Questions Asked on
November 9, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be so significant?

    asked by boy needs help
  2. Social Studies

    King Charles V of Spain gained control of which other empire in 1519? A. Ottoman empire B. Habsburg empire C. British empire D. Portuguese empire its b or d but i mostly thing its d

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  3. algebra

    Describe the vertical asymptote and hole for the graph of (x^2+x-6)/(x^2-9). a. asymptote: x=2; hole: x=-3 b. asymptote: x=3; hole: x=2 c. asymptote: x=-3; hole: x=3 d. asymptote: x=3; hole: x=-3 I know that it has to either be b or d because the asymptote

    asked by helana
  4. social studies

    The addition of which territories increased Spanish power under Charles V? A. the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands B. Turkey and Egypt C. Italy and Great Britain D. France and northern Africa Which of the following supported the arts in Spain, leading

    asked by shelby
  5. science

    1: which of earth's spheres contains mountins, vallys, and other landscapes? a- atmosphere b- biosphere c- geosphere ** d- hydrosphere ** = my answer

    asked by i'm not good in science
  6. Social studies

    1. Where do most people in Central America live? A. coastal areas where they can rely on fishing and trade B. the central plateau where soils are good for farming------ C. river valleys with enough water for farming D. highland areas where temperatures are

    asked by Miyah
  7. English

    1.Question Text: Which of the following is the best purpose for reading A Surprise Point of View? - to learn about a subject -to make a decision **** - to learn how to complete a task - to be entertained

    asked by Help me pls
  8. Social Studies

    Which of these phrases best summarizes legalism? A. Harsh laws are needed to keep order in society B. Moral values are the key to social order C. Citizens are capable of governing themselves D. Educating people leads to strong society PLEASE HELP QUICK

  9. Social Studies

    what was Alexander Hamilton's main reason for insisting that all the nation's debt must be paid in full

    asked by hannah
  10. history

    What period saw the Japanese emperor restored to power, replacing military rule? Tokugawa shogunate Edo period sakoku Meiji Restoration the fourth one?

    asked by Dianni
  11. Math

    PLEASE DON'T JUST SHOW ANSWER PLEASE SHOW HOW TO DO IT PLEASE Mrs. Walters drove 360 miles on 25 gallons of gas. Mr. Walters drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas. a.Find the mileage per gallon for Mrs. Walters car. b.Find the mileage per gallon for Mr.

    asked by Iris
  12. social studies

    Why did Yongle move the capital to Beijing? a. to control trade across the Mongol empire b. to strengthen ties with lands outside China c. to strengthen Ming rule over southern China d. to protect against future Mongol invasions

    asked by holalalllalalla
  13. algebra

    the rational function has a y-intercept of 7. what is the equation for this function

    asked by helana
  14. Math

    Multiple Choice What are the equivalent fraction and decimal for thirty three and one-third%? A. start fraction 1 over 33 end fraction and 0.3 B. start fraction 1 over 33 end fraction and 3 C. 3start fraction 1 over 3 end fraction and 0 point modifying

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    It is fortunate that you are able to fix the faucet because we need to use the water.? It was fortunate that you was able It is fortunate that you will have been able It were fortunate that you were able It is being fortunate that you are able No

    asked by somayee
  16. algebra

    how do the graphs of y= 1/x and y= 5/x+6 compare?

    asked by helana
  17. math

    are the answers b. c a d b c 9. The sides of a rectangle are increased by a scale factor of 4. The perimeter of the smaller rectangle is 20 cm. What is the perimeter of the larger rectangle? (1 point) 320 cm 80 cm 120 cm 60 cm 10. A right triangle has an

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    What is the function of DNA and where is it found in a eukaryote cell? A) sexual reproduction:ribosomes ***B) controls respiration:mitochondria C) regulates all cell activity:nucleus D) pass of like traits:endoplasmic reticulum Can someone check my answer?

    asked by Dojo
  19. Science

    During the (summer, winter) season the belt of sub polar lows and the polar front are farthest south in North America and the central United States will experience a (greater, lesser) frequency of passing midlatitude cyclones. Answer: winter, lesser Is

    asked by Is this correct?
  20. physics

    When an acrobat walks on a tightrope, she extends her arms straight out from the sides. She does this to make it easier for her to catch herself if she should tip from one side to the other. Explain how this works. Maybe something with center of mass? This

    asked by tyger2020
  21. science

    An antacid tablet added to a glass of water fizzes and bubbles as it mixes. Which of the indicators of a chemical change is represented in this scenario? formation of a gas change in color change in energy formation of a precipitate is it the last one?

    asked by Dianni
  22. chemistry

    2C2H6 + 7O2 yields 4CO2 + 6H2O What is the (∆rH°) of this equation?

    asked by Quin
  23. on Jiskha

    Umm, Ms. Sue you said on one post that you know what our WIFI is and what location we are in. So.... can you please tell me what you mean or do you just know where we live?Because that is an invasion of privacy. Also I shouldn't get banned for this

    asked by Pickle rick
  24. Art

    when drawing in perspective it is important to remember to use? A. Vanishing point. B. Cool colors. C. Many textures D. Many lines. Plz help.

    asked by Do u like this? It's 3 dollar.
  25. math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2, i do not understand how to do this equation can someone explain? (not asking for a direct answer)

    asked by isuckatmath
  26. math

    please check my answers 1. what are the equivalent fraction and decimal for 33 1/3 % A. 1/33 AND 0.3 B. 1/33 and 3 C. 3 1/3 and 0.33 - with bar D. 1/3 and 0.33 with one bar on the first three***** my answer is d

    asked by help math
  27. Science

    Give two eg state of fresh water

    asked by Veaz baksh
  28. Math

    How do I subtract negative fractions with unlike denominators? I'm not cheating on a test for connexus and I'm not asking for freaking answers, I'm asking for someone to tell me how to do this. And don't bother answering if you're just gonna put confusing

    asked by Jessica
  29. Math

    Rename Start Fraction 4 over 7 End Fraction as a percent. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary. A. 47% B. 1.8% C. 57.1% D. 28%

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    What strategies do you use when converting a fraction to a decimal or a decimal to a fraction. (Essay answer) Help Thanks

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  31. Math

    Jade used mental math to multiply 7(52) . She used the following steps: First step: 7(50 + 2) Second step: 7(50) + 7(2) What property does this represent? A Associative Property B Additive Inverse Property C Commutative Property D Distributive Property***

    asked by ILTHSM_
  32. ss

    In the text, you read this about states' rights in the Confederacy: The South also had political problems. The Confederate constitution favored states' rights and limited the authority of the central government. As a result, the Confederate government

    asked by help plzz
  33. Algebra

    What are the equivalent fraction and decimal for 33% 1/3? A- 1/33 and 0.3 B- 1/33 and 3 C- 3 1/3 and 0.33 D- 1/33 and 3 PLEASE HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by HELPPPPP PLEASEEEEE!!!!
  34. Social Studies

    A friend of yours who wants to be a teacher and is interning with a government class right now has been invited to share an activity with the class that illustrates the concept and reasoning behind separation of powers (involving the prevention of passion,

    asked by ummmmmmm
  35. Math

    Let f be a function from R to R defined by f(x) = x^2. Find f^–1({x | 0 < x < 1}). So I found the inverse of f(x): f^-1(x) = sqrt(x) But now how do I continue to ensure that it is only for 0 < x < 1?

    asked by Kid
  36. Math

    Tell whether the pair of polygons is similar. Explain why or why not. The polygon A is bigger. The side of the polygon is 10ft and the top sides of the polygon is 11ft. The polygon B is smaller. The side of the polygon is 8.4ft and the top side of the

    asked by Enna
  37. Math

    What is the GCF for 12, 24, 48? Is it 12?

    asked by Mary
  38. math

    Find the value of this integer expression: − 2(+ 3 +− 4 +− 8 ++ 7) . With Distribution and without Distribution.

    asked by you know it
  39. Math

    Identify whether the number is prime or composite. If the number is composite, then identify the factors. 65 Prime Composite; 1,2,4, 7,8,14,28,56 Composite;1,2,4,6,7,8,9,14,28,56 Composite;1,2,14,56 I think it's b

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Spanish

    n your own words explain the difference between the possessive adjectives used for “our” as compared to other possessive adjectives in Spanish. Please provide examples of how these different version of "our" are used in Spanish. Explain what determines

    asked by ummmmmmm
  41. science

    i need information about boiling water this is what i have Boiling water is the temperature at which a liquid bubbles and changes into vapor. You can boil water outside but, only when it’s hot out you can use the stove, or even the mircove. There’s

    asked by Student
  42. Social Studies

    What Are the Different Branches of Judaism????? I am so confused about this thank you!

    asked by Mary
  43. Math

    What is the LCM of 4 and 10? What is the GCF of 8 and 12?

    asked by Iris
  44. Math

    50 is 6.25% of what number? A. 8 B. 80 C. 750 D. 800

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    Identify whether the number is prime or composite. If the number is composite, then identify the factors. Number 41 A) Prime B) Composite; 1, 41 C) Composite; 1,3, 17, 41 D) Composite; 1,3,17,7,41 Please help thank you very much. *_*

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    3 (3t + s) s = 9 and t = 12 im having trouble and i dont understand it

    asked by Mini Kid
  47. math 100

    The equation for a general normal curve with mean μ and standard deviation σ is y = e−(x − μ)2/(2σ2) σ 2π . Calculate values for x = 20, 30, , 70, 80 where μ = 50 and σ = 10. Note that setting μ = 0 and σ = 1 in this equation gives the

    asked by ryan
  48. science

    What factors could produce more damage and/or deaths from a “weaker” or lower category storm?

    asked by emily
  49. Math

    Let a, b, and m be integers, and m ≥ 2. Prove that: ab ≡ [ (a mod m) · (b mod m) ] (mod m). So I tried proof by cases: Assume ab ≡ [(a mod m) ∙ (b mod m)] mod m is true. Then ab mod m = [(a mod m) ∙ (b mod m)] mod m, and (ab-[(a mod m) ∙ (b

    asked by Kid
  50. Health

    Which STD can be spread by skin-to-skin contact? a. genital warts**** b. AIDS c. hepatitis B d. gonorrhea

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Physics

    Your tired 10 lb. baby cousin is cradled in your arm as you're walking back and forth across a 15m room to get her to fall asleep. Explain what work was done on the baby.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    You exercised 24 hours each month for a year. How many hours did you exercise by the end of the year? You may be able to do the math mentally thanks to expanded notation and the Distributive Property. So basically i don't need the answers, ms.sue can you

    asked by For ms.sue
  53. science

    15g/100ml of blood. How many kilograms of hemoglobin are there in a person who has 5.5 L of blood?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Child Education

    Preschoolers’ ability to discriminate phonemes when they hear them has little to do with early reading ability. I am thinking true ​The greater the intellectual and positive emotional involvement in learning, the more effectively the brain learns and

    asked by Patrick
  55. journalism

    Which is NOT something that makes a story newsworthy? A.Timing B.Proximity C.Fun factor D.Hypocrisy I think c

    asked by celeste
  56. Solid State Physics

    What does the phonon dispersion, that is, the vibrational frequency as a function of wave vector 𝜔(k), look like for an infinite chain of atoms with one atom per unit cell?

    asked by curiousmind
  57. math 100

    A normal distribution has a mean of 85.4 and a standard deviation of 4.88. Find the data value corresponding to the value of z given. (Enter your answer to four decimal places.) z = −3.42

    asked by ryan
  58. Math

    What is 3m-5 made into a word problem?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  59. Math

    In math class, Sam correctly multiplied 3.625 × 10 with the exponent of -8 by 500, then reported his product in scientific notation. What was the exponent in Sam’s product? a.-16 b.-10 c.-7 D.-5 I think the answer is B. Please correct me if I am wrong,

    asked by Bonny the Horse
  60. GA History

    Which Native American groups are living in the Colony of Georgia, according to the map? I honestly can't tell and my glasses aren't doing anything to help. Please help me!

    asked by Kira
  61. Algebra

    The maximum value of a function is the largest y-value of that function. - true *** - false

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    I just need help setting up the equations . I dont know if they are asking to find cans or weeks. Students in the Healthy Planet Club at Eagle High School are collecting aluminum cans as part of a community cleanup project. Together, the 9th graders and

    asked by Jay
  63. Spanish

    Please help me, no one will help me and it needs to be completed, Some of it is correct. Fill in the blanks, I'm guessing this is in present tense but I dot know i'm not being helped. Hoy tú ______(ir) a un guateque campesino. Es un evento especial en

    asked by Anonomouse
  64. Science

    Hurricane Isabel passed well to the south of Norfolk, and yet it caused extreme flooding and power outages throughout this region. Why?

    asked by jason
  65. Math

    4x-2=12 represented as a sentence is A two less than four times a number is 12 B four times two less than a number is 12 C four times a number is two less than 12 D four times a number less than two is 12 my answer is d. am I correct?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  66. Math

    Identify whether the number is prime or composite. If the number is composite, then identify the factors. Number:93 A) Prime B) Composite; 1, 93 C) Composite; 1,3,9, 31, 93 D) Composite; 1,3,31,93 Will it be D?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. physics

    a box of mass 10kg is pulled along a rough floor with a force of 100N. the fricyional force acting on the box is a constant 20N. what is the change in the kinetic energy of the box?

    asked by rochelle
  68. thermodynamics

    two rigid tank that contain hydrogen2 at two different states arr connected to each other. now a valve is opened, and two gases are allowed to mix while achieving thermal equilibrium with the surroundings. the final pressure in the tank is to be

    asked by Anonymous
  69. science

    as the distance between two objects decreases as the distance between two objects increases. - true or false - i think its false am i correct?

    asked by i'm not good in science
  70. Science

    What are some of the reasons why the estimates of fatalities and damages in the older records may be less accurate than for the more recent events?

    asked by adeilia
  71. Algerbra

    if 9^y=x, which of the following represents 9^y-9^(y-3) A) 1/x^3 B) x^3 C) 729x D) 729/728 x E) 728/729 x

    asked by andy
  72. History

    Which is a bigger deal, the opening day for the House of Representatives or the opening day for the Senate? Why?

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  73. English

    ead the statement, and choose the word that best describes the writer's tone. Please do eat the last piece of pizza. I haven't had any yet, but you should definitely have a third piece. sarcastic sincere humorous gloomy Would this be sincere?

    asked by Caitlyn
  74. math 100

    Suppose that people's heights (in centimeters) are normally distributed, with a mean of 170 and a standard deviation of 5. We find the heights of 70 people. (You may need to use the standard normal distribution table. Round your answers to the nearest

    asked by ryan
  75. math


    asked by Niya
  76. Science

    A typical adult uses 195kcal/hr of energy while walking, if all the energy in 145kcal were to be burned off by walking, how many minutes would it take for this energy to be used?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. art

    During the middle ages who was most likely to own a manuscript or book?

    asked by taylor
  78. English

    Journalists are almost always protected from having to _[blank]_ the identity of their sources of information. modify source reveal translate would this be reveal?

    asked by Caitlyn
  79. math 100

    A package of Toys Galore Cereal is marked "Net Wt. 12 oz." The actual weight is normally distributed, with a mean of 12 oz and a variance of 0.16. (a) What percent of the packages will weigh less than 12 oz? 50 Correct: Your answer is correct. % (b) What

    asked by ryan
  80. math 100

    The equation for the standard normal curve is an exponential equation: y = e−x2/2 2π Evaluate this formula for x = −4, −3, . . . , 3, 4. (Round your answers to five decimal places.)

    asked by ryan
  81. Math algebra

    Write a missing addend addition sentence to help solve 78-49.explain how you would use it.

    asked by Taha
  82. physics

    A boa box of mass 10kg is pulled along a rough floor with a force of 100N. the frictional force acting on the box is a constant 20N. What is the change in the kinetic energy of the box?

    asked by Rochelle
  83. math

    during a recent cassette sale at matt music store the number of tapes customers purchased was distributed as follows

    asked by balsley
  84. math 100

    Suppose the neck size of men is normally distributed, with a mean of 15.5 inches and a standard deviation of 0.5 inch. A shirt manufacturer is going to introduce a new line of shirts. Assume that if your neck size falls between two shirt sizes, you

    asked by ryan
  85. math 100

    Suppose that, for a certain mathematics class, the scores are normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 9. The teacher wishes to give A's to the top 7% of the students and F's to the bottom 7%. The next 17% in either direction will

    asked by ryan
  86. English

    Hello again. I will really appreciate one more piece of advice. Do I have to repeat the pronoun in the following enumeration? "I'd like to raise a glass of wine to everything good you've got - to your wisdom, (your) strong will, (your) kind heart, (your)

    asked by Nalmi
  87. math 100

    A normal distribution has a mean of 85.7 and a standard deviation of 4.81. Find the data value corresponding to the value of z given. (Enter your answer to four decimal places.) z = 0.55

    asked by ryan
  88. Maths

    Find the smallest distance between the graphs y=x^2 - 4x + 12 and y=2x + 1. Thanks for any help Answer= 0.894427...

    asked by Fred
  89. world history

    essay that compares and contrasts the Babylonian and Hittite empires

    asked by dumb
  90. Math

    Vinod and his two daughters Smriti and kurti purchase a car for Rs 525000. Vinod contributes 10/21 of the total cost of the car, Samridhi contributes 3/5 of her father's contribution while the kurti contributes 1/2 of her father's contribution. how much do

    asked by Sumit
  91. Science

    How does water enter the atmosphere? (select all that apply) -runoff -precipitation -transpiration -evaporation

    asked by Student
  92. Algerbra

    if 6^(2x+1)=k, then 6^(4k+3) equals

    asked by andy
  93. math

    Any product of four consecutive integers is one less than a perfect square.(Hint: Take four consecutive  integers as ) , m , m , mm +1 +2 +3

    asked by Queen marry
  94. Mathematics

    formula for findin the common ratio of a G.P

    asked by Peter
  95. math 100

    Suppose that, for a certain exam, a teacher grades on a curve. It is known that the mean is 55 and the standard deviation is 5. There are 35 students in the class. What score would be necessary to obtain an A? or above

    asked by ryan
  96. math

    One number is 6 less than a second number. Find a pair of such number that their product is as small as possible.

    asked by fluffy
  97. Physics

    A boy climbs to the roof of his house and drops a 0.40 kg rubber bll from the 7.5-meter peak of the house. how fast will the ball be travelling when it hits the ground? a. 15 m/s b. 24 m/s c. 30 m/s d. 12 m/s

    asked by kristine
  98. English

    Hello. Please help me with the grammar problem. Is it necessary to use the preposition "to" in the following sentence: "May you get as much happiness as you give (to) other people." Thank you very much for help.

    asked by Nalmi