Questions Asked on
November 6, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    I need answers to the questions: How was transportation standardized under the Qin? A Roads were the same width. B Carriages were the same height. C Everyone paid the same road tax. D Axles of carriages were the same length. Which of these phrases best

    asked by BAH
  2. Social studies

    1. Drag and drop the words to complete the sentence. A. manufacturing B. agriculture C.ecotourism D. military spending The economy of Mexico relies heavily on __________ , while the economy of Costa Rica is helped by _________ . The economy of mexico

    asked by Ni
  3. Social Studies

    What conclusion can you draw about the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans? A. The walls of the city had fallen into ruin over time. B. The Ottomans' superior weapons broke through the city walls. C. The Ottomans had a far greater number of soldiers. D.

    asked by Doki Doki Literature Club
  4. social studies

    1. Use the drop-down menu to answer the question. The religions of Santería and Vodou are examples of A. The impact of tourism on the Caribbean B. the influence of Creole on the Caribbean languages C. the survival of american Indian religious practices in

    asked by eskit
  5. Chemistry

    For C2H5NH3+, write an equation that shows how the cation acts as an acid. Why is my answer wrong? CH2H5NH3^+(aq) + H2O(l) ---> CH2H5NH2(aq) + H3O+(aq)

    asked by Alex
  6. Social studies

    Many of the achievements of the ancient indus valley civilization was due to their advanced knowledge of ____. A. Farming. B. Mathematics C. Weather patterns D. Geography***** What physical feature separates the subcontinent of India from the rest of Asia?

    asked by Stumped
  7. Social studies

    What are the vedas? A. A language written in sanskrit B. Sacred hymns** C. Priests !@#$%^&cited offerings D. The number system of the indo-Aryans How did the early indo-aryans measure their wealth? A. In cattle** B. In horses C. In the number of chariots

    asked by Bug
  8. English

    What kind of organization is used in "The Season's Curmudgeon Sees the Light"? A. chronological order B. cause-and-effect order C. comparison and contrast D. narrative

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Science

    Explain how magnetic forces enable a maglev train to float above the tracks. Please help me.

    asked by 345908
  10. social studies

    How did the Songhai Empire strengthen Islam?

    asked by Maria...
  11. history

    Which identifies the effects of the Congress of Vienna? An interconnected Europe led to the creation of the European Union. The harsh treatment of France led to a rise in nationalism throughout Europe. The congress system it set up became a model for the

    asked by dianni
  12. Social Studies

    Fill in the blank. The Kievan rus developed close ties with the Byzantines leading early Russia to adopt ___ The First Russian empire revered the roman and byzantine empires, and adopted the Title of ___ for its emperors in honor of former rulers in Rome.

    asked by -_-
  13. Financial

    You need a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage to buy a new home for $235,000. Your mortgage bank will lend you the money at an APR of 5.35 percent for this 360-month loan. However, you can afford monthly payments of only $925, so you offer to pay off any

    asked by Wawa
  14. English

    "True, there were some among these quiet people who flouted the law, poachers bent on making more money in one night than they could earn in a whole month in the flax sheds." enforced obeyed defied*** enacted

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Social studies help

    How did Chandragupta Maurya react to his fear of his enemies? A. Set up large network of spies B. Reached out to enemies with peace proposals C. Aggressively attacked most neighboring kingdoms D. Isolated India from all communication from outside Please

    asked by Cracker on a cracker
  16. math

    a)simplify the expression and explain each step 4(3x+2)-2 b)Factor the expression below 20b-16 help please

    asked by horse girl
  17. math

    3.the total amount Jurene paid for 5 kilos of rice and 2 kilos of fish is less than php 600 a.what mathematical statement represents the total amount Jurene paid?Define the variables used. b.suppose a kilo of rice costs php 35.what could be the greatest

    asked by Alex
  18. social studies

    How did culture change during the Yuan dynasty? Select all that apply. A. *** The Silk Road reopened and trade was revived. B. *** Foreigners were forbidden to interact with people. C. Merchants were given higher status in society. D. Social order was

    asked by James Charles
  19. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a misplaced modifier? Grandma bought herself a smart phone, and she uses it only to play video games. Reading until late, it was very hard for me to wake up early this morning. Please discuss the contract in the

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Spanish

    How would you ask "How are you" formally

    asked by Kathleen
  21. Science

    _[blank]_ show the distribution and frequency for a set of values. _[blank]_ is how the values are spread out or grouped, and _[blank]_ is how often a value occurs in a set of numbers. Histograms; distribution; frequency Scatter plots; distribution;

    asked by dianni
  22. social studies

    Describe how oral traditions, proverbs, and music are key features of Africa's cultural legacy.

    asked by mmarco
  23. Math help!

    Which of the following is the domain of the function {(3,6),(5,7),(7,7),(8,9)} 1. {3,5,7,8} 2. {6,7,9} 3. {(6,3),(7,5),(7,7),(9,8)} 4. {1,3,5,7,9} Is the following relation a function? {(0.3,0.6),(0.4,0.8),(0.3,0.7),(0.5,0.5)} 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cannot be

    asked by Bella
  24. history

    Which most accurately defines heretic? A a person who flees a region because of ethnic persecution B a person who holds a belief not accepted by other members of his or her faith C a military traitor to one’s nation or ethnic group D a leader of a new

    asked by laurie k
  25. social studies

    Study the infographic. This chart has three sections. The first section describes each of the French estates. First: Clergy. Second: Nobles. Third: Commoners. The second section is a chart that shows percentage of population for each estate. First: 0.5%.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    Which of the following is an example of an irrational number? A /25 B -31 C 1.414213562 D 1/15 I think its B or C

    asked by wetwq
  27. history

    Which correctly defines the Inquisition? A Catholic tribunal convened to detect and suppress heresy B Catholic council organized to reform church practices and doctrine C Protestant practice of assessing the abilities of new ministers D Muslim court

    asked by Stephanie Q
  28. social studies

    Explain how the civic virtues of the ancient Romans inspired the Founding Fathers' vision of how citizens should conduct themselves in the United States.

    asked by Ryan
  29. social studies

    Which factors in West and East Africa allowed their cultures to endure?

    asked by baileyyyyy
  30. Physics

    A uniform solid sphere rolls down an incline. (a) What must be the incline angle (deg) if the linear acceleration of the center of the sphere is to have a magnitude of 0.23g? (b) If a frictionless block were to slide down the incline at that angle, would

    asked by Rich
  31. history

    Which identifies a revival of classical art, literature, and scholarship that spanned the 14th to 17th centuries in Europe? Romanticism Renaissance Scientific Revolution Reformation Is It Renaissance?

    asked by Mark
  32. history

    Which describes the science of extracting metals from rocky ore? A metrology B metal forging C metallurgy D metal working is it C?

    asked by caitlyn
  33. history

    Review the sentence. A breakup of a religious group over disagreements about its principles is called a(n) __________. Which best completes the sentence? excommunication schism fallout indulgence Is it A - Excommunication?

    asked by Ophelia
  34. Health

    During which stage of stress does the body adapt to the ongoing presence of the stressor? A.alarm B.resistance C.fight-or-flight D.exhaustion After some debate, I think the answer is C but I just want to make sure I'm right. :)

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Science

    What is the author's main purpose in “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall”? A. She wants to persuade readers to stop pollution. B. She wants to inform readers of scientific facts about autumn leaves. C. She wants to explain the origin of macabre fall

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Probability

    The probability that an event A occurs is P(A) = 0.3 . The event B is independent of A and P(B) = 0.4 . a) Calculate P(A or B or both occur) . Thanks in advance for the help!

    asked by Autumn
  37. math

    math a)simplify the expression and explain each step 4(3x+2)-2 b)Factor the expression below 20b-16 help please

    asked by hola
  38. history

    Review the sentence. The spiritual belief in multiple deities is called __________. Which accurately completes the sentence? A Polytheism B dualism C deism D animism Is it A?!

    asked by corbin
  39. Physics

    A uniform rod of 1m long of mass 50g is supported horizontally on two knife edges places 10cm from it ends.what will be reaction of this support when a 100g mass is suspended from the mid point of the rod

    asked by Adetoun
  40. history

    Review the sentence. A person willing to suffer for his or her personal religious beliefs is called a(n) __________. Which accurately completes the sentence? jihadist crusader martyr patriot

    asked by vishaya
  41. history

    Which most accurately defines meritocracy? A system in which leadership is based on intelligence and ability B organization whose membership is based on hereditary privilege C government that focuses on building the educational system of its country D

    asked by Pelle
  42. social studies

    Why did Yongle move the capital to Beijing? A. to control trade across the Mongol empire B. to strengthen ties with lands outside China C. to strengthen Ming rule over southern China D. to protect against future Mongol invasions i got b is this right

    asked by James Charles
  43. math

    estimate the solution of the equation x - 8.1 = 5.3 to the nearest whole number. a. about 13*** b. about 14 c. about 4 d. about 3

    asked by oof
  44. algebra

    A pharmacist has 40% and 60% iodine solutions on hand. How many liters of each iodine solution will be required to produce 6 liters of 50% iodine mixture?

    asked by Pat
  45. History

    Which correctly defines divine right? A)the belief that people have the right to challenge religious authority B)the idea that religious leaders should guide society and the state C)the belief that all people are born with God-given rights D)the idea that

    asked by Cathy
  46. history

    Who was the British military commander known for defeating Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars? Charles Cornwallis Oliver Cromwell Arthur Wellesley Ernest Shackleton is it the first one?

    asked by dianni
  47. science

    What type of graph can be used to display qualitative data? Select all that apply. a scatter plot a bar graph a histogram a circle graph A histogram and a bar graph?

    asked by dianni
  48. English

    The primary means of character development in "The Last Judgement" is a. allusion b. imagery c. metaphor *** d. dialogue

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    Can you divide 14 shirts into 2 equal piles? Why or why not

    asked by Sereniti
  50. History

    Which accurately defines heliocentric theory? concept of the solar system with the sun at the center and planets orbiting it Is this the correct answer?

    asked by Cathy
  51. History

    Which defines caste system? A)Muslim system of separating men and women in society B)European feudal practice of granting knighthood to a warrior C)Hindu practice of determining social status by birth D) Buddhist belief of spiritual equality based on

    asked by Cathy
  52. Home economics

    The areas in home economics

    asked by Jacob
  53. Math

    A shopping mall has a length of 200 m and a width of 75 m. What is the area of the mall? 1 × 103 m/2 1.75 × 104 1/m 1.5 × 104 m2 1.5 × 103 m

    asked by dianni
  54. Math

    Two legs of a right triangle are 3 inches and 4 inches long. What is the length of the longer leg of a similar right triangle if its shorter leg is 102 inches long?

    asked by Brady
  55. history

    What best describes the outcome of the Spanish Inquisition? Christian armies defeated Muslims for control of Spain. Muslims defeated Christian armies for control of Spain. The Holy Roman Empire defeated the Visigoths for control of Spain. Visigoths

    asked by makenzey
  56. Physics

    A lump of lead with mass 0.50 kg is dropped from a height of 20 m onto a hard surface. It does not rebound but remains there at rest for a long period of time. What are: a) ∆Q,(b) ∆Wand (c) ∆Ufor the lead during this process? d) What is the

    asked by Wayessa
  57. history

    What is the correct definition of indigenous? native to a certain area or region applying to people of low social standing following a migratory pattern originating from India

    asked by courtney
  58. math

    Write the next two terms in the pattern 9, 27, 81, 243 A 261, 279 B 486, 972 This is my answer! C 729, 1458 D 729, 2187

    asked by Jay
  59. Math

    the Smith family went out to dinner and received great service. They decided to leave a 20% tip for their waitress. If their dinner bill totaled $90, how much was the tip? How do I set up the problem to find the answer?

    asked by Joey Johnson
  60. History

    How was the Enlightenment instrumental in the development of democracy in the 18th century? It overturned ideas found in ancient documents such as the Twelve Tables of Rome. Philosophers formalized ideas about individual rights and government in books. It

    asked by Maddi
  61. Math

    I am sorry But how can I find this answer? solve the equation 2k= 26

    asked by Mary
  62. Math

    Find the acute angle theta that satisfies the given equation. Give theta in both degrees and radians. cot(theta)=1/sqrt(3) The value of theta in degrees is (BLANK) degrees and in radians is (BLANK). Thank you!!

    asked by Jonah
  63. Please Help!!!!Survey Participants Please!!

    I really need help with a survey! I am doing a survey for a school project and I need some people to help. The survey's about food for breakfast. Which food do you prefer to eat at breakfast? Donuts Toast Pancakes Waffles Cereal Part 2 Which do you prefer

    asked by Donuts and Milk
  64. English

    What type of sentence is exemplified by the sentence below? Blowing in the breeze, the flowers made me feel calm. a, simple b. complex*** c. compound d. compound-complex

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    Solve the equation x + 6.5 = 9.4 Is it 9.4 -6.5=?

    asked by Mary
  66. English 9

    Tell me each noun. Identify it as common or proper, contrete or abstract, and sigular, or pluar. 1. This unusual museum honors musicians for their creativity.

    asked by Cheyenne
  67. Math

    Melissa brought a sweater on sale for $24.95. This is $8.04 less than the price then the price that Christine paid for the same sweater when it was not on sale. How much did Christine pay for the Sweater? I really don't know this so can you explain this

    asked by Mary
  68. Math

    I am so so so sorry Write an algebraic expression for the word phrase. 10 times the product of g and h Will it be 10gh?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. English 9

    Write each pronoun and tell whether it is personal or possessive. 3. The ending of West Side Story is slightly different from the ending of the famous tragedy on which it is based. 4. Like Romeo and Juliet the modern play has a bitter feud and an unlikely

    asked by Cheyenne
  70. History

    In which type of government is power held by the people through elected representatives? A)republic B)theocracy C)feudalism D)monarchy A?

    asked by Cathy
  71. Texas State History

    How did the Battle of the Alamo inspire the Texans?

    asked by random!
  72. Calculus HELP

    What is the limit of f(x)=1x as x tend to the y-axis limx→0+1x?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Government

    1. "If angles were to govern men, Neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." -Federalist paper No. 51 Which of the following supports Madison's belief that internal and external controls on government are necessary? A) The

    asked by my_crafting
  74. Math

    Combine the following rational expressions 1/2y-5-30/8y^3-125 Lcm:(2y-5)(4y^2+10y+125) =1*4y^2+10y+25/(2y-5)(4y^2+10y+25)-30/(2y-5)(4y^2+10y+25) =4y^2-10y+25-30/(2y-5)(4y^2+10y+25) =(4y^2+10y-5)/(2y-5)(4y^2+10y+25) Please correct my answer and I know it is

    asked by Keonn'a
  75. Math

    Jason and his four friends want to rent scooters. Scooters 'R Us rent scooters for a $50 fee plus $12 for each scooter. How much does each friend pay if they rent 5 scooters and they want to split the cost evenly? Write an expression to show the total cost

    asked by Amy
  76. Math

    Can you help me get this answer? Evaluate the expression. 43-3m for m=6 Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Art

    Hey thereee~! Any tips for the digital art program fire alpaca? I've been using it for about a year now, and I wanna know if there's anything I've been missing on the program besides stuff like blur effects, or motion effects, or chromatic aberration.

    asked by Rainy
  78. Math (Geometry)

    Sketch and color/shade two distinct coplanar half-planes whose union is a half-plane. Make sure it is clear what is the edge and the two half-planes.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    Find 65% of the area of a circle with the diameter of 5.

    asked by Tucker
  80. Math

    Akesia paid $20.20 for 36 rulers and folders. She bought 16 more folders than rulers. If each folder cost $0.50 more than each ruler, how much did each folder cost?

    asked by Logan
  81. English 12

    One goal of America Recycles Day is to raise awareness of the growing landfill problem. Which of these phrases is the complete infinitive phrase in the sentence?

    asked by charles
  82. Physical Education

    What is the pelvis? At Least 3 sentences.

    asked by Natalie
  83. history

    Which describes the science of extracting metals from rocky ore? A metrology B metal forging C metallurgy D metal working Is it C??

    asked by corbin
  84. Physics

    What is the average density of the earth? The earth has a mass of 5.98x10²⁴ kg. The average diameter of the earth is 1.27x10⁷m. Assume the earth is a sphere. Compare this density to the density of water.

    asked by Anonymous
  85. biology

    Explain the Process of Photosynthesis, including some of the actual steps in the metabolic pathway if you could make it simple for me to understand thanks.

    asked by nugget
  86. Physics

    The density of ice is 9.20x10² kg/m³. An ice cube which is 20.0mm high floats in water. What height of the side of the ice cube is above the surface of the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. American GOvernment

    1. "If angels were to govern men, Neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." -Federalist paper No. 51 Which of the following supports Madison's belief that internal and external controls on government are necessary? A) The

    asked by Hi XD
  88. Texas State History

    Who wrote a letter from the Alamo? Describe the letter. What was he asking for in the letter? How many Mexican soldiers did he say were holding them under siege? Who was the leader of the Mexican troops and what did he demand? my answer so far; The person

    asked by ILTHSM_
  89. Math

    After Connor gave Jaylen 3/5 of the rocks in his collection,Jaylen had 70 rocks. If Jaylen had 25 rocks in the beginning how many rocks did Conner have in the beginning?

    asked by Landen
  90. Math

    How long will it take someone to walk 6 miles if they are walking only 3 MPH PLease help me thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Algebra

    Please help!!! Find the square root of 144 A. 72 B. -12 C. 12 D. 1/12

    asked by Me me
  92. Math

    1.Why do you multiply to change from a larger unit to a smaller unit? 2. A carpenter cuts 2 ft 9 in. off a board that has 4 ft long. How long is the piece that is left , in feet and inches?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Calculus

    Consider the functionf(x)=3/x. a. Determine an expression, in terms of a and h, for the average rate of change between the points (a,f(a)) and ( a + h, f(a+h) ) for the function . Show all steps needed to find a simplified algebraic expression. b. Using

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    Was ist 236 auf die nächsten zehn gerundet Go raibh míle maith agat!

    asked by Zhang
  95. Developmental Risks and Neurological Function

    Which of the following is the most reliable index used to predict perinatal problems? A. Utilization of prenatal care B. Relationship status of mother and father C. Strictness of maternal diet D. Adherence to cultural norms my answer is a.

    asked by Diana
  96. Government

    Where do you find evidence of John Locke’s philosophy in the Declaration of Independence? What is an example of anarchy and the government response to it? What is an example of giving up personal liberties for peace and security in society?

    asked by my_crafting
  97. Math

    Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms. If it is already in lowest terms, enter the expression in the answer box. Also, specify any restrictions on the variable. 6a^4+162a/3a^4-9a^3+27a^2

    asked by Keonn'a
  98. Developmental Risks and Neurological Function

    Which of the following is not considered an important prenatal psychological factor affecting the health of a developing fetus? A. The mother's isolation from friends B. The mother's height C. The mother's amount of schooling D. The mother's stressful life

    asked by Diana
  99. science

    A bus leaves at 9 a.m. with a group of tourists.They travel 350km before they stop for lunch.Then they travel an additional 250km until the end of their trip at 3 p.m. What was the average speed of the bus? What is the total distance traveled? What is the

    asked by robert
  100. Intro to Computers

    discuss should cybersquatting be illegal? Why or why not? Is it ethical to profit from cybersquatting? Why or why not?

    asked by Phil111
  101. english

    what are the basics of learning to speak englidsh?

    asked by Zhang
  102. Developmental Risks and Neurological Function

    A premature infant is particularly vulnerable to A. high birth weight. B. hyperthermia. C. hypothermia. D. homeostasis. my answer is c.

    asked by Diana
  103. Calculus HELP DAMON

    How are the average rate of change and the instantaneous rate of change related for ƒ(x) = 2x + 5 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. math

    -30=j+50 A.80****** B.20 C.-1500 D.-80 Please help me 80 is my answer

    asked by hello people
  105. Math

    combine the following rational expressions (2x+2)/(3x^2+6x+3)+x-7/3x^2-3

    asked by Keonn'a
  106. MATH

    Cén pointe is ea smaoineamh atá faoi chosaint ag cóipcheart? A. Ceol B. leabhair C. ábhar láithreán gréasáin D. gach ceann díobh thuas

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Ecomonics

    What were the real and nominal wages of September 2018 to October 2018?

    asked by Jamie
  108. English

    Do you think that wisdom comes with age? Or can good advice be found at any age? Do you think that Creon would have listened to the same advice if it came from someone else? Someone older? Why or why not? Yes No and No, because he will not listen to

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  109. Math

    what is 2 1/3x 1 1/2????

    asked by madison dreyer
  110. math

    three apples and two ponkans cost P51.00. two apples and three ponkans cost P46.50. how much will half a dozen apples and half a dozen ponkans cost?

    asked by marlon
  111. English 9

    Write each pronoun and identify it's antecedent if it has one. 5. A frustrated fan might well ask himself or herself why this happens. 6. The best way to find out is to ask the ticket sellers themselves.

    asked by Cheyenne
  112. Physics

    If you drop a raw egg on the ground, it will break. If you drop it on a saggy sheet, it does not. Explain in terms of momentum and/or impulse.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Algebra

    Could someone Solve these please. - 2/5 x - 9 < 9/10. And this one too, 4x + 6 < -6. Thank you

    asked by Addy
  114. science

    Donelle measures the mass of 10 pennies and records her measurements in kilograms. She wants to determine the mean mass of her pennies. What should Donelle do to make it easier to calculate the mean mass of her pennies? Use a computer to perform the mean

    asked by dianni
  115. Physics

    Sinking Object. A stone has a mass of 1.0kg and density 5000kg/m³ is dropped in water. It crossed the surface of the water with an initial velocity of V₀= -0.55m/s ĵ. a) Calculate the acceleration of the stone b) Calculate the position of the stone

    asked by Anonymous
  116. chemistry

    What is the concentration of a potassium iodate solution after you complete the following porcedure? Pipette 10 mL of a 0.31 M potassium iodate stock solution to a 100-mL volumetric flask and then add water to the mark.

    asked by wallace
  117. Math - Probability

    Reposting again since my previous question may seem like it's been answered. If I shouldn't do this just let me know :) The probability that an event A occurs is P(A) = 0.3 . The event B is independent of A, and P(B) = 0.4 . Calculate P(A or B or both

    asked by Autumn
  118. science

    How does each property of water relate to or affect living things?

    asked by somayee
  119. Engineering Science

    The road wheel of a motor vehicle increases speed uniformly from 50 rev/min to 1100 rev/min in 40 seconds.calculate the angular acceleration of the wheel in rad/seconds squared,if the diameter of the wheel is 0.7 meters what is the linear acceleration of a

    asked by KUNDA C ANTHONY
  120. psychology

    Identify the scientist(s) most closely associated with the following idea The unfolding of abilities over the years. Ans: Freud, Erikson, Piaget The process of acquiring behaviors of others. Ans: Freud Appropriate male-female behavior. Ans: Freud A child's

    asked by sue
  121. math

    What is the union of the 4 half-planes determined by 2 intersecting lines. a. the entire plane b. the entire plane except for the two intersecting lines c. the entire plane except for one of the lines d. the entire plane except for the point of

    asked by Anonymous
  122. history

    do you think enslaved workers would try to rebel against their holders? why or why not?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2 a. 4** b. 16 c. 10 d. -13

    asked by oof
  124. Riddle

    it stays in one place but it takes you places,what is that?

    asked by Krunal
  125. math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2 need help please!!!

    asked by Mr.unreal
  126. chemistry

    כמות הדם בגופו של אדם מסויים היא 5.9 קילוגרם. אדם זה מדד את ריכוז הברזל הנמצא אצלו בדם, וגילה שהוא 1.3 מיליגרם לליטר. בנוסף, ידוע כי כמות הברזל בדם

    asked by siham