of the two boys receives twice as much as mary. Calculate the amount of money mary received. Express Mary's share as a fraction of the total amount. Express Peters share as a fraction of the amount

    asked by Jay
  64. Math

    The 8 term of a g.p is 7/32

    asked by Tracy
  65. fire science

    if the pressure of a tire is 32 psi at room temperature then the pressure increases to 36 in the tire what is the temperature of the tire

    asked by pat
  66. Arithmetic


    asked by ABIA
  67. Algebra 1

    Jared is 5 years older than Stacy. The sum of their ages is 17 a) Write a system to model Jared's age and Stacy's age. (I know that Jared is 11 and Stacy is 6)

    asked by Jalyn