Questions Asked on
November 7, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements best describes Maya cities? A. They were built on islands in lakes. B. They grew up mainly in the highlands. C. They had relatively few buildings. D. They had pyramids and palaces in their centers. Is the answer B?

    asked by MarinadedBread
  2. History

    Zhou rulers claimed that they had won the Mandate of Heaven because they How did the zhou king control his vast kingdom What did zhou artisans discover

    asked by Jen
  3. Chemistry

    A chemistry student needs to standardize a fresh solution of sodium hydroxide. She carefully weighs out of oxalic acid H2C2O4 , a diprotic acid that can be purchased inexpensively in high purity, and dissolves it in 250.mL of distilled water. The

    asked by Emma
  4. social studies

    describe how oral traditions, proverbs, and music are key features of africa's cultural legacy. PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THAT QUESTION!!

    asked by mmarco
  5. Social studies

    Please answer and check my answers What development helped speed up manufacturing of products such as automobiles? A. the growth of labor unions B. the telegraph C. ************ the assembly line D. the Bessemer process Between 1860 and 1914, what was the

    asked by CLementie
  6. history

    which factors in west and east africa allowed their cultures to endure??

    asked by Melissa
  7. social studies

    1.Which is an effect of deforestation? A. soil erosion B. air pollution C. water pollution------- D. earthquakes 2. Which of the following is a reason so many people have migrated from Middle America to other regions? A. They dislike the region's climate.

    asked by holly
  8. Social studies

    1. What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to the United States that reflected changes that were happening in the country during Jackson’s administration? A. A strict divide between rich and poor B. A growing spirit of democracy and equality

    asked by XD
  9. Social Studies

    The eventual election of Andrew Jackson Indicated which shift in US politics? 1. Increased reliance on aristocratic families 2. acceptance of the common man 3. Increased rights for native Americans 4. Acceptance of British influence

    asked by ramen
  10. science

    Sugar is a pure substance, but it is not an element. Which sentences support this statement? Hint: Consider the definition of an element. Select all that apply. a The process of cellular respiration uses sugar and provides energy to cells. b Plants make

    asked by Dianni
  11. Social Studies

    *** = what I think the answer is.. Please check my answers! 1. What was the result of the development of the Silk Road? Select all that apply. A. It brought new ideas such as Buddhism into China.*** B. It enabled the Shang to expand Chinese territory. C.

    asked by UNKNOWN
  12. Math

    Rename 1/8 as a percent

    asked by Cindy
  13. Social Studies

    Which is the most important lesson that can be learned from the Persian Wars? A. That Athens alone could have beaten Persia. B. That Persia was too powerful to ever defeat. C. That the Greek city-states should stay independent at all times. D. That a

    asked by Rosa Green
  14. Math

    What is m - 7

    asked by Leo
  15. Social Studies

    How did humanism affect the Enlightenment? A. It led people to return to traditional religious beliefs.*** B. It led people to turn away from scientific explanations of events. C. It led people to apply logic and reason to understand the world. D. It led

    asked by name:unknown
  16. history

    how did the songhai empire stregthen islam?

    asked by Melissaaa
  17. Social Studies

    Which of the following Mesoamerican civilization developed a system of writing A. the Olmec B. the Inca C. the Aztec D. the maya

    asked by Cleo
  18. Social Studies

    What was one reason Louis XIV supported the arts? A. He wanted to show his own importance. B. ***** He believed in helping artists be successful. C. He wanted French art to be recognized as superior by Spain. D. He thought that French art needed

    asked by connxus kid
  19. math

    Which number line shows the solution to x

    asked by you know it
  20. English

    What mood did the author create at the beginning of The Johnstown Flood story? A. joyful B. peaceful C. tense D. angry I read it, but Im confused on how to identify the mood...

    asked by Caitlyn
  21. Social Studies

    How does the structure of the society of the Han dynasty reflect Confucian values?

    asked by UNKNOWN
  22. physics

    2. A baseball starts from rest and rolls 50.0 m down a hill in 10.0 seconds. What is the acceleration?

    asked by john
  23. Chemistry

    Suppose 0.780 of potassium iodide is dissolved in 150. mL of a 51.0mM aqueous solution of silver nitrate. Calculate the final molarity of iodide anion in the solution. You can assume the volume of the solution doesn't change when the potassium iodide is

    asked by Emma
  24. history

    Which of the following would have been studied as a result of the humanism movement? i really need help can you please help

    asked by koala boy
  25. Math

    A right pyramid has a square base of sides 10cm each and a slant height of 15cm . Draw a net of the pyramid and label its dimensions

    asked by Unknown
  26. language arts

    Falcons and Hawks Falcons belong to the raptor family. They are the fastest flyers of all the raptors. These birds of prey eat small animals and other birds. To catch a bird, a falcon flies high into the air. It dives down and hits its prey in midair.

    asked by name:unknown
  27. math

    A man has a simple discount note for ​$6,500​ at an ordinary bank discount rate of 8.61 %, for 50 days. What is the effective interest​ rate? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent

    asked by emily
  28. Algebra

    1. Which equation has a graph parallel to the graph of 9x+3y=-22 A. y= 3x-22 B. y= -3x+8 C. y= 1/3x+12 D. y= -1/3x-2

    asked by ://
  29. Social Studies

    Who was Siddhartha Gautama before he became the Buddha?

    asked by Jeremy
  30. history

    What impact did the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire have on Europe? The fall of Napoleon and the spread of ideas from the French Revolution led to a rise in nationalism in many European nations. The collapse of Napoleon’s empire promoted international

    asked by Dianni
  31. math

    -5g - 6 for g=-2 4 16 10 -13 this is for writing &evsluating algebraic expressions quiz. math 7 A unit 5

    asked by gg
  32. History

    Who was the British military commander known for defeating Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars? Charles Cornwallis Oliver Cromwell Arthur Wellesley Ernest Shackleton When I looked this up it says that he was defeated by Duke of Wellington

    asked by Dianni
  33. accounting

    A man has a simple discount note for ​$6 comma 500​, at an ordinary bank discount rate of 8.61 % comma for 50 days. What is the effective interest​ rate? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent

    asked by emily
  34. history

    Which describes the Crimean War? a war by Britain to conquer the Ottoman Empire in order to gain access to the Gulf of Suez to build a canal a war by Russia and the Ottoman Empire against British and French military expansion in the Middle East a war by

    asked by Dianni
  35. Math

    I need answer. 14 = t - 44

    asked by cabage pack
  36. history

    Which identifies the reason for the rise of imperial powers? Colonial powers conquered underdeveloped territory to prove their military superiority. European empires desired additional territory due to competition between monarchs for more land. European

    asked by Dianni
  37. math

    someone check my answer please using a blueprint, 1 inch=12 feet. if the dimensions of a recreation room on the blueprint are 2 inches x 1.75 inches, what are its actual measurements? A 1ft x 12 ft B 6ft x 7 ft C 22 x 18 ft D 24 ft x 21 ft **** i think it

    asked by bts loves all
  38. Math

    lim as x approaches 0 (1-Cos^2(3x))/x^2 How do I derive the numerator??

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Pre-Algebra

    On a school field trip, the school requires that there are 3 teachers for every 75 students. If 125 students attend the trip how many teachers are needed? Write and solve a proportion. Triangle CAT is located at C (-5, 2), A (-4, 4), T (-1, 2). Find the

    asked by Woltia
  40. Math

    Evaluation of 6r + 7 for r =1.2 1. 0.2 2. 7.2 3. 13 4. 14.2

    asked by Mr
  41. English

    What are the answer´s to chapter 11 final check a craul teacher??

    asked by Jennifer
  42. algebra

    Is 84/105 and 128/160 proportional? please explain im so stuck.

    asked by katy
  43. history

    The _______________addresses many of the concerns raised by the Declaration of Independence, including freedom of speech, the press, religious practice, assembly, and petition. First Amendment Magna Carta Federalist Papers Second Amendment The first ten

    asked by lydia
  44. Math

    The temperature in Amarillo is 74 degrees and is increasing at a rate of 2 degrees per hour. In Houston, it is 68 degrees and increasing 4 degrees per hour. Write an inequality to find how long it will take for the temperature in Houston to exceed the

    asked by Denise
  45. Math

    Please help I don't understand please and thank you very much! solve the equation using mental math x/ 8=8

    asked by The girl In the corner help for finding answer
  46. social studies

    1. Which of the following was one of the influences of the Roman Republic in the framing of the Constitution? (1 point) a centralized government that provides for more order elected representatives who are the voice of the people a judicial system that is

    asked by reb
  47. English/History

    Why were the Japanese Americans sent to an internment camp? 1. Their old neighborhoods were needed for a base camp. 2. Their old homes were unfit to live in. 3. The government was afraid they would threaten the war effort. 4. Their old homes were destroyed

    asked by Caitlyn
  48. history

    Who wrote the letter from the Alamo? Describe the letter. What was he asking for in the letter? How many Mexican soldiers did he say were holding them under siege? Who was the leader of the Mexican troops and what did he demand? Please help please

    asked by hi guys
  49. Physics

    A child pulls on a rope of of sled that is stuck in snow at an angle of 34° with respect to the horizonal. The mass of the sled is 15 kg. Determine the applied force needed to get the sled moving if the coefficient of static friction between the sled and

    asked by Ameer
  50. Math

    I have my answers can you check them for me pls. 1. Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution of the equation y = -4x^2? (-2,16) (1,-8) (0,-4) (2,-16)***

    asked by Help me pls
  51. Math

    An African elephant weigh 6 tons what is the weight of the elephant in pounds

    asked by Lacy
  52. science

    1. New fossils are constantly being discovered and new stories about Earth's history are emerging. The millions of fossils that scientists have collected are documented in the fossil record architecture data base **

    asked by help
  53. Geography

    a. How were farming societies different from earlier societies? b. How did ancient Egypt’s government direct the Nile’s water? c. What did Arab invaders bring to North Africa? d. What groups of Arabs came to North Africa, and in what sequence? e. Why

    asked by Jackson
  54. Math

    If x^a = y^b = k and x^c = y^d = t, then which of the following is true? a) ac = bd b) ad = bc c)a/d = c/b d) a^c = b^d e) a+c = b+d

    asked by Alex
  55. math

    ms sue will you help me if my coordinates are A o,4 B 4,4 C 2,0 D 0,0 THE DILATION IS A' 0,2 B' 2,2 C' 2,0 D' 0,0 what is the scale factor?

    asked by cc
  56. math

    There are many examples of graphs that have period 60 and whose y-values vary between -8 and 8. First, find a formula for such a function f, given that f(0)=8. Next, find a formula for such a function g, given that g(0)=0. For your f, also find the three

    asked by maath
  57. Math

    The internal and external radii are estimated to be 6 cm and 8 cm respectively, to the nearest whole number. The height of the cylinder is exactly 14 cm. (a) Determine the exact values for internal and external radii which will give maximum volume of the

    asked by Kd
  58. Math

    lim as x approaches 0 (1-cos(2x))/(3sinx) How do I derive both the numerator and denominator

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    Your town is building a circular ice rink with a diameter of 100 feet. Around the ice rink will be a walkway that is 10 feet wide. What is the approximate area of the walkway?

    asked by jordy
  60. Trigonometry

    What is the measure to the nearest degree of the smallest angle in a triangle whose vertices are R(3, 3), S(-2, 3), and T(-2, -3)? 47º 40º 49º 51º I calculated and got 50 but it's not an option. 49?

    asked by Quinn
  61. Social studies

    Why didn’t the consignees resign in boston

    asked by Gsk
  62. psychology

    Listed below are the effects of observation on research. Match the bias of the effect with the research situation described. Observation Bias: A. Researcher's own feelings B. Inadequate research methods C. Researcher's closeness to subjects D. Researcher's

    asked by sue
  63. Physics

    Two boys each of mass 10kg sit at a distance 1.5metres from a pivot of a seasaw. If another boy of mass 30kg sit at the distance 1.0metres from the pivot, would the seasaw balance horizontally?

    asked by Ande2
  64. World Geography

    I am asked to provide the definition and an example of a cultural landscape. I said: A "cultural landscape" is a landscape that holds a cultural or historical past. It could be that a historical person lived in that area, or there was a historical event,

    asked by Rhiana
  65. Math

    4 × (16+17)=

    asked by Ok
  66. Probability

    A six-sided die has 2 blue faces, 1 red face and 3 yellow faces. If the die is rolled twice, what is the probability that both rolls will result in a blue face?

    asked by Nicole
  67. math

    Evaluate the expression 4(x+8) for x=6

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    Adrianna, Deon, and Yoko jogged at Eisenhower Park today. Adrianna jogs at the park every 3 days. Deon jogs at the park every 5 days. Yoko jogs at the park every 6 days. Find the least common multiple of 3, 5, and 6 to determine how many days will pass

    asked by Katie H
  69. math.

    Abel ,Belle and Cindy have $408 altogether. Belle has $7 more than Cindy And $5 more than Abel. how much does Abel have?

    asked by charlie
  70. Math

    a 20cm candle has wick at each end.if each end is lit, the lower flame burns at a rate of 9 cm/hr and the upper flame burns at a rate of 6 cm/hr, how long will it take for the flames to meet?

    asked by Praphul
  71. Algebra

    A passenger will go 465 miles on 15.5 gallons of gas in city driving. What is the rate in miles per gallon?

    asked by Cheryl
  72. Math

    evaluate -5g -6 for g = 2

    asked by alaynaa
  73. Math

    Please help algebraic expressions 10 times the product of g and h Will be 10gh? Right?

    asked by That dumb girl in the corner crying,begging help!
  74. English

    How does this quote relate to a mysterious atmosphere? For one….Upon its head, with red extended mouth and solitary eye of fire, sat the hideous beast whose craft had seduced me into murder, and whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangman. I

    asked by T
  75. Math

    1. -5g -6 for g = -2 A.4 B. 16 C. 10 D. -13

    asked by Plz help im trash at dis
  76. Math

    hello! i need help with number 18, 19, and 20 on a unit test, im a little stumped since i skiped a few grades. my newest friend told me to go to this website. #18: 2 and 1 over 7, times, 3 over 4 #19: 6 over 7, divide, 1 over 4 #20: negitave 5 over 3,

    asked by :P
  77. Psychology

    Explain what the quote “The person I am mournfully greets the person I might have been,” means in the context of a mid-life transition.

    asked by Pam
  78. biology

    Neuron type whose cell body is in the spinal cord? Interneuron and sensory?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    lim as x approaches 0 (e^4x-1)/sin(2x) I know you use L-hopitals rule and I know the answer is 2 but I keep getting 1. Can someone help

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Algebra

    Marisa is decorating a rectangular prism with a height of 2 ft, width of 1 ft, and length of 3 ft. Each tile costs $0.79. How much will it cost Marisa to tile the outside of the whole prism?

    asked by David
  81. math

    Simplify the expression 8* 2.6. Please help me find the answer

    asked by The girl In the corner help for finding answer
  82. Maths

    Volume of cone with base radius 1cm is22√3/21cc.Find vertical angle of cone

    asked by P.Vineela
  83. Algebra

    Triangle ABC has coordinaes A(1,4); B(3,-2); and C(4,2). Find the coordinates of the image A'B'C' after a reflection over the x-axis. My answer A'=(1,-4) B'=(3,2) C'= ( 4,-2) Am I correct? Thank you.

    asked by whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy
  84. science

    When an atom is broken down into parts, what happens to its identity? The atom is no longer recognizable. The atom takes on a new average atomic mass. The atom becomes a new type of matter. The atom becomes a new element. Is it the third one?

    asked by Dianni
  85. math

    the speed of a point A due to the rotational of the earth is twice that of a point B.if A is on latitude 22 degree north,calculate the latitude of B.

    asked by abdulateef habib
  86. Math

    Five plus the quotient of r and 14 1. 5 + 14r 2. 5+14/r 3. 5+r/14 4. 5- r/14 I need help plz

    asked by Hi
  87. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume, in liters, of 5.80×10−3 mol of a gas at 44 ∘C and 0.885 atm .

    asked by em
  88. science

    What effects can occur when heat energy is added to a system?

    asked by eaven
  89. Math

    -5g - 6 for g = 2

    asked by Mr.unreal
  90. Point of View

    What POV is Cinderella? (the 1950 film)

    asked by Pumkin-head
  91. Chemistry

    The standard electrode potentials for zn/zn and cu/cu are -0.76v and 0.34v respectively at 298k.calculate the free energy change when a zinc rod is dip into a zinc tetraoxosulphate(vi) solution and a copper rod is dip into a copper(ii)tetraoxosulphate(vi)

    asked by Precious
  92. Math

    I have a question how would I write an equation for this problem : Sally is 2 years younger than Bob. Let Bob be b years old, how old is sally? And Roger is twice as old as Sally how old is Roger?

    asked by Cathlyn
  93. social studies

    What form of government does Canada have?

    asked by help me
  94. Early Education and Team Building

    Jim works as a language specialist at a University center for children with disabilities. Children attending this center may be seen by physical therapists, neurologists, audiologists, nurses, pediatricians, special educators, social workers,

    asked by Diana
  95. math


    asked by TT
  96. Math

    AJ fly is in altitude of 52,800 feet what is the height of the jet in miles

    asked by Lacy
  97. Chemistry

    what is molarity and molality of 47% ethyl alcohol having density 0.92 gm per cubic centimetre

    asked by Aniket